Database Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
$$F file extensionIBMOS/2 Database Format
$ER file extensionN/ANovell GroupWise Database Format
1PE file extensionN/ATurboTax Tax Forms Format
1PH file extensionN/ATurboTax Format
3DB file extensionFuturemark Corporation3DMark Database
3DP file extensionFuturemark3DMark03 Pro Benchmark Format
3DR file extensionFuturemark3DMark Result
3DT file extensionN/A3D Topicscape Meta-data Format
3ME file extensionIntuitTurboTax Form Format
3PE file extensionIntuitTurboTax Form Format
4DC file extension4D, Inc.4th Dimension Compiled Structure
4DD file extension4D4D Database Data Format
4DL file extension4D4th Dimension Database Log Format
4DV file extensionGeneral Electric4D View Ultrasound Format
4FS file extensionPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux Save State Format
4LK file extension4D, Inc.4th Dimension Database
4UG file extension4D, Inc.4th Dimension Database
4VR file extensionN/A4th Dimension Database Windows Saved Variable
73C file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-73 Complex Number Format
73L file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-73 Data List Format
8XG file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-83/84 Plus Group Format
8XK file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-82 Plus Application Format
8XS file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-83/84 Plus String Format
8XV file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-83/84 Plus Variable Format
A1WISH file extensionRapidSolution SoftwareAudials Wishlist Format
A3L file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Library Format
A3M file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A3W file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A4L file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Library Format
A4M file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A4W file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A5L file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Library Format
A5W file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Unpackaged Format
A65 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Library Format
AAM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Shocked Format
AAO file extensionDataland SoftwareAgenda At Once Format
AB file extensionN/ADNA Baser Chromatogram Format
AB1 file extensionN/ADNA Electropherogram Format
AB2 file extensionBroderbund
AB3 file extensionUlead SystemsPhotoimpact 3 Album Format
ABCD file extensionAV Books PublishersAudioVisual Book Data Format
ABCDDB file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Address Book Database
ABCDMR file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Address Book Mail Recent
ABDATA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Bridge Data Format
ABI file extensionN/AChromatogram Editor Format
ABKPRJ file extensionAshampooAshampoo Burning Studio Backup Project Format
ABP file extensionAVSAVS Barcode Profile
ABS file extensionComponentAceAbsolute Database Single-file Database Format
ABY file extensionAOLAOL Directory Format
ACA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Agent Character Format
ACAD file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Database
ACC file extensionFKJ SoftwareGraphic Accounts Account Data Format
ACCDB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Database Format
ACCDC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Digitally Signed Database Format
ACCDE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Compiled Execute Only Format
ACCDR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Runtime Mode Database Format
ACCDT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Database Template Format
ACCDW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Link Format
ACCFT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Template Format
ACF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Agent HTTP Character Format
ACG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Agent Preview Format
ADB file extensionAlpha SoftwareAbility Database Database Format
ADCP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Device Centra Project
ADE file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access Compiled Project Format
ADF file extensionThe Sage GroupACT! Data Format
ADN file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Blank Project Template
ADOX file extensionActivDoxActivDox Document Format
ADP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Project Format
ADT file extensionSage SoftwareACT! Document Template Format
ADU file extensionAddictive SoftwareDictionary Format
ADV file extensionNortekNortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter Format
ADVS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Device Central Format
ADX file extensionN/AApproach Database Index Format
AE1 file extensionFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Pro Runtime Database
AFE file extensionAvid TechnologyAvid Media Metadata Format
AFO file extensionSoftPrime DevelopmentAdvanced File Organizer Catalog
AFT file extensionAncestry.comFamily Tree Data Format
AGD file extensionAgileGraphAgile Advantage Format
AGGR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Captivate Aggregator Format
AHB file extensionCosby Clifton Computer Consultants LtdAIM High Briefcase Report
AIFB file extensionSymbianAIF Builder Project Format
AIV file extensionEllaZ SystemsAIVault Data Format
ALC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Label Description Format
ALD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Application Label Data Format
ALF file extensionThe Sage GroupACT! Lookup Format
ALI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Label Index Format
ALN file extensionUltraTech GroupLexNavigator Database Update
AMB file extensionParagon Decision TechnologyAIMMS Model Format
AMC file extensionAnt Movie CatalogAnt Movie Catalog Format
AMM file extensionBolide SoftwareAll My Movies Film Database Format
AMSORM file extensionXciraOnLine Ringman Format
AMU file extensionSonySony PictureGear Studio Photo Album Format
AN1 file extensionDeLormeDeLorme Street Atlas Drawing Format
ANKI file extensionDamien ElmesAnki Deck
ANME file extensionSmith MicroAnime Studio Project Format
ANSYM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Edge Animate Library Format
ANX file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Answer Format
APALBUM file extensionAppleApple Aperture Album Format
APDB file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Aperture Library
APH file extensionAbility Plus SoftwareAbility Photoalbum Album Database Format
APLIBRARY file extensionAppleAperture Pictures Library Database Format
APXL file extensionAppleApple Keynote Presentation XML Document Settings Format
AQ file extensionIncline Software, LCAncestral Quest Genealogy
AQC file extensionSchlumberger LimitedAquaChem Database
ARA file extensionLittleAppsArchivaldo Resource Archive
ARC file extensionNintendoNintendo Archive Format
ARFF file extensionUniversity of WaikatoWeka Attribute-relation Format
ARH file extensionDorel MicleArheoStratigraf Project Format
ASHPRJ file extensionAshampooAshampoo Burning Studio Project Format
ASK file extensionN/AAskSam Database Format
ASM file extensionParametric TechnologyPro/ENGINEER Assembly Format
ASND file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Soundbooth Sound Document Format
ASR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Scratch Area Format
AST file extensionAppleClarisWorks Assistant Format
ATO file extensionE2S nvATO Modeler Project
ATS file extensionDB Software LaboratoryAdvanced ETL Processor Transformation Script Format
AUC file extensionJordysoft.comAUC Database
AUF file extensionASA Datec Datensysteme GmbHUpdate
AVC file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus Database Format
AVENIRPROJ file extensionMariner SoftwareStoryMill Project Format
AVG file extensionAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Antivirus Virus Database
AVJ file extensionAvira OperationsAvira Anti-Vir Job Format
AVP file extensionAvira OperationsAntiVir Scanner Parameters Format
AW file extensionMicrosoftAnswer Wizard Format
AWBS file extensionEngineering DirectorateData Storage
AWDB file extensionISS Data SecurityMicrosoft Works For Mac Database Format
AWG file extensionActiveworldsActiveworlds Object Group Format
AZW file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle EBook Format
AZW1 file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Topaz E-book Format
AZZ file extensionAntanas ZdramysAZZ Cardfile Information Card Format
AZZX file extensionAntanas ZdramysUncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data Format
B2 file extensionN/AProgress Database
BAFL file extensionBurnaware TechnologiesBurnAware Free Compilation Format
BAR file extensionQUALCOMMBrew MP Binary Application Resource Format
BASERPROJ file extensionHeracle BioSoftDNA Baser Project Format
BBT file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.BTwin Local Database
BC file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Bridge Cache Format
BCC file extensionBroderbundCalendar Creator Customized Data Format
BCI file extensionBelarcBelarc Advisor Computer Profile Report
BCL file extensionIlluminaIllumina CASAVA Base Call Format
BCM file extensionMicrosoftBusiness Contact Manager Format
BCT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Bridge Cache Format
BDC file extensionBabylonLingvo Dictionary Format
BDE file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland Database Engine
BDF file extensionN/ABdiff Bupdate Binary Update Format
BDIC file extensionGoogleGoogle Chrome Dictionary Format
BED file extensionUCSCUCSC BED Annotation Track Format
BES file extensionBitter End SystemsMOBY Database
BFI file extensionStatistics NetherlandsBlaise Index
BFX file extensionCheyenneBitware BitFax Format
BGL file extensionBabylonBabylon Glossary Format
BGT file extensionFKJ SoftwareGraphic Accounts Budget Data Format
BHO file extensionLouis KesslerBehold Settings Format
BI file extensionProgress SoftwareProgress Database Before Image
BIM file extensionBytessenceBytessence InstallMaker Project Format
BIONIX file extensionBioniXWallpaper.comBionix Wallpaper List Format
BJO file extensionJanet Davis Music CompanyInstrument Tablature Format
BK file extensionN/AAdobe FrameMaker Book Format
BKK file extensionBookBuddiBookBuddi EBook Format
BLB file extensionN/ABlob Format
BLD file extensionCadsoftEnvisioneer Professional Model Format
BLG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Binary Performance Log Format
BLN file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software Blanking File Format
BLOGTHIS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Writer BlogThis Data Format
BM2 file extensionDynaVox Mayer-JohnsonBoardmaker Interactive Board Format
BOK file extensionPearson EducationTestGen Test Bank Format
BOOKTEMPLATE file extensionAppleIBooks Author Book Template Format
BOX file extensionN/AFoxMail E-mail Box
BPD file extensionPalo Alto SoftwareBusiness Plan Pro Data Format
BPDX file extensionPalo Alto SoftwareAdobe Acrobat Catalog Batch PDX Format
BRAIN file extensionTheBrain TechnologiesPersonalBrain Mind Map Format
BRD file extensionCadSoftEAGLE Circuit Board Format
BRF file extensionN/ABraille Format
BRN file extensionBrainStorm SoftwareBrainStorm Data Format
BRS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Browse Sequence Format
BRW file extensionCalyx SoftwareCalyx Point Borrower Format
BSD file extensionIEEEBSDL Format
BSDL file extensionIEEEBoundary Scan Description Language Format
BSWX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office PerformancePoint Server Database
BTF file extensionBank of AmericaNationsBank Check Images
BTIF file extensionBank of AmericaNationsBank Check Image Format
BTINSTALL file extensionBitTorrentBitTorrent Installation Format
BTK file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.CLwin Tekton Database
BTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft BizTalk Map Format
BTR file extensionPervasive SoftwareBtrieve Database Format
BTREE file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS HFS+ B-tree
BVP file extensionVodaHostBluevoda Website Builder Format
BW1 file extensionByteworxFMEA Database
C2E file extensionNJStar Software Corp.Chinese Dictionary Index
C3D file extensionN/ACoordinate 3D Format
C4P file extensionCodeweaversCrossOver Software Installer Format
CADC file extensionCorpatlaCorpatla Baudadministration Data Format
CAF file extensionCalEd SoftwareClass Action Gradebook Format
CAJ file extensionN/AChina Academic Journals Full-text Database
CAMM file extensionCorpatlaEspresso Mind Map Mind Map Format
CAP file extensionN/APacketView Pro Packet Trace Data Format
CAPX file extensionCapella SoftwareCapella Format
CAT file extensionN/AAdvanced Disk Catalog Database Format
CAV file extensionComodo GroupComodo Virus Definitions Format
CAWR file extensionCorpatlaEspresso Workreport Format
CBG file extensionN/ACyberGauge Data Format
CCA file extensionClickteamMultimedia Fusion Format
CCH file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Corel Chart Format
CCP file extensionRIB SoftwareRIB Import Converter Profile
CCR file extensionN/AHealthFrame ASTM Continuity Of Care Record Format
CCT file extensionAdobe SystemsMacromedia (Adobe) Director Shockwave Cast Format
CDB file extensionNokiaSymbian OS Contact Database Format
CDF file extensionECMGContent Definition Format
CDP file extensionN/ACD/Spectrum Pro Format
CDPX file extensionCS OdessaConceptDraw PROJECT XML Format
CDPZ file extensionCS OdessaConceptDraw PROJECT Document
CDR file extensionBoschBosch Crash Data Retrieval Data Format
CDX file extensionN/ACompound Index Format
CDXML file extensionCambridgeSoftChemDraw XML Format
CEF file extensionCalEd SoftwareClass Action Gradebook Elementary Edition Data Format
