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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
B file extensionN/ABASIC Language Source Format
B!K file extensionMicrosoft StudiosMicrosoft Flight Simulator Scenery
B&W file extensionN/ABitmap Image
B00 file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite
B01 file extensionN/ABlindwrite Image
B02 file extensionN/ABlindwrite Image
B1 file extensionCatalina GroupB1 Compressed Archive
B16 file extensionN/APCO Image
B2 file extensionN/AProgress Database
B24 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS C Script
B25 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS DDL
B26 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS Style Sheet
B27 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS Document
B2A file extensionN/ABinary To ASCII (BTOA) Encoded Format
B2D file extensionCBS Interactive Inc.Brutus2D Source Code
B2F file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS Windows Metafile
B30 file extensionCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Printer Font
B3D file extensionBlitz ResearchBlitz3D/Max/Plus Texture, Mesh Format
B3P file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.Native Instruments Battery Preset
B4S file extensionNullsoftWinamp 3 Playlist Format
B4U file extensionTuukka SalonenVisual ReadMe
B5 file extensionMDBGMDBG Chinese-English Dictionary
B5I file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B5L file extensionSmart ProjectsBlindWrite Image
B5T file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B60 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS PNG Bitmap Image
B64 file extensionN/AASCIIi Base64 MIME Encoded Archive Format
B6I file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B6L file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite License
B6T file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Table Of Contents Format
BA file extensionSciferScifer Archive External Archive Format
BA1 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Media Center Report Log
BABL file extensionAutomated Media Processing SolutionsDeBabelizer
BAC file extensionAvantrixBackup Plus Backup Format
BACK file extensionN/ARMCProfile Coefficient
BACKUP file extensionN/AAndroid Backup Format
BACKUPDB file extensionAppleApple Time Machine Backup Folder Format
BAD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Badmail Format
BADONGO file extensionBadongo.comBadongo Information Service
BAF file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield 2 Animation
BAFL file extensionBurnaware TechnologiesBurnAware Free Compilation Format
BAG file extensionN/AAAICWpro Autoresponder
BAI file extensionBID2WIN Software Inc.BUILD2WIN Add-in
BAK file extensionN/ABackup Format
BAK2 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft FrontPage
BAK3 file extensionCRYTEKCrysis Backup
BAK~ file extensionAbiSourceAbiWord Auto-saved Document Format
BAL file extensionN/ABorland Programming Language Source Code
BAM file extensionN/ABobs Adlib Music
BAMBOOPAPER file extensionWacom Company, LimitedBamboo Document
BAMP file extensionBlumentals Solutions SIAEasy Button & Menu Maker Project
BAN file extensionAi ResearchMegaHAL Non-keyword List
BAND file extensionAppleGarageBand Music Project Format
BAP file extensionBlaze AudioBlaze RipEditBurn Audio Wave Information Format
BAR file extensionMicrosoftAge Of Empires / Age Of Mythology Game Format
BAS file extensionN/ABasic Source Code Format
BASEBINARY file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X AirPort Base Station Binary
BASECONFIG file extensionApple, Inc.AirPort Utility Setting
BASEPROJ file extensionHeracle BioSoftDNA Baser Sequence Aligner Project
BASERPROJ file extensionHeracle BioSoftDNA Baser Project Format
BASEX file extensionBaseX TeamBaseX Data Format
BASH file extensionApple, Inc.Unix Shell Script (bash)
BASHRC file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash Shell Startup Script Configuration Format
BASH_HISTORY file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash History Format
BASH_LOGIN file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
BASH_LOGOUT file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
BASH_PROFILE file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash Interactive Login Shell Format
BASIN file extensionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-HMS Basin Model Settings
BAT file extensionMicrosoftBatch File (executable)
BATCH file extensionSierra Entertainment, Inc.Switchball Game Data
BAU file extensionSun Configuration Format
BAV file extensionRITLABSAVG Bat! Plugin Format
BAW file extensionBrainLEDBrainLED AlfaWave Session
BAY file extensionCasioKodak/Roper Bayer Picture Sequence Format
BAZ file extensionACCEO Solutions Inc.Acomba Accounting Suite Backup
BA_ file extensionMicrosoftRenamed BAT Format
BB file extensionBlitz ResearchBlitz Basic Source Code Format
BB2 file extensionN/AXBBS-OS/2, XGROUP, AV, ZTree Archiver Control
