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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
U file extensionN/AUnreal Tournament System Format
U00 file extensionLudia Inc.The Price Is Right 2010 Game
U01 file extensionBarudanBarudan Embroidery
U08 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile Data
U10 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2010 Tax Return Format
U11 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2011 Tax Return Format
U12 file extensionDr Tax SoftwareUFile 2012 Tax Return Format
U255LAW file extensionN/AExponential 8-bit Sound
U2CAR file extensionN/ANFS:U2 Car
U32 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAuthorware Cover
U3D file extension3D Industry ForumUniversal 3D Format
U3I file extensionN/AU3 Application Information Format
U3P file extensionN/AU3 Platform Install Format
U8 file extensionClockwork GamesLemings 3D Audio Format
U96 file extensionConeXware, Inc.EasyZip Temporary
UAE file extensionN/AWinUAE Configuration
UAL file extensionEntrustEntrust Unattended Login Credentials
UAP file extensionSiemens AGSIMATIC WinCC User Archive Export
UAQ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Action Queue
UAS file extensionUlead SystemsUlead PhotoImpact Backup
UAV file extensionOpenPilot FoundationOpenPilot UAV Settings
UAX file extensionN/AUnreal Audio Format
UB file extensionN/AUnsigned Byte Audio Format
UBIFS file extensionN/ALinux UBIFS Image
UBJ file extensionThe Buzz MediaUniversal Binary JSON Fiile
UBM file extensionN/AIPhoto Mtwain Install
UBOX file extensionUniverse SandboxUniverse Sandbox Saved Data Format
UBR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationIIS WCAT Configuration
UC file extensionN/AUnrealScript Class
UC2 file extensionN/AUltraCompressor II Compressed Archive Format
UCCAPILOG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Live Messenger UCC API Log Format
UCD file extensionInsoft Oy.Prosa Diagram
UCE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP System32 Format
UCF file extensionCisco SystemsWebEx Universal Communications Format
UCI file extensionSysDevSoftwareUFS Explorer Backup Format
UCL file extensionTripwire InteractiveKilling Floor System Format
UCLS file extensionObjectAid LLCObjectAid UML Explorer Class Diagram
UCM file extensionViva MediaUrban Chaos Game Format
UCP file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Communications Profile
UCR file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Unrouted Nets Report
UCS file extensionRelic Entertainment Inc.Homeworld Localized Unicode Strings
UCSETTINGS file extensionAnthony R. DalyUniversal Converter Settings
UCT file extensionUC MobileUC Browser Theme Format
UCV file extensionAnthony R. DalyUniversal Converter Conversion
UCX file extensionIBMRational XDE
UD file extensionNuance CommunicationsOmniPage User Dictionary
UDA file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Model Data
UDB file extensionMicrosoftDynamics AX User Database Format
UDC file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe User Dictionary Format
UDCX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Universal Data Connection Format
UDEB file extensionThe Debian ProjectDebian Package Format
UDF file extensionOptical Storage Technology AssociationUniversal Disk Format
UDG file extensionUniversität BremenUDraw(Graph)
UDI file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Draw Script Textures Bitmap
UDID file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Unique Device IDentifier
UDIF file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Universal Disk Image Format
UDK file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Map Format
UDL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Data Link Format
UDM file extensionMotCreations.comMapView User Module
UDO file extensionN/AMoray UDO 3D
UDP file extensionCorel CorporationCorel VideoStudio Scene Information
UDS file extensionHSRAUniform Data System Format
UDW file extensionN/ARaw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data
UDX file extensionPower IntegrationsPI Expert Design Software
UEA file extensionAuthenTecProtector Suite QL Format
UEED file extensionUconomix TechnologiesUconomix Encryption Engine Encrypted Directory
UENC file extensionIDM Computer Solutions, Inc.UltraEdit Encrypted Text
UES file extensionCorel CorporationUlead Photo Explorer Slide Show
UEW file extensionIDM Computer Solutions, Inc.UltraEdit Wordfile
UEZ file extensionUlead SystemsUlead COOL 3D Graphics
UFA file extensionN/AGIF Animator Animation Object Information
UFC file extensionAtkins-ITS Transport SoftwareSATURN Suite
UFDR file extensionCellebrite Mobile Synchronization LTD.UFED Physical Analyzer Report Package
UFF file extensionDataWave TechnologiesDataWave SciWorks Physiological Data
UFI file extensionSonotaCoUFOCaptureV2
UFO file extensionUleadUlead PhotoImpact Object Format
UFP file extensionCorel CorporationUlead Photo Project
UFR file extensionFrederik SlijkermanUltra Fractal Format
UFS file extensionThe FreeBSD ProjectFreeBSD PC-BSD Unix File System Format
UFSUZIP file extensionThe FreeBSD ProjectFreeBSD Compressed Unix File System Format
UFX file extensionUltimate 3DUltimate 3D Game Engine Material
UGD file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Need For Speed Underground
UGR file extensionMark TownsendApophysis Gradient
UHA file extensionUHarcUHARC Compressed Archive
