File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
0XE file extensionF-SecureF-Secure Renamed Infected Executable Format
73K file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-73 Application
89K file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-89 Application Format
A6P file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Authorware Application Format
AC file extensionN/AGLPK Automake/autoconf Configure Definitions Format
ACR file extensionAcr-SoftACRobot Script Format
ACTION file extensionAppleMac OS X Automator Action Format
ACTM file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Action Macro Format
AHK file extensionAutoHotkeyAutoHotkey Script Format
AIR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe AIR Rich Internet Applications
APK file extensionGoogleGoogle Android Package Format
APP file extensionAppleMAC Application Package Or Core System Service Format
APPLESCRIPT file extensionAppleAppleScript Script Format
ARSCRIPT file extensionAmbient DesignArtRage Script
ASB file extensionPlanitAlphacam Stone VB Macro Format
AWK file extensionN/AAWK Programming Language Script Format
AXF file extensionN/AARM Executable Format
AZW2 file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Program Format
BAT file extensionMicrosoftBatch File (executable)
BA_ file extensionMicrosoftRenamed BAT Format
BEAM file extensionEricssonCompiled Erlang Code Format
BI? file extensionTerry A. DavisLoseThos Binary Executable
BIN file extensionN/ALinux Executable Format
BPP file extensionBeijing YouRanTianDi Technology Co.Ltd.Kuaiyong Downloaded IOS Application
CAC file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE IV Executable
CACTION file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Automator Conversion Action Format
CELX file extensionCelestia Development TeamCelestia Script
CGI file extensionN/ACommon Gateway Interface Script Format
CMD file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Command Script Format
COF file extensionMicrochip TechnologyMPLAB COFF Format
COFFEE file extensionN/ACoffeeScript Script Format
COM file extensionN/ACommand Executable Format
COMMAND file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Terminal Format
CSH file extensionN/ACsh Script Format
CYW file extensionN/ARbot.CYW Worm Format
DEK file extensionEavesdropperEavesdropper Batch Format
DEXE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Virtual PC For Mac Executable
DLD file extensionCampbell ScientificEdLog Compiled Program
DMC file extensionThe Sage GroupSage Medical Manager Script Format
DS file extensionN/AHP OfficeJet T Series TWAIN Format
DXL file extensionIBMIBM Rational DOORS Extension Language
EBM file extensionAttachmateAttachmate Extra! Macro Format
EBS file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Run Version 1 Script Format
EBS2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Run Script Format
ECF file extensionThe Sage GroupSageCRM Component Format
EHAM file extensionZaplotsHAM Programmer Toolkit ExtraHAM Executable Format
ELF file extensionNintendoNintendo Wii Game Format
ES file extensionThe Sage GroupSageCRM Script Format
EX4 file extensionMetaQuotesMetaTrader Program Format
EXE file extensionMicrosoftProgram Executable Format
EXE1 file extensionN/ARenamed Executable Format
EXOPC file extensionExoPCExoPC Application Format
EX_ file extensionMicrosoftCompressed EXE Format
EZS file extensionN/AEZ-R Stats For Windows Batch Submit Format
EZT file extensionN/AWorm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt Format
E_E file extensionN/ARenamed EXE Format
FAS file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Fast-load Auto LISP Format
FKY file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Macro Format
FPI file extensionThe Game CreatorsFPS Creator Intelligence Script Format
FQY file extensionTernion CorporationFLAMES (FLARE) Command
FRS file extensionRL VisionFlash Renamer Script Format
FXP file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Compiled Database Format
GADGET file extensionMicrosoftWindows Sidebar Gadget Format
GAMBAS file extensionSourceForge.netGambas Application
GPE file extensionGameParkGP2X Video Game Executable Format
GPU file extensionGameParkGP2X Utility Program Format
GS file extensionGeosoftGeosoft Script
HAM file extensionZaplotsHAM Executable Format
HMS file extensionKS-SoftHostMonitor Script Format
HPF file extensionHewlett-PackardHP9100A Program Format
HTA file extensionMicrosoftHTML Program Format
ICD file extensionMacrovisionSafeDisc Encrypted Digital Rights Management Format
IIM file extensioniOpusIOpus Internet Macro Format
INX file extensionAcressoInstallShield Compiled Rules Format
IPF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SMS Installer Script
ISU file extensionMacrovisionInstallShield Uninstall Script Format
JAR file extensionOracleCompressed Archive Format Package For Java Classes And Data Format
JAX file extensionOracle CorporationJava Executable JAR
JS file extensionN/AJavaScript Format
JSE file extensionN/AJScript Encoded Script Format
JSX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Script Format
KIX file extensionKiXtartKiXtart Script Format
KMD file extensionAndersonBell CorpABSTAT For Windows Batch
KSH file extensionN/AUnix Shell Script
LO file extensionBroadVisionInterleaf Compiled Lisp Format
LS file extensionNewTekLightWave LScript Format
M3G file extensionNokiaNokia Mobile 3D Graphics Program Format
MAM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Macro Shortcut Format
MCR file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 3D Studio Max Macroscript Format
MEL file extensionAutodeskMaya Embedded Language
