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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
T file extensionHolt SoftwareTuring Programming Language Format
T$2A file extensionNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro
T$AB file extensionNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Address Book
T$M file extensionGrisoftAVG Internet Security Temporary Format
T00 file extensionHRB Digital LLC.TaxCut Federal Data
T01 file extensionN/ATAXWIZ Deluxe Tax Format
T02 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2002 Tax Return Format
T03 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2003 Tax Return Format
T04 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2004 Tax Return Format
T05 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2005 Tax Return Format
T06 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2006 Tax Return Format
T07 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2007 Tax Return Format
T08 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2008 Tax Return Format
T09 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2009 Tax Return Format
T1 file extensionN/AMale MRI Image Format
T10 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2010 Tax Return Format
T11 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2011 Tax Return Format
T12 file extensionH&R BlockH&R Block At Home 2012 Tax Return Format
T13 file extensionN/AH&R Block Tax Software Tax Return
T16 file extensionMartinDiehlDAMASK
T2 file extensionLightroom EducationTextease 2000 Format
T2B file extensionBookeenCyBook Thumbnail Image Format
T2D file extensionOracle CorporationTechnology Transfer Database
T2K file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Document Format
T2KS file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Exam Results Format
T2KT file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Exam Format
T2S file extensionEPATier2
T2T file extensionSourceForge.netTxt2tags Text Document
T3 file extensionMichael J. RobertsTADS 3 Game
T3001 file extensionTARGET 3001!TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project Format
T32 file extensionPowerQuestDrive Image 5
T3A file extensionElectric Rain, Inc.Swift 3D Animation Preset
T3D file extensionEpic GamesEpic Unreal Engine 3D Object Format
T3V file extensionMichael J. RobertsTADS 3 Saved Position
T3X file extensionN/ATYPO3 Compressed Extension
T4 file extensionTerrAlignTerrAlign Alignment Configuration
T44 file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Temporary
T49 file extensionN/AHP48/HP49 Specific
T64 file extensionN/ACommodore 64 Emulator Tape Format
T65 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Template
T80 file extensionChempute SoftwareTANK - API 650/653 Output Document
TA1 file extension2nd Story SoftwareTaxACT 2001 Tax Form
TA9 file extension2nd Story SoftwareTaxACT Tax Document
TAAC file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
TAB file extensionN/ATAB Separated Format
TABULA-BUTTONS file extensionSoftlineTabula Button Library
TABULA-DOC file extensionSoftlineTabula Document
TABULA-DOCSTYLE file extensionSoftlineTabula Document Settings
TAC file extensionActiCalcActiCalc Data Format
TAD file extensionCavedog EntertainmentTotal Annihilation Demo Saved Game Data
TAF file extensionCampbell WildADRIFT Text Adventure Format
TAG file extensionN/ADataFlex Query Tag Name Format
TAH file extensionMicro Focus International plcTurbo Assembler Help
TAK file extensionMAGIXMusic Maker Take Format
TAL file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Talairach Coordinate
TAM file extensionTameDOSTame Program Settings
TAN file, Inc.Amazon Kindle
TAO file extensionN/ATrack At Once CD/DVD Image
TAP file extensionN/ACommodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
TAR file extensionJean-loup GaillyUnix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive
TAR-GZ file extensionN/AGzip Compressed TAR Archive
TAR-LZMA file extensionN/ATAR Archive
TAR-Z file extensionN/ATAR Compressed Archive
TARGZ file extensionThe GNU ProjectOld Version Gzip Compressed TAR Archive
TARGZ2 file extensionN/AMisnamed BZ2 Tarball
TARLZMA file extensionN/ALZMA Compressed Tarball
TARXZ file extensionTukaaniXZ Compressed TAR Archive Format
TARZ file extensionN/ATar.Z Compressed Archive
TARAA file extensionN/ALinux TAR Split Archive
TARDIST file extensionSGITardist Compressed Archive
TARGA file extensionN/ATruevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TARGETS file extensionMicrosoftMSBuild Targets Format
TAS file extensionCampbell WildADRIFT Text Adventure Save
TAT file extensionEsriESRI Geographic Text Attribute Table
TAX file extensionN/ATurboTax Tax Return Format
TAX08 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX09 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX10 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX11 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX12 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TAX13 file extensionIntuit Inc.TurboTax Tax Return
TAX2008 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX2009 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX2010 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX2011 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX2012 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TAX2013 file extensionIntuit Inc.TurboTax Tax Return
