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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
G file extensionBRL-CADBRL-CAD Geometry Format
G00 file extensionKeyClannad Picture Image
G01 file extensionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Geometry Format
G03 file extensionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Geometry
G1 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Routing Layer 1
G10 file extensionGarmin Ltd.Garmin GPS Map
G12 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 12 Gerber Data
G13 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 13 Gerber Data
G14 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 14 Gerber Data
G15 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 15 Gerber Data
G2 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Routing Layer 2
G3 file extensionCCITTG3 Fax Format
G3A file extensionCasioCasio Prizm Program Format
G3D file extensionGOMGOM ATOS 3D Scan Format
G3F file extensionEquisysZetafax Fax
G3N file extensionN/AImaging Fax Image
G3P file extensionCasioCasio Prizm Picture Image
G3X file extensionKnife Edge SoftwareRealFlight Content Format
G4 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Image Format
G41 file extensionN/ACommodore 1541 Disk Image
G4B file extensionN/ASokoban++ Level
G5 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer Gerber Data
G64 file extensionN/AC64 Emulator Disk Image
G721 file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.721 4-bit ADPCM Sound Format
G723 file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.723 ADPCM Sound Format
G723-3 file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.723 3-bit ADPCM Sound
G723-5 file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.723 5-bit ADPCM Sound
G726 file extensionN/ARaw CCITT/ITU G.726 ADPCM Sound Data Format
G726-2 file extensionN/AG726-2 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 2-bit ADPCM Sound
G726-3 file extensionN/AG726-3 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 3-bit ADPCM Sound Format
G726-4 file extensionN/AG726-4 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 4-bit ADPCM Sound Format
G726-5 file extensionN/AG726-5 - Raw CCITT/ITU G.726 5-bit ADPCM Sound
GA3 file extensionVernier Software & TechnologyGraphical Analysis Document
GAB file extensionDencomDencom Global Address Book Export
GAC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationGroove
GAD file extensionMath2Market GmbHGeodict
GADGEPRJ file extensionAshampooGadge It Project Format
GADGET file extensionMicrosoftWindows Sidebar Gadget Format
GAF file extensionCavedog EntertainmentTotal Annihilation Animated Bitmap Format
GAI file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe SING Glyphlet Manager
GAL file extensionMolecular DevicesGenePix Array List Format
GALAXY file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Starcraft 2 Galaxy Script Format
GALLERY file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Format
GALLERYCOLLECTION file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Collection Format
GALLERYITEM file extensionSMART TechnologiesSMART Notebook Gallery Item Format
GAM file extensionN/AGame Format
GAMBAS file extensionSourceForge.netGambas Application
GAME file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Chess Format
GAMEDATA file extensionSandlot GamesSandlot Game Data Format
GAMEPROJ file extensionGameSaladGameSalad Game Project Format
GAN file extensionGanttProjectGanttProject Project Plan Format
GAP file extensionUlead SystemsPhotoImpact Pencil Style
GAR file extensionGridGain SystemsGridGain Archive
GAS file extensionBlue SquirrelGrab-a-Site Project
GAU file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Flight Simulator Gauge Format
GAX file extensionMicrosoft StudiosAge Of Empires II Save Game
GB file extensionN/ANintendo Gameboy ROM Image
GB1 file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Backup Format
GBA file extensionN/ANintendo Game Boy Advance ROM Image
GBAP file extensionDream Design EntertainmentDream Design Entertainment GLBasic Project Format
GBAS file extensionDream Design EntertainmentDream Design Entertainment GLBasic Source Format
GBASKIN file extensionN/AGBA4iOS Controller Skin
GBC file extensionN/ANintendo GameBoy Colour Emulator ROM Image Format
GBCK file extensionGlarysoft Ltd.Glary Utilities Backup
GBCSKIN file extensionN/AGBA4iOS Controller Skin
