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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
K file extensionSchrödinger, LLCMacroModel Chemical Modeller Output
K01 file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Database Key
K02 file extensionSoftVelocityClarion
K03 file extensionSoftVelocityClarion DOS Database Key
K1 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K10 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K11 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K12 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K13 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K14 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K15 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K2 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K25 file extensionN/AKurzweil 2500 Sample Format
K26 file extensionN/AKurzweil 2600 Sample Format
K2P file extensionInv Softworks LLC.Kryptel Encrypted
K2S file extensionMantronic SoftwareKaiser 2 Saved Game
K3 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K3B file extensionK3bK3b Burning Project Format
K3G file extensionThird Generation Partnership Project3GP Mobile Phone Video Format
K4 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K48 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
K5 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K6 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K7 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K8 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
K9 file extensionThe Database Managers, Inc.DataFlex Index
KA file extensionEpic Games, Inc.Karma Engine (Unreal) Asset
KAD file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.Kore User
KAHL file extensionN/AThink Pascal KAHL Text
KAL file extensionHondata, Inc.KManager Calibration Data
KAN file extensionVincent PetersKwalitan Annotation
KAP file extensionMaptechMaptech BSB Map Format
KAR file extensionN/AMIDI Karaoke Format
KAS file extensionN/AKaraoke
KB file extensionBorlandBorland C++ Keyboard Script Format
KB2 file extensionCarroll-NetCarroll-Net Kleo Backup Format
KBB file extensionJetico, Inc.BestCrypt Key Block Backup
KBD file extensionN/AKeyboard Script File Layout
KBF file extensionMilenix Software Ltd.MyInfo Document
KBM file extensionManuel Op de CoulScala Keyboard Mapping
KBN file extensionTeamSpeak SystemsTeamSpeak Keybinding
KBS file extensionPC DirckKeyboard Script Saved Keystrokes Format
KBX file extensionFree Software Foundation, Inc.GNU Privacy Guard Keybox
KC2 file extensionN/AKodak RAW Image
KCF file extensionKiSS TeamKiSS Configuration
KCH file extensionArk AnglesKChess Notation
KCI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio .NET DB Project Indexing Settings
KCL file extensionNintendoMario Kart Wii Collision Information Format
KCT file extensionTavultesoftKeyman Developer Customization Source
KD3 file extensionYayoi Co., Ltd.Yayoi Kaikei Accounting Data
KDA file extensionNovaLogic, Inc.Nova Logic Game
KDB file extensionKeePassEncrypted Passwords Database Format
KDBX file extensionKeePass Password SafeKeePass Password Database Format
KDC file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Virus Database Format
KDD file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware RTF Objects Editor Knowledge Display
KDE file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky KryptoStorage Encrypted Format
KDELNK file extensionKDE e.VKDE Desktop
KDENLIVE file extensionKdenliveKdenlive Project Format
KDEVDLG file extensionFree Software FoundationKDevelop Dialogue Box Format
KDEVELOP file extensionFree Software FoundationKDevelop Project Data Format
KDEVPRJ file extensionFree Software FoundationKDevelop Project Format
KDF file extensionStephen KayKARMA MW/Triton Data
KDH file extensionN/AChinese Academic Journals Online Full-text Database
KDI file extensionKD PlayerKD Player Skin Image Format
KDK file extensionKodakKodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF Format
KDL file extensionTeam T10C6Kill The Deadline Storage
KDMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Crash Dump Format
KDR file extensionThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Kinetica Installation
KDS file extensionKD PlayerKD Player Skin Format
KDT file extensionLaboratory of Reclamation Works & Water Resources ManagementMedbasin Evaporation Data
KDX file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Import Definition
KDZ file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky Anti-Virus Data Format