TAXFORM file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Draft
TAZ file extensionN/ATAR Compressed Archive
TB file extensionTabberyTabbery Tab Format
TB0 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Format Browser Thumbnail Cache Format
TB1 file extensionN/ABorland Turbo C Font
TB2 file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland Turbo C Font
TB3 file extensionIntel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
TB5 file extensionIntel CorporationIntel VTune Performance Monitor Sampling Data
TBA file extensionInmagic, Inc.DB/Text Database Primary Textbase Definition
TBB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Toolbar Button
TBC file extensionSony CorporationFormula 1 Car Race 2001 Season01 Vehicles
TBD file extensionDATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.Document System Document Source Code
TBE file extensionN/ATMPGEnc List
TBF file extensionTrellianTrellian Button Factory
TBG file extensionBioWareInfinity Engine Game
TBI file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.FIFA 2001 Data Cmn Be
TBK file extensionN/AToolBooK Format
TBL file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentTable Format
TBM file extensionNabi StudiosToribash Mod Format
TBN file extensionXBMCXBMC Folder Thumnail Format
TBP file extensionTeklaTekla BIMsight Project
TBR file extensionJustSystems Corp.SoftQuad XMetaL Configuration
TBS file extensionTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Style Boot Screen Format
TBT file extensionNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Remote Control Software
TBV file extensionBrain Innovation B.V.Turbo-BrainVoyager Data
TBX file extensionSDL plc.Trados Glossary
TBZ file extensionN/ABzip2 Compressed TAR Archive Format
TBZ2 file extensionN/ABZIP/TAR Compressed Archive Format
TC file extensionN/ATrueCrypt Disk Volume Format
TC2 file extensionIMSITurboCAD 2D Drawing Format
TC3 file extensionIMSITurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing Format
TCA file extensionIota Software Ltd.The Complete Animator Animation
TCB file extensionFAL LabsTokyo Cabinet TBZIP
TCC file extensionProSystemsTimeCalc Classic Proprietary Formatted Data File Format
TCD file extensionTechnoboxTechnobox CAD Drawing
TCE file extensionN/ATLE File Format
TCF file extensionTurbosoft Pty Ltd.TTWin 3 Certificate Licensing
TCH file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Help
TCL file extensionN/ATCL Script Source Code
TCLOG file extensionSmartBear SoftwareTestComplete Log
TCM file extensionIMSITurboCAD Mac Drawing Format
TCP file extensionTally SolutionsTally.ERP Compiled Program Format
TCR file extensionPsion TeklogixPsion Series 3 EBook Format
TCS file extensionLennert PloegerTreeComp Snapshot
TCSH file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Shell Script
TCT file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD Template Format
TCW file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD For Windows Drawing Format
TCX file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD Text Drawing Format
TCZ file extensionLinuxTiny Core Linux Script Format
TCZL file extensionN/ATiny Core Linux Xlib
TD file extensionThunder Network TechnologiesThunder Incomplete Download Format
TD0 file extensionN/ATeledisk Disk Image
TD2 file extensionBorland Software CorporationBorland Turbo Debugger For Win32 Configuration
TD4 file extensionChris Sawyer ProductionsRollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Format
TD6 file extensionChris Sawyer ProductionsRollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Format
TDA file extensionPalmPalm To Do Format
TDA3MT file extensionDivXDivX Author Template Format
TDAT file extensionFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.Codewarrior Mac
TDB file extensioneBayEBay Turbo Lister Format
TDC file extensionbalesio AGALLCapture Project
TDDD file extensionImpulse3D Data Description Format
TDE file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Data Extract Format
TDF file extensionProject PlutoProject Pluto Guide Text Definition Format
TDI file extensionN/AExplore (TDI) & Maya Image File (IFF Format)
TDIM file extensionN/ADigital F/X Image Format
TDK file extensionBorland Software CorporationBorland Turbo Debugger Keystroke Recording
TDL file extensionN/AMathType Translator Definition Language
TDLOG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio
TDM file extensionNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Binary Measurement Format
TDMB file extensionTrimble Navigation Ltd.Trimble Outdoors Navigator Map Bundle
TDMS file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW TDMS
TDMS_INDEX file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW
TDOC file extensionSoftlineTabula Document
TDP file extensionSerif Europe Ltd.Sherif DrawPlus Thumbnail
TDR file extensionTop SoftwareTop Draw Vector Graphic
TDS file extensionBorlandBorland Turbo Debugger Symbol Table Format
TDT file extensionDaylight Chemical Information SystemsTHOR Data Tree Format
TDT2 file extensionPanasonic CorporationPanasonic HD Video Camera Movie
TDV file extensionNational Instruments CorporationDIAdem VIEW Module Setup Information
TDX file extensionD-TEGD-TEG CCTV Video Information Format
TDY file extensionTODAY Systems, Inc.TODAY BuildProfessional Application
TDZ file extensionDroboDrobo Firmware Update Format