GBD file extensionGreat Budget SoftwareGreat Budget Budget Definition
GBF file extensionGreat Budget SoftwareGreat Budget Fringe Definition
GBH file extensionGigabarGigaBar Scheme
GBI file extensiongBurner SystemsGBurner Disk Image Format
GBK file extensionNCBIGenBank Data Format
GBL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Basic Global Definition
GBLORB file extensionN/AInteractive Fiction
GBM file extensionGenie-Soft CorporationGenie Backup Manager Archive
GBO file extensionN/AGerber Bottom Overlay (silk Screen)
GBP file extensionGenie-SoftGenie Backup Manager Pro Backup Index Format
GBPROJ file extensionAppleApple GarageBand Project Format
GBR file extensionN/AGerber Format
GBS file extensionN/ANintendo Game Boy Music Audio Data Format
GBT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Format
GBX file extensionN/AGerber Format
GBXML file extensionN/AGreen Building XML
GC file extensionArizonaGraphClick Format
GC3 file extensionGold Hill Co.Golden Common Lisp Source Code
GCA file extensionN/AGCA Compressed Archive Format
GCA3 file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCA4 file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCA4BASE file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCA4PARTY file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCCV file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Filter
GCD file extensionGeneric CADDGeneric CADD Drawing Format
GCDA file extensionFree Software Foundation, Inc.GCC Gcov Profiling
GCDP file extensionSoftware Depot OnlineGreeting Card Studio Project Format
GCF file extensionValveSteam Client Grid Cache Format
GCG file extensionN/AGCG 8 Sequence Chemical Format
GCH file extensionN/AC++ Precompiled Header
GCI file extensionNintendoNintendo GameCube Saved Game Format
GCM file extensionNintendoGameCube Image Format
GCNO file extensionFree Software Foundation, Inc.GCC Gcov Profiling
GCO file extensionN/AGenbox Family History Chart Options
GCODE file extensionN/AG-code Source
GCP file extensionColoritto BVSpectramap Group Properties
GCRD file extensionN/AGnomeCard VCard
GCS file extensionGameSharkGameShark SharkSave For GameCube Format
GCSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color Variation Package Format
GCT file extensionOcarina Cheat Code ManagerOcarina Cheat Code Manager Exported Cheat Format
GCW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Math Worksheet Format
GCX file extensionAppleApple Grapher Graph Format
GCZ file extensionN/ACompressed GameCube/Wii ROM
GD file extensionBoutell.Com, Inc.GD Library Picture Image
GDA file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Manual Page Guide
GDB file extensionBorlandDatabase Format
GDBINDEXES file extensionEsriArcGIS Geodatabase Index
GDBTABLE file extensionEsriArcGIS Geodatabase
GDBTABLX file extensionEsriArcGIS Geodatabase
GDC file extensionICONICS, Inc.Iconics GraphWorx32
GDD file extensionN/AGerber Drill Drawing Data
GDE file extensionGlobalQSLGlobalQSL Graphic Editor
GDF file extensionGUESSGUESS Graph Data Format
GDFMAKERPROJECT file extensionMicrosoftGDF Editor Project Format
GDH file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare High-low Graph
GDI file extensionVarious Linux developersGeneric Download Install
GDIAGRAMSTYLE file extensionThe Omni GroupgOmniGraffle Diagram Style Format
GDL file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD Geometric Description Language Data
GDM file extensionN/ABells, Whistles, And Sound Boards Module
GDN file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Graph Definition
GDOC file extensionGoogleLink To Google Docs Web Application Document
GDP file extensionBenjamin MartyScrolling Game Development Kit Project
GDQ file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Quick Graph
GDR file extensionN/ASymbian OS Bitmap Font Format
GDRAW file extensionGoogleLink To Google Drawings Web Application Drawing
GDRIVE file extensionArainia SolutionsGizmo Virtual Drive Format
GDS file extensionCadence Design SystemsGraphic Data System Format
GDSP file extensionGold Disk Inc.Astound
GDT file extensionRenegade MindsGuitar & Drum Trainer Song Configuration
GDV file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Graphics Screen Driver
GDW file extensionMajesco EntertainmentJaws Unleashed Data Format
GDX file extensionGAMS Development CorporationGAMS Result