CEL file extensionBattery 3Native Instruments Battery Drum Cell Format
CELTX file extensionCeltxCeltx Project Format
CFS file extensionZaplotsCFS Console Format
CHC file extensionHCFR MagHCFR Colorimeter Data Format
CHG file extensionN/AQuicken Online Data Format
CHK file extensionSophosInterCheck Checksum Database
CHN file extensionN/AEthnograph Data Format
CHV file extensionChGroupChView Star Map Format
CKA file extensionComfort Software GroupComfort Keys Database
CKP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Checkpoint Format
CKT file extensionAltiumB2 Spice Circuit Design Format
CKZ file extensionN/AQuickSFV File Verification Database
CL2 file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareHY-TEK Meet Results Format
CL4 file extensionSonic SolutionsEasy CD Creator CD Layout Format
CLASSLIST file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Class List Format
CLB file extensionICQICQ Contact List Format
CLG file extensionGalleria SoftwareCollageMaker Graphic Format
CLIX file extensionRixstepCLIX Command Format
CLK file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Corel R.A.V.E. Animation Format
CLM file extensionYMAXMicrografx Picture Publisher Macro Format
CLP file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Clipboard Format
CLX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Standard Dictionary Format
CM10 file extensionLexisNexisCaseMap Case Format
CMA file extensionIBMApplix TM1 Database Format
CMAP file extensionIHMCCmapTools Concept Map Format
CMBL file extensionVernier Software & TechnologyLogger Pro Data Format
CMDB file extensionANSYS Inc.ANSYS CFX Mesh Database
CML file extensionN/AChemical Markup Language Document Format
CN1 file extensionMITRECNR Modem Initialization Data Format
CNA file extensionOpEx SoftwareCatena Project Format
COLLECTION file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Bridge Collection Format
CONTACT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Contact Format
COR file extensionTrimble NavigationTrimble GPS Pathfinder Office Corrected SSF Format
CPF file extensionIBMCognos Project Format
CPK file extensionMicrosoftDTM Test Log Format
CPMZ file extensionBenetechMiradi Project Format
CPTL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Captivate Project Template Format
CPTX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Captivate Project Format
CRB file extensionBigOven.comBigOven Recipe Database
CREV file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Captivate Review Format
CRP file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Encrypted Database
CRTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2007 Chart Template Format
CRY file extensionCRYTEKCryENGINE Map Format
CRYPT5 file extensionWhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
CRYPT6 file extensionWhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
CRYPT7 file extensionWhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
CSA file extensionAgilentAgilent PNA Code Calset Format
CSL file extensionTechnicolorCineStyle Color Settings Format
CSQ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft FoxPro Queries
CSV file extensionN/AComma Separated Value Format
CTF file extensionN/AWhereIsIt Catalog Format
CTL file extensionStepManiaStepMania SMZIP Package Description Format
CTM file extensionReallusionCrazy Talk Face Model Format
CTPROJECT file extensionReallusionCrazyTalk Animator Project
CTT file extensionMicrosoftWindows Live Messenger Contact List Format
CTV file extensionSwiss Academic SoftwareCitavi Project Format
CTV3 file extensionSwiss Academic SoftwareCitavi 3 Project Format
CUB file extensionMicrosoftAnalysis Services Cube Format
CURRENT file extensionWhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database
CURSORFX file extensionStardockCursorFX Cursor Theme Format
CURXPTHEME file extensionStardockCursorFX Theme Format
CVA file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Sequence Set Format
CVD file extensionSourcefireClam AntiVirus Database Format
CVN file extensionSonic SolutionsSonic CineVision Encoding Session Format
CWDB file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Database
CWK file extensionAppleClarisWorks Document Format
CWW file extensionVariety GamesCrossword Weaver Format
CWZ file extensionNew Wave Concepts LimitedCircuit Wizard Format
CXD file extensionHamamatsu PhotonicsSimplePCI Graphics Data Format
CXF file extensionChemical Abstracts ServiceChemical EXchange Format
CXT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Director Protected Cast Format
CYO file extensionHot NeuronClustify Output Format
CYS file extensionHot NeuronClustify Summary Statistics Format
CZI file extensionCarl ZeissCarl Zeiss Image Data Format
CZP file extensionCrick SoftwareClozePro Archive Format
D1 file extensionN/AProgress Database
D2 file extensionN/AProgress Database
DA2 file extensionHammerTapDeepAnalysis 2 EBay Auction Data
DAB file extensionFiretongue SoftwareOrangeCD Catalog Database
DACONNECTIONS file extensionRemObjectsRemObjects Data Abstract Connections Format
DACPAC file extensionMicrosoftDatabase Deployment Format
DAD file extensionRemObjectsRemObjects Data Abstract Driver Format
DADIAGRAMS file extensionRemObjectsRemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams Format
DAF file extensionTelecompute Integrated SystemsDigital Anchor Data Format
DAL file extensionMediaChanceDVD-lab Project Format
DAM file extensionBissantzDeltaMaster Analysis Model Format
DAS file extensionBissantzDeltaMaster Analysis Session Format
DASCHEMA file extensionRemObjectsData Abstract Database Schema Format
DAT file extensionN/AProgram Data Format
DATA file extensionAppriconAnalysis Studio Offline Data Format
DB file extensionN/ADatabase Format
DB- file extensionSymantecNorton Nprotect Database Format
DB-JOURNAL file extensionSQLite Development TeamSQLite Database Journal
DB-SHM file extensionSQLiteGoogle Android SQLite Temporary Database Format
DB-WAL file extensionSQLiteGoogle Android SQLite Temporary Database Format
DB2 file extensiondBASEDBASE II Database Format
DB2P file extensionN/AIBM Database Project
DB3 file extensionSQLiteDatabase Format
DB3-JOURNAL file extensionSQLite Development TeamSQLite Temporary Database Journal
DB4 file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBase IV Data
DBC file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Database Format
DBD file extensionMacrovisionDemoShield Project Format
DBF file extensiondBASECommon Database Format
DBGSYM file extensionN/ADebug Symbols Format
DBLIB file extensionAltium Limited.Altium Designer Database Library
DBMDL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Database Project
DBS file extensionUnifySQL Structured Query Language Database Command Format
DBT file extensionN/ADatabase Text Memo Format
DBV file extensionN/ADatabase Variable Field
DBW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Database
DBX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Table
DCB file extensionLexisNexisConcordance Database Control Block Format
DCF file extensionACCA SoftwareDCF Document Computation Format
DCL file extensionSystemToolsDumpSec Format
DCM file extensionFujiwara SoftwareDiskCatalogMaker Catalog Database Format
DCMD file extensionFujiwara SoftwareDiskCatalogMaker Catalog Database Format
DCMF file extensionFujiwara SoftwareDiskCatalogMaker Catalog
DCPF file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Disc Copier Project Format
DCPR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop DNG Digital Negative Camera Profile Recipe Format
DCT file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Database Container Memo Format
DCX file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Database Container (DBC)
DDC file extensionDaren SoftwaresDivX Descriptor DVD Description Format
DDCX file extensionDaren SoftwaresDivX Descriptor 2 Format
DDL file extensionN/ASQL Data Definition Language Format
DDR file extensionFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Pro Database Design Report
DDT file extensionMichael VintherDiagram Designer Template Format
DEPROJ file extensionNCH SoftwareDisketch Project Format
DES file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Form Design Template Format
DET file extensionSageACT! Format
DEVELVE file extensionDevelveDevelve Format
DEVICEINFO file extensionAppleApple IPhone Configuration Utility Format
DEVX file extensionRick MeyersE-sword Devotional
DEX file extensionDEXISDEXIS Dental Radiograph Format
DEZ file extensionDatanamic Solutions BVDeZign For Databases Project
DF3 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
DF4 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
DF6 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis7 And Omnis Studio Database
DF7 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Studio Database
DFM file extensionSentel AdvanceMidas ViewPoint Display Form Format
DFPROJ file extensionDVD FlickDVD Flick Project Format
DGS file extensionDevSoftDevSoft 3D Screen Creator Scene Format
DHCD file extensionDHCD ComputingDHCD Computing Format
DHT file extensionAptechGAUSS Data Set Header Format
DIA file extensionSpacetornado.comDo It Again Macro Script Format
DIF file extensionMicrosoftDigital Interface Format
DII file extensionCT SummationCT Summation Document Image Information Load Format
DITA file extensionOASISDITA Output Format
DITAMAP file extensionOASISDITAmap Format
DITAVAL file extensionInternational Standards OrganizationDITA Conditions Format
DJM file extensionDynoject ResearchDynojet Map Format
DKT file extensiond-lusion interactive mediaDiGiTIAL THUNDER Drum Kit Format
DLK file extensionMilestone SystemsXprotect License Code List
DM2 file extensionCharonwareToad Data Modeler Format
DMC file extensionnModal SolutionsDatamartist Data Canvas Format
DMM file extensionSeavusDropMind Mind Map Format
DMMX file extensionSeavusDropMind XML Map Bundle Format
DMO file extensionN/ADemo Format
DMPR file extensione3 SoftwareDirect Mail Project Format
DMR file extensionBrainVoyagerBrainVoyager QX Project Format
DMSK file extensionDivXDivX Web Player Temporary Download Format
DMSP file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio PhotoSuite Project Format
DNC file extensionMarkus BaderDANCE Pattern Data Format
DOCKZIP file extensionStardockStardock ObjectDock Format
DP1 file extensionLogotronDataPower Database Format
DPN file extensionDepictionDepiction Format
DPT file extensionKingsoftKingsoft Presentation Template
DPX file extensionVasco Data Security InternationalVASCO DIGIPASS Format
DQL file extensionSapphire GroupDataEase Database
DQY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel ODBC Query Format
DRF file extensionDynojet ResearchDynojet Run Format
DRL file extensionN/AGerber Drill Rack Format
DRSCAN file extensionProsoft EngineeringData Rescue Scans Format
DRZ file extensionSpace Telescope Science InstitutePyDrizzle Data Format
DSB file extensionOrchida SoftOrchida Embroidery System Format
DSD file extensionNumerical ComputingDiet Studio Data Format
DSDB file extensionANSYS Inc.ANSYS CFX Simulation Database
DSK file extensionN/ASimple IDs Database
DSN file extensionN/AMicrosoft Database Source Name And Settings Format
DSX file extensionNumerical ComputingDiet Studio XML Format
DSY file extensionAJCAJC Directory Synchronizer Project Format
DSZ file extensionOrchida SoftOrchida (OES) Embroidery Format
DT file extensiond-lusion interactive mediaDrum Station Machine State Format
DTA file extensionIWISChain Engineering Database Format
DTD file extensionTechSoft UKDesign Tools Draw Format
DTR file extensionAFTDATroniC Data Recording
DTSX file extensionMicrosoftDTS Settings Format
DVC file extensionNuance CommunicationsDragon NaturallySpeaking Voice Command Format
DVDPROJ file extensionAppleApple IDVD Project Format
DVDS file extensionDVDStylerDVDStyler Project Format
DVO file extensionDVO EnterprisesCookn Cookbook Format
DWI file extensionN/ADance With Intensity Format
DWP file extensionExperimentalSceneDarkWave Studio Project Format
DWS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Dreamweaver Site Definition Format
DWZ file extensionCorelUlead DVD MovieFactory Project Format
DXL file extensionIBMDomino XML Format
EAP file extensionN/AEnterprise Architect Project Format
EAS file extensionRockwell AutomationRSLogix Symbol Format
EBUILD file extensionGentooPortage EBuild Script Format
EC0 file extensionMetroCountMetroCount Traffic Data Format
EC3 file extensionEPSONEPSON Print CD Format
EC4 file extensionEPSONEPSON Print CD Document Format
ECC file extensiondvdisasterDvdisaster Error-correction Format
ECFG file extensionN/AESRI XML Zipped Database
ECL file extensionManagement-Ware SolutionsManagement-Ware Mass Mailing News E-campaign List Format
ECO file extensionNetManageECCO Database Format
ECX file extensionNetManageECCO Pro Damaged Database Format
EDAT2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime 2 E-DataAid Data Format
EDB file extensionMicrosoftExchange Information Store Database
EDF file extensionDunstadEstimator Data Format
EDFX file extensionDunstad SoftwareEstimator.NET Estimate Format
EDG file extensionPacestar SoftwareEDGE Diagrammer Diagram Format
EDI file extensionN/AEDI Engine Electronic Data Interchange Format
EEP file extensionN/AEEPROM Data Format
EFP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server Form Message Template Format
EFX file extensionj2 Global CommunicationsEverex EFax Fax Document Format
EGP file extensionEdlineEasy Grade Pro Gradebook Format
EIT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Encarta Database Update
EM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Encore Menu Template Format
EMB file extensionWilcomOrchida Embroidery System Embroidery Pattern Format
EMD file extensionN/AChessBase Table Base Format
EMLXPART file extensionN/AApple Mail Attachment Format
EMRG file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Merge 1.x Data Format
EMRG2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Merge 2.0 Data Format