TE file extensionLightbox EducationTextease CT Database Format
TE3 file extensionWinTrackWintrack Object Format
TEA file extensionN/ATea Source
TEACHER file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Response Teacher Database Format
TEC file extensionSIL InternationalTecplot ASCII Data Format
TED file extensionPetroglyph GamesStar Wars Empire At War Alamo Game Engine Map Format
TEE file extensionN/ATeeChart Office Graphics
TEF file extensionN/ATablEdit Tablature Format
TEI file extensionImage SystemsTrackEye Image Sequence
TEM file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language Script
TEMP file extensionN/ATemporary Format
TEMPLATE file extensionAppleTemplate Format
TEMPORARYITEMS file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Temporary
TEN file extensionSteema SoftwareTeeChart For .NET Chart Control Template
TEP file extensionSourceForge.netTopiaryExplorer Project
TEQ file extensionSBCSaia S-Web-Editor PCD
TER file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW CorelFLOW Line Terminatorfile
TERM file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
TERMINAL file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Terminal Settings Format
TERMS file extensionRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Demos
TERRAIN file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen Terrain Graphic Data
TES file extensionN/ATECO Macro
TESTRUNCONFIG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Test Run Configuration Format
TESTSETTINGS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Format
TET file extensionLightbox EducationTextease Template Format
TEW file extensionGrey Dog SoftwareWrestling Spirit
TEX file extensionN/ATeX/LaTeX Text Document Format
TEX0 file extensionN/ANintendo Wii Texture Format
TEXI file extensionLaTeX Project Development TeamTEX
TEXINFO file extensionN/ATexinfo Source
TEXTCLIPPING file extensionAppleMac OS X Text Clipping Format
TEXTEXPANDER file extensionSmileOnMyMac, LLCTextExpander
TEXTFACTORY file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Text Factory
TEXTILE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText Document
TEXTMATE_INIT file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
TEXTS file extensionM.CarsonRibbons Texts
TEXTUREPACK file extensionexDream GmbHArena Wars Texture Pack
TEXTUTILS file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
TF file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Inventor Transcript
TF2 file extensionValve CorporationTeam Fortress 2 Data
TFA file extensiontreeSoftTurbo Profiler Area Format
TFC file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Engine 3 Texture Cache Format
TFD file extensionN/ATape Format Requirements Document Format
TFF file extensionN/AIDOLON Tagged
TFH file extensionBorland Software CorporationTurbo Profiler Help
TFIL file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Software Update Format
TFL file extensionTificTific Client
TFM file extensionN/ATagged Font Metric Format
TFMX file extensionN/AFinal Musicsystem EXtended Amiga Audio Format
TFP file extensionSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt Full Page Data
TFR file extensionLucasArtsStar Wars Tie Fighter Game Pilot Format
TFRD file extensionNational Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyTape Image Format Requirements Document
TFS file extensionBorland Software CorporationTurbo Profiler Statistical Information
TFT file extensionFormatBlue SoftwareText Formatter Plus Text Information
TFW file extensionESRIWorld File For TIFF
TFWX file extensionEsriArcGIS Approximate Affine Transformation
TFX file extensionDowling Associates, Inc.Traffix Traffic Analysis Software
TG file extensionTuxGuitarTuxGuitar Format
TG4 file extensionBentley SystemsTG4 Image Format
TGA file extensionAvid TechnologyTruevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TGB file extensionTheGreenBowIPSec VPN Client VPN Configuration
TGC file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen Node Clip
TGD file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen World
TGF file extensionN/ATrival Graph Format
TGH file extensionActivisionGuitar Hero 3 Tier Settings
TGI file extensionMaxisSimCity 4
TGL file extensionSkyMap SoftwareSkyMap Pro Target List
TGMD file extensionyougridsThumbGen Movie Metadata
TGMG file extensionAxel ShootingstarTabGroups Manager For Firefox Exported Group
TGML file extensionN/ATecumseh Group Markup Language
TGO file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen 2 Object
TGP file extensionJo MederTGPGuiLib Terragen Plugin
TGQ file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Dungeon Keeper 2 Movie Game
TGS file extensionN/AGSTree Phylogenetic Tree Information
TGV file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Electronic Arts Video
TGW file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen World
TGWORLD file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen World
TGX file extensionFirefly Studios Ltd.Stronghold
TGZ file extensionN/AGzip Compressed TAR Archive
TH file extensionTherionTherion Data Format
THA file extensionMicrosoftWindows Thai Noise-Words List Format
THB file extensionN/AKinuPix Skin
THD file extensionN/ADolby TrueHD Audio
THE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Plus! Pack Desktop Theme
THEATER file extensionApple, Inc.IMovie Theater Library