BB3 file extensionWildTangentBlasterBall 3 Level Format
BBA file extensionUbisoft Entertainment S.A.BlueByte Archive
BBB file extensionResearch In MotionBlackBerry Backup (post 2012) Format
BBC file extensionN/ABBC BASIC For Windows
BBCD file extensionBobCAD-CAMBobCAD-CAM Document
BBE file extensionMindGenius Ltd.MindGenius Brainbloom
BBF file extensionScriptBasic Project TeamScriptBasic Binary
BBFW file extensionApple, Inc.ITunes Firmware
BBG file extensionCyberSports, Inc.CyberSports For Basketball Game
BBI file extensionVentyxLinkOne Data
BBK file extensionN/ATreePad Backup
BBL file extensionOren PatashnikTeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference Format
BBLM file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Language Module
BBLX file extensionRick MeyersE-Sword Bible
BBPROJECT file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Project Format
BBPROJECTD file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Project Format
BBRKPUZZLE file extensionJuan TrujilloPuzzle
BBRKSAVE file extensionJuan TrujilloPuzzle Started Status
BBS file extensionN/ABulletin Board System Text Format
BBT file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.BTwin Local Database
BBTL file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Tool Palette
BBV file extensionPPLive Inc.PPLive
BBW file extensionPG Music Inc.Band-in-a-Box Nterface
BBX file extensionNeil FraserBrainBox Neural Network
BBXT file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit
BBZ file extensionBellshareBeBuzz Backup Format
BC file extensionBitCometBitTorrent Unfinished Download Format
BC! file extensionBitCometBittorrent Unfinished Download Format
BC5 file extensionN/AImpression Document
BC6 file extensionCashflow Manager Pty Ltd.Cashflow Manager 2006 Backup
BC7 file extensionCashflow Manager Pty Ltd.Cashflow Manager 2007 Backup
BCA file extensionNemetschek AGAllplan Backup Catalog
BCB file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Borland C++ Builder
BCC file extensionBroderbundCalendar Creator Customized Data Format
BCD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Boot Configuration Format
BCF file extensionBelltech SystemsBusiness Card Designer Pro Business Card Design Format
BCH file extensionPhoenix Software InternationalDatalex Entrypoint 90 Data
BCI file extensionBelarcBelarc Advisor Computer Profile Report
BCK file extensionN/AVMX Backup Format
BCKP file extensionLavasoftAd-Aware Quarantined Format
BCL file extensionIlluminaIllumina CASAVA Base Call Format
BCM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Communications Script Backup Format
BCMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Business Contact Manager Customization Format
BCN file extensionbizcardpro.comBusiness Card Design
BCP file extensionBorlandBorland C++ Makefile
BCR file extensionPVT AGMap&guide Station List
BCS file extensionBolandBoland Calibration Settings Format
BCT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Bridge Cache Format
BCW file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Workspace
BCX file extensionSysteamBeam Report Standard Definition
BD file extensionN/ABenDaglish Audio
BD1 file extensionteam MITEIMap Block Location
BD2 file extensionIntuit Inc.Lacerte Tax Tax
BDAE file extensionGameloftGameloft Game Data Format
BDB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Database Backup Format
BDB2 file extensionBrainmaster Technologies, Inc.BrainMaster Settings
BDC file extensionBabylonLingvo Dictionary Format
BDCM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio BDC Model
BDCR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio BDC Resource
BDCT file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Dictionary
BDD file extensionCARACARA Sound Radiation Data Format
BDE file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
BDF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format
BDG file extensionE T JonesBadge Designer 2000 Photo ID
BDH file extensionBorland Software CorporationSilk Performer Include
BDI file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
BDIC file extensionGoogleGoogle Chrome Dictionary Format
BDJO file extensionOracle CorporationJava BD-J Object Descriptor
BDK file extensionIBMOS/2 Floppy Disk Image
BDL file extensionParametric TechnologyCoCreate Designer Bundle Format
BDM file extensionSonyAVHCD Video Information Or Index Format
BDMV file extensionBlu-ray Disc AssociationBlu-ray Information Format
BDOC file extensionSK.eeDigiDoc Client Container
BDOF file extensionN/AMario Kart Mod Effect
BDP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Diagnostic Message
BDR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher Border Format
BDS file extensionComputer Aided Development Corporation LimitedCadcorp SIS Base Dataset
BDSGROUP file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.BDS Project Group
BDSPROJ file extensionEmbarcadero TechnologiesBDS Project Format
BDT file extensionABBYYLingvo Dictionary
BDT2 file extensionBEEDOCSBEEDOCS Timeline 3D Timeline Document Format