MEM file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect Macro Editor Format
MEXW32 file extensionMathWorks, Inc.MATlab Program Executable
MIO file extensionMioplanet TechnologiesMIO Multimedia Format
MPX file extensionN/AFoxPro Compiler Menu
MRC file extensionmIRCMIRC Script Format
MS file extensionAutodesk3D Studio Max Script Source Code
MSL file extensionImageMagickImageMagick Scripting Language Format
MST file extensionN/AWindows Installer Transform Script Format
MXE file extensionInsight Software SolutionsMacro Express Format
N file extensionNicolas CannasseNeko Bytecode Format
NDR file extensionOpen Text CorporationRightFax Executable
NEXE file extensionGoogleGoogle Chrome Native Client Executable Format
OAT file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android RunTime Code
OBS file extensionN/AObjectScript Script Format
ODEX file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Android Optimized Executalbe
ORE file extensioncraitOre Executable Format
OSX file extensionN/AApple Mac OS PowerPC Executable Format
OTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Macro Format
PAF file extensionN/APortableApps Portable Application Install Package
PAFEXE file extensionThe PortableApps.com ProjectPortableApps.com Program Format
PE file extensionN/APE - Portable Executable
PEX file extensionProBoardProBoard Executable Format
PHAR file extensionGreg BeaverPHP Extension And Application Repository Archive Format
PIF file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Program Information Format
PLSC file extensionN/ALive Messenger Script Pack
PLX file extensionN/APERL Programming Language Script Format
PPP9 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Wizard
PPZ9 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Wizard
PRC file extensionPalmPalm OS Resource Or Ebook Format
PRG file extensionN/AProgram Source Format
PS1 file extensionMicrosoftWindows PowerShell Format
PVD file extensionHPIInstalit Script
PWC file extensionN/APictureTaker Format
PWZ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint Wizard
PYC file extensionN/ACompiled Python Script Source Code
PYO file extensionN/APython Compiled Format
PYZ file extensionPython Software FoundationPython Zipped Executable
QIT file extensionN/ABackdoor.QIT Trojan Horse Format
QPX file extensionN/AFoxPro Compiled Executable QBE Query Format
RBTX file extensionN/ANXT Create Pack & Go Package
RBX file extensionIBMIBM Rembo-C Compiled Script Format
RGS file extensionN/AInstallShield Script For Windows Registry
ROX file extensionActuateActuate E.Report Designer Report Object Executable Format
RPJ file extensionUni CompReal Pac Batch Job Format
RTL file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Runtime Library
RUN file extensionN/ALinux Executable Format
RXE file extensionThe LEGO GroupLego Mindstorms NXT Executable Format
S2A file extensionSEALSEAL Program Format
SBS file extensionIBMSPSS Script Format
SCA file extensionScalaScala InfoChannel Script Format
SCAR file extensionSCARSCAR Script Format
SCB file extensionScalaScala InfoChannel Published Script
SCPT file extensionAppleAppleScript Script Format
SCR file extensionN/AScript Format
SCRIPT file extensionN/AGeneric Script Format
SCT file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Script Component Format
SEED file extensionN/ALinux Preseed Format
SHB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Shortcut Into A Document
SKO file extensionN/ASage Accounting Executable
SMM file extensionSamnaAmi Pro Macro Format
SPR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft FoxPro Form Source Format
SXX file extensionSAS Institute Inc.SAS Stat Studio Module Executable
TCP file extensionTally SolutionsTally.ERP Compiled Program Format
THM file extensionThermwoodThermwood Mastercam Macro Format
TMS file extensionTelemateTimeless Time & Expense Multi-user Settings Format
U3P file extensionN/AU3 Platform Install Format
UDF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel User Defined Function Format
UPX file extensionMarkus OberhumerUltimate Packer For EXecutable Format
VB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual Basic Script Format
VBE file extensionN/AVisual Basic Encoded Script Format
VBS file extensionMicrosoftVisual Basic Script Format
VBSCRIPT file extensionN/AVisual Basic Script
VDO file extensionN/AHeathen Virus Format
VEXE file extensionN/AInfected Executable Format
VLX file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD AutoLISP Macro Application Format
VPM file extensionRight Seat SoftwareVox Proxy Macro Format
WCM file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect Macro Format
WIDGET file extensionYahoo!Yahoo! Widget Format
WINCE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows CE Program Executable
WINDOWSLIVEGROUP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Live Mail
WIZ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Wizard Format
WORKFLOW file extensionAppleMac OS X Automator Format
WPK file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect Macro Format
WPM file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Macro Format
WS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Script Format
WSF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Scripting Format
XAP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Silverlight Application Package Format
XBAP file extensionMicrosoftXAML Browser Application Format
XLM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Macro Format
XQT file extensionN/ASuperCalc Macro Spreadsheet Format
XYS file extensionDonald LessauXYplorer Script Format
ZL9 file extensionZoneAlarmZoneAlarm Mailsafe Renamed EXE Format

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