GDYN file extensionN/AGIMP Pressure Curves Output
GDZ file extensionThoughtful CreationsGenbox Family History Data Initialization
GE2 file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Maya 4 GE2 Exporter
GE3 file extensionCNC Software, Inc.Mastercam Geometry
GE6 file extensionN/AWinFamily 6 Genealogy
GEA file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Fifa World Cup Game Data
GEB file extensionPeter GebhardDr. Hardware
GED file extensionN/AGEDCOM Family History Format
GEDATA file extensionQlucoreQlucore Omics Explorer Data Format
GEDCOM file extensionN/AGEDCOM Genealogy Format
GEL file extensionN/AMolecular Dynamics Image
GEM file extensionRubyGEM Vector Picture Format
GEMFILE file extensionRuby communityRuby RubyGems
GEMSPEC file extensionRubyGemsRuby RubyGems Specification Format
GEN file extensionESRIArcview ARC/INFO UnGenerate File Format
GENERICTEST file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Generic Test
GENMODEL file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE Domain Gen Model
GEO file extensionN/AVRML Geography Format
GEOJSON file extensionGeoJSONGeoJSON Format
GEP file extensionGepsoft Ltd.GeneXproTools Data
GEPRINT file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Pro Map Setting
GER file extensionN/AGerman Text/html Info
GES file extensionJörg WegnerPINGO GrADS Description
GET file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.Pov-Ray For Windows 3.x
GETRIGHT file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Unfinished Download
GEXF file extensionGEXF Working GroupGraph Exchange XML Graph Format
GF file extensionN/AMetaFont Font Format
GFA file extensionGFA Software TechnologiesGFA-BASIC Tokenized Source
GFAR file extensionGreenfoot.orgGreenfoot JAVA Archive
GFB file extensionGIFBlastGIFBlast Compressed GIF Image Format
GFC file extensionPatton&PattonPatton&Patton Flow Charting 4 Flowchart
GFD file extensionGadwin Systems, Inc.GeForms
GFF file extensionRoche NimbleGen, Inc.SignalMap Gene-Finding Format (GFF) Data
GFIE file extensionGreenfish SoftwareGreenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic
GFL file extensionGadwin Systems, Inc.GeForms
GFORM file extensionGoogleLink To Google Forms Web Application Form Document
GFP file extensionGreenForce-PlayerGreenForce-Player Audio Or Video Format
GFS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Remote
GFT file extensionNeoSoft Corp.NeoPaint Font
GFW file extensionN/AGIF World Format
GFX file extensionN/AGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GG file extensionGoogleGoogle Desktop Gadget Format
GGB file extensionGeoGebraGeoGebra Document Format
GGD file extensionCERCGASTAR Output
GGF file extensionTrimble Navigation LimitedGPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid
GGG file extensionSharon Dugdale & David KibbeyGreen Globs & Graphing Equations Game Record
GGI file extensionThe GGI ProjectGGI
GGM file extensionSharon Dugdale & David KibbeyGreen Globs & Graphing Equations Saved State
GGP file extensionGemcom Software International Inc.GemCom Graphic Format
GGPK file extensionGrinding Gears GamesGrinding Gears Package
GGR file extensionGIMPGIMP Gradient Format
GGS file extensionN/AGameboy Emulator
GGT file extensionGeoGebra TeamGeoGebra User-defined Tool
GGZ file extensionGarena OnlineGarena Skin
GHC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic Constant Map
GHD file extensionN/AGeonaute Keymaze Tracklog
GHO file extensionSymantecNorton Ghost Backup Image Format
GHS file extensionSymantecNorton Ghost Backup Format
GHT file extensionSymantec CorporationGhost Project
GHX file extensionScott DavidsonGrasshopper
GI file extensionN/AGlobal Image
GI! file extensionN/AGigaSampler/GigaStudio Split
GIC file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Engine Area
GID file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Help General Index Format
GIF file extensionN/AGraphics Interchange File Format
GIF2 file extensionNetObjects Inc.Netobjects Fusion Styles Lines
GIF89A file extensionN/AGIF 89a Image
GIFENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted GIF
GIFF file extensionN/ACompuServe Bitmap Image(Graphics Interchange Format)
GIG file extensionN/AGigaSampler/GigaStudio Audio Format
GIH file extensionGIMPGIMP Animated Brush
GIM file extensionSonySony Playstation 3 Icon Format
GIN file extensionGeneral Engine Management SystemsGEMS Engine Control Unit Format
