3D&CAD Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
$AC file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk AutoCAD Autosave Format
123 file extensionSunstone CircuitsPCB123 Circuit Board Design Format
123C file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 123D CAD Drawing Format
123D file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 123D Drawing
123DX file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 123D Design Model Format
2CD file extensionIMSI/Design, LLC.DoubleCAD CAD
2D file extensionArchway SystemsVersaCAD 2D Drawing Format
3B file extension3D Coat3D Coat
3D file extensionN/AStereo CAD-3D Image Format
3D2 file extensionN/AAtari Stereo CAD-3D 2.0 Objects Graphics Format
3D4 file extensionN/AAtari Stereo CAD-3D Objects Graphics Format
3DA file extensionN/A3D Assembly Format
3DC file extensionIntelitekRoboCell Project Format
3DE file extensionDeskArtes OyDeskArtes 3D
3DF file extensionInformative GraphicsQuickdraw 3D Format
3DL file extensionLight ConverseLightConverse 3D Model Format
3DM file extensionMcNeel3DML Data Format
3DMAP file extensionN/ACATIA 3dmap
3DMBAK file extensionRobert McNeel & AssociatesRhino 3D Model Backup
3DMF file extensionAppleMac OS Quickdraw 3D Metafile
3DMK file extensionAutodesk123D Project Format
3DMLW file extensionN/A3DMLW
3DON file extensionKeen Edge SoftwareScrutinize 3D Mesh Format
3DP file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 123D Photo Scene Format
3DPS file extensionJellypie Software3D EBook Shot Animation
3DS file extensionAutodesk3D Studio MAX Graphics Format
3DV file extensionN/A3D VRML World Format
3DW file extensionLeaderwerks3D World Studio 3D Project Format
3DX file extensionN/ARhino 3D Graphic
3DXMJ file extension3DXM Consortium3D-XplorMath-J Visualization
3DXML file extensionDassault SystemesDassault Systems Universal 3D XML Format
3PI file extensionEl Dorado Software3rd PlanIt
3WS file extensionEsriCityEngine Web Scene
A2C file extensionCarnegie Mellon UniversityAlice Scene Format
A2L file extensionASAM MCD-2MCASAP2 Description Format
A3D file extensionEoviaAmapi 3D Modeling
A3S file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk 3D Scene
A8S file extensionSteven GlanvilleAnim8or Script Format
AB$ file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk AutoCAD Plot Spooling
AC3D file extensionInivis Limited3d Format Data
ACT file extensionEclipse EntertainmentGenesis3D Actor Format
ADI file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Device-independent Binary Plotter Format
ADJ file extensionLISTECHLISCAD Adjustment
ADSK file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Exchange
ADT file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Audit Report
AD_ASM file extensionAlibre Inc.Alibre Design CAD
AD_PRT file extensionAlibre Inc.Alibre Design CAD
AEB file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Wire EDM VB Macro
AED file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Wire EDM Drawing
AEF file extensionACERI, S. A.ELECTRICAL Designer Related
AF file extensionSerif Europe Ltd.3DPlus Model
AFD file extensionPlanitAlphacam Flame Drawing Format
AFS file extensionBentley SystemsSTAAD.foundation Project Format
AGDB file extensionANSYS Inc.ANSYS DesignSpace
AGG file extensionBedRock Software Inc.AggFlow Plant Flow Analysis
AGL file extensionPlanaria Software LLC.ArgusLab Molecular Graphics Modelling
AGZ file extensionBedRock Software Inc.AggFlow Aggregate Plant Flow Diagram
AIG file extensionMCS Investments, Inc.Architecture Drawing
AJB file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Water Jet VB Macro
AJD file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Water Jet Drawing
AJM file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Water Jet Parameter Macro
ALG file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedInRoads Survey Alignment
AMD file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill Drawing
AMT file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam 3D Mill, 2D Mill Tool
AN8 file extensionSteven GlanvilleAnim8or 3D Animation Format
ANA file extensionCuylaerts EngineeringAnalysis For Windows
ANF file extensionANSYS Inc.ANSYS DesignModeler
ANG file extensionTSS-Transport Simulation SystemsAIMSUN NG Related
ANIM file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Maya Animation Format
ANIMSET file extensionOC3 EntertainmentFaceFX Animation Set Format
ANIMSET_INGAME file extensionOC3 EntertainmentFaceFX In-Game Animation Set Format
ANL file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Nest List
ANM file extensionN/A3D Animation Format
ANY file extensionDRail ModelspoorAnyRail Layout Plan Format
AOF file extensionAbvent GroupArtlantis Object Format
APJ file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Project
ARD file extensionEskoArtiosCAD Workspace Format
ARM file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Router Parameter Macro
ASAT file extensionN/AAssemble SAT 3D Model Format
ASM file extensionSiemensSolid Edge Assembly Format
ASMDOT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Assembly Template
ASMPRP file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Assembly Custom Properties Tab Template
ASY file extensionLinear TechnologyLTspice IV Circuit Diagram Format
ATB file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Lathe VB Macro
ATD file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Lathe Drawing
ATL file extensionAbvent GroupArtlantis 3D Scene Format
ATM file extensionE-on SoftwareVue 3D Environment Format
ATMSPHR file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen Latmoshpere Andscape Render
ATP file extensionPlanit Solutions Inc.Alphacam Lathe Post
ATT file extensionAlphacamAlphacam Lathe Tool Format
ATTX file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.Cadence Atribut
B3D file extensionBlitz ResearchBlitz3D/Max/Plus Texture, Mesh Format
BAF file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield 2 Animation
BBCD file extensionBobCAD-CAMBobCAD-CAM Document