KEB file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky Anti-Virus Base Format
KED file extensionMansfield Software Group, Inc.KEDIT Profile And Macro Format
KEP file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal DOS Tp19 Compressed Kepler
KER file extensionExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Filter Kernels
KES file extensionKurzweil Educational SystemsKurzweil 3000 Document Format
KEV file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Preload
KEX file extensionMansfield Software Group, Inc.KEDIT Profile Macro
KEXI file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Format
KEXIC file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Connection Settings Format
KEXIS file extensionKexi TeamKexi Database Connection Format
KEXT file extensionN/AApple Mac OS X Kernel Extension Format
KEY file extensionAppleIWork Keynote 09 Presentation Format
KEY-TEF file extensionAppleApple Keynote ICloud Presentation Format
KEYBOARD file extensionW3CAmaya Configuration
KEYCHAIN file extensionAppleApple Keychain Password Format
KEYNOTE file extensionApple, Inc.IWork Keynote 06 Presentation
KEYSTORE file extensionOracle CorporationJava Keytool Key Database
KEYTAB file extensionApple, Inc.Unix Kerberos Encrypted Key
KF file extensionN/AThe Elder Scrolls Game
KF8 file extensionN/AAmazon Kindle Format 8
KFG file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Rule
KFI file extensionN/A3D Forgastest Editor
KFL file extensionKFLog TeamKFLog Airfield
KFM file extensionGamebaseGameBryo KFM Format
KFN file extensionRecisioKaraFun Karaoke Song Format
KFS file extensionRockstar Games, Inc.Max Payne Model
KFT file extensionN/AKorg T-series Wave
KFX file extensionKofaxKofax Group 4 Bitmap Graphics Format
KGB file extensionTomasz PawlakKGB Archiver Compressed Archive Format
KGE file extensionTomasz PawlakKGB Archiver Encrypted Compressed Archive
KGM file extensionN/AKeyTERRA-FIRMA Ground Model
KGS file extensionPhilipp KonerdingKogeo Toolbar
KHD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data Format
KHI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index Format
KIC file extensionKodakKodak Compressed Image Format
KID file extensionInspirationKidspiration Document Format
KID2 file extensionThe Software MacKiev CompanyKid Pix
KIDS file extensionThe Software MacKiev CompanyKid Pix
KIF file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Key Index
KIN file extensionN/ACakewalk Kinetic Music Project Format
KISMAC file extensionN/AKisMAC Web Service Format
KIT file extension20-20 Technologies20-20 Design Kitchen Design Format
KIX file extensionKiXtartKiXtart Script Format
KJV file extensionCostas StergiouTheWord Bible Software King James Version Bible
KKD file extensionKandalu Software LtdK Kitchen Burning Project
KKW file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp Keyword Help Project Index
KLC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Keyboard Layout Creator Keyboard
KLD file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Dungeon Keeper 2 Playable Map
KLF file extensionFrank BöppleKaloMa
KLG file extensionN/ALog Format
KLK file extensionOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
KLM file extensionGoogle Inc.Keyhole Markup Language (Google Earth)
KLP file extensionPHOENIX CONTACTCLIP PROJECT Terminal-strip Project
KLQ file extensionKasperskyKaspersky Anti-Virus Quarantine Format
KM file extensionBMC Software, Inc.BMC Patrol
KMA file extensionCorrelateCorrelate Archive Knowledge Map
KMC file extensionKinemacKinemac Animation Format
KMCOBJ file extensionKinemacKinemac Sprite Object Format
KMD file extensionAndersonBell CorpABSTAT For Windows Batch
KMDI file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationKermeta
KMDR file extensionN/AKommander
KMF file extensionVincent PetersKwalitan Memo
KML file extensionN/AGoogle Earth Keyhole Markup Language Format
KMM file extensionK-MeleonK-Meleon Macro Module Format
KMN file extensionTavultesoftKeyman Developer Source
KMP file extensionKorgKorg Trinity Audio Format
KMR file extensionKnowledgeMillKnowledgeMill Link Format
KMS file extensionCorrelateCorrelate Solution Topic
KMT file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationKermeta
KMV file extensionN/AMobile DJ Video Format
KMX file extensionTavultesoftKeyman Desktop Compiled Keyboard
KMY file extensionKMyMoneyKMyMoney Data Format
KMZ file extensionGoogleCompressed Keyhole Markup Language (Google Earth) Format
KNF file extensionOrchida SoftOrchida Knitting System
KNN file extensionSoftVelocityClarion Database Key