GINSPECT_PRJ file extensionGOMGOM Inspect Project Format
GIO file extensionN/AAdagio Score Language Score Format
GIP file extensionEthanole SolutionsGhost Installer Package
GIR file extensionRETROBASE.NETGens Plus! Movie
GIS file extensionZaplotsCFS Console Game Installer Settings Format
GIT file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Game Engine Area
GITATTRIBUTES file extensionScott ChaconPro Git Attribute
GITIGNORE file extensionGitGit Ignore Format
GITKEEP file extensionN/AGitkeep
GJD file extensionTrilobyte7th Guest Game Archive
GJF file extensionGaussian, Inc.Gaussian Input Data
GKF file extensionAptech Systems, IncGAUSS Engine License
GKH file extensionN/AEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Floppy Format
GKO file extensionN/AGerber Keep Out Layer
GKP file extensionLocnetGameKeyboard
GKS file extensionInternational Organization for StandardizationGraphical Kernel System Fle
GL file extensionN/AGraphical System For Presentation Animation Format
GL2 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
GLA file extensionSourceTec SoftwareSothink SWF Easy Project Format
GLAD file extensionBroad InstituteGenePattern GLAD
GLADE file extensionThe Glade ProjectGlade Project Format
GLB file extensionAnalytical GraphicsSTK Globe Format
GLC file extensionGeometry Pty Ltd.IGIS Data
GLD file extensionMicrochip TechnologyMPLAB C Compiler Linker Script Format
GLF file extensionSpace EngineSpace Engine Shader Format
GLIF file extensionThe RoboFab developersGlyph Interchange Format
GLINK file extensionGoogleLink To Third-party Google Drive Web Application Document
GLK file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Shortcut
GLL file extensionAFMG Technologies GmbHEASE SpeakerLab Compiled Text
GLM file extensionDInsightDInsight Modeling Studio 3D CAM Model
GLO file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe RoboHelp Glossary Format
GLOBAL file extensionN/AGlobal Makefile
GLOS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Glossary
GLOX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphic Layout Definitions Package Format
GLP file extensionEIVA a/sNaviEdit Geoconsult Long Profile
GLS file extensionBabylonBabylon Builder Format
GLU file extensionCyberglueCyberglue
GLUE file extensionN/AGlueMon Audio
GLUT file extensionSGIOpenGL GLUT
GLUT2 file extensionSilicon Graphics, Inc.OpenGL Glut-3.6
GLUT3 file extensionSGIOpenGL GLUT
GLX file extensionPascoDataStudio Experiment
GLY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word Glossary Format
GLZ file extensionCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
GM file extensionGameMonkey ScriptGameMonkey Script
GM1 file extensionThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might & Magic 3 Saved Game
GM2 file extensionThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might & Magic III Saved Game
GM3 file extensionThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might & Magic III Saved Game
GM4 file extensionN/AAutologic Bitmap Image
GM6 file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Project Format
GM81 file extensionYoYo GamesGameMaker Data Format
GMANIFEST file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Desktop Gadget Control
GMAP file extensionGarminGarmin Map Format
GMBCK file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Background Image Format
GMC file extensionGlobal Mapper Software LLCGlobal Mapper Catalog
GMD file extensionN/AGame Maker Stored Game
GME file extensionInterActInteract DexDrive Sony Playstation Memory Card Save
GMF file extensionN/AGeology Multi-file
GMI file extensionMegalith-SystemsGPS Tuner Map Calibration Data
GMK file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Project Format
GML file extensionGaldos SystemsGeography Markup Language
GMM file extensionN/AGlobal Mobile Media
GMMOD file extensionN/AGame Maker 3D Model Format
GMMP file extensionMicrosoftWCS GMMP Gamut Mapping Profile
GMO file extensionN/AGNU Gettext Machine Object Format
GMP file extensionPatrice St-GelaisGeomorph Tile Map
GMR file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Compiled Game
GMRES file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Resource Format
GMS file extensionGMSLibGMS Gesture And Motion Signal Format
GMSPR file extensionYoYo GamesGameMaker Sprite Format
GMT file extensionImage SpaceRFactor Model Format
GMV file extensionGensGens Movie Capture Format