BCD file extensionARMRealView Debugger Board Chip Definition Format
BDL file extensionParametric TechnologyCoCreate Designer Bundle Format
BGEO file extensionSide Effects Software Inc.Houdini Binary Geometry Format
BIMX file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD BIMx 3D Scene
BIOT file extensionRipplon Software Inc.BiotSavart Magnetic Design
BIP file extensionN/ACharacter Studio Biped Format
BIT file extensionXilinxXilinx Integrated Software Environment Bitstream Format
BKB file extensionVariCAD, s.r.o.VariCAD Drawing
BLEND file extensionThe Blender FoundationBlender 3D Data Format
BLK file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Block Template Format
BMF file extensionIMSI/DesignFloorPlan Project Format
BOS file extension3am Solutions (UK) LimitedDynamite VSP Building Object Style
BOX3D file extensionBoxShot3D.comBox Shot 3D Project
BPKEY file extensionStichting Blender FoundationBlender Publisher License Key
BPMN file extensionKAISHA-Tec Co. LtdAvantage Template
BPZ file extensionEasy Blue PrintEasy Blue Print Library
BR3 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 3D Scene Format
BR4 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 4 Scene Format
BR5 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 5 Scene Format
BR6 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 6 Scene Format
BR7 file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 7 Scene Format
BRC file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce 2 Scene
BREP file extensionOpen CASCADE3D Model
BRG file extensionMicrosoftAge Of Mythology 3D Game Model Format
BRLCAD file extensionBRL-CAD Development Team and US ArmyBRL-CAD 3D
BRO file extensionOnyx ComputingTree Professional Broadleaf Creator Format
BRP file extensionOnyx Computing, Inc.Tree Professional Broadleaf Creator Image
BSK file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce 4 Format
BTG file extensionCurtis L. OlsonFlightGear Scenery
BTO file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Tree Format
BUNDLEDMESH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Bundled Mesh
BVH file extensionBiovisionBiovision Hierarchy Animation Format
BXL file extensionAccelerated DesignsAccelerated Designs PCB Library Format
C1 file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.Pov-Ray For Windows 3.x Scenes Advanced Newltpot
C18 file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.Dassault Systemes Catia V4 Sequential
C2 file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.Pov-Ray For Windows 3.x Scenes Advanced Newltpot
C3E file extensionN/ACYPE Related
C3T file extensionCambridgeSoft CorporationChemical Template
C3XML file extensionCambridgeSoft CorporationChem3D XML Format
C3Z file extensionOpenQwaqOpenQwaq 3D Model Format
C4D file extensionMaxonCINEMA 4D File Format
C6 file extensionAshlar IncorporatedOrganic 2D/3D Drafting & 3D Modelling
CAD file extensionBobCAD-CAMCAD Drawing Format
CAE file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.Abaqus CAE Model
CAM file extensionN/AGerber CAM Job Format
CAS file extensionThe Creative AssemblyMedieval 2 Total War Model Format
CATALOG file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Catalog
CATANALYSIS file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Analysis
CATDRAWING file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Drawing
CATFCT file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA CATfct
CATKNOWLEDGE file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA CATKnowledge
CATMATERIAL file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA CATMaterial
CATPART file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA Part Format
CATPROCESS file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Process
CATPRODUCT file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA Product Format
CATRASTER file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Raster
CATRESOURCE file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Resource
CATSHAPE file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Shape
CATSWL file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA CATSwl
CATSYSTEM file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Functional Systems
CAX file extensionVisual Collaboration Technologies Inc.VCollab 3D Model
CBCP file extensionCodeBaby Corp.CodeBaby Production Studio Character Package
CCB file extensionAmbieraCopperCube Scene
CDDX file extensionCircuit DiagramCircuit Diagram Diagram Format
CDE file extensionKubotek USA Inc.CADKEY Dynamic Extension
CDL file extensionKubotekCADKey CAD Language Format
CDW file extensionASCONKOMPAS CAD Drawing Format
CEL file extensionBentley SystemsMicroStation Cell Library
CF2 file extensionN/ACommon File Format 2
CFF file extensionN/ACommon File Format
CG file extensionNVIDIANVidia CgFX Format
CG3 file extensionCABRILOGCabri 3D Document
CGA file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Vehicle Animation Format
CGFX file extensionNVIDIACgFX Shader Format
CHR file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 3D Studio Max Character Format
CHRPARAMS file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Character Paramters Format
CINEMA4D file extensionMAXON Computer GmbHCinema 4D For Amiga
CIR file extensionN/ASupermax ECAD Command Save
CIRCUIT file extensionKTechlabKTechlab Circuit Design Format
CKD file extensionKubotekKubotek Design Container
CLDLYR file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen Cloud Layer
CM2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Camera Set Format
CMOD file extensionCelestia Development TeamCelestia Model Format
CMP file extensionSiemensSolid Edge Wire Harness Format
CMP_XML file extensionSiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.Solid Edge XML Design
CMZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Camera Set Format
CNC file extensionN/ACNC Machine Tool Path Format
CND file extensionMelcoMelco Condensed Embroidery Format
CNI file extensionCenter for Comparative NeuroImagingCWBench