KNNK file extensionNuance Communications, Inc.OmniPage
KNO file extensionEvREsearchDigIN Serialized Break Model
KNT file extensionKeyNoteTranglos KeyNote Note Format
KNW file extensionLive for Speed - Scawen Roberts, Eric Bailey, Victor van VlaardingenLive For Speed AI Knowledge
KO file extensionN/ALinux Kernel Module Format
KOA file extensionN/AKoala Paint C64
KOB file extensionAG/CAD LimitedKasemake 3D Object
KODAK file extensionN/AKodak Photo CD Format
KODU file extensionMicrosoftKodu Game Format
KOE file extensionAquestAquesTone Vocal Synthesizer Syllable
KOM file extensionKingMill Enterprises LLCKit-O-Mat 3D Model
KOMODO file extensionCharles Brej PhD, BScKMD
KON file extensionN/AYahoo! Widget XML Format
KOOB file extensionVijay SridharaKoob E-Book Format
KOR file extensionMicrosoftKorean Localization Language Format
KOZ file extensionN/ABell Music Format
KPDX file extensionN/AKeePass Password Database
KPE file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.KORE Performance
KPF file extensionActiveState SoftwareKomodo Project Format
KPG file extensionMetacreations
KPJ file extensionN/AKeyman Developer Project
KPL file extensionBrilliant Digital EntertainmentKMPlayer Playlist Format
KPP file extensionThe Learning CompanyKid Pix Presentation Format
KPR file extensionKOfficeKOffice KPresenter Presentation Format
KPS file extensionN/AIBM KIPS Bitmap Image Graphics
KPT file extensionN/AKPresenter Template
KPX file extensionThe Learning CompanyKid Pix Deluxe Data Format
KPZ file extensionActiveState SoftwareKomodo Template Format
KQP file extensionN/AKonica Camera Photo
KR1 file extensionN/AKurzweil 2000 Sample
KRAW file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Kernel-RAW Image Format
KRC file extensionKra-Tronic CorpMouse And Key Recorder Recorded Settings
KRG file extensionSybase Inc.Sybase Adaptive Server Information
KRN file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.NBA 99 Fonts
KRT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual FoxPro Recreation
KRZ file extensionN/AKurzweil 2000 Sample Format
KS file extensionN/AKickstart Format
KS-IA1 file extensionKuta Software LCCInfinite Algebra
KS3 file extensionN/A3D Forgastest Editor
KSC file extensionKorgKorg Trinity Script Format
KSD file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.Absynth Kore Patch Format
KSDS file extensionNative Instruments, Inc.Absynth Kore Patch Format
KSEQS file extensionRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghKestrel Sequence Database
KSF file extensionKorgKorg Trinity Sample Format
KSH file extensionN/AUnix Shell Script
KSI file extensionTube City IMS, LLC.Alloy Blending System ASCII Data
KSL file extensionAirwer LtdKaraoke Song List Creator Song List
KSM file extensionKen SilvermanKen Silverman Music Format
KSML file extensionGearbox SoftwareHalo Custom Edition
KSP file extensionKDE e.VCalligra Sheets Spreadsheet
KSS file extensionFabTrol SystemsFabTrol MRP Template
KT2 file extensionNative InstrumentsBattery 2 Drum Kit File Format
KT3 file extensionNative InstrumentsBattery 3 Drum Kit File Format
KTH file extensionN/AApple IWork Keynote Theme Format
KTN file extensionKTooNKTooN Animation Format
KTO file extensionKunos SimulazioniNetKar Pro Mid Ohio
KTP file extensionN/ACakewalk Kinetic Project Template
KTX file extensionVincent PetersKwaitan
KTZ file extensionACTFKahootz Project Format
KV6 file extensionAce of SpadesAce Of Spades Model Format
KVK file extensionTavultesoftKeyman Desktop On Screen Keyboard
KVT file extensionKVIrc.netKVIrc Theme
KVTML file extensionThe KDE Education ProjectKWordQuiz Format
KVW file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Workspace
KWB file extensionVincent PetersKwalitan Work
KWD file extensionKDEKWord Document Format
KWF file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Pascal Chart
KWL file extensionN/AKWalletManager
KWM file extensionWebMoneyWebMoney Key Format
KWP file extensionKamban SoftwareKamban Document
KWREPLAY file extensionElectronic ArtsCommand & Conquer 3 Replay Format
KWS file extensionKeyWallet GbR.KeyWallet Skin
KXX file extensionTavultesoftCustom Keyman Engine Product
KYB file extensionN/AKeyboard Layout Format
KYN file extensionESTsoft Corp.ALSee Thumbnail Cache
KYR file extensionIBMLotus Domino Key Ring Format
KYS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Keyboard Shortcut Format
KZ file extensionKuaiZip.comKuiaiZip Archive
KZM file extensionKARIZMAKarizma Designer Album
KZX file extensionSolid Iris TechnologiesKerkythea Material

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