THEM file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Desktop Theme
THEME file extensionMicrosoftWindows Desktop Theme Format
THEMEPACK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Theme Pack Format
THEWITCHERSAVE file extensionCD ProjectThe Witcher Save Game
THF file extensionSymantec CorporationPcAnywhere Thin Host
THL file extensionCyberLink Corp.PowerProducer Background Image Icon
THM file extensionN/AThumbnail Bitmap Image Format
THME file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Theme Format
THMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2007/2010 Theme Format
THN file extensionN/AGraphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THNL file extensionAlchemy MindworksGraphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THP file extensionN/ATurboTax Text String Format
THR file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
THS file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Thesaurus Dictionary
THUMB file extensionJAlbumJAlbum Thumbnail Format
THUMBDATA file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA-IDX3 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3 file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA3--1763508120 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3--1967290299 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA3--NUMBER file extensionGoogle Inc.Android MediaProvider Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA4 file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA4--1763508120 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA4--1967290299 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA5 file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Thumbnail Database
THUMBDATA5--1763508120_0 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBDATA5--1967290299_0 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBSDB file extensionBR SoftwarePixFiler Thumbnail Database
THX file extensionN/AAmiga THX Tracker Music
TI file extensiontimber-lang.orgTimber Compiler
TI0 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI1 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI2 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TIB file extensionAcronisAcronis TrueImage Backup Disk Image Format
TIC file extensionEsriArcInfo Coordinates
TID file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Tasks
TIE file extensionCodeweaversCrossTie Installer Format
TIF file extensionN/AAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIFF file extensionAdobe SystemsAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIG file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments Connect Backup Format
TIGER file extensionCrystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics Game Data Archive Format
TII file extensionApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Info Index
TIKZ file extensionMathWorks, Inc.Matlab Tikz Script
TIL file extensionN/AButtonz & Tilez Texture Image Format
TILE file extensionN/AEclipse Image
TILEMAP file extensionN/AXML Tilemap Format
TILESKINZIP file extensionStardock CorporationElemental Tile Skin
TIM file extensionSierraThe Incredible Machine Level Format
TIME file extensionLight of CreativityLIGHT Format
TIN file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Environmental Modeling Systems
TINF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Theme Info
TINY file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
TINYID file extensionTinyCoTiny Village
TIP file extensionTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Utilities Icon Package Format
TIPROGRAM file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-Basic Source Code Format
TIR file extensionCipSoft GmbHTibia RePlay Tibia Movie
TIS file extensionAcronisTrue Image Script
TIT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTrain Simulator Track Interactive Table
TIVO file extensionTiVoTiVo Video Format
TIW file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads
TIX file extensionDivXDivX Video Download Activation Format
TJA file extensionTaikojiroTaikojiro Song Map Format
TJC file extensionTaikojiroTaikojiro Song Map Sequence Format
TJF file extensionIBMIBM Rational ClearCase Transaction
TJP file extensionTaskJugglerTaskJuggler Project Format
TK file extensionN/ATk Language Script
TK1 file extensionN/AWintec Tools GPS Log
TK2 file extensionRoxioRoxio/Take Two Backup
TK3 file extensionNight KitchenTK3 Multimedia EBook Format
TKB file extensionElk River SystemsTicketBench Data
TKFL file extensionN/ATKLinks Saver Favorite Links Format
TKL file extensionN/ATakeoff Live PDF Working Data
TKM file extensionAndrew WilsonTkMOO-light
TKN file extensionShoptalk SystemsLiberty BASIC Application Distribution
TKO file extensionN/AWin32/Oficla Malware Format
TKP file extensionMicroImages, Inc.MicroImages SML Script Standalone Application
TKR file extensionMicrosoftESignal Ticker Format
TKS file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.Traktor Pro MIDI Map
TKW file extensionUniversal Technical Systems, Inc.TK Solver
TL file extensionN/AOpenTL Open Track List
TL5 file extensionTom Snyder ProductionsTimeliner 5 Format
TLA file extensionTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Logo Animations
TLB file extensionMicrosoftOLE Type Library
TLBACKUP file extensionTORDEXTrue Launch Bar Backup Settings