ENB file extensionEvernote CorporationEvernote 2.x Database
ENC file extensionNOAAElectronic Navigation Chart Format
ENEX file extensionEvernoteEvernote Exported XML Format
ENL file extensionThomson ReutersEndnote Library Format
ENLX file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Archived Library Format
ENQ file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Saved Search Format
ENV file extensionN/AAdobe Acrobat Dictionary Format
ENW file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Citation Format
EPD file extensionSourceForge.netChessDB Extended Position Description
EPF file extensionPlanit SoftwareEdgeCAM Part Data Format
EPP file extensionN/ATalaPhoto Project
EPW file extensionU.S. Department of EnergyEnergyPlus Weather Data Format
ER1 file extensionComputer AssociatesAllFusion ERWin Data Format
ERBSQL file extensionRuby communityRuby SQL
ERD file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationActive Media Eclipse Resource Database
ERSX file extensionEraserEraser Task List Format
ES2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Studio Experiment Format
ESB file extensionSeason WorkshopEs-Builder Database Format
ESE file extensionEncrypt4all SoftwareMillions Email Generator Syntax Settings Format
ESP file extensionN/AACD/Labs Dataset
ESQ file extensionVSM GroupEmbroidery Sequence Format
EST file extensionN/AConstruction Cost Estimate Format
ESX file extensionXactware SolutionsXactimate Format
ET file extensionResearch MachinesEasiteach Lesson Format
ETD file extensionAdobe SystemsAcrobat EBook Reader EBX Transfer Data Format
ETT file extensionKingsoftKingsoft Spreadsheet Format
EV file extensionN/AEchoview Format
EV3 file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareHY-TEK Sports Team Manager Meet Event Format
EVY file extensionN/ACorel Envoy Document Format
EWS file extensionSoftouch DevelopmentEasyWorship Schedule Format
EXIF file extensionN/AExchangeable Image Format
EXL file extensionSysToolsExport Lister Format
EXM file extensionBoson HoldingsBoson Exam Format
EXP file extensionN/AExport Format
EXPORTEDFAVORITES file extensionPanicTransmit For Mac Exported Logins Format
EXX file extensionIBMIBM LinkWay Intermediate Format
F+DB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft FoxPro Database
F2B file extensionUniSoftProntoGERBER-CONNECTION Board Database
F4X file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Index
FA file extensionN/AFASTA DNA Data Format
FAMILYFILE file extensionLeister ProductionsReunion Family Format
FASTA file extensionN/AFASTA Format DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
FBD file extensionITI TranscenDataCADfix Geometry Database
FCD file extensionN/AFirst Choice Database
FCT file extensionSalty Brine SoftwareFolderClone Task List Format
FDB file extensionN/APortfolio Catalog Format
FDL file extensionCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Secondary Index
FDM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server Form Message Format
FDT file extensionApacheApache Lucene Field Data
FFD file extensionN/AFlat File Description
FFO file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Format Info Format
FFS_DB file extensionSourceForge.netFreeFileSync Database
FFWP file extensionLucomFormsForWeb Packet Format
FG3 file extensionEfofex SoftwareFX Graph Interactive Graph Format
FGR file extensionFourth Ray SoftwareFRSGiftRegistry Database
FHC file extensionCanuteCanute - FHC Data Format
FIC file extensionN/AWINDEV Hyper File Database
FID file extensionForensic InnovationsFile Investigator Database Format
FIL file extensiondataBased IntelligenceFile List
FLAM3 file extensionN/AFractal Flames Format
FLAME file extensionN/AFractal Flame Parameters
FLIPCHART file extensionPrometheanActivInspire Flipchart Format
FLK file extensionNewSoftwares.netFolder Lock Encrypted Format
FLL file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Dynamic Link Library
FLO file extensioniGrafxIGrafx FlowCharter Format
FLOW file extensionMicrosoftExpression SketchFlow Data Format
FLP file extensionPrometheanActivprimary Flipchart Format
FLT file extensionMicrosoftFlight Simulator Saved Game Format
FLWA file extensionNewSoftwaresFolder Lock Wallet Format
FM5 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker 5 Database Format
FMDB file extensionENSOFT INDIABUILD-QUANT Object Database
FMK4 file extensionFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker For Mac
FMP file extensionFileMakerFilemaker Pro Database
FMP12 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Format
FMPR file extensionFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Pro Mac
FMPSL file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Snapshot Format
FNBK file extensionNova DevelopmentFood Network Recipe Manager Recipe Data Format
FNRECIPES file extensionNova DevelopmentFood Network Recipe Format
FO file extensionN/AXSL-FO Form Format
FOB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) Attain Object Format
FOC file extensionInformation BuildersFOCUS Database
FODP file extensionOracleOpenDocument Flat XML Presentation Format
FOL file extensionSoftKeyPFS First Choice Database Format
FOLX file extensionEltima SoftwareFolx Download Format
FOP file extensionhumanITInfoZoom Protected Data Format
FOX file extensionhumanITInfoZoom Data Format
FP3 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Format
FP4 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Format
FP5 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Format
FP7 file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Format
FPSL file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Snapshot Link
FPT file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Database Memo Format
FQC file extensionCaosGFAQ Creator Format
FRL file extensionN/AFormflow Electronic Form Loader
FRM file extensionMySQLMySQL Database Metadata Format
FRO file extensionN/ADBASE IV Compiled Report Format
FRX file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Main Report Description Format
FSB file extensionFirelight TechnologiesFMOD Audio Format
FSC file extensionPractical Software DesignPractical Scriptwriter Format
FSIF file extensionAvanquestMyLabel Designer Deluxe Label Format
FTCH file extensionExtensis a division of Celartem, Inc.Extensis Portfolio Image Database
FTL file extensionPearl Street SoftwareFamily Tree Legends Family Format
FTM file extensionAncestry.comFamily Tree Maker Family Format
FTW file extensionAncestry.comFamily Tree Maker Format
FW2 file extensionSelections & Functions, Inc.FrameWork Database
FW3 file extensionSelections & Functions, Inc.FrameWork III Database
FXF file extensionIBMIBM BigFix Action Format
FXP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Catalyst FXP Project Format
GADGEPRJ file extensionAshampooGadge It Project Format
GAL file extensionMolecular DevicesGenePix Array List Format
GALLERY file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Format
GALLERYCOLLECTION file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Collection Format
GALLERYITEM file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Item Format
GAN file extensionGanttProjectGanttProject Project Plan Format
GBK file extensionNCBIGenBank Data Format
GBR file extensionN/AGerber Format
GC file extensionArizonaGraphClick Format
GCG file extensionN/AGCG 8 Sequence Chemical Format
GCW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Math Worksheet Format
GCX file extensionAppleApple Grapher Graph Format
GDB file extensionBorlandDatabase Format
GDBINDEXES file extensionEsriArcGIS Geodatabase Index
GDF file extensionGUESSGUESS Graph Data Format
GED file extensionN/AGEDCOM Family History Format
GEDATA file extensionQlucoreQlucore Omics Explorer Data Format
GEDCOM file extensionN/AGEDCOM Genealogy Format
GEN file extensionESRIArcview ARC/INFO UnGenerate File Format
GEXF file extensionGEXF Working GroupGraph Exchange XML Graph Format
GFORM file extensionGoogleLink To Google Forms Web Application Form Document
GGB file extensionGeoGebraGeoGebra Document Format
GIS file extensionZaplotsCFS Console Game Installer Settings Format
GLA file extensionSourceTec SoftwareSothink SWF Easy Project Format
GLD file extensionThermal DynamicsGround Loop Design Work Format
GLO file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Glossary Format
GLS file extensionBabylonBabylon Builder Format
GMS file extensionGMSLibGMS Gesture And Motion Signal Format
GNO file extensionGenoProGenoPro Genealogy Document Format
GNP file extensionGNXASGNXAS GNPeak Output Format
GNUTAR file extensionFree Software FoundationTAR Archive Format
GP3 file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro 3 Project Format
GPF file extensionEuropean CommissionGrant Agreement Preparation Form Format
GPI file extensionGarminGarmin Point Of Interest Format
GPJ file extensionGolden SoftwareGrapher Worksheet Project Or Project Format
GPP file extensionMusic Practiced PerfectlySerif GraphicsPlus Object Format
GPR file extensionBabylonBabylon Glossary Builder Project Format
GRA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Graph Chart Format
GRADE file extensionGradeStatGradeStat Document Format
GRAPHML file extensionThe GraphML TeamGraph Markup Language Format
GRAPHMLZ file extensionN/ACompressed GraphML Source Format
GRF file extensionN/AMicrosoft GraphEdit Filter Graph Format
GRIB file extensionN/AWMO CBS FM 92-VIII Ext. Gridded Binary Format
GRK file extensionGradekeeperGradekeeper Document
GRP file extensionSmarterToolsSmarterMail Group Format
GRR file extensionGradekeeperGradekeeper Class Roster Format
GRT file extensionGolden SoftwareGrapher Template
GRV file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Format
GS file extensionVerity Software HouseGemStone Document Format
GSLIDES file extensionGoogleLink To Google Slides Web Application Presentation
GTABLE file extensionGoogleLink To Google Fusion Tables Web Application Table
GTAR file extensionFree Software FoundationGNU Tar Compressed Archive Format
GTM file extensionCharles H. KingGreekToMe Data Format
GTP file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro Project
GUI file extensionIndigo Byte SystemsDr.Explain Project Format
GUIDES file extensionThe IconfactoryThe Iconfactory XScope Guides Format
GWI file extensionNovellGroupWise Link Information Format
GWK file extensionGraphiCodeGC-Prevue GraphiCode PCB Job Format
GWP file extensionMicrosoftGreetings WorkShop Format
GXL file extensionN/AGraph Exchange Language Format
H10 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home Canada 2010 Tax Return Format
H11 file extensionH&R Block CanadaAt Home 2011 Tax Return Format
H12 file extensionH&R Block CanadaAt Home 2012 Tax Return Format
HCC file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Storage Chamber Definition Format
HCE file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Hydrograph Data Format
HCI file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD IDF Data Format
HCL file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Library Format
HCR file extensionHydroCad Software SolutionsHydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Rainfall Definition
HCU file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Hydrograph Units Definitions Format
HCX file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard ChartXL Chart Format
HDA file extensionMatthew Bender & CompanyHotDocs Document File Format
HDB file extensionHansaWorldHansaWorld Enterprise Database Format
HDF file extensionN/AHierarchical Data Format
HDI file extensionMatthew Bender & CompanyHotDocs Auto-install Format
HDL file extensionN/AHotDocs Library Format
HDPMX file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Publisher Mapping XML Format
HDS file extensionMicrosoftWindows Digital Right Management Format
HDUMX file extensionHotDocsHotDocs User Mapping XML Format
HIF file extensionN/AQuicken Online Format
HIS file extensionPHDCCFindinSite Database Definition Format
HJT file extensionFreebyte.comTreePad Editor Format
HKDB file extensionAppleApple ITunes Database Format
HL file extensionHeuristicLabHeuristicLab Storage Format
HML file extensionKS-SoftHostMonitor TestList Format
HMT file extensionMicrosoft and PanasonicHighMAT Format
HMXP file extensionEC SoftwareHelp & Manual Help File Uncompressed XML Project
HMXZ file extensionEC SoftwareHelp & Manual Help File Compressed XML Project
HND file extensionHan KleijnHNSKY Deep Sky Database
HOL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Holiday Calendar Format
HS2 file extensionResearchWareHyperRESEARCH Postering Monochrome Image Format
HST file extensionN/AYahooo Messenger History Format
HTB file extensionAudacityAudacity Help Format
HTG file extensionChaozz SoftwareHackTheGame Mission Pack Format
HTRI file extensionHeat Transfer Research, Inc.HTRI Xchanger Suite Data Input
HUH file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions Format
HVC file extensionHotDocsASCII Format
HYV file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareTeam Manager Meet Event Format
I5Z file extensionIUCLIDIUCLID Import Or Export Format
IAS file extensionProfessional WirelessIntermodulation Analysis System Format
IB file extensionN/AInterBase Database Format
IBA file extensionAppleIBooks Author E-book Format
IBATEMPLATE file extensionAppleIBooks Author Template Format
IBCD file extensionInstantBingoCard.comInstantBingoCard Document Format
IBD file extensionOracle CorporationMySQL InnoDB Database Table
IBOOKS file extensionAppleIBooks E-book Format
ICALEVENT file extensionAppleApple ICal Document Format
ICALTODO file extensionAppleApple ICal Document Format
ICG file extensionBolide SoftwareImage Comparer Results Format
ICHAT file extensionAppleApple IChat Saved History Format
ICR file extensionBolide SoftwareImage Comparer Result
ICS file extensionN/AICalendar Calendar File Format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple ICal)
ID2 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Live Messenger Avatar Format