GMW file extensionGlobal Mapper Software LLCGlobal Mapper Workspace
GMX file extensionInfacta Ltd.GroupMail Message
GMZ file extensionYoYo GamesGameMaker Complete Source
GNC file extensionN/AGreat Notions Embroidery
GND file extensionN/AGeography Network Document
GNE file extensionLudicorpFlickr PHP Format
GNM file extensionN/AGNM Output Music
GNO file extensionGenoProGenoPro Genealogy Document Format
GNP file extensionGNXASGNXAS GNPeak Output Format
GNS file extensionSound Health OptionsSound Health Abacus Genesis
GNT file extensionMicro Focus International plcMicro Focus COBOL Generated Code
GNUMAKEFILE file extensionGNUGNU Make Makefile
GNUTAR file extensionFree Software FoundationTAR Archive Format
GO file extensionN/AGoogle Go Programming Language Source Code
GO! file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.Go!Zilla Unfinished Download
GOA file extensionN/ASpiceCAD
GOB file extensionLucasArts Entertainment Company, LLCLucasArts Game Resource
GOC file extensionBerkeley SoftworksGEOS GOC Source Code
GOD file extensionSynbiozGod Configuration Format
GOF file extensionOkino Computer GraphicsGameExchange Raw Object Definition
GOFIN file extensionGOFIN sp. z o.o.Druki Gofin Document
GOG file extensionWaveMachine Labs, Inc.Drumagog Sample
GOLD file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGnome Desktop
GOM file extensionGRETECHGOpenMol Model Format
GOOMOD file extension2D BoyWorld Of Goo Add-on
GOR file extensionEidos Interactive Ltd.Myth: The Fallen Lords Game Data
GORM file extensionN/AGorm Interface Resource Format
GOX file extensionClickTeamThe Games Factory Extension
GP file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro
GP1 file extensionDeLormeStreet Atlas GPS Log
GP2 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Plane 2 (negative)
GP3 file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro 3 Project Format
GP4 file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro 4 Project Format
GP5 file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro 5 Project File Format
GPB file extensionGenie-Soft CorporationGenie Backup Manager Configuration
GPBANK file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro Audio Bank Format
GPC file extensionGenie-Soft CorporationGenie Backup Manager Plugin
GPD file extensionRGB LightGraphic PhotoDefiner Image Format
GPE file extensionGameParkGP2X Video Game Executable Format
GPF file extensionGravity InteractiveRagnarok Online Gravity Re-packed Format
GPG file extensionFree Software FoundationGNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring Format
GPH file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Graph
GPI file extensionGarminGarmin Point Of Interest Format
GPJ file extensionGolden SoftwareGrapher Worksheet Project Or Project Format
GPK file extensionSteinbergSteinberg WaveLab Audio Peak Format
GPL file extensionDeLormeStreet Atlas USA GPL Log
GPM file extensionGravity Interactive Inc.Ragnarok Online Update
GPN file extensionN/AGlidePlan Map Document Format
GPP file extensionMusic Practiced PerfectlySerif GraphicsPlus Object Format
GPR file extensionBabylonBabylon Glossary Builder Project Format
GPRJ file extensionGearoticGearotic Motion Project
GPRX file extensionCreative GIS SolutionsGeoxa Project Format
GPS file extensionGRETECHGOM Player Skin Format
GPT file extensionN/AGerber Top Pad Master
GPU file extensionGameParkGP2X Utility Program Format
GPW file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Hydraflow Hydrographs Extension
GPX file extensionN/AGPS EXchange Format
GPZ file extensionIBMIBM DB2 Document Manager Document History
GQF file extensionPedagoguery Software Inc.GrafEq Data
GQS file extensionPedagoguery Software Inc.GrafEq Data
GQSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Style Definitions Package Format
GR2 file extensionRAD Game ToolsGranny 3D Format
GR4 file extensionContract Telecommunication Engineering Ltd.Pathloss Sharing
GRA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Graph Chart Format
GRADE file extensionGradeStatGradeStat Document Format
GRADS file extensionJörg WegnerPINGO GrADS Data
GRAFFLE file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Drawing Format
GRAPHML file extensionThe GraphML TeamGraph Markup Language Format
GRAPHMLZ file extensionN/ACompressed GraphML Source Format
GRASP file extensionN/AGraphical System For Presentation Animation Format