TLC file extensionLaughingbird SoftwareThe Logo Creator Format
TLD file extensionN/ATag Library Descriptor Format
TLE file extensionN/ATLE File Format
TLG file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Transaction Log Format
TLH file extensionMicrosoftTypelib Generated C/C++ Header Format
TLI file extensionN/ATypelib Generated C/C++ Inline Format
TLIC file extensionN/ATrust Lincense
TLK file extensionBioWareBioWare Talk Table Format
TLL file extensionLG ElectronicsLG TV Link-Loader Configuration Format
TLM file extensionTimeline Maker SoftwareTimeline Maker Timeline
TLO file extensionIBMSPSS User Table Lookup Format
TLP file extensionDavid Auber and Patrick MaryTulip Software Graph Format
TLQ file extensionNova Development CorporationArt Explosion T-Shirt Factory Deluxe
TLR file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Offline License Registration
TLS file extensionTuneUp CorporationTuneUp Utilities Logon Screen Format
TLT file extensionWeb.comTrellix Web Design
TLV file extensionMagestic Systems, Inc.TruLASER View Geometry Data
TLX file extensionN/AWintertree Dictionary Format
TLY file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Elements Backup Catalog
TLZ file extensionLzipUnix TLZ Compression Engine Format
TLZMA file extensionN/ALZMA Compressed Tar Archive
TM file extensionGNUTeXmacs Document
TM1 file extensionDavid Berman Developments Inc.TimeWise
TM2 file extensionN/APlaystation 2 TIM2 Bitmap Format
TM8 file extensionTheta Music ComposerTheta Music Composer 1.x Audio Format
TMB file extensionNetopiaTimbuktu Pro Connection Document Format
TMBUNDLE file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Bundle Format
TMC file extensionTheta Music ComposerTheta Music Composer 1.x Audio Format
TMD file extensionSoftMaker SoftwareTextMaker Document Format
TMDB file extensionInterfathom, LLC.TaskMerlin Database
TME file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Animation Time Curve Format
TMF file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric
TMH file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTrace Message Header
TMI file extensionThin Multimedia, Inc.Thin Client Media-3 Encoded Video
TMK file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal Tour
TML file extensionAssociation of Shareware Professionals, Inc.PADGen
TMLANGUAGE file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Grammar Format
TMM file extensionLexisNexisTimeMap Metadata
TMO file extension3D Custom Girl3D Custom Girl Animation Format
TMP file extensionN/ATemporary Format
TMPL file extensionXfireXfire User Interface Template Format
TMPREFERENCES file extensionMacroMates Ltd.TextMate Preference
TMPROJ file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Project Format
TMPROJECT file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Project
TMPRTF file extensionLexisNexisTimeMap Portable
TMQ file extensionBob BeveridgeTestMaster
TMR file extensionApimac Intuitive SoftwareApimac Timer Settings Format
TMS file extensionTelemateTimeless Time & Expense Multi-user Settings Format
TMTHEME file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Theme Format
TMV file extensionSoftMaker SoftwareTextMaker Document Template Format
TMVT file extensionLexisNexisTimeMap Template
TMW file extensionSDLTRADOS Translators Workbench Format
TMX file extensionN/ATranslation Memory EXchange Format
TMZ file extensionMedigraph Inc.Medigraph Compressed Database
TMZIP file extensionTheme ManagerTheme Manager Zip Format
TN file extensionLGLG Encoded JPG Image Format
TN1 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN2 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN3 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN? file extensionPierre-Emmanuel GougeletTiNY 2D Graphic
TNA file extensionAdtolloTopocad Net Adjustment
TNE file extensionSmith MicroManga Studio Tone Format
TNEF file extensionN/ATransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TNG file extensionSJ NAMO, INC.Namo WebCanvas Vector Graphic
TNL file extensionN/AThumbnail Image Format
TNR file extensionTrimble Navigation LimitedGPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
TNS file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-Nspire Document
TNSP file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-Nspire PublishView Document Format
TNT file extensionTurntool ApSTurnTool 3D Model
TNX file extensionPageTechPCL Toolkit Text Extraction
TNY file extensionAtariTiNY Bitmap Image
TOAST file extensionRoxioRoxio Toast Disk Image Format
TOB file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Object Data
TOC file extensionQUALCOMMTable Of Contents Format
TOCF file extensionQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora For Mac TOC
TOD file extensionJVCJVC Everio Video Capture Format
TOE file extensionDerivativeTouch Environment Project
TOF file extensionNewSoft Technology CorporationMr. Photo Temporary Thumbnail
TOFP file extensionToshiba America Information Systems, Inc.Toshiba Fingerprint Utility Settings Backup
TOH file extensionBioWareInfinity Engine Game
TOK file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ 4.x External Tokens
TOKEND file extensionApple, Inc.Smart Card Support Mac
TOL file extensionAmerica OnlineAOL Tool Format
TOM file extensionMedigraph Inc.MediGraph Database
TOMBRAIDER 3 file extensionCore DesignTomb Raider 3 Save Game
TON file extensionHeiRue-SoftFMS32 Protocol