IDB2 file extensionN/AInfoStat Database
IDX file extensionN/AHMI Historical Log Index Format
IES file extensionIlluminating Engineering SocietyIESNA Photometric Data Format
IFAITH file extensioniH8sn0wIFaith Format
IFLV file extensionInfoLevin SoftwareInfoLevin Database
IFS file extensionInfoSlipsInfoSlips Secure Information Package Format
IGC file extensionIGCAnime List Builder Input Format
IGG file extensionDana FoySuiteProfiler Color Map Format
IGMA file extensionPCS SystemtechnikINTUS Graphics User Interface Format
IGN file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Ignore List Format
IHX file extensionIN-HEHIN-HEH Timeline Database Format
II file extensionAxialis SoftwareIconWorkshop Extended Information Format
IIF file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Interchange Format
IMR file extensionIBMIBM Cognos Impromptu Report Format
IMT file extensionIntuitMy Time Data Format
INCP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InCopy CS3 Package Format
INDX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Mail Index
INK file extensionMimioMimio Ink Data Format
INP file extensionN/AAbaqus Input Format
INS file extensionInspiration SoftwareInspiration Mind Mapping Software Format
IP file extensionStardockIconPackager Icon Set Format
IPDB file extensionSolarWindsIP Address Tracker IP Database
IPMETA file extensionAppleApple IPhoto Library Metadata Format
IPROJECT file extensionReallusionIClone Project Format
IROCK file extensionEngiusIntelliRock Sensor Data Format
IRP file extensionZylox SoftwareInternet Researcher Project Format
IRR file extensionBrewer Data Management SoftwareUVBrewer Brewer Lamp Format
IRX file extensionBrewer Data Management SoftwareUVBrewer Brewer Lamp Irradiation Format
IS1 file extensionM3 SakuraM3 Sakura Real-Time Save 1 Format
ISF file extensionInspirationInspiration Diagram Format
ISH1 file extensionFableVisionAnimation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document Format
ISH2 file extensionFableVisionAnimation-ishFlipBook-ish Document Format
ISH3 file extensionFableVisionAnimation-ish Advanced-ish Document Format
ISPC file extensionSurfing After DarkImage Surfer Pro Album Format
IST file extensionInspiration SoftwareInspiration Template Format
ITDB file extensionAppleApple ITunes Database Format
ITE file extensionAppleApple ITunes Extras Format
ITL file extensionAppleApple ITunes Music Database Format
ITLP file extensionAppleApple ITunes LP Format
ITM file extensionisee systemsIThink Model Format
ITMSP file extensionAppleApple ITunes Store Package Format
ITN file extensionTomTom InternationalTomTom Navigator Itinerary Format
ITW file extensionPrairie GroupInTouch With Database Format
ITX file extensionIBMIBM FileNet EForms ITX Form Template Format
IUP file extensionChessBaseChessBase Fritz Update Format
IVC file extensionInteliSeaInteliSea Vessel Configuration Format
IVD file extensionBitdefenderBitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions Format
IVT file extensionBeyond 20/20Beyond 20/20 Table Aggregate Data Format
IW file extensionIWISChain Engineering Database Format
IWC file extensionGavin StarkInstallwatch Database
IWXDATA file extensioniWorx SystemsIWorx Data Format
IX2 file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Office Address Book Format
IXB file extensionCorelUlead Disk Image Format
IXL file extensionInmagic, Inc.DB/TextWorks Database Indexed List
JASPER file extensionJaspersoftJasperReports Data Format
JBI file extensionMotomanMotoman Robot Job Format
JCLIC file extensionJClicJClic Project Format
JDB file extensionSymantecNorton Antivirus Definiton Update File Format
JEF file extensionJanomeJanome Embroidery Layout Format
JGCSCS file extensionJust Great SoftwareEditPad Syntax Scheme
JMP file extensionSAS InstituteSAS JMP Discovery Chart-to-statistics
JNT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Journal Note Format
JOBOPTIONS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Job Options Format
JOINED file extensionFreebyteHJSplit Data Format
JOML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationJOOB Object Modelling Language
JPH file extensionQuestJProbe Memory Snapshot Format
JRPRINT file extensionJaspersoftJasperReports Print Format
JRXML file extensionJaspersoftJasperReports Layout Format
JSD file extensionJazer SolutionsJazer Financial Format
JSDA file extensionJazer SolutionsJazer Data Format
JTBACKUP file extensionShubham KediaJust Type Notes Backup Format
JTX file extensionMicrosoftESE Transaction Log
JUDE file extensionN/AJUDE Project Format
JZ file extensionJamesZhu Inc.JamesZhu Internet Browser Database
K01 file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Database Key
K10 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K11 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K13 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K14 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K15 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K6 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K8 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K9 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
KAP file extensionMaptechMaptech BSB Map Format
KBS file extensionPC DirckKeyboard Script Saved Keystrokes Format
KDB file extensionKeePassEncrypted Passwords Database Format
KDBX file extensionKeePass Password SafeKeePass Password Database Format
KDC file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Virus Database Format
KDH file extensionN/AChinese Academic Journals Online Full-text Database
KDZ file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky Anti-Virus Data Format
KEB file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky Anti-Virus Base Format
KEXI file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Format
KEXIC file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Connection Settings Format
KEXIS file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Connection Format
KEY file extensionAppleIWork Keynote 09 Presentation Format
KEY-TEF file extensionAppleApple Keynote ICloud Presentation Format
KEYSTORE file extensionOracle CorporationJava Keytool Key Database
KID file extensionInspirationKidspiration Document Format
KISMAC file extensionN/AKisMAC Web Service Format
KMY file extensionKMyMoneyKMyMoney Data Format
KNN file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Database Key
KNO file extensionEvREsearchDigIN Serialized Break Model
KOOB file extensionVijay SridharaKoob E-Book Format
KPDX file extensionN/AKeePass Password Database
KPF file extensionActiveState SoftwareKomodo Project Format
KPP file extensionThe Learning CompanyKid Pix Presentation Format
KPR file extensionKOfficeKOffice KPresenter Presentation Format
KPX file extensionThe Learning CompanyKid Pix Deluxe Data Format
KPZ file extensionActiveState SoftwareKomodo Template Format
KSEQS file extensionRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghKestrel Sequence Database
KSM file extensionPfaffPfaff Embroidery Design Format
KVTML file extensionThe KDE Education ProjectKWordQuiz Format
L file extensionN/AGame Of Life Format
L6T file extensionLine 6Line 6 GearBox Tone Format
LACCDB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Database Lock Format
LAS file extensionASPRSLIDAR Data Exchange Format
LBL file extensionEuro PlusNiceLabel Template Format
LBX file extensionMicrosoftVisual FoxPro Main (DBF) Label Description Format
LCD file extensionABBYYAbbyy Finereader Sprint Format
LCM file extensionLipikarLipikar Custom Map Format
LD2 file extensionLingoes ProjectLingoes Compiled Dictionary Format
LDF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Log Format
LDIF file extensionN/ALDIF Address Book Interchange Format
LEF file extensionN/ALEN Exchange Format
LEX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Linguistic Library Data Format
LFP file extensionIPRO TechIPRO View Database Format
LGC file extensionProsystechSimpleK Database Format
LGF file extensionPalmer PerformancePMSCAN Log Format
LGH file extensionN/AHMI Historical Log Format
LGI file extensionSoftronicsMultimedia Logic Format
LGL file extensionLarge Graph LayoutLarge Graph Layout Edge Format
LHR file extensionIntuitQuicken Financial Life For Mac Financial Data Format
LIB file extensionN/AMicrosoft Linker Input Library Format
LIF file extensionN/ATurboTax Information Archive Format
LIFE file extensionLight of CreativityLIGHT Format
LIVEREG file extensionSymantecSymantec Livereg Antivirus Session Format
LIVEUPDATE file extensionSymantecSymantec Liveupdate Format
LIX file extensionN/ALogos Library System Format
LLB file extensionNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Application Program Library Format
LMS file extensionLenMusLenMus Score Format
LMX file extensionNokiaNokia Landmark Exchange Format
LNG file extensionThe MAME TeamMAME Language Format
LNT file extensionN/ALiveNote Case Format
LOC file extensionN/ALocalisation String Resource Header Format
LOCALSTORAGE file extensionThe WebKit Open Source ProjectWebKit Local Storage Data Format
LP7 file extensionLex PersonaLP7Signer Digital Signed Format
LPDB file extensionKoingo SoftwareLibrarian Pro Database Format
LPMD file extensionLPMDLas Palmeras Molecular Dynamics (LPMD) Data Format
LPP file extensionCyberLinkLabelPrint Project Format
LRCAT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Lightroom Catalog Format
LRDATA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Lightroom Preview Data
LRF file extensionSonyBBeB Ebook Format
LRPREV file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Index
LRS file extensionN/ABBeB Ebook Source Format
LRX file extensionSonyBBeB Ebook Format
LS3 file extensionPG MusicBand-in-a-Box Style Format
LSF file extensionN/ALogos Library System Format
LSL file extensionHewlett-PackardLightScribe Template Labeler Label Format
LSP file extensionN/ALANsurveyor Poll List Format
LSR file extensionN/ALANsurveyor Report Format
LST file extensionHewlett-PackardLightScribe Template Labeler Template Format
LSU file extensionN/ALANsurveyor Map Format
LUT file extensionLutron ElectronicsRadioRA Database Format
LUTX file extensionLutron ElectronicsRadioRA Essentials Database Format
LVM file extensionNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Measurement Format
LVW file extensionNew Wave ConceptsLivewire Document Format
LW4 file extensionJohn McKernon SoftwareLightwright 4 Show Data Format
LWX file extensionJohn McKernon SoftwareLightwright Database
LY file extensionGNULilyPond Music Score Format
LZK file extensionBACAL softwareLoizziTimeControl Database
M file extensionWolfram ResearchMathematica Function Or Commands Format
M12 file extensionSchillerSchiller Medilog ECG Raw Data Format
M4T file extensionThe Sage Group plcSage MAS 90 Table
MACBIN file extensionAppleMacBinary Archive
MAF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Form Shortcut Format
MAG file extensionOpen Circuit DesignMagic Circuit Layout Format
MAI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Mail Message Format
MAP file extensionSWIFT WeatherWeather Defender Map Format
MAPSDATA file extensionAppleApple IOS Map Data Format
MAQ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Query Shortcut Format
MARSHAL file extensionRISE to Bloome SoftwareMarshal Editor Data Migration Model Format
MAS file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access Stored Procedures Format
MAT file extensionThe MathWorksMATlab Workspace Variables Format
MAV file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access View Format
MBB file extensionManaBook SoftwareManaBook Format
MBD file extensionMediaChanceMultimedia Builder MP3 Authoring Format
MBDB file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Backup Manifest
MBDX file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Backup Manifest
MBF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Money Backup Format
MBG file extensionFookesMailbag Assistant E-mail Archive Format
MBL file extensionVernierLogger Pro Experiment Data Format
MBP file extensionMobipocketMobipocket EBook Auxiliary Format
MBSA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer Format
MBT file extensionScout Management SoftwareBlue Card Manager Merit Badge Template Format
MBX file extensionN/AE-mail Mailbox Format
MC1 file extensionMedCalcMedCalc Data Format
MCD file extensionPTCMathCAD Document Format
MCDB file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Pro Media Cache Database
MCDX file extensionPTCMathcad Prime Document Format
MCP file extensionMegacuboMegacubo Package
MCXE file extensionClinical & Biomedical ComputingMedicinesComplete Data Format
MD file extensionReilly TechnologiesMoneydance Financial Data Format
MD8 file extensionGarageCUBEGarageCUBE Modul8 Project Format
MDB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Database Format
MDBHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Access HTML Document Format
MDBX file extensionN/AAccess Based Database
MDC file extensionCognosCognons Powerplay Power Cube Database Format
MDD file extensionOctopus StudioMDict Resource Format
MDF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Master Database File Format
MDL file extensionN/ASimulink Simulation Model
MDM file extensionScientific Software InternationalHLM Multivariate Data Matrix Format
MDN file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access Blank Database Template Format
MDT file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access Database Template Format
MDX file extensionN/AMicrosoft Database Index Format
MDZ file extensionN/AMicrosoft Access Wizard Template Format
MEG file extensionMEGA TeamMEGA Data Format
MEGA file extensionMegacuboMegacubo Metafile
MEM file extensionThe Mnemosyne ProjectMnemosyne Card Collection Format
MENC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Mobile Encrypted Format
MERLIN2 file extensionProjectWizardsMerlin Project Format
MET file extensioneMuleEMule Cached Information Format
MEX file extensionInsight Software SolutionsCorel WordPerfect Macro Editor Expound Format