GRAY file extensionN/ARAW Gray Samples Bitmap Image
GRB file extensionWorld Meteorological OrganizationGRIB Meteorological Data Format
GRBDROPFILE file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight
GRC file extensionAffymetrix, Inc.Affymetrix Grid Control
GRD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Image Ready Gradient Format
GRDECL file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Specific
GREENFOOT file extensionGreenfoot.orgGreenfoot Project
GREY file extensionN/ARaw Image Format
GRF file extensionN/AMicrosoft GraphEdit Filter Graph Format
GRG file extensionGreatProgsGreatFamily Graphic Gallery
GRI file extensionPetrosys Pty LtdPetrosys Grid
GRIB file extensionN/AWMO CBS FM 92-VIII Ext. Gridded Binary Format
GRID file extensionDonationCoder.comGridMove Grid Settings
GRK file extensionGradekeeperGradekeeper Document
GRL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Update Status Format
GRLE file extensionGIANTS Software GmBHFarming Simulator Save Game
GRM file extensionStanford Business Software, IncMINOS
GRN file extensionRAD Game ToolsGranny 3D Format
GRO file extensionHewlett-PackardHP-48/49 Grob Graphic Image Format
GROB file extensionHewlett-PackardGraphic Object Bitmap Format
GROOVE file extensionSonySony ACID Groove Format
GROOVY file extensionVMware, Inc.Groovy Programming Language Script Format
GROUP file extensionMicrosoftWindows Mail Group Format
GROUPPROJ file extensionEmbarcadero TechnologiesDelphi Project Group Format
GROUPS file extensionWebMoneyWM Keeper CLASSIC Group
GROWLREGDICT file extensionGrowlGrowl Temp Format
GROWLSTYLE file extensionGrowl TeamGrowl WebKit Style
GROWLTICKET file extensionGrowlGrowl Notification Format
GROWLVIEW file extensionGrowl TeamGrowl Display Plugin
GRP file extensionSmarterToolsSmarterMail Group Format
GRR file extensionGradekeeperGradekeeper Class Roster Format
GRS file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Skin
GRT file extensionGolden SoftwareGrapher Template
GRU file extensionFXpansion™ Audio UK Ltd.Geist Preset
GRV file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Format
GRW file extensionNaviter d.o.o.SeeYou Waypoint
GRX file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight File List
GRXML file extensionN/AGrammar
GRY file extensionN/ARaw Image (Raw GREY)
GS file extensionVerity Software HouseGemStone Document Format
GS0 file extensionN/ASega Genesis (Megadrive) Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save Format
GS1 file extensionBloodlust SoftwareGenecyst Save State 1
GS3 file extensionGameStarterGenecyst Game Save State 1 Format
GS4 file extensionBloodlust SoftwareGenecyst Saved State Slot 4
GSA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Working Space Archive Or Template
GSB file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software Boundary Data Format
GSBA file extensionInsaneMattGameSave Manager Save Backup
GSC file extensionActivisionCall Of Duty Script Format
GSCRIPT file extensionGoogle Inc.Link To Google Scripts Web Application Script
GSCX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Diagram
GSD file extensionPROFIBUS & PROFINET InternationalGeneric Station Description Format
GSDU file extensionInsaneMattGameSave Manager Database Update
GSE file extensionPsytech InternationalGeneSys Export
GSF file extensionArtifex SoftwareGhostscript Fonts
GSFLIB file extensionN/AGame Boy Advance Song Library
GSHEET file extensionGoogleLink To Google Sheets Web Application Spreadsheet Document
GSI file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software Interchange Format
GSL file extensionSiber Systems, Inc.GoodSync Job List
GSLIDES file extensionGoogleLink To Google Slides Web Application Presentation
GSM file extensionN/AGSM Sound Format
GSP file extensionIpswitchIMail Server Returned Mail
GSPROJ file extensionGameSaladGameSalad Project Format
GSR file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software GIS Format
GSR2 file extensionGolden SoftwareGolden Software Reference Format
GSS file extensionN/AMulti Game Memory Editor Memory Snapshot
GST file extensionMapInfoMapInfo Geoset Format
GSTENCIL file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Stencil
GSVR file extensionArtifex SoftwareGhostScript
GSX file extensionN/AGens Sega Emulator Save State Format
GSYM file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD For Mac Geometric Description Language