BDT3 file extensionBEEDOCSBEEDOCS Timeline 3D Timeline Document Format
BDTD file extensionOracle CorporationJava Sun Binary DTD
BDTP file extensionN/ABaiduPlayer Media
BDV file extensionSoftwinBitDefender Vault
BDW file extensionSnowmint Creative Solutions LLCBudget Data
BDX file extensionSoftwinBitDefender
BDY file extensionAlan MortonDMAP Boundary
BEA file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Song
BEAM file extensionEricssonCompiled Erlang Code Format
BEAN file extensionBeanBean Document Format
BEB file extensionClint GarrityEEC Analyzer
BED file extensionUCSCUCSC BED Annotation Track Format
BEE file extensionAndrew FilinskyBee Archiver Compressed Archive
BEH file extensionSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Calibration
BEJEWELED2DELUXESAVEDGAME file extensionBig Fish GamesBejeweled 2 Deluxe Save Game Format
BEK file extensionN/AShanda Bambook E-book
BEL file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Layout
BEN file extensionSiSoftwareSiSoftware Sandra
BEP file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Playlist
BES file extensionBitter End SystemsMOBY Database
BET file extensionN/ABETA Source Format
BEVEL file extensionNeuber SoftwareFontTwister Bevel
BEX file extensionPGP CorporationPGP Binary Extracted Public Key
BEXPK file extensionPGP CorporationPGP Binary Extracted Public Key
BFA file extensionN/ABlowfish-encrypted Format
BFB file extensionMicrosoft StudiosZoo Tycoon 2 Game Model
BFC file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows 95 Briefcase Document Format
BFD file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux BFD Rules Configuration
BFE file extensionJohnny ShelleyBcrypt - BlowFish File Encryption
BFF file extensionIBMAIX Backup Format
BFFM file extensionMicroproseB-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th Game
BFG file extensionBig Fish GamesMario Kart Mod Effect Format
BFI file extensionStatistics NetherlandsBlaise Index
BFL file extensionN/ABFLI Image Format
BFLI file extensionN/ABFLI Image Format
BFM file extensionTerminal RealityTerminal Reality Model Format
BFMV file extensionMartjin BuijsBfMeshView Workspace
BFONT file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Need For Speed SHIFT Font
BFP file extensionQuest Software, Inc.Benchmark Factory Project
BFR file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Report
BFS file extensionBugbear EntertainmentSmartWare Backup Sort Definition Format
BFT file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Transaction Definition
BFW file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Cross-tab
BFX file extensionCheyenneBitware BitFax Format
BGA file extensionN/AOS/2 Graphic Array
BGCF file extensionBelltech Systems, LLCGreeting Card Design
BGD file extensionEsriESRI Binary Raster Definition
BGEO file extensionSide Effects Software Inc.Houdini Binary Geometry Format
BGF file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Binary Glass Catalog
BGI file extensionMicrosoftBGInfo Configuration Format
BGL file extensionBabylonBabylon Glossary Format
BGM file extensionTom MulgrewBasic4GL 3D Object
BGO file extensionBigOven.comBigoven Recipe Card
BGR file extensionPromixisGirder Binary Plugin
BGT file extensionFKJ SoftwareGraphic Accounts Budget Data Format
BGUI file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Need For Speed SHIFT GUI
BGV file extensionBonanza ABBonanzaGraf Financial Presentation
BGW file extensionSQUARE ENIX CO.Final Fantasy Music
BGZ file extensionWouter van OortmerssenBlood Frontier Map Format
BH file extensionZipTVZipTV BlakHole Archive File Format
BH3 file extensionMicrosoft StudiosRise Of Nations Unit Graphic
BHA file extensionMicrosoft StudiosRise Of Nations Unit Graphic
BHF file extensionSymantec CorporationPcAnywhere Host
BHO file extensionLouis KesslerBehold Settings Format
BHP file extensionAppSmithsBHP Survey Tool Data
BHS file extensionMicrosoft StudiosRise Of Nations Script
BHX file extensionN/ABinHex Compressed File ASCII Archive
BI file extensionProgress SoftwareProgress Database Before Image
BI? file extensionTerry A. DavisLoseThos Binary Executable
BIB file extensionN/ABibTeX Document Format
BIBTEX file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdBibTeX Document
BIC file extensionN/ACivilization III Game Scenario Format
BID file extensionAvontus Software CorporationBidMaker
BIDULE file extensionPloguePlogue Bidule Sound Layout Format
BIE file extensionN/AJBIG Image
BIF file extensionN/ABinary Information Format
BIFX file extensionBeLight SoftwareGet Backup Project
BIG file extensionElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts Game Resource Package Format
BIK file extensionN/ABINK Video Format
BIKEY file extensionBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive Key
BIL file extensionESRIArcView Band Interleaved By Line Image Format
BIM file extensionBytessenceBytessence InstallMaker Project Format
BIMD file extensionAutomated Architecture, Inc.Blue Ink Meta-data Export