CO file extensionVellum Investment Partners, LLCCobalt 3D
COA file extensionCaligari CorporationCaligari TrueSpace 3D Object
COLLISIONMESH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Collision Mesh
CPA file extensionZukenCADSTAR PCB Archive Format
CR2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Character Rigging Format
CRF file extensionCal3DCal3D Binary Materials Format
CRV file extensionVectricVCarve Pro Design Format
CRZ file extensionSmith MicroCompressed Poser Character Rigging Format
CSM file extensionAutodesk3ds Max Character Studio Maker Format
CYP file extensionChief ArchitectHome Designer Pro Project Format
CZD file extensionThe CAD ZoneThe Crash Zone Drawing Format
D3D file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker 3D Model Format
DAB file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Rainfall Distribution Table
DAE file extensionSonyCollada 3D Digital Asset Format
DAZ file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Studio Format
DB1 file extensionTeklaTekla Structures Format
DBL file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Brick Light Format
DBQ file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Query Set
DBS file extensionGAMBITGAMBIT Mesh Format
DC file extensionIMSI/DesignDesignCAD CAD Format
DC2 file extensionIMSI/DesignDesignCAD CAD Format
DC3 file extensionIMSI/DesignDesignCAD 3D ASCII Drawing
DCD file extensionIMSI/DesignDesignCAD Drawing Format
DCN file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Depth Slope Definition
DDD file extensionDream Design EntertainmentGLBasic 3D Data Format
DECK file extensionSimpson Strong-Tie Company Inc.DeckTools Deck Project
DES file extensionPTCPro/DESKTOP Design Format
DF3 file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.POV-Ray
DFF file extensionN/ARenderWare Model Format
DFS file extensionBrainSuiteBrainSuite 3D Surface Format
DFT file extensionN/ASolid Edge Drawing Format
DFX file extensionAutodeskDrafix CAD Format
DGB file extensionDigitarchFlashCAD Drawing Database Format
DGK file extensionDelcamDelcam PowerMILL Format
DGN file extensionBentley SystemsMicroStation Design Format
DGR file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation CAD Design
DIF file extensionTorquePowered.comTorque Game Engine Model Format
DLF file extensionDATACAD LLC.DataCAD Double Precision Layer
DLV file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA Export Format
DPJ file extensionDelft Spline SystemsDeskProto Project
DR3D file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDream 3D Graphics
DR4 file extensionKnowledge Base SoftwareAllyCAD Drawing
DRA file extensionCadence Design SystemsOrCAD PCB Drawing Format
DRF file extensionAutodeskVIZ Render Format
DRG file extensionKnowledge BaseAllyCAD CAD Design Drawing Format
DRWDOT file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks Drawing Template Format
DRWPRP file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Drawing Custom Properties Tab Template
DS4 file extensionCorel CorporationMicrografx Designer Graphic
DSA file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Studio 3+ Script
DSE file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Studio Encrypted Script
DSG file extensionNew Wave ConceptsControl Studio Document Format
DSI file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Studio Layered Image Set
DSO file extensionDAZ ProductionsDAZ Studio Object Format
DST file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Sheet Set Format
DTN file extensionIQSoftTunnelCAD Import Or Export
DVG file extensionData BeckerGraphicsWorks Vector Drawing Format
DWB file extensionVariCAD, s.r.o.VariCAD Drawing
DWF file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Design Web Format
DWFX file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Design Web Format
DWG file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Drawing Format
DWK file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk AutoCAD Locked DWG
DWL2 file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Drawing Lock
DWM file extensionD.J. BarkerDigital Works Circuit Project
DWS file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Standardization Format
DWT file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Template Format
DXE file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Data Extraction Template Format
DXF file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD DXF Drawing Exchange Format
DXX file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute Format
E3A file extensionUnited Technologies CorporationCarrier HAP Project
E3D file extensionSolidWorks CorporationInstant3D Project
E3S file extensionZukenE3.series Project
E3W file extensionZukenE3.WireWorks Project
E57 file extensionASTM E57 Committee on 3D Imaging SystemsLIDAR Point Cloud Data Format
EASM file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks EDrawing Assembly Format
ED file extensionAndor Co., LtdEasyDraw CAD
EDN file extensionXilinxElectronic Design Interchange Format
EDRW file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks EDrawing Format
EDW file extensionSolidWorks CorporationEDrawings SolidWorks Corp
EGG file extensionCarnegie MellonPanda3D Transform Definition Format
EIL file extensionN/AEagle Library Intermediate
EMS file extensioneMachineShop.comEMachineShop CAD Design
EPRT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks EDrawing Part
EPX file extensionInformatix Software InternationalPiranesi 3D Model
EQN file extensionN/AGAL Equation Format
EQX file extensionPAV TechnologiesEQuinoX Project
EWB file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim Electronics Workbench Format
EWD file extensionDDXEasyWOOD Format
EXB file extensionCAXACaxa CAD Drawing
EXP file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA Export Format
EZC file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup Format
EZP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup Format
F3D file extensionAutodesk 360Fusion 3D Design