MFA file extensionMobileFrameMobileFrame App Format
MFE file extensionMobileFrameMobileFrame Enterprise Data Format
MFK file extensionN/AMemsoft OS/2 Database
MFL file extensionMozillaMozilla Firefox XUL Fastload Format
MFO file extensionPerlPerl ModInfo Descriptor Format
MFP file extensionAdobe SystemsMacromedia FlashPaper Document Format
MFT file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus Format Table Format
MFU file extensionMobileFrameMobileFrame Update Format
MFV file extensionMobileFrameMobileFrame Device Pack Format
MGC file extensionN/AMGCSoft Equation Illustrator Data Format
MGN file extensionN/AModern Genealogy Database
MGOURMET file extensionMariner SoftwareMacGourmet Deluxe Document
MGOURMET3 file extensionMariner SoftwareMariner MacGourmet Document Format
MINDNODE file extensionMarkus MüllerMindNode Document Format
MISSION file extensionImmersive EducationMissionMaker Project Format
MIT file extensionMineEditMineEdit Inventory Template Format
MK4 file extensionSchillerSchiller Medilog ECG Raw Data Format
MLS file extensionKIDASAMilestones Simplicity Format
MM file extensionFreeMindFreeMind Mind Map Format
MMA file extensionIntrepid MouseMaster Album Maker Album Format
MMAP file extensionMindjetMindManager Map Format
MMC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office XP Media Content Format
MMCOLLECTION file extensionOasysMicrosoft Outlook Mail Manager Plug-in Collection Format
MMD file extensionMightyMangoMangodata Multi-user Database
MMF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Mail Message Format
MMP file extensionN/AMindManager Map Format
MMU file extensionMidori MediaMyPM Merge Data Format
MMW file extensionMechCAD SoftwareAceMoney Financial Data Format
MNC file extensionBCMy Notes Center Notebook Format
MNG file extensionYamahaYamaha PSR Disk Manager Format
MNK file extensionWpg ComputingMy Notes Keeper Notebook Format
MNO file extensionAdobe SystemsMacromedia Design Note
MNY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Money Data Format
MOBI file extensionMobipocketMobipocket EBook Format
MOHO file extensionSmith MicroAnime Studio Animation Project Format
MOL file extensionSymyx TechnologiesMDL Molfile Molecule Format
MONEY file extensionJumsoftMoney Data Format
MONEYWELL file extensionNo Thirst SoftwareMoneyWell Financial Data Format
MOSAIC file extensionFrank M. MidgleyMacOSaiX Mosaic Format
MOX file extensionImagine ThatExtendSim Model Format
MPD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Project Database Format
MPDB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Media Player Database
MPI file extensionThe InstallJammer TeamInstallJammer Project Format
MPJ file extensionMinitabMINITAB Spreadsheet Project Format
MPP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Project Plan Format
MPPZ file extensionMagicplot SystemsMagicPlot Project Format
MPR file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Spelling Dictionary Format
MPT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Project Template Tile
MPX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Project Export Format
MPZ file extensionBenetechMiradi Project Format
MPZIP file extensionNational InstrumentsMultisim Pack Format
MQ4 file extensionMetaQuotes SoftwareMetaTrader Custom Indicator Format
MRD file extensionGranditeSILVERRUN RDM Database Schema
MRG file extensionMySQLMySQL Reference Format
MS10 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V10 Circuit Design Format
MS8 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V8 Circuit Design Format
MSB file extensionOracleOracle Binary Message Format
MSC file extensionThe MuseScore TeamMuseScore Music Score Format
MSHDB file extensionRotunda SoftwareMinistry Scheduler Pro Database
MSIF file extensionAvanquestMyLabel Designer Deluxe Label Format
MSMESSAGESTORE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Mail Message Information Database
MSP file extensionAppleClarisWorks Dictionary Format
MSS file extensionMSBMyScreenSaver Builder Package Format
MTC file extensionDigistore Solutions (S) Pte. Ltd.MediaTracker Database
MTF file extensionARMON TechnologiesMortality Table Format
MTH file extensionN/ADerive Math Format
MTN file extensionCrystal Impact GbRMatch! Database
MTT file extensionDigital ConfidenceMetadataTouch Template
MTW file extensionMinitabMinitab Data Format
MUC file extensionBitz & Pixelz BVMusic Collector Collection Data
MUD file extensionLightbox EducationTextease Multi User Database
MUF file extensionAlpha SoftwareAlpha Five Access Control Format
MUP file extensionBraeburn SoftwareMusic Publisher Data Format
MW file extensionMaplesoftMaple Worksheet Format
MWB file extensionMySQLMySQL Workbench Database Models
MWF file extensionAutodeskMapGuide Format
MWS file extensionMaplesoftMaple Spreadsheet Document Format
MWX file extensionLogo Computer SystemsMicroWorlds EX Format
MX file extensionWolfram ResearchMatlab Common Matrix Routines Format
MXAD file extensionJ R OakleyMandelbrot Explorer All Data Format
MXC2 file extensionMAGIXMAGIX Music Maker Cache
MXDIC file extensionMaxthon InternationalMaxthon Dictionary Format
MXG file extensionMobiikoMiinoto Exchangeable Group Format
MXI file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Dreamweaver Extension Manager Format
MYD file extensionMySQLMySQL Database Data Format
MYI file extensionN/AMySQL Database Index Format
NAM file extensionU.S. Geological SurveyMODFLOW Name Format
NBE file extensionTenable Network SecurityNessus Scan Result Format
NBK file extensionSMART TechnologiesNovaBACKUP Script Format
NBP file extensionWolfram ResearchMathematica Notebook Format
NCORX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Encore Project Format
NDB file extensionSourcefireClamAV Extended Signature Format
NDF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SQL Server Secondary Data Format
NDIF file extensionNokiaNokia Data Format
NDK file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database Design Elements
NDX file extensionN/ADBase Index Format
NESSUS file extensionTenable Network SecurityNessus Network Security Scanner Format
NET file extensionnetVizNetViz Project Format
NETA file extensionN/ANetica Bayesian Network Binary Format
NETSPD file extensionNetSpot Team. EtwokNetSpot Survey Project Format
NETSPM file extensionNetSpot Team. EtwokNetSpot Map Format
NFL file extensionNokiaNokia Flash Lite Package
NFO file extensionThe FIEN GroupFolio Infobase Format
NITF file extensionN/ANational Imagery Transmission Format
NLOGO file extensionNetLogoNetLogo Model Format
NLOGO3D file extensionNetLogoNetLogo 3D Model Format
NLPE file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQLite Exported Table
NMIND file extensionNovaMindNovaMind Mind Map Format
NMP file extensionEyePower GamesNewsMaker Project Format
NNI file extensionNeural ScienceANNI Neural Network Investing Format
NNP file extensionNeural ScienceANNI Neural Network Portfolio Format
NOPE file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Exported Table
NOT file extensionNotation SoftwareNotation Or Note Format
NOTEBOOK file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Format
NP file extensionN/APortfolio NetPublish Web Template Format
NPL file extensionNokiaNokia Audio Format
NPPE file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Exported Table
NPR file extensionSteinberg Media TechnologiesNuendo Format
NPT file extensionN/ANavicat For MySQL Data Transfer Profile Format
NRB file extensionNeroNero CD-ROM Boot Compilation Format
NRC file extensionNeroNero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
NRD file extensionNeroNero DVD-Video Compilation Format
NRL file extensionAutonomy InterwovenAutonomy Interwoven Link Format
NRM file extensionNeroNero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation Format
NRU file extensionNeroNero UDF CD-ROM Compilation Format
NS2 file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database Format
NS3 file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database Format
NS4 file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database Format
NSF file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database Format
NSG file extensionIBMLotus Notes Database
NSPE file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Exported Table
NSQ file extensionSyntesNScheduler Qlikview Schedule Format
NSR file extensionTenable Network SecurityNessus Project Format
NSX file extensionVista SoftwareApollo Server Database Index
NTX file extensionClipperClipper Database Index Format
NUPKG file extensionIntegoNuGet Source Code Package Format
NV2 file extensionQ.W. Page AssociatesNewViews 2 Accounting Data Format
NVDL file extensionInternational Standards OrganizationNVDL Script
NVL file extensionN/AUniChem Results Format
NVM file extensionN/APlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration Format
NVRAM file extensionVMwareVMware VM BIOS State Format
NWDB file extensionThe Neat CompanyNeatReceipts Database
NWS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Express News Message Format
NX1 file extensionNexusDB Pty Ltd.NexusDB Database
NX2 file extensionNexusDB Pty Ltd.NexusDB Database
NYF file extensionWjj SoftwareMyBase Database Format
OAB file extensionN/AMicrosoft Outlook Offline Address Book Format
OBB file extensionGoogleGoogle Android Opaque Binary Blob Format
OBD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Binder Document Format
OBJ file extensionN/AIntel (Object Module Format) Relocatable Object Module
OCC file extensionOceanic Consulting CorporationOceanic DataPool Format
OD file extensionINRIA/UNSAMascotte Mascopt Request Format
OD1 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis 5 Database
OD2 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis 5 Database
OD3 file extensionTigerLogic Corp. (Omnis Technology Corporation)Omnis Studio Database
OD4-9 file extensionN/AOmnis5 Database
ODB file OpenDocument Database Format
ODC file OpenDocument Format
ODF file extensionOASISOpen Document Interchange Format (ODIF)
ODP file extensionSun OpenDocument Presentation Format
ODX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft BizTalk Server Diagram Format
OEACCOUNT file extensionMicrosoftWindows Mail Account Settings Format
OEB file extensionIDPFOpen EBook Format
OFC file extensionMicrosoftOpen Financial Connectivity Format
OFM file extensionNuance CommunicationsOmniForm Form Format
OFT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Template Format
OFX file extensionN/AOpen Financial Exchange Format
OGS file extensionOrigonsOrigin Script Format
OIF file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBase Web-sharable Database Interchange
OLK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Address Book Format
OLK14CATEGORY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Category Format
OLK14CONTACT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Contact Format
OLK14DBHEADER file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Database
OLK14EVENT file extensionMicrosoftOutlook Calendar Event Format
OLK14GROUP file extensionMicrosoftOutlook Group Format
OLK14MAILACCOUNT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Mail Account Settings Format
OLK14MESSAGE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Format
OLK14MSGSOURCE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Message Source Format
OLK14NOTE file extensionMicrosoftOutlook Note Format
OLK14SIGNATURE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Signature Format
OLK14TASK file extensionMicrosoftOutlook Task Format
OLM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook For Mac Data Format
OLT file extensionOrbit DownloaderOrbit Downloader Download List Format
OMCS file extensionKrekelerOffice Manager Access Format
OMP file extensionKrekelerOffice Manager Pro Document Archive
OND file extensionIBMLotus Notes Format
ONE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft OneNote Document Format
ONT file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Module Format
ONTX file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Encrypted Module Format
OO3 file extensionN/AOmni Group Outliner 3 Format
OPF file extensionE-Book SystemsFlipViewer FlipBook Format
OPX file extensionHumanConceptsMicrosoft Office Organization Chart File Format
OQY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel OLAP Query Format
OR2 file extensionIBMLotus Organizer 2 Format
OR3 file extensionIBMIBM Lotus Organizer 97 Format
OR4 file extensionIBMLotus Organizer Data Format
OR5 file extensionIBMIBM Lotus Organizer Format
OR6 file extensionIBMLotus Organizer Data Format
ORA file extensionOracleOracle Database Parameter Configuration Format
ORG file extensionN/ALotus Organiser Format
ORX file extensionRadiant LogicRadiantOne Virtual Directory Server Database Schema
OT file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Text Module Format
OTF file extensionNedGraphicsOpenTuft Tufting Design Format
OTL file extensionFookes SoftwareSuper NoteTab Template Format
OTLN file extensionA SharpOpal Outline Format
OTP file extensionN/ Presentation Template Format
OTX file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Encrypted Module Format
OUT file extensionN/AOutput Format
OV file extensionRevelation SoftwareOpenInsight Database Overflow
OVA file extensionObtivOpen Virtual Machine Format
OVF file extensionVMwareOpen Virtualization Format Package
OWC file extensionOutWit TechnologiesOutWit Hub OutWit Catch Db Format
P3 file extensionOracleOracle Primavera Project Planner Format
P96 file extensionN/AWin96 Database Format
P97 file extensionN/AWin97 Database Format
PAB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Personal Address Book Format
PAF file extensionIntellectual ReservePersonal Ancestral Format
PAG file extensionActiveState SoftwareActivePerl Pro Studio Hash Database
PAN file extensionN/AThe Panorama Factory Project Format
PART00000 file extensionAshampooAshampoo WinOptimizer Split Archive File (part 1)