UHH file extensionEurotherm UKEurotherm Hydra History Encrypted
UHS file extensionJason StrautmanUniversal Hint System Binary
UHTM file extensionEpic Games, Inc.Unreal Tournament
UHTML file extensionUC MobileUC Browser Saved Webpage
UI file extensionNokiaUser Interface Format
UIBAK file extensionEZB SystemsUltraISO Backup Disk Image
UIC file extensionN/ACOCO Unit ICon
UID file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Users
UID-ZPS file extensionZONER, Inc.Zoner Photo Studio Picture Autobackup
UIF file extensionMagicISOMagicISO Universal Image Format
UIL file extensionIBMIBM AIX User Interface Language
UIN file extensionICQ LLCICQ 2001 Saved ICQ Contact Information
UIR file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabWindows User Interface Resource
UIS file extensionStardockWindowBlinds Personality Format
UIT file extensionN/AUIX XML Template
UIX file extensionOracle CorporationUiXML Page
UIZ file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot Search & Destroy Updater
UK file extensionN/AEnglish (British) Language Translation
UKA file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Fifa World Cup Game Data
UKS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
UKX file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament Animation Format
UKY file extensionUltraMixer Digital Audio SolutionsUltraMixer Licence Key
ULAW file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.711 US Telephony Audio Format
ULB file extensionN/ACOBOL Unisys Library
ULD file extensionDIAL GMBHUnified Luminaire Datafile
ULF file extensionN/AUniversal List Format
ULP file extensionCadSoft Computer, Inc.EAGLE Script
ULS file extensionMicrosoftNetMeeting User Location Service Format
ULT file extensionN/AUltratracker Music Module (MOD) Format
ULW file extensionN/AU-Law Audio Format
ULYS file extensionThe SoulmenUlysses Project
ULZ file extensionUSBlyzerUSBlyzer Data Capture Format
UMB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMemMaker Backup
UMD file extensionjumd teamUMD Mobile Ebook
UMF file extensionGetMediaHolder.comMediaHolder Media Format
UML file extensionN/AVisual UML Class Diagram & Model Format
UMLCLASS file extensionN/AJava UML Class Model Format
UMLX file extensionVisual Object Modelers, Inc.Visual UML XML Model
UMM file extensionN/AUnified Molecular Modeling
UMOD file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament MOD Installation Package Format
UMP file extensionAltovaUModel Project
UMR file extensionGenuitec, LLCMyEclipse UML Model Repository
UMS file extensionHuman Head StudiosRune 3D Mesh Format
UMX file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament Music Package
UNA file extensionCapita Business Services Ltd.SIMS Unauthorized Data
UNAUTH file extensionNetegritySiteMinder Unauthorized Message Format
UNCOMPRESSED_SIZE file extensionRaven SoftwareSingularity Game
UNF file extensionNovell, Inc.Btreive Unformatted
UNI file extensionN/AUniMOD/MikMOD Music Module Format
UNITXT file extensionN/AYS FLIGHT Language
UNITY file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity Scene Format
UNITY3D file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity Scene Web Player Format
UNITYPACKAGE file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity Package Format
UNITYPROJ file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity 3D Project
UNIT_VARIANT file extensionThe Creative AssemblyTotal War Unit Variant Settings
UNIX file extensionThe Open GroupUnix
UNK file extensionN/AUnknown Format
UNKNOWN file extensionN/AUnknown File Extension
UNL file extensionGarminGarmin MapSource Unlock Format
UNQ file extensionThe Sage Group plcACT! 3.0 Email Message Attachment
UNR file extensionN/AUnreal Map Format
UNS file extensionNobeltec, Inc.Visual Navigation Suite Export Or Import Settings
UNT file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Unit Definition Format
UNUSED file extensionImpressumPhotoline 4 Defaults
UNV file extensionSAP AGBusinessObjects Universe
UNX file extensionN/AUnix Text Format
UOF file extensionN/AUniform Office Format
UOL file extensionUlead SystemsPhotoImpact Clipart Image
UOP file extensionElectronic ArtsUltima Online Patch Format
UOS file extensionN/AUnified Office Format Spreadsheet Format
UOT file extensionN/AUnified Office Format Text Format
UPC file extensionJ-T-L Development Inc.Ultimate Paint Component
UPDATE file extensionEggCentricISAPI Update Format
UPDATR file extensionNijikokunIConomy Update Format
UPDF file extensionSoftware995UltraPdf Publication
UPF file extensionBentley SystemsMicroStation User Preference Format
UPG file extensionN/AFirmware Upgrade Format
UPI file extensionN/AUlead PhotoImpact Plugin
UPJ file extensionN/AUlead Project
UPK file extensionEpic GamesUnreal 3 Game Data Package Format
UPK0 file extension4A GamesMetro 2033 Game
UPL file extensionStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Agent Download
UPM file extensionUC-Logic Technology Corp.PenMail
UPO file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Compiled Update Data
UPOI file extensionNav N GoIGO Points Of Interest Format
UPP file extensionArtifex SoftwareGhostscript Uniprint Unified Printer Parameter
UPR file extensionFileMakerFileMaker User Spelling Dictionary
UPS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works
UPX file extensionMarkus OberhumerUltimate Packer For EXecutable Format