FACEFX file extensionOC3 EntertainmentFaceFX Actor Format
FACEFX_INGAME file extensionOC3 EntertainmentFaceFX In-Game Actor Format
FACT file extensionEIAS3DEIAS ElectricImage 3D
FAN file extensionAutoDesSysForm•Z Animation Format
FBX file extensionAutodeskAutodesk FBX Interchange Format
FC2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Face Pose Format
FCD file extensionEvolution ComputingFastCAD Or EasyCAD 2D Vector Image Format
FCSTD file extensionFreeCADFreeCAD Drawing Format
FCW file extensionEvolution ComputingFastCAD CAD Format
FCZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Face Pose Format
FG file extensionSingular InversionsFaceGen Project Format
FIS file extension3am Solutions (UK) LimitedDynamite VSP Feature Interpretation Style
FLW file extensionNext Limit TechnologiesRealFlow Scene
FLX file extensionGiveMePowerFelixCAD Drawing Format
FLY file extensionSkyline Software Systems Inc.TerraExplorer Project
FMZ file extensionAutoDesSysForm-Z Project Format
FNC file extensionDenfordQuickCAM 3D CNC Format
FP3 file extensionIMSI/DesignFloorPlan 3D Format
FPE file extensionThe Game CreatorsFPS Creator Entity Format
FPF file extensionIKEAIKEA Home Planner Format
FPJ file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Facial Editor Project Format
FRY file extensionRandomControlFryrender Export Format
FSH file extensionOpenGLFragment Shader Format
FSQ file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Facial Editor Sequence Format
FWF file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads Survey Feature Table
FX file extensionMicrosoftDirectX D3DXEffect Object Format
FXA file extensionO3 EntertainmentOC3 FaceFX Actor Format
FXL file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Facial Expression Library
FXS file extensionpmGMessiahStudio Scene Format
FZ file extensionFritzingFritzing Project Format
FZP file extensionFritzingFritzing Part Format
FZZ file extensionFritzingFritzing Data Format
G file extensionBRL-CADBRL-CAD Geometry Format
G03 file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork
G1 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Routing Layer 1
G10 file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.MicroSim PCBoard Photoplot Artwork
G12 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 12 Gerber Data
G13 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 13 Gerber Data
G14 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 14 Gerber Data
G15 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer 15 Gerber Data
G2 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Routing Layer 2
G3D file extensionGOMGOM ATOS 3D Scan Format
G4 file extensionGTX Europe Ltd.GTX RasterCAD
G5 file extensionN/ACAMtastic Mid Layer Gerber Data
GBL file extensionN/AGerber Botom Layer
GBO file extensionN/AGerber Bottom Overlay (silk Screen)
GBX file extensionN/AGerber Format
GBXML file extensionN/AGreen Building XML
GCD file extensionGeneric CADDGeneric CADD Drawing Format
GDD file extensionN/AGerber Drill Drawing Data
GDS file extensionCadence Design SystemsGraphic Data System Format
GE2 file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Maya 4 GE2 Exporter
GE3 file extensionCNC Software, Inc.Mastercam Geometry
GEO file extensionN/AVRML Geography Format
GET file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.Pov-Ray For Windows 3.x
GHX file extensionScott DavidsonGrasshopper
GINSPECT_PRJ file extensionGOMGOM Inspect Project Format
GKO file extensionN/AGerber Keep Out Layer
GLF file extensionSpace EngineSpace Engine Shader Format
GLM file extensionDInsightDInsight Modeling Studio 3D CAM Model
GM1 file extensionN/AGerber Mechanical 1 (board Outline)
GM2 file extensionN/AGerber Mechanical 2 (board Outline)
GMMOD file extensionN/AGame Maker 3D Model Format
GMT file extensionImage SpaceRFactor Model Format
GOF file extensionOkino Computer GraphicsGameExchange Raw Object Definition
GP1 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Plane 1 (negative)
GP2 file extensionN/AGerber Inner Plane 2 (negative)
GPB file extensionN/AGerber Bottom Pad Master
GPT file extensionN/AGerber Top Pad Master
GPW file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Hydraflow Hydrographs Extension
GRN file extensionRAD Game ToolsGranny 3D Format
GSM file extensionN/AGraphic Description Language Format
GTC file extensionGraitecGraitec Exchange Format
GTL file extensionN/AGerber Top Layer
GTO file extensionN/AGerber Top Overlay (silk Screen)
GWV file extensionESI LTDGroundwater Vistas Packaged Model
GXA file extensionGeneral CADD Products, Inc.General CADD Attribute Data
GXC file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Component Data Format
GXD file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Drawing Format
GXH file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Hatch Pattern Format
GXM file extensionGeneral CADD ProductsGeneral CADD Pro Format
H3D file extensionAltair Engineering, Inc.Altair HyperView 3D Model
HCG file extensionHCSoft Programación, s.l.,HClab Chart
HCP file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Project Format
HD2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Hand Pose Format
HDC file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Hydrograph Curve Data
HDZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Hand Pose Format
HEB file extensionN/ADEcomp 3D Scene Data
HIP file extensionSide Effects SoftwareHoudini Project Format
HIPNC file extensionSide Effects SoftwareHoudini Apprentice Format
HLN file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation Hidden Line
HLSL file extensionMicrosoftHigh Level Shader Language Source Code Format
HMAX file extensionN/ACustom 3ds Max Format
HPX file extensionMetaVR, Inc.MetaVR 3D Model
HQF file extensionCabin Logic LLC.QuiltCAD Stitch
HR2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Hair Format
HRC file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Softimage Model 3D
HRZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Hair Format