TOOL file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
TOOLS file extensionDelorie SoftwareDJGPP Tools
TOP file extensionMissler SoftwareTopocad Drawing Format
TOPC file extensionTopicCrunchTopicCrunch Stored Search Project
TOPPRJ file extensionMissler SoftwareTopSolid Project Format
TOPX file extensionRick MeyersE-sword Topic Note
TOR file extensionLucasArtsStar Wars: The Old Republic Asset Format
TORCHDOWNLOAD file extensionTorch MediaTorch Web Browser Partial Download
TORRENT file extensionBitTorrentBitTorrent Information Format
TOS file extensionN/AAtari ST TOS Archive
TOT file extensionBioWareBioware Infinity Game Engine Talk Table Override Text
TOTALSBACKUP file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Database Backup Format
TOTALSDB file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Database Format
TOTALSLAYOUT file extensionKedisoftTotals Invoice Layout Format
TOTALSSYNCDB file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Sync Database Format
TOX file extensionDerivativeTouch Component
TOY file extensionUbisoft Entertainment S.A.Catz & Dogz Game
TP file extensionSnapStream MediaBeyond TV Transport Stream Format
TP0 file extensionSquared 5Mascom PVR Video Format
TP3 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Template Format
TP4 file extensionChris Sawyer ProductionsRollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Screenshot Format
TP7 file extensionSpectral Sciences Inc.MODTRAN
TPA file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Custom Graphic
TPARK file extensionGeekSpiffThemePark Project Format
TPB file extensionGromacsGROMACS Portable Binary Run Input Format
TPC file extension3D-ScapeTopic Connection Placeholder
TPD file extensionCyberlinkJVC Cyberlink TOD Video Format
TPE file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Example
TPF file extensionSTAR GroupTransit NXT Pack Translation Format
TPG file extensionPerformance Systems DevelopmentTREAT Project
TPH file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal Help
TPI file extensionThomsonEDIUS Plugin Format
TPIC file extensionN/ATrueVision TARGA Image
TPJ file extensionN/ANova Logic Game Terrain Project
TPK file extensionThe Linux FoundationTizen Application Package
TPKEY file extensionN/ATexturePacker License
TPL file extensionN/AGenerally A Template Format
TPM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Trusted Platform Module Password Format
TPO file extensionRockwell Automation, Inc.Arena Template
TPP file extensionN/ABorland Pascal Protected Mode Units
TPQ file extensionNational Geographic MapsTOPO!Pro Map
TPR file extensionPEGASYSTMPEG Enc Video Conversion Project Format
TPS file extensionClarionClarion For Windows Top Speed Data Format
TPSDB file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Print Shop Project
TPT file extensionCerious Software, Inc.ThumbsPlus Thumbnail Template
TPU file extensionBorlandTurbo Pascal Unit Format
TPW file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland Turbo Pascal Unit
TPX file extensionBorlandTurbo Pascal Unit Format
TPZ file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Topaz E-book Format
TQD file extensionAvid Technology, Inc.Torq Song Information
TQF file extensionIBMRational Test RealTime
TQL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server Query Analyser Header
TR file extensionTomeRaiderTomeRaider EBook Format
TR0 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TR1 file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Addword
TR2 file extensionN/ABorland Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings
TR3 file extensionTomeRaiderTomeRaider EBook Format
TR4 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TR5 file extensionOnyx Computing, Inc.OnyxTree Professional Format
TR6 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TR7 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TR8 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TR9 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationSPICE Transient Analysis Output
TRA file extensionWinTrackWinTrack Railroad Track Format
TRACE file extensionVMwareVMware ThinApp Trace Log Format
TRACWIKI file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText
TRAK file extensionNative InstrumentsNative Instruments Traktor Content Pack Format
TRANSCRIPTSTYLE file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IChat Transcript Style
TRASHES file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Mobile Phone
TRASHINFO file extensionN/ATrash Storage Metadata
TRAY file extensionCorelCorel CONNECT Tray Format
TRB file extensionHash, Inc.Animation Master Turbulence Extension
TRC file extensionOracleOracle SQL*Net Trace Debug Format
TRCE file extensionCorel CorporationCorel Trace
TRD file extensionTrIDTrID Definitions Package Format
TRE file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.EA SPORTS Game
TREC file extensionTechSmith CorporationCamtasia Studio Recorded Session
TREE file extensionMcGoo SoftwareES-Builder Tree
TRF file extensionN/ALFToolkit Transformation Rules
TRG file extensionSymantec CorporationSymantec LiveUpdate
TRI file extensionSingular InversionsFaceGen Polygonal Model Format
TRIDEFMOVIE file extensionN/ATriDef Movie
TRIDEFPHOTO file extensionDynamic Digital DepthTriDef 3D Photo Transformer Depth Map