BIMX file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD BIMx 3D Scene
BIN file extensionN/AMacbinary II Encoded Format
BIN3 file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Data
BINA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 5 For Mac Document
BINARYCOOKIES file extensionApple, Inc.Safari Browser Cookies Package
BINUI file extensionUbisoft Entertainment S.A.Call Of Juarez Game Menu
BIO file extensionN/AOS/2 BIOS Format
BIOEXCESS file extensionEgis Technology Inc.MyWinLocker Protected
BIONIX file extensionBioniXWallpaper.comBionix Wallpaper List Format
BIOT file extensionRipplon Software Inc.BiotSavart Magnetic Design
BIP file extensionN/ACharacter Studio Biped Format
BIQ file extensionN/ACivilization 3 Scenario Format
BIT file extensionXilinxXilinx Integrated Software Environment Bitstream Format
BITCFG file extensionPassMark Software Pty LtdPassmark Configuration
BITMAP file extensionN/AX Window System Bitmap Image
BITPIM file extensionBitPimBitPim Configuration Format
BIX file extensionN/ACivilization III Scenario Format
BIZ file extensionBroderbundPrint Shop Business Card Format
BIZDOCUMENT file extensionActuate CorporationActuate BusinessReport Studio Document
BJF file extensionNTI CorporationNTI Backup Now Related
BJK file extensionStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
BJO file extensionJanet Davis Music CompanyInstrument Tablature Format
BK file extensionN/AAdobe FrameMaker Book Format
BK! file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK0 file extensionAspen Technology, Inc.Aspen HYSYS Backup
BK1 file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Backup Format
BK2 file extensionMicrosoftWindows Indexing Service Data Format
BK3 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK4 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK5 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK6 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK7 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK8 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BK9 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document Backup
BKB file extensionVariCAD, s.r.o.VariCAD Drawing
BKC file extensionSoftlandBackup4all Catalog Format
BKD file extensionN/ABook Library Local Dos Exploit
BKF file extensionN/AMicrosoft Backup Format
BKG file extensionN/AUWXAFS Project Binary Format Data
BKI file extensionIBMIBM BookManager Backup Index
BKK file extensionBookBuddiBookBuddi EBook Format
BKMK file extensionYummy SoftwareYummy FTP Bookmark Format
BKO file extensionWiscoWisco Backup Outlook Backup
BKP file extensionZaplotsBackup Format
BKR file extensionN/AReplaceEm File Set
BKS file extensionMicrosoftNTBackup Settings Format
BKU file extensionThe Sage Group plcTimeslips Backup
BKUP file extensionN/AWherigo Cartridge Backup Format
BKW file extensionN/AFontEdit Image
BKY file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Keyboard
BKZ file extensionNCH SoftwareFileFort Backup
BLA file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Black Colour Separation
BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2 file extensionWildTangentBlackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2SAVEDGAME file extensionWildTangent, Inc.Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game
BLASTERBALL2DRM3SAVEDGAME file extensionWildTangent, Inc.Blasterball 2 Save Game
BLASTERBALL3SAVEDGAME file extensionWildTangentBlasterball 3 Save Game Format
BLB file extensionN/ABlob Format
BLD file extensionCadsoftEnvisioneer Professional Model Format
BLEND file extensionThe Blender FoundationBlender 3D Data Format
BLEND1 file extensionBlenderBlender Backup Format
BLEND2 file extensionBlenderBlender Document Backup Format
BLF file extensionMicrosoftCLFS Base Log Format
BLG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Binary Performance Log Format
BLI file extensionThomsonThomson Speedtouch Series WLAN Router Firmware Format
BLIGHT file extensionN/AMario Kart Mod Effect
BLK file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Block Template Format
BLKRT file extensionBlock ArtistBlock Artist Image Format
BLL file extensionN/ABorland Delphi Localization Information
BLM file extensionN/AEurolink Comma Separated Value
BLN file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software Blanking File Format
BLOB file extensionValveSteam Client Registry Format
BLOGTHIS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Writer BlogThis Data Format
BLP file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Game Texture Format
BLS file extensionBlocklandBlockland Saved Game
BLT file extensionAOLAIM AOL Instant Messenger Saved Buddy List
BLU file extensionN/AFileMaker Pro Runtime Extension Format
BLUE file extensionCCPEVE Online Texture
BLUEBUTTON file extensionU.S. Department of Veterans AffairsVA Blue Button Text
BLV file extensionUbisoft Entertainment S.A.Might And Magic 6/7 Dungeon Level Geometry
BLW file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Black And White Presets Format