HSC file extensionAspen TechnologyAspen HYSYS Simulation Format
HSF file extensionTech Soft 3DHOOPS Stream Format
HTP file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Slope Template Definition
HTR file extensionHaptek, Inc.Haptek PeoplePutty Character
HXN file extensionDAZ ProductionsHexagon Model Format
I2G file extensionN/AIntergeo I2G Geometric
IAM file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Inventor Assembly Format
IBA file extensionLectraLectra Clothing Design Pieces Format
IC3D file extensionIronCADIC3D Scene Format
ICS file extensionIronCADIronCAD 3D CAD Format
ICW file extensionN/AInterCAD
IDE file extensionAutodeskInventor IFeature Format
IDV file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Inventor Design View Tree
IDW file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk Inventor Drawing Format
IF file extensionProcedimientos-UnoIFwin Project Format
IFC file extensionBuildingSMARTIndustry Foundation Classes Format
IFCXML file extensionN/AIndustry Foundation Classes XML Format
IFCZIP file extensionN/ACompessed IFC Format
IG2 file extensionN/AIGES CAD
IGB file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Model
IGES file extensionN/AInitial Graphics Exchange Specification Format
IGM file extensionGlare TechnologiesIndigo Renderer Material Texture Format
IGS file extensionN/AIGES ASCII CAD Format
IK file extensionCrytekCryENGINE IK Animation Format
IMOTION file extensionReallusion Inc.IClone Motion Capture
IPF file extensionXilinxIMPACT Project Format
IPJ file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk Inventor Project Format
IPN file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk Inventor Presentation File Format
IPT file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk Inventor Part Format
IRRMESH file extensionN/AIrrlicht Static Mesh
ISFF file extensionIntergraph CorporationIntergraph Standard File Format
ISOZ file extensionPTCArbortext IsoDraw Compressed Drawing Format
ISTG file extensionImagineISOE Imagine Stage
IV file extensionVisualization Sciences GroupSGI Inventor VRML Format
IVE file extensionOSG CommunityOpenSceneGraph Format
J3O file extensionjMonkeyEngineJMonkeyEngine 3D Scene
JAS file extensionCheetah3DCheetah3D Model Format
JBC file extensionAlteraJam STAPL Byte-Code Format
JOB file extensionMetamationMetaCAM Nest Job Format
JOURNALDOC file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Design Journal Template
JT file extensionN/AJT Open CAD Format
JVSG file extensionJVSGVideo Surveillance Project
KFI file extensionN/A3D Forgastest Editor
KFM file extensionGamebaseGameBryo KFM Format
KGM file extensionN/AKeyTERRA-FIRMA Ground Model
KIT file extension20-20 Technologies20-20 Design Kitchen Design Format
KMC file extensionKinemacKinemac Animation Format
KMCOBJ file extensionKinemacKinemac Sprite Object Format
KOB file extensionAG/CAD LimitedKasemake 3D Object
KOM file extensionKingMill Enterprises LLCKit-O-Mat 3D Model
KS3 file extensionN/A3D Forgastest Editor
KSS file extensionFabTrol SystemsFabTrol MRP Template
KTZ file extensionACTFKahootz Project Format
LAD file extensionDaylon Graphics Ltd.Daylon Leveller Animation Data
LAK file extensionSUGIMOTO TomohikoKashmir
LCF file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD Library Container Format
LDM file extensionVisualization Sciences GroupVolumeViz Multi-resolution Volume Format
LDR file extensionLDraw.orgLDraw Model Format
LDT file extensionDIALZENAX Source EULUMDAT Format
LEG file extensionDavis Creek Elementary SchoolLEGOCAD
LI3D file extensionBeLight SoftwareBeLight Live Interior 3D Design Format
LIBRARY file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Library
LIGHTWAVE file extensionNewTek, Inc.Lightwave 3D Layered Object
LIN file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Linetype Definition
LIZD file extensionBeLight SoftwareBeLight Live Interior 3D Compressed Design Format
LK# file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Multi-user Coordination Lock
LLM file extensionLinden ResearchLinden Lab Mesh Format
LND file extensionUpperspace3D Landscape Data
LOB file extensionOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal Object
LP file extensionAutodeskLightscape 3D Object Format
LPS file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Leaf Shape Format
LS4 file extensionAct-3DLumion Exported Full Scene
LT2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Light Set Format
LTZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Light Set Format
LWLO file extensionNewTek, Inc.LightWave Layered Object
LWO file extensionNewTekLightWave Object Format
LWOB file extensionNewTek, Inc.LightWave 3D Object
LWS file extensionNewTekLightWave Scene Format
LXF file extensionLEGOLEGO CAD Scene Format
LXO file extensionLuxologyLuxology Modo 302 3D Drawing Format
LYC file extensionStork PrintsBestIMAGE Compressed Drawing Format
LYS file extensionDATACAD LLC.DataCAD Layer Control
LZF file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk 3D Studio Max Lens Effect Flare
M01 file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation Modification Resource
M3 file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard StarCraft 2 MDX3 Model Format
M3D file extensionN/ADIALux 3D Object Format
MA file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Maya ASCII Scene Format
MAX file extensionAutodesk3D Studio Max Scene Format
MAXC file extensionAutodesk3D Studio Max Container Format
MB file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Maya Binary Scene Format
MB4 file extensionEvan DesignModel Builder Model Design
MBAC file extensionHI CORPORATIONMascotCapsule Resource
MC3 file extensionInteractive Design SystemsBridge Design Modeler 3D Match-casting Geometry Control
MC4D file extensionMAXON Computer GmbHCinema 4D 3D Graphic
MC5 file extensionSmith MicroPoser 5 Material Format
MC6 file extensionSmith MicroPoser 6 Material Format
MC8 file extensionCNC Software, Inc.Mastercam V8
MC9 file extensionCNCMastercam V9 CAD Format
MCC file extensionNemetschek AGCAD