GSZ file extensionGEO-SLOPE International Ltd.GeoStudio Project
GSZIP file extensionGameSaladGameSalad Market Asset Format
GT file extensionN/AGold Thread Embroidery Format
GT2 file extensionSourceForge.netGraoumf Tracker Music Module (MOD)
GTA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Tool Archive Format
GTABLE file extensionGoogleLink To Google Fusion Tables Web Application Table
GTAR file extensionFree Software FoundationGNU Tar Compressed Archive Format
GTC file extensionGraitecGraitec Exchange Format
GTE file extensionGigaTrustGigaTrust Protected
GTEMPLATE file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Template
GTH file extensionOlle PerssonBibexcel
GTHR file extensionMicrosoftGather Log Format
GTI file extensionGeorgia Tech Research CorporationSTRUDL Input
GTKRC file extensionThe GTK+ ProjectGTK+ Skin Format
GTL file extensionN/AGerber Top Layer
GTM file extensionCharles H. KingGreekToMe Data Format
GTO file extensionIntuit Inc.Quicken Online Data
GTP file extensionArobas MusicGuitar Pro Project
GTS file extensionCaptiveWorksCaptiveWorks PVR Video Recording Format
GTX file extensionSpiral Graphics Inc.Genetica Seamless Texture Format
GUI file extensionIndigo Byte SystemsDr.Explain Project Format
GUIDE file extensionCloanto Italia srlAmigaGuide Hypertext
GUIDES file extensionThe IconfactoryThe Iconfactory XScope Guides Format
GUL file extensionSamsung GroupJungUm Global Viewer Korean Language
GUS file extensionGetscores.orgUniversal Score Poster Script
GV file extensionAT&TGraphviz DOT Language Format
GVG file extensionKompassKompass Map
GVI file extensionGoogleGoogle Video Format
GVIMRC file extensiongVimGVim Settings Format
GVM file extensionSega CorporationPhantasy Star Online
GVN file extensionGeoVisu Development TeamGeoVisu Navigation Data
GVP file extensionGoogleGoogle Video Player Google Video Pointer Playlist Format
GVR file extensionGeoVisu Development TeamGeoVisu Routes
GVT file extensionGeoVisu Development TeamGeoVisu Tracklogs
GVW file extensionGeoVisu Development TeamGeoVisu Waypoints
GVY file extensionVMware, Inc.Groovy Script Format
GW file extensionGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Groundwater Input
GWB file extensionVSN InternationalGenStat Book
GWF file extensionBenthic SoftwareBenthic Golden
GWI file extensionNovellGroupWise Link Information Format
GWK file extensionGraphiCodeGC-Prevue GraphiCode PCB Job Format
GWL file extensionN/ANanoscribe General Writing Language
GWP file extensionMicrosoftGreetings WorkShop Format
GWS file extensionIntergraphGeoMedia Geoworkspace Format
GWT file extensionN/ASpaceStat Generalized Weights Format
GWV file extensionESI LTDGroundwater Vistas Packaged Model
GX2 file extensionN/AGeneric Cadd
GXA file extensionGeneral CADD Products, Inc.General CADD Attribute Data
GXC file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Component Data Format
GXD file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Drawing Format
GXF file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Font Data Format
GXH file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Hatch Pattern Format
GXK file extensionGalaxkeyGalaxkey File Manager Encrypted Format
GXL file extensionN/AGraph Exchange Language Format
GXM file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Format
GXR file extensionArtech Consultores S.R.L.GeneXus Report
GXT file extensionRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto 2 Game Format
GXW file extensionGRASS Development TeamGRASS GIS Workspace Layout Definition
GYM file extensionN/ASega Genesis/Mega Drive Music Logged
GYP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationGoogle Chromium GYP Input Configuration
GYPI file extensionN/AChrome/Chromium Include
GZ file extensionThe GNU ProjectGZIP Compressed Archive Format
GZ1 file extensionOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
GZ2 file extensionN/AMisnamed BZ2 Format
GZA file extensionN/ABzip2 Compressed File Archive
GZF file extensionMaximumSoft Corp.Webcopier
GZI file extensionN/AGZip Compressed Archive
GZIP file extensionN/AGNU ZIP Gzip Compressed Archive Format
GZL file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.Go!Zillalist
GZP file extensionJoshua HabermanGazelle System Page
GZQUAR file extensionSoftwinBitDefender Quarantine
GZR file extensionMAIET Entertainment, Inc.GunZ

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