BLX file extensionMagellan Navigation, Inc.Magellan MapSend Map Data
BLY file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.FIFA World Cup Game Data Fe Art Load Game
BLZ file extensionNokiaNokia N-Gage Game Format
BM file extensionN/AX Windows System Bitmap Image
BM2 file extensionN/ASubspace/Continuum Bitmap Graphic Format
BM3 file extensionSony EricssonSony Ericsson Backup Format
BMA file extensionAlexander CherenkovCompressed Archive
BMB file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER Temporary
BMC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Terminal Server Client Bitmap Cache Format
BMD file extensionWEBZENMU Online Game Data Format
BMD5 file extensionEdwinSoftBookmarkingDaemon
BME file extensionKonamiKonami Beatmania Music Simulator Format
BMF file extensionCorelCorel Gallery Binary Material Format
BMG file extensionNintendoMario Kart Wii Message Format
BMI file extensionAutodesk3d Studio Max Plugin
BMK file extensionCyberLinkPowerDVD MovieMark Bookmark Format
BML file extensionN/ABean Markup Language Format
BMM file extensionIsao MaruokaTacmi Pixia Palette
BMML file extensionBalsamiq Studios, LLCBalsamiq Mockups Graphic
BMO file extensionSiemens AGSIMATIC WinCC Script
BMP file extensionN/AStandard Windows Bitmap Image (also OS/2)
BMP24 file extensionN/ABitmap Graphic
BMPENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Encrypted BMP
BMQ file extensionAcclaim Games Inc.Re-Volt Texture
BMS file extensionKonamiBeatmania Music Simulator Format
BMT file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Image Library
BMU file extensionN/ABioWare Music Unit
BMW file extensionBuzzmachinesBuzzPlay Music With Waves
BMX file extensionSiemensSiemens Mobile Phone Animation Format
BMZ file extensionValvePortal Map Format
BN4 file extensionN/AYamaha DX100 Voice
BNA file extensionSafe WorksBarna Word Processor Document
BNC file extensionBojanov SoftwareBojanov Encryptor Encrypted
BND file extensionIBMDB2 Bind Format
BNDL file extensionN/ABundle File Format
BNF file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Map
BNG file extensionThe Bingo Maker TeamBingo Maker Bingo Data Template Format
BNHQ file extensionYves LempereurBinHex Archive
BNI file extensionBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.Blizzard Battle.Net Icon
BNK file extensionEden GamesTest Drive Unlimited Game Data Format
BNL file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Netlist
BNP file extensionSonySony HD Camera System Format
BNR file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Nintento Wii Homebrew
BNS file extensionValvePortal Script Format
BNT file extensionMindArk PE AB.Entropia Universe Game Archive
BNY file extensionN/ABinary Ll Format
BNZ file extensionThe Bingo Maker TeamBingo Maker Bingo Template Or Bingo List Update Format
BOB file extensionN/ABOB Raytracer Bitmap Image
BOBO file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks
BOBTHEBUILDERSAVEDGAME file extensionBrighter Minds MediaBob The Builder: Can Do Zoo Save Game
BOC file extensionE-PressE-Press EasyWord Big Document Format
BOCHSRC file extensionThe Bochs ProjectBochs Configuration
BOD file extensionEgosoftX3 Reunion Ship
BOE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Express Backup
BOF file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Tasks Enroll
BOH file extensionParadox InteractiveEuropa Universallis 2 Game Data
BOK file extensionPearson EducationTestGen Test Bank Format
BOL file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Mario Kart Course Setup
BOM file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Bill Of Materials Format
BONDS file extensionM.CarsonRibbons Bonds
BONK file extensionBonkBonk Audio Format
BOO file extensionN/AMicrosoft Booasm.arc Encoded File Archive
BOOK file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FrameMaker Book Format
BOOKEXPORT file extensionBlurbBooksmart Export Format
BOOKTEMPLATE file extensionAppleIBooks Author Book Template Format
BOOKWORMDELUXESAVEDGAME file extensionBig Fish GamesBookworm Deluxe Saved Game
BOOT file extensionFlexera SoftwareInstallShield Format
BOOTEFISIGNATURE file extensionApple, Inc.Bootefisignature Mac OS X System
BOOTSKIN file extensionStardockMicrosoft Windows Boot Skin
BOOTSTRAP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Bootstrap
BORLAND file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C Makefile
BOS file extension3am Solutions (UK) LimitedDynamite VSP Building Object Style
BOT file extensionGabriel Interactive, Inc.Robot Arena Game
BOX file extensionN/AFoxMail E-mail Box
BOX3D file extensionBoxShot3D.comBox Shot 3D Project
BOXER file extensionN/ABoxer For Mac Game Archive
BOZ file extensionJulian SewardBZIP Compressed Archive
BP file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Business Process Object
BP0 file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Project
BP1 file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartware Backup Document