MCD file extensionNemetschekMiniCAD Design Format
MCX file extensionCNC SoftwareMastercam X And X2 File Format
MCZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Material Format
MD5ANIM file extensionid SoftwareDoom 3 ID Tech 4 Game Engine Model Animation Format
MD5CAMERA file extensionid SoftwareDoom 3 ID Tech 4 Game Engine Model Camera Format
MD5MESH file extensionid SoftwareDoom 3 ID Tech 4 Game Engine 3D Mesh Format
MDD file extensionPoint OvenPoint Oven Deformation Data Format
MDL file extensionBlizzard Entertainment3D GameStudio Model Entity Format
MDX file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment 3D Model Format
ME2HEADMORPH file extensionBioWareMass Effect 2 Head Morph
MEB file extensionEcru SoftwarePRO100 Library Format
MESH file extensionMedit3D Graphic Format
MFD file extensionFormation Design Systems Pty Ltd.Multiframe Structural Frame Model
MGF file extensionLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryASCII-based 3D Rendering Materials And Geometry Format
MI file extensionParametric Technology CorporationCoCreate CAD Drawing
MI2 file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Softimage
MIN file extensionOkumaOkuma CNC Program Format
MLI file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk 3D Studio MAX Material
MMDL file extensionMITEK HOLDINGS, INC.SAPPHIRE Structure Model
MNM file extensionAutodeskAutodesk 3D Studio Max Character Studio Marker Name Format
MODEL file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA V4 Model Format
MOR file extensionSmith Micro Software, Inc.Poser 3D Morph Target
MOT file extensionNewTekLightWave Motion Format
MP file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Maya Personal Learning Edition Format
MP10 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V10 Project Format
MP11 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V11 Project Format
MP7 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V7 Project Format
MP9 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V9 Project Format
MQO file extensionMetasequoiaMetasequoia 3D Image Format
MRML file extensionBWH3D Slicer Scene Description Format
MS11 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V11 Circuit Design Format
MS3D file extensionChumbalum SoftMilkShape 3D Model Format
MS7 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V7 Circuit Design Format
MS9 file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim V9 Circuit Design Format
MTL file extensionN/AOBJ Material Format
MTRA file extensionHI CORPORATIONMascotCapsule Resource
MTX file extensionViewpointMetaStream Scene Format
MTZ file extensionN/ACompressed MetaStream Scene Format
MU file extensionSquadKerbal Space Program Mesh Format
MVL file extensionN/AMedison 3D Volume Data
MXM file extensionNext LimitMaxwell Render Material Definition Format
MXS file extensionNext LimitMaxwell Render Scene Definition Format
MY3D file extensionN/AMy3D Tools Exported
N2 file extensionNitrousNitrous Minecraft GLSL Shader Format
N2KM file extensionzswordHeadshape Modding 3D Tool For 3D Studio Max Modding
N3D file extensionNuclear GloryNuclear Studio 3D Model Format
NC file extensionCNC SoftwareMastercam NC Program Format
NC1 file extensionN/AXsteel CAD
NCI file extensionCNC Software, Inc.Mastercam Toolpath
NCZ file extensionNetcadNetcad Drawing
NDO file extensionIZware LLCNendo
NEU file extensionParametric TechnologyPro/Engineer Neutral Format
NFF file extensionAutodeskHaines Neutral File Format
NGC file extensionXilinxXilinx Integrated Software Environment Generated Format
NGD file extensionXilinxXilinx Integrated Software Environment Format
NIF file extensionEmergent Game TechnologiesGameBryo Format
NM file extensionSpace EngineSpace Engine Nebula Model Format
NSBTA file extensionN/ANintendo DS Texture Animation Format
NVSG file extensionNVIDIA CorporationNVIDIA SceniX Scene Management Engine Format
NWD file extensionAutodeskNavisWorks Snapshot Format
NWF file extensionAutodeskNavisWorks Project Format
O2C file extensionN/AObjects To See 3D
OBG file extensionPixologic, Inc.ZBrush Mesh
OBJ file extensionN/A3D Object Format
OBJX file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Metatools Object Bryce Support
OBK file extensionCadence Design Systems, Inc.OrCAD Capture Design Or Library
OBP file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Object Format
OBZ file extensionSmith MicroCompressed 3D Object Format
OCT file extensionRadianceRADIANCE Octree Format
OECL file extensionN/AOpen EDA Component Library
OFF file extensionN/ADEC 3D Object File Format
OGF file extensionGSC Game WorldS.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model Format
OPB file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.Bryce Object
OPJ file extensionCadence Design SystemsOrCAD Capture Project Format
OPY file extensionOptiY GmbHOptiY Model
P21 file extensionN/AExpress STEP Data Model Format
P2D file extensionPoint Line CAD AGPointLineCAD 2D Drawing
P2Z file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Pose Format
P3D file extensionPeakWorkPointLineCAD 3D Drawing Format
P3L file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Light Preset Format
P3M file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Material Preset Format
P3R file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Render Settings Preset Format
PAR file extensionSiemens PLM SoftwareSolid Edge Part CAD Format
PAT file extensionN/APatch Format
PC6 file extensionEngineered SoftwarePowerCADD 6 Drawing Format
PC7 file extensionEngineered SoftwarePowerCADD 7 Drawing Format
PCS file extensionPfaffPfaff Home Embroidery Format
PDA file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Pond Outflow Data
PHO file extensionUcamcoGerber Photoplot Format
PIGM file extensionGlare TechnologiesIndigo Renderer Compressed Material Format
PIGS file extensionGlare TechnologiesIndigo Renderer Compressed Scene Format
PIPD file extensionEngineered SoftwarePIPE-FLO Piping System Design Format For The Demo Only Format