UPZ file extensionStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Agent Download
UQM file extensionThe Ur-Quan MastersThe Ur-Quan Masters Archive Format
URC file extensionCA TechnologiesUnicenter Remote Control
URD file extensionKinook Software, Inc.Ultra Recall Database
URD-JOURNAL file extensionKinook Software, Inc.Ultra Recall Journal Update
URF file extensionMatinsoft Inc.AppFace Skin
URL file extensionN/AInternet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URLS file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Internet Shortcuts List
URL_ file extensionN/AInternet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URP file extensionUniversal Software C. T.Universal Report
URQ file extensionEurotherm UKReview QuickChart Chart
URR file extensionCompuwareUniface Signatures Format
URS file extensionControlDraw Ltd.ControlDraw User Requirement Specifier
URT file extensionN/AUtah Run-Length Encoded Bitmap Image Format
US file extensionN/AEnglish Language Translation
US? file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word Font
USA file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Saved Game Format
USB file extensionSiSoftwareSiSoftware Sandra
USC file extensionAnalogue Process Control ServicesUSC Module Definition
USECASEDIAGRAM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Use Case Diagram
USEQ file extensionHuntsman Cancer InstituteUSeq Genome Data Format
USER file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Project User Options Format
USERPROFILE file extensionSymantecNorton Antivirus User Profile Format
USERTILE-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Release Preview User Tile Format
USF file extensionN/ANintendo Ultra 64 Sound Format
USFLIB file extensionN/ANintendo 64 Song Library Format
USG file extensionPC-Doctor, Inc.PC-Doctor For Windows
USH file extensionCreston Electronics, Inc.Creston SIMPL Windows
USI file extensionN/AUsiXML UI Description
USL file extensionSchneider Electric S.A.ProWORX Nxt USL Loadable
USM file extensionN/AUSM Game Video Format
USP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Printer Font
USR file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Runtime Engine Database Application
USS file extensionN/AWinUAE Saved State
UST file extensionUTAUUTAU Sequence Format
USTAR file extensionN/AUniform Standard Tape Archive Format
USX file extensionN/AUnreal StaticMesh (hardware Brushes) Format
UT2 file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament Map Format
UT2MOD file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament 2003 MOD Installation Package Format
UT3 file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament 3 Map Format
UT4MOD file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament 2004 MOD Installation Package Format
UT8 file extensionSick PuppiesGhost Master Language Format
UTB file extensionN/AµTBackup Backup
UTC file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Creature Format
UTD file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Door
UTE file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Encounter
UTF8 file extensionN/AUnicode UTF-8 Encoded Text
UTI file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot - Search & Destroy Includes
UTL file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Data
UTM file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Store
UTP file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Placeable Object
UTPART file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.µTorrent Unfinished Download
UTS file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot - Search & Destroy Include
UTT file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Engine Trigger
UTW file extensionAubrey FalconerUnity Whirld Format
UTX file extensionN/AUnreal Texture Format
UTZ file extensionUIQ TechnologyUIQ Theme Package
UU file extensionN/AUuencoded (compressed) File Archive (ascii)
UUD file extensionN/AUUDecoded Format
UUE file extensionN/AUUEncoded Format
UUS file extensionBobaFettUltra Utility Skin
UV2 file extensionARM Holdings plcµVision Project
UVCAB file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Films
UVF file extensionN/AUncertain Value Format
UVNTS file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Notes
UVPROJ file extensionARM Holdings plcµVision4 Project
UVR file extensionN/AUVR Mesh
UVS file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Segments
UVSEG file extensionN/AUVScreenCamera Segments
UVW file extensionAutodesk, Inc.3D Studio MAX UVW Coordinates
UVX file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Tournament Saved Game
UW file extensionN/AUnsigned Word (16-bit) Music Format
UWF file extensionN/AUltraTracker WaveSample Music Format
UWL file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect User Word List Format
UXDC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel Data Retrieval Service Connection
UXF file extensionUMLet TeamUMLet UML EXchange Format
UXX file extensionN/AUnreal Tournament 2003 Cache Format
UXY file extensionBarudanBarudan Embroidery Outline
UYVY file extensionN/AYUV 16-bit Image Format
UZ2 file extensionEpic Games, Inc.Unreal Tournament Compressed
UZE file extensionSWE von SchleusenUltimateZip Compressed Archive
UZIP file extensionMaxim SobolevFreeBSD Compressed Disk Image Format
UZY file extensionN/ABackdoor.Sokacaps

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