BP2 file extensionN/AAutodesk AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
BP3 file extensionN/AAutedesk AutoCAD Batch Plot Format
BP4 file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Project
BPA file extensionSimpleTechStorageSync Backup Archive Format
BPB file extensionSybasePowerDesigner Business Process Backup Format
BPC file extensionTODAY Systems, Inc.BuildPro
BPD file extensionPalo Alto SoftwareBusiness Plan Pro Data Format
BPDX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Catalog Batch PDX Format
BPF file extensionInfor Global SolutionsBaan ERP Document
BPG file extensionBorlandDelphi Project Group Format
BPI file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages New User
BPJ file extensionVISATON GmbH & Co. KGBoxsim Simulation
BPK file extensionNeroNero SecurDisc Public Key Format
BPKEY file extensionStichting Blender FoundationBlender Publisher License Key
BPL file extensionN/AAutoCAD R2000 Batch Plot
BPM file extensionSybasePowerDesigner Business Process Model Format
BPMC file extensionBizagiBizagi Process Modeler
BPMN file extensionKAISHA-Tec Co. LtdAvantage Template
BPN file extensionGRAPHISOFTArchiCAD Backup Format
BPNUEB file extensionHamed MosadeqPayame Noor University (PNU) E-book Format
BPO file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Business Process Object
BPP file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Backup Application
BPR file extensionEmbarcadero TechnologiesBorland C++ Builder XML Project Format
BPS file extensionN/ABPS Virus Format
BPSD file extensionAVANTRIX Inc.Backup Plus
BPT file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Bitmap Master
BPV file extensionBulletProof Business Plans, Inc.BallPark Business Valuation Valuation Scenario
BPW file extensionBitserBitser Password Format
BPX file extensionN/ATruevision Targa Bitmap Image
BPZ file extensionEasy Blue PrintEasy Blue Print Library
BQF file extensionN/ABackdoor.Win32.Ciadoor.bqf Trojan
BQW file extensionEsriArcView World
BQY file extensionBrio SoftwareBrioQuery Database Format
BR file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Data
BR1 file extensionGhisler Software GmbHTotal Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
BR2 file extensionGhisler Software GmbHTotal Commander Cached Button Bar Icons
BR3 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 3D Scene Format
BR4 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 4 Scene Format
BR5 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 5 Scene Format
BR6 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 6 Scene Format
BR7 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 7 Scene Format
BRA file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux
BRAGG file extensionN/ABragg Profile
BRAIN file extensionTheBrain TechnologiesPersonalBrain Mind Map Format
BRASD file extensionN/AMario Kart Mod
BRB file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce Object Export
BRC file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce 2 Scene
BRD file extensionCadSoftEAGLE Circuit Board Format
BRE file extensionN/ABreuckmann Scanner
BREFF file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
BREFT file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Mario Kart Wii Animated Graphic
BREP file extensionOpen CASCADE3D Model
BREW file extensionN/AHomebrew
BRF file extensionN/ABraille Format
BRFNT file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Mario Kart Wii Font
BRG file extensionBentley SystemsBentley ProjectWise Configuration Format
BRH file extensionSheshadrivasu ChandrasekharanBaraha
BRI file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Plug-in Format
BRIDGECACHE file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cache
BRIDGECACHET file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cache
BRIDGELABELSANDRATINGS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge
BRIDGESORT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Bridge Cabinet
BRIDGESUPPORT file extensionApple, Inc.Bridgesupport Mac OS X File Extension
BRK file extensionDialogicBrooktrout Fax Format
BRLCAD file extensionBRL-CAD Development Team and US ArmyBRL-CAD 3D
BRLYT file extensionN/ANintendo Wii Texture Settings Format
BRM file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Plug-in Format
BRN file extensionBrainStorm SoftwareBrainStorm Data Format
BRO file extensionBroderbundCreataCard Booklet/brochure Project Format
BROGUESAVE file extensionSeth HowardBrogue Saved Game
BROWSER file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Browser Definition Format
BRP file extensionOnyx Computing, Inc.Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
BRPX file extensionRick MeyersE-sword Bible Reading Plan
BRRES file extensionN/AWii BRRES Resource Package
BRS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Browse Sequence Format
BRSAR file extensionN/AWii BRSAR Audio Package
BRSTM file extensionN/AAudio Format
BRT file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Textures Format
BRTEX file extensionN/AWii BRTEX Texture