PIPE file extensionEngineered SoftwarePIPE-FLO Professional Piping System Project Design Format
PKG file extensionParametric TechnologyOneSpace Designer Package Format
PL0 file extensionBroderbund3D Home Architect Foundation Floor Plan Format
PL1 file extensionBroderbund3D Home Architect Room Plan Format
PL2 file extensionBroderbund3D Home Architect Second Level Floor Plan Format
PLA file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD Archive Project Format
PLN file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD Solo Project Format
PLY file extensionStanford UniversityPolygon Format
PMD file extensionMikuMikuDanceMikuMikuDance Model Format
PNE file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD 9 Education Format
POB file extensionPunch! SoftwarePunch! CAD 3D Graphics
POZ file extensionSmith Micro Software, Inc.Poser For Mac
PP2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Prop Format
PPV file extensionPunch! SoftwarePunch! Thumbnail
PPZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Prop Format
PRC file extensionAdobe SystemsProduct Representation Compact Format
PREFAB file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity Prefab Format
PRT file extensionParametric TechnologyCAD 3D Part Or Component Format
PRTDOT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Part Template
PRTPRP file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Part Custom Properties Tab Template
PRV file extensionE-on SoftwareE-on Vue Preview Picture Format
PSA file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Engine Skeletal Animation Format
PSF file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD PostScript Patterns Format
PSK file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Engine Character Model Mesh Format
PSM file extensionSiemensSolid Edge Document Format
PSS file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Format
PSU file extensionDuncan AmplificationPSU Designer Document
PVTI file extensionKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Parallel Image Data
PVZ file extensionParametric Technology CorporationProductView Packaged Structure And Drawing
PWD file extensionSiemens PLM SoftwareSolid Edge Document
PWT file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Publish-to-Web Template Format
PZ2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Pose Format
PZ3 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Scene Format
PZR file extensionSmith Micro Software, Inc.Poser Scene
PZZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Scene Format
QC file extensionValveQuake C Script Format
QSX file extensionRockWare, Inc.QuickSurf
RAY file extensionCraig KolbRayshade Picture Image Format
RCS file extensionRandomControlRandomControl Scene Format
RD5 file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Road Aligment
RDS file extensionDAZ ProductionsRay Dream 3D Animation Format
RE2 file extensionArgonne National LaboratoryNEK5000 Mesh
RED file extensionTailor Made SoftwareCADViewer Redline Markup Format
RF file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Rainfall Frequency Data
RFT file extensionAutodeskRevit Template Format
RH file extensionRight Hemisphere Inc.Right Hemisphere 3D Drawing
RHM file extensionRight Hemisphere Inc.Right Hemisphere Material
RIG file extensionIterumVRigger Design Format
RLC file extensionAvenir Software Inc.LoopCAD Project
RML file extensionAutodeskRedline Markup Language Format
ROC file extensionspacecad.comSpaceCAD Rocket Design
RRA file extensionIterumVRigger Rigging Format
RS file extensionUtilantRapidSketch Sketch Document Format
RS7 file extensionSynopsys, Inc.LightTools Radiant Source Model
RS8 file extensionRadiant ZEMAX, LLC.ProSource
RTG file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Maya 3D Scene Data
RVD file extensionsoftelecVPHybridCAD Native Drawing Format
RVM file extensionN/AAVEVA PDMS Project
RWK file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads Project
RXL file extensionSeetrax CAE Ltd.Seetrax Ranger CAD Drawing
S file extensionMicrosoftTrain Simulator Shape Format
S3D file extensionN/APhilips 3D Solutions 3D Displays That Show 3D Content
SAB file extensionSpatial3D ACIS Binary Format
SAT file extensionSpatial3D ACIS Model Format
SBP file extensionOpenSBP GroupOpenSBP CNC Program Format
SC4MODEL file extensionElectronic ArtsSimCity 4 Model Format
SCAD file extensionOpenSCADOpenSCAD CAD Model Format
SCDOC file extensionSpaceClaim CorporationSpaceClaim 3D CAD
SCHDOC file extensionAltium Limited.Altium Designer Schematic Capture Binary
SCPRT file extensionSurfware, Inc.Surfcam 3D Format
SCUT2 file extensionCraft Edge SoftwareSure Cuts A Lot
SDB file extensionComputers & StructuresSAP2000 Model Format
SDEXP file extensionParametric Technology CorporationCreo Elements/Direct Model
SDFA file extensionexocad GmbHExocad 3D
SDG file extensionGolden SoftwareStrater Geological Log
SDK file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoSketch Drawing
SEE file extensionLISTECHLISCAD Plus
SESSION file extensionDassault SystemesCATIA V4 Session Format
SGO file extensionN/ASansGUI Object Library
SH3D file extensioneTeksSweet Home 3D Design Format
SH3F file extensioneTeksSweet Home 3D Model Library Format
SHE file extensionCAD SchroerMedusa 2D CAD
SHP file extensionN/AESRI ArcView Shape Format
SHX file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Shape Compiled Format
SI file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk Softimage Image Format
SIA file extensionNevercenter Ltd. Co.Silo 3D Model
SIL file extensionMicrodorSilhouette Designer Drawing
SKD file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Autosketch Drawing Database
SKE file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Skeleton
SKF file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoSKETCH Thumbnail Format
SKINNEDMESH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Skinned Mesh
SKL file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Maya Skeleton Format
SKP file extensionGoogleSketchUp Graphic File Format