PASSWORDWALLET4 file extensionSelznick Scientific SoftwarePasswordWallet Encrypted Data Format
PAW file extensionPawaa SoftwarePawaaFILE File Format
PBD file extensionAEC Logic Private LimitedProBID+ Data Format
PBK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dial-Up Phonebook Format
PC file extensionPersonal ComposerPersonal Composer Musical Notation Format
PCAP file extensionN/APacket Capture Data Format
PCAPNG file extensionN/APCAP Next Generation Dump Format
PCB file extensionN/APrinted Circuit Board Format
PCR file extensionFutureMarkPCMark Benchmark Format
PD4 file extensionMicrosoftWindows Photo Gallery User Format
PD5 file extensionMicrosoftWindows Live Photo Gallery Information Format
PDAS file extensionhfrmobilePDAStore Store Flie
PDB file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Program Database Format
PDBX file extensionSunGardMartini Personal Database
PDD file extensionMedtronicMedtronic Programmer Data Format
PDFIG file extensionPDF Colony SoftwarePDF Index Generator Project Format
PDM file extensionSybaseSybase PowerDesigner Format
PDO file extensionTama SoftwarePepakura Designer Paper Craft Model Design Format
PDS file extensionNASAPlanetary Data System Graphic Image Format
PDT file extensionThomson ReutersProCite Database
PDX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Index Format
PEB file extensionAEC Logic Private LimitedProEST+ Buildings Format
PEC file extensionBrother International CorporationBrother Embroidery File Format
PEP file extensionOffice Work SoftwareTurboProject Project Format
PEX file extensionMerakMerak Peep Data Format
PEZ file extensionPreziPrezi Desktop Transfer Format
PF file extensionMicrosoftWindows Prefetch Format
PFC file extensionAOLAOL Personal Filling Cabinet
PFL file extensionN/AFamily Lawyer Data Format
PGPF file extensionMusicisforliving.comPassword Generator Password Format
PHB file extensionMotorolaMotorola Phone Book Format
PHD file extensionCyberLinkPhotoDirector Project Format
PHM file extensionPro Home ManagerPro Home Manager Data Format
PHR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Phrase Format
PI file extension10101IPi Pi Calculation Storage
PIS file extensionps2disPS2DIS Project Format
PJ2 file extensionadnxXPlan Document Format
PJX file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Project
PKA file extensionCiscoPacket Tracer Practice Activity Format
PKB file extensionOracleOracle PL/SQL Package Body Format
PKH file extensionOracleOracle PL/SQL Package Format
PKS file extensionOracleOracle PL/SQL Package Specification Format
PKT file extensionCiscoPacket Tracer Network Simulation Format
PLAN file extensionCalligraCalligra Plan Document
PLANNER file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGnome Planner Format
PLD file extensionMIE SoftwareMIE People Database
PLN file extensionACNielsenSpaceman Planogram Format
PLS file extensionMYOB TechnologyMYOB Data Format
PLW file extensionPico TechnologyPicoLog Data Format
PMATRIX file extensionAppfluencePriority Matrix Project Format
PML file extensionSysinternalsProcess Monitor Log Format
PMM file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Mail Message Folder
PMO file extensionBroderbundBroderbund PrintMaster Print Meta Object Format
PMR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor Report
PNPROJ file extensionSimon SteeleProgrammers Notepad Project Format
PNPT file extensionSimon SteeleProgrammers Notepad Project Template Format
PNS file extensionPopspringPopnoggin Subject Format
PNT file extensionPopspringPopnoggin Theme Format
POD file extensionSerenaOpenproj Project Format
POI file extensionMagellanMagellan Maestro Point Of Interest Format
POR file extensionSPSSSPSS Portable Format
POS file extensionTrimble NavigationTrimble Position Format
POST file extensionLight of CreativityLIGHT Data Format
POSTAL file extensionTomTom InternationalTomTom Postal Code Format
POT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 To 2003 Template Format
POTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Template Format
POTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Presentation Template Format
PP file extensionPocket PhysicsPocket Physics Saved Data Format
PP2 file extensionNessoftPingPlotter Sample Format
PPF file extensionPlanit SoftwareEdgeCAM Part Data
PPP file extensionCyberLinkCyberLink PowerProducer Project Format
PPR file extensionAccord Software & SystemsProject Planner Reader Format
PPS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 To 2003 Complete Slide Show Format
PPSM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Complete Slide Show Format
PPSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Complete Slide Show Format
PPT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 97 To 2003 Presentation Format
PPTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Presentation Format
PPTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Presentation Format
PRB file extensionxyAlgebraXyALGEBRA Format
PRC file extensionMobipocketMobipocket EBook Format
PRD file extensionSoftMaker SoftwareSoftMaker Presentations Document Format
PRE file extensionIBMFreelance Presentation Format
PRF file extensioneQuorumPlot Station Plot Request Format
PRINTCD2 file extensionEPSONEpson Print CD Format
PRJ file extensionN/AProject Format
PRJX file extensionIC CodeSharpDevelop Project Database
PRN file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Formatted Text Format
PRO4 file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Document Format
PRO4PL file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Playlist Format
PRO4PLX file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Playlist Bundle
PRO4X file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter 4 Bundle Format
PRO5 file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Document Format
PRO5PL file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Playlist Format
PRO5PLX file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Playlist Bundle Format
PRO5X file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Bundle Format
PRP file extensionIBMIBM Rational Rose Model Properties Format
PRS file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Presentation Format
PRT file extensionCorelWordPerfect Presentations Document Template
PRZ file extensionIBMLotus Freelance Graphics Format
PSA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Album Format
PSAFE3 file extensionSourceForge.netPassword Safe Database
PSF file extensionN/AGPS Prediction Support Format
PSFLIB file extensionN/ASony Playstation Sound Library
PSFLIB2 file extensionN/APlaystation Sound Format Library
PSM file extensionSiSensePrism Document
PSPD file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio PhotoSuite Project Format
PST file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Personal Folder Format
PSWX file extensionAceBITPassword Depot Password Format
PTB file extensionN/APower Tab Guitar Tablature Editor Format
PTF file extensionAurora Digital ImagingScrapbook Flair Template Format
PTK file extensionIntuitQuicken Online Data Format
PTN file extensionNuance CommunicationsPaperPort Thumbnail Images
PTZ file extensionThomson WestE-Transcript Bundle Format
PVL file extensionN/AInstalit Library Format
PXA file extensionProinfocusXpressAccounts Data Format
PXC file extensionPhotodexPhotodex ProShow Cache Format
PXF file extensionSTAR GroupSTAR Transit Translation Project Format
PXJ file extensionRoxioRoxio RecordNow Project Format
PXL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Pocket Excel Spreadsheet Format
Q07 file extensionIntuit CanadaQuickTax 2007 Tax Return Format
Q08 file extensionIntuit CanadaQuickTax 2008 Tax Return Format
Q09 file extensionIntuit CanadaQuickTax 2009 Tax Return Format
Q3D file extensionAct-3DQuest3D Project Format
QB2005 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2005 For Mac Backup Format
QB2006 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2006 For Mac Backup Format
QB2007 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2007 For Mac Backup Format
QB2009 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2009 For Mac Backup Format
QB2010 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2010 For Mac Backup Format
QB2011 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2011 For Mac Backup Format
QB2012 file extensionIntuitQuickBooks 2012 For Mac Backup Format
QBE file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Saved Query
QBQUERY file extensionMySQL ABMySQL Query Browser Saved SQL Query Command
QBW file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Company Format
QD0 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 10 Data
QD1 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 1 Data
QD2 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 2 Data
QD4 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 4 Data
QD5 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 5 Data
QD6 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 6 Data
QD7 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 7 Data
QD8 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 8 Data
QD9 file extensionN/AOmnis Quartz Segment 9 Data
QDAT file extensionAppleQuicktime Installer Cache
QDB file extensionIntuitQuicken Backup Format
QDC file extensionQuotalys Ltd.Quick Devis Database
QDF file extensionIntuitQuicken Financial Data Format
QDF-BACKUP file extensionIntuitQuicken Financial Data Backup Format
QDFM file extensionN/AQuicken For Mac Data Format
QDFX file extensionIntuitQuicken Essentials For Mac Financial Data Exchange Format
QDP file extensionNASAMPQDraft Plugin Format
QDT file extensionIntuitQuicken Data Format
QEL file extensionIntuitQuicken Electronic Library Format
QFX file extensionIntuitQuicken Financial Exchange Format
QIF file extensionIntuitQuicken Interchange Format
QM file extensionNokiaQt Compiled Translation Source Format
QMF file extensionIBMIBM Lotus Approach Database Query
QPB file extensionN/AQuicken Payroll Format
QPF file extensionAlteraQuartus II Project Format
QPH file extensionIntuitIntuit Quicken Price History Format
QPM file extensionN/AQuick Pallet Maker Input Data Format
QRC file extensionQuarkQuarkXPress Required Component Format
QRP file extensionQuSoftQuickReport Report Format
QRY file extensionN/ADatabase Query Format
QSD file extensionIntuitQuicken Data Format
QUICKENDATA file extensionIntuitQuicken Essentials For Mac Financial Data Format
QUIZ file extensionQuobject SoftwareQuizmaker 09 To 13 Quiz Format
QUOX file extensionQuobject SoftwareQuobject Format
QVD file extensionQlikTech InternationalQlikView Data Format
QVP file extensionQarbonViewletBuilder Project Format
QVW file extensionQlikTech InternationalQlikView Document Format
QXF file extensionIntuitQuicken Essentials For Mac Financial Data Exchange Format
R2K file extensionN/ARepertoire 2000 Music Database
RAL file extensionSpan SoftwareWinRail Track Design Format
RBT file extensionLEGOLego MINDSTORMS NXT Program Format
RCD file extensionUniversity of VirginiaArcade Input Format
RCG file extensionRecogRecog Character Recognition Set Format
RCX file extensionREDREDCINE-X Project Format
RDA file extensionThe R Project for Statistical ComputingOracle Storage Area Format
RDATA file extensionThe R Project for Statistical ComputingR Workspace Format
RDB file extensionN/AN64 Nintendo 64 ROM Database Format
RDLX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Power View Project Format
RDX file extensionBorlandBorland Reflex Database Format
REB file extensionThe Reimbursement Tracker TeamReimbursement Tracker Data Format
REF file extensionMicrosoftReference Format
REFERENCE file extensionN/ABudget In Brief Application Reference Format
REL file extensionSymantecNorton Internet Security 2001 Log Format
RET file extensionSAPSAP BusinessObjects Template Format
RF1 file extensionN/ARetirement Forecast Format
RFA file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Revit Architecture Family Format
RFH file extensionRaddon Financial GroupRFG Integrator Householding Database
RFO file extensionSiber SystemsRoboForm License And Options Format
RGDB file extensionN/AAdobe Registration Database
RGE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook For Mac Archive Format, Entourage Personal Folder Format
RGMC file extensionRootsMagicRootsMagic Genealogy Project Format
RGO file extensionCerienceRepliGo Virtual Print Format
RHISTORY file extensionThe R Project for Statistical ComputingR History Format
RL file extensionR.LABR.viewer Format
RLN file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Four Database
RMUF file extensionAlpha SoftwareAlpha Five Runtime Format
RMW file extensionALDRAM Commander Database
RNG file extensionN/ARELAX NG Source Code Format
RNQ file extensionN/ARenque Model Format
ROCA file extensionRIB SoftwareRIB Office Compressed Archive Format
ROD file extensionActuateActuate E.Report Designer Report Object Design
ROG file extensionN/ARoger 2 Data Format
ROI file extensionActuateReport Object Instance
ROU file extensionN/AGerber Route Format
ROX file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator Project Format
ROXIO file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator Project Format
RPA file extensionRIB SoftwareRIB ITWO Project Archive Format
RPD file extensionHand MultimediaRoleplay Designer Data Format
RPP file extensionCockosREAPER Project Format
RPPRJ file extensionAxure Software SolutionsAxure RP Shared Project Format
RPT file extensionSAPReport Format
RRT file extensionAlta VenteRhapzode Resource Template Format
RSC file extensionNokiaSymbian Application Compiled Resource Format
RSD file extensionREALDatabase Format
RSDB file extensionResort Software Pty. Ltd.Resort Software Database
RSP file extensionRockwell AutomationRSLogix PLC Program Format
RSV file extensionRockwell AutomationRSView32 Project Format
RSW file extensionN/AR&R SQL Report Writer Report Format
RTA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Configuration Format