TRIF file extensionTiling Task GroupTRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format Bitmap Format
TRK file extensionCompeGPS TEAMCompeGPS Land Track Format
TRL file extensionAdtolloTopocad
TRM file extensionForTheRecordTerminal Settings Format
TRN file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Transaction Backup Format
TRO file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Vocable
TRP file extensionN/AMPEG-2 HD Video Format
TRR file extensionGromacsGROMACS Full-precision Trajectory
TRS file extensionRosetta StoneRosetta Stone Language Data Format
TRT file extensionGalactix SoftwareTeam Sports Scheduling System Report Template
TRU file extensionTrue BASICTrue Basic Source
TRUCK file extensionN/ARigs Of Rods Truck Definition Format
TRV file extensionTraverse PC, Inc.Traverse PC Desktop Survey Data
TRX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Test Results Format
TRX_DLL file extensionMicrosoftWindows Startup Format
TRZ file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton Antivirus Rapidrelease Definition Update
TS file extensionN/AMPEG-TV Recorded Format
TS0 file extensionN/ATio32 Script
TS1 file extensionVirtualBusVirtualBus Texture Description Format
TS2 file extensionSyntap SoftwareTime Stamp Project Information
TS4 file extensionN/ARecorded Multimedia
TSB file extension3dMD3dMD Or 3Q Viewer 3D Image
TSC file extensionDesignSoftTina Pro For Windows Package Schematics Format
TSD file extensionSoftware AGTamino Schema Editor
TSF file extensionGolden SoftwareStrater Template Format
TSG file extensionCSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering (CESRE)TSG Data
TSI file extensionNative InstrumentsTraktor Pro MIDI Map Format
TSK file extensionN/APocket PC Skin
TSM file extensionBeckhoff AutomationTwinCAT System Manager Configuration Format
TSN file extensionNational Center for Biotechnology InformationRatLab Toolkit
TSO file extensionN/ATactical Situation Object XML
TSP file extensionN/ADSP Group TrueSpeech Audio Format
TSR file extensionN/ATSR Launcher
TSS file extensionGalactix SoftwareTeam Sports Scheduling System Project Format
TST file extensionMeasurement ComputingTestPoint Test Format
TSTREAM file extensionp2p-next consortiumSwarmPlayer Video Stream Control Format
TSV file extensionN/ATab Separated Values Format
TSW file extensionNational Instruments CorporationNI TestStand Workspace
TSX file extensionGalactix SoftwareTeam Sports Scheduling System XML Project
TSZ file extensionCerulean StudiosTrillian Skin Format
TT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Text Template Format
TT10 file extensionIntuit CanadaIntuit Turbotax Tax 2010 Return Format
TT11 file extensionIntuitTurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return Format
TT12 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TT13 file extensionIntuit Inc.TurboTax 2013 Tax Return
TT2012STATE file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 State Tax Form
TT4 file extensionSensitechTempTale
TTA file extensionTrue Audio SoftwareTTA Lossless Audio Codec Format
TTARCH file extensionTelltale GamesTelltale Games Game Data Format
TTARCH2 file extensionTelltale, Inc.The Walking Dead Season Two Game Data
TTBK file extensionIntuit CanadaCanadian TurboTax 2010 Backup Format
TTBL file extensionqianqian.comTTPlayer Play List
TTBS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Toolbar
TTC file extensionN/ATrueType Font Collection
TTD file extensionGemini Data Loggers UKTinytag Data Log
TTE file extensionMicrosoftPrivate Character Editor Format
TTF file extensionAppleTrueType Font Format
TTG file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Command & Conquer Red Alert 3
TTH file extensionWhite WolfVampire - Bloodlines Game
TTI file extensionN/ABeast Trojan
TTK file extensionAlchemy Software DevelopmentAlchemy Catalyst Translation Toolkit Format
TTKGP file extensionTatukGISTatukGIS Editor Project Format
TTM file extensionTower TopplerTower Toppler Level Format
TTN file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads Topologically Triangulated Network
TTPL file extensionqianqian.comTTPLayer Play List
TTS file extensionSumTotal SystemsToolBook Translation System Format
TTT file extensionSeapine Software, Inc.TestTrack Pro Database
TTX file extensionSDLTRADOS TagEditor TRADOStag XML Format
TTXT file extensionISO/IECMPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles Format
TTY file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedMacromedia Dreamweaver
TTZ file extensionWhite WolfVampire The Masquerade
TU file extensionHolt SoftwareTuring Source Code Format
TU? file extensionN/AStandard Mail Archive
TUB file extensionN/ACorel PaintShop Photo Pro Picture Tube Format
TUD file extensionCerious Software, Inc.ThumbsPlus Graphics
TUI file extensionNational Instruments CorporationNI LabWindows User Interface
TUN file extensionHigh Voltage SoftwareLego Racers Music Format
TUNEAO file extensionBungie.orgMarathon 2 Aleph One
TUR file extensionHolt SoftwareTuring Program Source Code Format
TURBOC3 file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland Turbo C Makefile
TUT file extensionTilted Mill EntertainmentChildren Of The Nile Tutorial Format
TUW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office
TV file extensionCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Table View Settings