BRU file extensionN/ABrutus Restore
BRV file extensionBraveTech Inc.BraveViewer Thumbnail Cache
BRW file extensionCalyx SoftwareCalyx Point Borrower Format
BRX file extensionQUALCOMMBREW MP Application Resource Format
BRY2 file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce 2
BS file extensionN/APrintfox/Pagefox Image Format
BS1 file extensionVirtualBusVirtualBus Format
BS2 file extensionParallaxBASIC Stamp 2 Code Format
BS4 file extensionBeamYourScreenMikogo Session Video Recording Format
BS7 file extensionWindows 7 Boot UpdaterWindows 7 Boot Updater Boot Animation Format
BSA file extensionBethesda SoftworksBethesda Softworks Archive Format
BSAVE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationQuickbasic BLOAD/BSAVE Format
BSB file extensionTake-Two Interactive SoftwareBioShock Saved Game Format
BSC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Source Browser Information Format
BSCS file extensionAKS-LabsBalanced Scorecard Designer
BSCT file extensionAKS-LabsBalanced Scorecard Designer Strategy
BSD file extensionIEEEBSDL Format
BSDF file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Scattering Distribution Data
BSDIFF file extensionRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin
BSDL file extensionIEEEBoundary Scan Description Language Format
BSE file extensionSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
BSF file extensionN/AAVC Blu-ray Video Format
BSH file extensionPatrick NiemeyerBeanShell Script Format
BSI file extensionN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
BSK file extensionNeroNero SecurDisc Private Key Format
BSL file organizationBSPlayer Configuration
BSM file extension2K GamesBioshock Map
BSMX file extensionBeerSmith LLCBeerSmith
BSMZ file extensionN/ACompressed BSML
BSN file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk TR-55 Detention Basin Storage Data
BSON file extension10genBSON Binary JSON
BSP file extensionid SoftwareQuake 2 Map Format
BSPR file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Need For Speed SHIFT Track Map
BSPROJ file extensionBanned Story development teamBanned Story Project
BSQ file extensionEsriArcView Band Sequential Image
BSR file extensionN/ABacula Restore
BSS file extensionCapcomResident Evil Background Images Format
BST file extensionN/ABiblioTex Format
BSV file extensionBluespec, Inc.Bluespec System Verilog
BSW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationBusiness Scorecard Manager Workspace
BSWX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office PerformancePoint Server Database
BSX file extensionN/APBASIC Preprocessor Output
BSY file extensionPaul RädleVTrain Learning Cardfile
BSZ file organizationBSplayer Compressed Skin
BT file extensionBen DiscoeVTBuilder Binary Terrain Format
BT! file extensionBitSpiritBitSpirit Incomplete Download Format
BT0 file extensionPG Music Inc.Band-in-a-Box Temporary
BT1 file extensionWest Mountain RadioBattery Analyzer Test
BT2 file extensionLars SamsBatch Barcode Maker
BT3 file extensionMomSoftControl Runner Button Configuration
BT5 file extensionERP5 CommunityERP5 Business Template
BTAPP file extensionBitTorrentUTorrent Application Format
BTD file extensionBiztreeBusiness-in-a-Box Document Format
BTF file extensionBank of AmericaNationsBank Check Images
BTG file extensionCurtis L. OlsonFlightGear Scenery
BTH file extensionJeppesen Marine, Inc.Bathy Recorder Data
BTI file extensionNintendoNintendo Texture Format
BTIF file extensionBank of AmericaNationsBank Check Image Format
BTINSTALL file extensionBitTorrentBitTorrent Installation Format
BTK file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.CLwin Tekton Database
BTKEY file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.BitTorrent License Key
BTL file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Sheet Metal Bend Table
BTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft BizTalk Map Format
BTN file extensionIndigo RoseAutoPlay Media Studio Button Format
BTO file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Tree Format
BTOA file extensionN/ABinary-to-ASCII File Format
BTR file extensionPervasive SoftwareBtrieve Database Format
BTREE file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS HFS+ B-tree
BTS file extensionCreative Technology Ltd.Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR
BTSEARCH file extensionBitTorrentBitTorrent Search Engine Specification Format
BTSKIN file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.µTorrent Skin
BTST file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton SystemWorks Info
BTT file extensionICQ LLCICQ Find Users
BTU file extensionDiablo Analytical, Inc.Diablo BTU Calculator
BTW file extensionSeagull ScientificBarTender Barcode Label Format
BTWSENDTO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Bluetooth Related
BTX file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Text
BTY file extensionPopTop Software Inc.Railroad Tycoon 3 Building
BU file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Temporary