RTE file extensionN/ANavigation Route
RTSTN file extensionRapidSolution SoftwareAudials Station Format
RTW file extensionMathWorks, Inc.Real-Time Workshop Database
RTWSH file extensionRapidSolution SoftwareRadiotracker Wishlist Format
RVL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Revel Library Format
RVT file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Revit Architecture Project Format
RWD file extensionNRG SystemsRWD Compressed Game Archive
RWG file extensionGammadyneRandom Word Generator File Format
RWS file extensioneEye Digital SecurityRetina Wireless Scanner Format
RZB file extensionRed ZionRed Zion E-book Book Format
S2E file extensionTrongSWF To EXE Converter Project Format
S3DB file extensionN/AMySQL Database
S85 file extensionSabreSABRE StaffPlan Chart Format
SAH file extensionBerkeleySeti@home Data
SAM07 file extensionCourse TechnologySAM 2007 Package Format
SAR file extensionSibeliusSibelius Arrange Style Sar Format
SAS7BDAT file extensionSAS Institute Inc.SAS Database
SAV file extensionN/ASPSS Data Sets Database Format
SAVEDSTATE file extensionVirtual RouterVirtual Router Saved State Format
SBD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Accounting Company Data Format
SBF file extensionN/ASmartBroker Data Format
SBQ file extensionSuperbase DevelopersSuperbase Query Definition Format
SBT file extensionSuperbase DevelopersSuberbase Record Notes Format
SBW file extensionUS TreasuryUS Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard Format
SBX file extensionESRIArcView Spatial Index For Read-write Shape Format
SC45 file extensionSolutions EtceteraSuperCard Project Format
SCA file extensionSymantecNorton Antivirus Format
SCEXCLUDB file extensionSmith MicroSpring Cleaning Exclusions Format
SCF file extensionN/ADNA Sequence Format
SCG file extensionMidori MediaMyPM SCG Definition Format
SCH file extensionCadSoftCAD Schematics Format
SCM file extensionSamsungSamsung Channel List Format
SCRESTORELOG file extensionSmith MicroSpring Cleaning Restore Log Format
SCRESULTS file extensionSmith MicroSpring Cleaning Results Format
SCX file extensionN/AFoxPro Main Screen Description Format
SCZ file extensionSmartDraw.comSmartDraw Package Collection Format
SD3 file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareHy-Tek Meet Manager Database Related
SD4 file extensionProgramming SunriseSmart Diary Suite Database
SDB file extensionIntegrated Data ProcessingServerBoss Database Format
SDD file extensionN/ Impress Presentation Format
SDF file extensionN/AStandard Data Format
SDINSTALL file extensionVersoworksSpeckie Dictionary Format
SDL file extensionN/AWeb Service Description Language Format
SDLXLIFF file extensionSDLSDL Trados Studio Format
SDP file extensionN/ASession Description Protocol Format
SDQ file extensionN/ASAS Data Format
SDS file extensionN/ Chart Format
SDZ file extensionNational Cancer InstituteNCI Compressed Database
SE1 file extensionCT Summation, Inc.CT Summation IBlaze Database
SEL file extensionMincomMincom LinkOne Selection List Format
SEN file extensionNeyer SoftwareSenTest Test Results
SEO file extensionSEO NoteSEO Note Format
SEQ file extensionN/ADNA Baser Format
SER file extensionApplied BiosystemsGeneMapper Project Format
SG3 file extensionSourceForge.netChessDB Game
SGML file extensionN/AStandard Generalized Markup Language Format
SGN file extensionSlaxSlax Boot Format
SGR file extensionN/ASGR Genome Data Format
SHC file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Contours
SHOW file extensionHancomHancom Office Hanshow Presentation Format
SHS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 95/98 Clipboard Format
SHW file extensionCorelCorel Presentations Slide Show
SHX file extensionESRIAutoCAD Shape Compiled Format
SIDX file extensionSmith MicroStuffIt Archive Index Format
SIM file extensionSAPSAP Tutor Format
SIR file extensionSIRSIR (Scientific Information Retrieval) Database
SIS file extensionDigital ConferenceSisma Database Format
SKC file extensionBorlandSideKick For Windows Database Format
SKIM file extensionSkimSkim Notes Format
SKV file extensionN/ASemicolon Separated Values Format
SKX file extensionMicrosoftXLANG Schedule Format
SLDMAT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Material Database
SLDTM file extensionSDLSDL Translation Memory Format
SLE file extensionSisulizerSisulizer Exchange Format
SLIFE file extensionSlife Labs, LLCSlife Database
SLK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Symbolic Link Format
SLP file extensionSisulizerSisulizer Project Format
SLX file extensionMathWorksMathWorks Simulink Model Format
SMZ file extensionSMathSMath Studio Compressed Document Format
SNAG file extensionTechSmithSnagIt Capture Format
SNAPFIRESHOW file extensionCorelCorel Snapfire Show Format
SNAPSHOT file extensionVMwareVMware ThinApp Snapshot Format
SOCIALPHONEBOOK file extensionGoogle Inc.Sony Xperia Google Android Contact
SONIC file extensionSonic SolutionsDigitalMedia Project Format
SOUNDPACK file extensionStardockStardock SoundPackager Sound Package Format
SP3 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP With Service Pack 3 Installation Format
SP45 file extensionSolutions EtceteraSuperCard Player Format
SPB file extensionSamsungSamsung Kies Phone Contacts Library
SPENTRY file extensionWavefunctionSpartan Database
SPJ file extensionNCH SoftwarePhotoStage Slideshow Project
SPK file extensionNew Wave ConceptsBright Spark Document Format
SPO file extensionSPSSSPSS Output Document Format
SPQ file extensionIBMSPSS Database Query Format
SPS file extensionSPSSSPSS Proprietary Syntax Format
SPUB file extensionBeLightBeLight Disc Cover Format
SPV file extensionSPSSSPSS (Statistical Package For The Social Sciences) Analysis Output Format
SQ file extensionN/ASysquake Program Format
SQD file extensionN/ASysquake Session Data Format
SQF file extensionSourceTec SoftwareSothink SWF Quicker Project Format
SQL file extensionN/AStructured Query Language Data SQL Format
SQLITE file extensionSQLiteSQLite Database Format
SQLITE-JOURNAL file extensionSQLite Development TeamMozilla Firefox
SQLITE3 file extensionSQLiteSQLite 3 Database Format
SQLITEDB file extensionSQLiteSQLite Database Format
SQLITEDB-SHM file extensionSQLite Development TeamSQLite Database Shared Memory
SQR file extensionN/ASQL Structured Query Language Program Format
SQUASHFS file extensionSquashfsSquashfs-tools Disk Image Format
SR4 file extensionSIRSIR Database
SRD file extensionSmart ReminderSmart Reminder Database
SRL file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.Arquitienda Local Database
SSII file extensionSynoptics LtdProReveal Data Format
SSMSSQLPROJ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server Project
SSO file extensionSourceForge.netChessDB Search Options
SSP file extensionAxialis SoftwareAxialis Screensaver Image Format
SSV file extensionSeavusSeavus Secure Project Format
SSX file extensionIBMIBM Rational XDE
ST45 file extensionSolutions EtceteraSuperCard Trial Project Format
STA file extensionABAQUSAbaqus/CAE Information Summary Format
STATS file extensionFreeSurferFreeSurfer Statistics Format
STDL file extensionDextronetSwift To-Do List Database
STF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server Temporary Format
STI file extensionN/AStarOffice Presentation Template Format
STK file extensionPivotPersonal Stock Monitor Format
STL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Fireworks Style Library Format
STM file extensionMicrosoftExchange Streaming Media Format
STP file extensionAppriconAnalysis Studio Project Information Format
STPROJ file extensionSamsungSamsung Theme Designer Project Format
STR file extensiondataBased IntelligenceDBase Structure List Object Format
STT file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus Statistics Format
STTPL file extensionSamsungSamsung Theme Designer Template Format
STU file extensionAvid TechnologyPinnacle Studio Video Project Format
STW file extensionStatSoftStatistica Workbook Format
STYK file extensionSons of Thunder SoftwareStykz Stick Figure Format
STYKZ file extensionSons of Thunder SoftwareStykz Animation Format
SUI file extensionSean MaxwellStarSplatter User Interface Format
SUPP file extensionAppleApple IOS Format
SVD file extensionPolytecScanning Vibrometer Data Format
SVF file extensionJTAGSimple Vector Format
SVW file extensionOhio State UniversitySpecView Format
SWDB file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks 3 And 4 Database
SWK file extensionStudyWorksStudyWorks Save Format
SX file extensionDipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf WirtzSimplexNumerica Data Format
SXI file extensionSun Presentation Format
SY file extensionDipl.-Phys.-Ing. Ralf WirtzSimplexety Data Format
SY3 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Symbol Format
SYLK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel For Mac Symbolic Link Format
SZS file extensionN/AMario Kart Wii Game Archive Format
T01 file extensionN/ATAXWIZ Deluxe Tax Format
T02 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2002 Tax Return Format
T03 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2003 Tax Return Format
T04 file extensionN/ATaxCut 2004 Tax Return Format
T05 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2005 Tax Return Format
T06 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2006 Tax Return Format
T07 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2007 Tax Return Format
T08 file extensionH&R BlockTaxCut 2008 Tax Return Format
T09 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2009 Tax Return Format
T10 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2010 Tax Return Format
T11 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home 2011 Tax Return Format
T12 file extensionH&R BlockH&R Block At Home 2012 Tax Return Format
T2 file extensionLightroom EducationTextease 2000 Format
T2K file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Document Format
T2KS file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Exam Results Format
T2KT file extensionBasement.nlTeach2000 Exam Format
TAC file extensionActiCalcActiCalc Data Format
TAR file extensionJean-loup GaillyUnix Standard Archive Format, Tape Archive
TARDIST file extensionSGITardist Compressed Archive
TAX08 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX09 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX10 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX11 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX12 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TAX2008 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2008 Tax Return Format
TAX2009 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2009 Tax Return Format
TAX2010 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2010 Tax Return Format
TAX2011 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2011 Tax Return Format
TAX2012 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TB file extensionTabberyTabbery Tab Format
TBK file extensionN/AToolBooK Format
TBL file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentTable Format
TC file extensionRobby StephensonTellico Collection Format
TCC file extensionProSystemsTimeCalc Classic Proprietary Formatted Data File Format
TCF file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Topspeed Transaction Control
TCX file extensionGarminGarmin Training Center Database XML Format
TDA file extensionPalmPalm To Do Format
TDE file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Data Extract Format
TDL file extensionN/ATab Delineated File Format
TDM file extensionNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Binary Measurement Format
TDT file extensionDaylight Chemical Information SystemsTHOR Data Tree Format
TE file extensionLightbox EducationTextease CT Database Format
TE3 file extensionWinTrackWintrack Object Format
TEACHER file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Response Teacher Database Format
TEF file extensionN/ATablEdit Tablature Format
TET file extensionLightbox EducationTextease Template Format
TFA file extensiontreeSoftTurbo Profiler Area Format
TFD file extensionN/ATape Format Requirements Document Format
TGF file extensionN/ATrival Graph Format
THUMBDATA-IDX3 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Thumbnail Index
THUMBSDB file extensionBR SoftwarePixFiler Thumbnail Database
TIE file extensionCodeweaversCrossTie Installer Format
TIME file extensionLight of CreativityLIGHT Format
TJP file extensionTaskJugglerTaskJuggler Project Format
TK3 file extensionNight KitchenTK3 Multimedia EBook Format
TKFL file extensionN/ATKLinks Saver Favorite Links Format
TL5 file extensionTom Snyder ProductionsTimeliner 5 Format
TLP file extensionDavid Auber and Patrick MaryTulip Software Graph Format
TLX file extensionN/AWintertree Dictionary Format
TMD file extensionOracleMySQL Temporary Database Format
TMDB file extensionInterfathom, LLC.TaskMerlin Database
TMR file extensionApimac Intuitive SoftwareApimac Timer Settings Format
TMW file extensionSDLTRADOS Translators Workbench Format
TMZ file extensionMedigraph Inc.Medigraph Compressed Database
TMZIP file extensionTheme ManagerTheme Manager Zip Format
TOL file extensionAmerica OnlineAOL Tool Format
TOM file extensionMedigraph Inc.MediGraph Database
TOP file extensionGromacsGromacs Topology Format
TOPC file extensionTopicCrunchTopicCrunch Stored Search Project
TOTALSBACKUP file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Database Backup Format
TOTALSDB file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Database Format
TOTALSSYNCDB file extensionKedisoftKedisoft Totals Sync Database Format
TPB file extensionGromacsGROMACS Portable Binary Run Input Format
TPF file extensionSTAR GroupTransit NXT Pack Translation Format
TPS file extensionTiePie engineeringMulti Channel Measurement Setting And Data Storage Format
TPZ file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Topaz E-book Format
TR3 file extensionTomeRaiderTomeRaider EBook Format
TRA file extensionWinTrackWinTrack Railroad Track Format