TV1 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV3 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV4 file extensionTimeValue SoftwareTValue Project
TV5 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV6 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV7 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV8 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TV9 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
TVA file extensionTruevision3DTruevision3D Animated Actor
TVC file extensionIBMIBM Lotus 1-2-3 Table
TVD file extensionApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Vector Documents
TVEX file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime MoviePlayer Extension
TVF file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Table View Settings
TVG file extensionToon Boom Animation Inc.Toon Boom Vector Graphics
TVIXIE file extensionN/ATViXiE Effects
TVJ file extensionbasICColorTrueView Job Ticket
TVL file extensionN/ATurboTax Format
TVM file extensionequinux USA, Inc.The Tube
TVN file extensionN/AYamaha Tyros 2 Voice
TVOD file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Movie Or JPEG Picture
TVP file extensionTVPaintTVP Animation Animation Data
TVPI file extensionDecisionmarkTitanTV Television Listing Format
TVR file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL
TVS file extensionTeamViewerTeamViewer Session Format
TVT file extensionIBMIBM Lenovo ThinkVantage Rescue And Recovery
TVVI file extensionDecisionmarkTitanTV Television Listing Format
TVX file extensionApache Software FoundationApache Lucene Term Vector Index
TWAIN file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat TWAIN 1.8 Specification
TWB file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Workbook Format
TWBX file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Packaged Workbook Format
TWC file extensionTurbosoftTTWin Configuration Format
TWD file extensionSimTechMindMapper Brainstorm And Visual Map
TWDX file extensionSimTechMindMapper Document
TWE file extensionThinkWave, Inc.ThinkWave Educator Data
TWF file extensionEsriArcView World Coordinates
TWG file extensionSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Trade Waste
TWI file extensionN/ASDDS Toolkit
TWIG file extensionN/ATwig Source
TWIKI file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText
TWK file extensionKolay and CODeRUSTweakS
TWL file extensionN/ANaviguide Binary Route
TWM file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Module Format
TWP file extensionDevista B.V.Teamwork Planner Project
TWS file extensionHelios Software SolutionsTextPad Workspace
TWT file extensionN/ACarmageddon 2 Carpocalyse Now Saved Game Format
TWV file extensionHwan Maw Technology Co., Ltd.VCM-ROM Linker Voice
TWW file extensionZANDAR CorporationTagwrite Template
TWZ file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Compressed Module Format
TWZIP file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Compressed Module Format
TX file extensionImpressumPhotoline 5 Help
TX0 file extensionRMR CO.Portable Radiation Package Data
TX3G file extensionN/AMPEG-4
TX8 file extensionN/A8-bit DOS ASCII Text
TX? file extensionTerry A. DavisLoseThos Text
TXA file extensionSentel AdvanceMidas ViewPoint Text Array List
TXB file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Fifa 2001 Data Environment
TXC file extensionEidos Interactive Ltd.Urban Chaos Game
TXD file extensionRenderwareGrand Theft Auto III Texture Dictionary
TXE file extensionN/AEnriched Text
TXF file extensionN/ATax Exchange Format
TXH file extensionBram MoolenaarLight Markup Language Text
TXI file extensionLucasArts Entertainment Company, LLCKOTOR2 Game
TXL file extensionN/AGenesis3D Texture
TXM file extensionCFP Software LimitedCFPwinMan Document
TXN file extensionMySpace.comMySpace IM Log Format
TXO file extensionCarnegie Mellon UniversityPanda3D Texture Object
TXP file extensionWinShareSoftTweaking Toolbox XP Import/export Setting
TXR file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDraw Custom
TXT file extensionN/ASimple Text Format
TXT12 file extensionN/AIRI Scouting Database XML
TXTDT file extensionN/ATitleWriter DVD Text Data
TXTENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted TXT
TXTR file extensionN/AThe Sims Texture
TXTRPT file extensionCommScopeCommScope Teletilt Control System Report
TXTZ file extensionN/AEBook
TXU file extensionIBE Software GmbHCncCUT Program Text
TXV file extensionSoftOlogy IdeaWorks, LLCRapidReader TextVision
TXW file extensionN/AYamaha TX-16W Wave Format
TXX file extensionKitware, Inc.Insight Segmentation And Registration Toolkit
TXZ file extensionTukaaniXZ Compressed TAR Archive Format
TX_ file extensionN/ACompressed Txt Format
TYIMPORT file extensionErgonis SoftwareTypinator Imported Set Format
TYM file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Time Stamp
TYPEIT4ME file extensionEttore SoftwareTypeIt4Me Clippings Format
TYSET file extensionErgonis SoftwareTypinator Set Format
TZ file extensionN/ATAR.Z Compressed File Archive
TZB file extensionN/ATAR.Z.btoa Compressed File Archive (TAR - Compress - Btoa)
TZD file extensionAOL Inc.Netscape Communicator
TZI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows CE Time Zone Information
TZP file extensionSchlichtherle IT ServicesTrueZIP Ecnrypted JAR Java
TZX file extensionN/AZX Spectrum Tape Image Poke Format

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