BUB file extensionN/APhotobubble
BUC file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Elements Backup
BUD file extensionMicrosoftBinary Printer Description Format
BUF file extensionN/ABuffer Format
BUFFEREDIMAGE file extensionOracle CorporationJava Class
BUGSENSE file extensionBugsense Inc.BugSense
BUILD file extensionSourceForge.netNAnt Build Tool
BUILDALOT2SAVEDGAME file extensionBig Fish GamesBuild-a-lot 2 Save Game
BUILDALOT3SAVEDGAME file extensionBig Fish GamesBuild-a-lot 3 Saved Game
BUILDER file extensionN/ABuilder Script
BUILDPATH file extensionEclipseEclipse XML Build Path Format
BUJ file extensionJ. Rathlev, IEAP, Kiel UniversityPersonal Backup Saved Task
BUL file extensionThe NSR Physiome ProjectBullseye Data Format
BUM file extensionN/APoser Bump Files Image Format
BUN file extensionRolandCakeWalk Audio Bundle Format
BUNDLE file extensionAppleMac OS X Application Extension
BUNDLEDMESH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Bundled Mesh
BUP file extensionN/ABackup Of DVD Info Format
BUR file extensionFluffy Smoke EntertainmentBuRg3r Source Code Format
BURN file extensionN/ABurn For Mac OS X Document
BURNOUTPARADISESAVE file extensionCriterion GamesBurnout Paradise Saved Profile
BURNTHEME file extensionSourceForge.netBurn For Mac OS X Theme Document
BUS file extensionVirtualBusVirtualBus Bus Route Settings Format
BV1 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV3 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV4 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV5 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV6 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV7 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV8 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BV9 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Overflow
BVC file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
BVD file extensionBitdefenderBitDefender Vault Format
BVH file extensionBiovisionBiovision Hierarchy Animation Format
BVI file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
BVL file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Textures
BVP file extensionVodaHostBluevoda Website Builder Format
BVR file extensionPerspective SoftwareBlue Iris Video Format
BVS file extensionBVS Development CorporationBVS Solitaire Collection
BVW file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Standard View
BVX file extensionBravura Software, LLCOptiTune Install Package
BVXD file extensionBravura Software, LLCOptiTune Manifest
BW file extensionN/ASilicon Graphics Image
BW1 file extensionByteworxFMEA Database
BWA file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite BWA Builder Physical CD Characteristics Format
BWC file extensionBlack Hills SoftwareBeadWizard Color Palette
BWD file extensionCodemastersColin McRae Rally 2 Car Description
BWE file extensionLionHead StudiosBlack And White 2 Environment Data
BWF file extensionN/ABroadcast Wave File Format
BWG file extensionNoromaa SolutionsBrainWave Generator Format
BWI file extensionN/ABlindWrite CD/DVD Image Format
BWM file extensionStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
BWP file extensionFluffy Smoke EntertainmentBuRg3r Web Page
BWS file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Subchannel Data Format
BWT file extensionN/ABlindwrite Control Format
BWU file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite CD Copier
BWW file extensionDoug WickstromBagpipe Music Writer Music Notation Format
BWZ file extensionGilles VollantWinImage Batch Configuration
BX file extensionOpera Software ASAOpera
BXB file extensionNetMedia, Inc.BasicX Compiled Project Bytecode
BXI file extensionStatistics NetherlandsBlaise
BXL file extensionAccelerated DesignsAccelerated Designs PCB Library Format
BXM file extensionNetMedia, Inc.BasicX-24 Basic Express Compiler Map
BXML file extensionN/ABean XML
BXP file extensionNetMedia, Inc.BasicX-24 Basic Express Compiler Module List
BXRC file extensionThe Bochs ProjectConfiguration
BXU file extensionSony CorporationPictureGear Studio
BXX file extensionBitmanagement SoftwareBlaxxunContact Format
BXY file extensionN/ANuFX Archive Within A Binary II Envelope
BY file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.PSpice
BYU file extensionBYUMovie.BYU Geometry Format
BZ file extensionN/ABZIP Compressed File Archive
BZ1 file extensionN/AWinTOTAL Automatic Backup
BZ2 file extensionN/ABzip2 Compressed File Archive
BZA file extensionN/AIZArc BGA Archive
BZABW file extensionAbiSourceAbiWord Bzip2 Compressed Document Format
BZIP file extensionN/ABzip Compressed Archive
BZIP2 file extensionBzipBZIP Compressed Archive Format
BZM file extensionEsriBusiness Map
BZN file extensionActivisionStar Trek Armada Map
BZP2 file extensionJulian SewardBZIP2 Archive
BZS file extensionRocket Software, Inc.BlueZone Script
BZW file extensionBZFlag.orgBZFlag Map Format
BZZ file extensionLink-Assistant.comBuzzBundle Project

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