TRAY file extensionCorelCorel CONNECT Tray Format
TRD file extensionTrIDTrID Definitions Package Format
TRK file extensionCompeGPS TEAMCompeGPS Land Track Format
TRM file extensionForTheRecordTerminal Settings Format
TRS file extensionRosetta StoneRosetta Stone Language Data Format
TRX file extensionN/ALinksys WT54G Firmware Image Format
TS file extensionNokiaNokia Qt Translation Source Format
TST file extensionMeasurement ComputingTestPoint Test Format
TSV file extensionN/ATab Separated Values Format
TT10 file extensionIntuit CanadaIntuit Turbotax Tax 2010 Return Format
TT11 file extensionIntuitTurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return Format
TT12 file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 Tax Return Format
TT2012STATE file extensionIntuitTurboTax 2012 State Tax Form
TTK file extensionAlchemy Software DevelopmentAlchemy Catalyst Translation Toolkit Format
TTT file extensionSeapine Software, Inc.TestTrack Pro Database
TWB file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Workbook Format
TWBX file extensionTableau SoftwareTableau Packaged Workbook Format
TWM file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Module Format
TWZ file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Compressed Module Format
TWZIP file extensiontheWord Bible SoftwareTheWord Compressed Module Format
TXA file extensionSentel AdvanceMidas ViewPoint Text Array List
TXD file extensionRenderwareGrand Theft Auto III Texture Dictionary
TXF file extensionN/ATax Exchange Format
TXN file extensionMySpace.comMySpace IM Log Format
TXTRPT file extensionCommScopeCommScope Teletilt Control System Report
TYIMPORT file extensionErgonis SoftwareTypinator Imported Set Format
TYSET file extensionErgonis SoftwareTypinator Set Format
U10 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2010 Tax Return Format
U11 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2011 Tax Return Format
U12 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2012 Tax Return Format
UBJ file extensionThe Buzz MediaUniversal Binary JSON Fiile
UBOX file extensionUniverse SandboxUniverse Sandbox Saved Data Format
UCCAPILOG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger UCC API Log Format
UD file extensionNuance CommunicationsOmniPage User Dictionary
UDB file extensionMicrosoftDynamics AX User Database Format
UDC file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe User Dictionary Format
UDEB file extensionThe Debian ProjectDebian Package Format
UDL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Data Link Format
UDS file extensionHSRAUniform Data System Format
ULF file extensionN/AUniversal List Format
ULZ file extensionUSBlyzerUSBlyzer Data Capture Format
UMF file extensionGetMediaHolder.comMediaHolder Media Format
UNITYPACKAGE file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity Package Format
UPDATE file extensionEggCentricISAPI Update Format
UPOI file extensionNav N GoIGO Points Of Interest Format
UPR file extensionFileMakerFileMaker User Spelling Dictionary
URD file extensionKinook Software, Inc.Ultra Recall Database
USEQ file extensionHuntsman Cancer InstituteUSeq Genome Data Format
USR file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Runtime Engine Database Application
USTAR file extensionN/AUniform Standard Tape Archive Format
UVF file extensionN/AUncertain Value Format
UWL file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect User Word List Format
V12 file extensionIngenuity WorksAll The Right Type Database Format
VAL file extensiondataBased IntelligenceDBASE Values List Object Format
VAULT file extensionBohemian CodingFontcase Vault Format
VBPF1 file extensionKnowledge MattersVirtual Business - Personal Finance Data Format
VBW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic Workspace Format
VCD file extensionN/AValue Change Dump Format
VCE file extensionVisual CertExamVisual CertExam Suite Exam Format
VCF file extensionN/AVCard Format
VCRD file extensionMicrosoftWindows Vault Credentials Format
VCS file extensionN/AVCalendar Format
VDB file extensionSymantecNorton AntiVirus Update Format
VDB3 file Inc.VistaDB Database
VDX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Drawing XML Format
VEC file extensionMartin SchweigerOrbiter Vector Map Format
VFA file extensionFontLab Ltd.FontLab Database
VFS file extensionVenta AssociationVentaFax Schedule Format
VI file extensionNational InstrumentsLabVIEW Virtual Instrument Format
VIP file extensionVSM GroupStitch Pattern Format
VL file extensionCitrix Systems, Inc.XenApp Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent Database
VLE file extensionRiverdeep Interactive LearningVirtual Labs Electricity Circuit Format
VLG file extensionVenta AssociationVentaFax Logbook Format
VMSD file extensionvmsdVMware Snapshots And Metadata Format
VMSN file extensionVMwareVMware Snapshot State Format
VMSS file extensionVMwareVMware Suspended State Format
VMT file extensionValveValve Material Type Format
VOI file extensionSpamalizeVOI Group Format
VOK file extensionhfrmobilePocketVoc Vocabulary Format
VOXB file extensionGolden SoftwareVoxler Format
VPDB file extensionQuality Software, Ltd.VIP Organizer Information Database
VPOL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager Policy Format
VPP file extensionVisual ParadigmVisual Paradigm For UML Project Format
VPX file extensionAVAST SoftwareAvast! Antivirus Format
VRD file extensionMicrosoftVisio Report Definition Format
VSCH file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Credential Manager Schema Format
VSCONTENT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Content Installer Format
VSR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Report
VSSM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil Macro-enabled Format
VSSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Stencil Format
VSV file extensionMicrosoftVirtual Machines Memory Saved-state Format
VSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Stencil XML Format
VTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio XML Template Format
VUD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Virtual Machine Undo Format
VVF file extensionChristian ZigotzkyVoc Vocabulary Format
VXML file extensionN/AVoiceXML Source Format
VYM file extensionVYMVYM Mind Map Format
W02 file extensionN/ASplit Archive Format
W5S file extensionNullsoft, Inc.Winamp CDDB Database
WAB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Address Book Format
WB file extensionBeaumontFreelang Dictionary Database
WB1 file extensionCorelCorel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WB2 file extensionCorelCorel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WB3 file extensionCorelCorel Quattro Pro Spreadsheet Format
WCAT file extensionWinCatalog.comWinCatalog Collection Format
WCD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Calendar Format
WD2 file extensionMicro Logic Corp.Info Select Database
WD3 file extensionMetaProducts SystemsOffline Explorer Directory Index Format
WDB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Database Format
WDF file extensionWorkshareMicrosoft Windows Driver Foundation Format
WDM file extensionN/ABASINS Meteorological Database
WDQ file extensionMetaProductsWDQ Offline Explorer Queue Format
WEA file extensionAutodeskEcotect Weather Format
WED file extensionN/AWage Easy Company Database
WFM file extensiondataBased IntelligenceDBASE Form Format
WGT file extensionN/AXNBC Synaptic Weights Format
WID file extensionSAPSAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Format
WINDOWSLIVECONTACT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Live Messenger Format
WJR file extensionReGetReGet Deluxe Data Format
WK1 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Version 2.x Spreadsheet Format
WK2 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Version 2 Spreadsheet Format
WK3 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Version 3.x Spreadsheet Format
WK4 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Version 4.x Spreadsheet Format
WK5 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Version 5 Spreadsheet Format
WKE file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Spreadsheet Format
WKI file extensionN/ALotus 1-2-3 Version 2 Spreadsheet Format
WMDB file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media Player Database Format
WNK file extensionDebugModeWink Screen Capture Format
WPC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word And Write Windows 95 WordPad Format Converter Format
WPF file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Form Format
WPK file extensionGuinXellGuinXell Package Format
WPO file extensionHOLUX TechnologyHolux MapShow Format
WPOST file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Live Writer Post Format
WSI file extensionSymantecWise Windows Installer Project Format
WSM file extensionSymantecSymantec Wise Package Studio Merge Module Format
WTB file extensionWin-TestWin-Test Binary Log Format
WTR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Format
WVP file extensionMagic HillsMagicHTML Web Video Player Project
XAF file extensionWeb DepoAffirm Deposition Transcript Format
XAIML file extensionDevyn Collier JohnsonXAIML Database Format
XAPPL file extensionSpoonVirtual Application Studio XML Application Configuration Format
XAS file extensionParametric TechnologyPTC Pro/Engineer Assembly Format
XBC file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Format
XBK file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Format
XBT file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Template Format
XCSL file extensionTechnicolorCineStyle Color Correction Settings Format
XDB file extensionSymantecNorton Antivirus Update Format
XDP file extensionN/AAcrobat XML Data Package Format
XDS file extensionLcdStudioLCDStudio Design Format
XEF file extensionN/AX-Genics EManager Form Data Format
XEM file extensionSybaseSybase PowerDesigner Model Definition Format
XER file extensionOraclePrimavera Project Management Propriety Exchange Format
XFD file extensionUWIAdobe XFDL Format XML Form Format
XFDF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Forms Document
XFO file extensionN/AXSL-FO Formatted Form
XFR file extensionTIBCO SoftwareIProcess Process Definition Format
XFT file extensionN/AAdobe Form Designer Form
XGML file extensionN/AGraph Modeling Language XML Format
XGMML file extensionN/AXGMML Graph Format
XGO file extensionCorel CorporationParadox Database Related
XGP file extensionXGPXfire Profile Patcher Game List Format
XLC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Chart Format
XLD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Dialogue Format
XLGC file extensionProsystechExpressK Database Format
XLIFF file extensionOASISXLIFF Localization Format
XLT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel 97 To 2003 Workbook Template Format
XLW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Workspace Format
XMAP file extensionXMindXMind 2007/2008 Workbook
XMCD file extensionParametric Technology CorporatioPTC Mathcad Worksheet Format
XMCT file extensionPTCMathcad Template Format
XML file extensionN/AXML Document Format
XMLPER file extensionN/ALeCroy Binary Waveform Format
XMPZ file extensionBenetechMiradi XML Project Format
XPDL file extensionWorkflow Management CoalitionXPDL Module
XPG file extensionIndigo RoseAutoplay Media Studio Exported Page
XPJ file extensionAdobe SystemsRoboHelp HTML Project Format
XPM file extensionDecisive ToolsMicro Planner Manager Format
XPR file extensionSyncRO SoftSyncRO Soft OXygen XML Editor Project Format
XPT file extensionN/ASAS Transport (XPORT) Format
XRFF file extensionUniversity of WaikatoExtensible Attribute-Relation File Format
XRP file extensionStand By SoftRationalPlan Format
XRY file extensionMicro SystemationXRY Data Format
XSC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio XSC Format
XSF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office InfoPath Format
XSL file extensionN/AXML Stylesheet Format
XSLT file extensionN/AXSL Transform Format
XSN file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office InfoPath Template Form Format
XSVF file extensionXilinxXilinx Serial Vector Format
XTG file extensionBen StÜverExtensible TreeGraph Format
XTM file extensionOnder ArslanXtremsplit Split Data Format
XTP file extensionN/AXTreeGold Overlay
XVCT file extensionMindVision SoftwareVISE XML Project Format
XVU file extensionComodo Group, Inc.BOClean Database Format
XXD file extensionBrixxBrixx Planner Calendar Format
XYZ file extensionN/AMolecule Specification Format
XYZV file extensionCelestia Development TeamCelestia Sampled Trajectory Format
YAM file extensionN/AYahoo! Auctions Data Format
YCHAT file extensionYahoo!Yahoo! Instant Messenger Chat Log Format
YGF file extensionyWorksYWorks Binary Graph Format
YKA file extensionCrocodile ClipsYenka Model Format
ZAP file extensionCheck Point Software TechnologiesZoneAlarm Pro Data Format
ZBD file extensionCanon Inc.Canon Zoom Browser Database
ZDB file extensionN/AQuicken Data Format
ZDC file extensionZero2000CD Catalog Expert Database Format
ZDCT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Localization Format
ZIM file extensionThe OpenZIM ProjectWiki Archive Format
ZIX file extensionN/AQuicken Encrypted Data Format
ZMC file extensionCheck Point Software TechnologiesZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed EML Format
ZODB file extensionZope FoundationZope Object Database
ZOT file extensionZoot SoftwareZoot Database
ZPL file extensionInmatrixZoom Player Play List
ZRD file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Ray Database
^^^ file extensionPervasive SoftwarePervasive.SQL Database Format
{PB file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Backup Format
~AP file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Old AppExpert Project Database
~HM file extensionKS-SoftHostMonitor TestList Backup Format

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