SLC file extensionN/A3D Systems SLiCe Format
SLDASM file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks Assembly Format
SLDBLK file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Blocks
SLDBOMBT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks BOM Template
SLDDRW file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks Drawing Format
SLDGTOLFVT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Geometric Tolerance Style
SLDHOLTBT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Hole Table Template
SLDLFP file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Library Part
SLDPRT file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks Part Format
SLDREVTBT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Revision Table Template
SLDSFFVT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Surface Finish Style
SLDTBT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks General Table Template
SLDWELDFVT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Weld Style
SLDWLDTBT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Weldment Cutlist Template
SOS file extension3am Solutions (UK) LimitedDynamite VSP Swept Object Style
SPT file extensionInteractive Data VisualizationSpeedTree Tree Data Format
SRFMAP file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen Map
STATICMESH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Battlefield Static Mesh
STBOM file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Stbom
STEP file extensionN/AISO-10303 STEP Product Data
STL file extensionN/AStereolithography Format
STO file extensionEcru SoftwarePRO100 Project Format
STP file extensionDassault SystemesISO-10303 STEP Product Data Format
SUR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationFreelancer Three Dimensional Collision Zone Data
SVD file extensionSolid ConceptsSolidView Design Format
SXE file extensionN/AProfiCAD Document
SZA file extensionISD Software und Systeme GmbHHiCAD NeXt Construction
T3001 file extensionTARGET 3001!TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project Format
T3A file extensionElectric Rain, Inc.Swift 3D Animation Preset
T3D file extensionEpic GamesEpic Unreal Engine 3D Object Format
TAK file extensionK&K AssociatesTAK Lossless Compressed Audio Format
TBP file extensionTeklaTekla BIMsight Project
TC2 file extensionIMSITurboCAD 2D Drawing Format
TC3 file extensionIMSITurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing Format
TCD file extensionTechnoboxTechnobox CAD Drawing
TCM file extensionIMSITurboCAD Mac Drawing Format
TCT file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD Template Format
TCW file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD For Windows Drawing Format
TCX file extensionIMSI/DesignTurboCAD Text Drawing Format
TDDD file extensionImpulse3D Data Description Format
TER file extensionDaylon Graphics Ltd.Daylon Leveller Heightfield Data
TERRAIN file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen Terrain Graphic Data
TF file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Inventor Transcript
TGO file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen 2 Object
TGW file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen World
TGWORLD file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerraGen World
TIN file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley GEOPAK Environmental Modeling Systems
TLT file extensionAdtolloTopocad
TME file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Animation Time Curve Format
TML file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedBentley InRoads Typical Section Library
TMO file extension3D Custom Girl3D Custom Girl Animation Format
TOP file extensionMissler SoftwareTopocad Drawing Format
TOPPRJ file extensionMissler SoftwareTopSolid Project Format
TPS file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Tree Shape Format
TRI file extensionSingular InversionsFaceGen Polygonal Model Format
TRIDEFPHOTO file extensionDynamic Digital DepthTriDef 3D Photo Transformer Depth Map
TRL file extensionAdtolloTopocad
TRUCK file extensionN/ARigs Of Rods Truck Definition Format
TS1 file extensionVirtualBusVirtualBus Texture Description Format
TSB file extension3dMD3dMD Or 3Q Viewer 3D Image
TSC file extensionDesignSoftTina Pro For Windows Package Schematics Format
TSF file extensionGolden SoftwareStrater Template Format
TSO file extensionSiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.NX2 3D Faceted Spacial Volume
TVA file extensionTruevision3DTruevision3D Animated Actor
U3D file extension3D Industry ForumUniversal 3D Format
UDO file extensionN/AMoray UDO 3D
UMS file extensionHuman Head StudiosRune 3D Mesh Format
UNITYPROJ file extensionUnity TechnologiesUnity 3D Project
UNT file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Unit Definition Format
UPF file extensionIEEEUnified Power Format
UVW file extensionAutodesk, Inc.UVW Coordinate
V16 file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX High-resolution 3D Anatomical
V2D file extensionArchway Systems, Inc.VersaCAD
V3D file extensionRealmwareViaCAD 3D Drawing Format
V3O file extensionSixteen Tons EntertainmentEmergency 3D Model Format
V3V file extensionVector Art 3D, Inc.Vector Art 3D Model
VBL file extensionMidland Valley Exploration Ltd.3DMove 3D Geological Model
VCI file extensionsoftelecVPHybridCAD Native Drawing Format
VCISO file extensionPathea LLCPathea Planet Explorers ISO
VCZ file extensionSchott Systeme GmbHPictures By PC Drawing
VDCL file extensionVDRAWVectorDraw Compressed Drawing
VDML file extensionVDRAWVectorDraw Drawing
VECT file extensionGeometry Center at the University of MinnesotaGeomview OOGL Objects Vect
VEG file extensionE-on SoftwareVue Vegetation Format
VLL file extensionWest Side SystemsVirtual Light Lab Show
VMD file extensionMikuMikuDanceVocalTec Media Descriptor Format
VMO file extensionDassault SystemesVirtools Behavioral Server Composition Format
VND file extensionVision NumericType3 Design Format
VOB file extensionE-on SoftwareVue DEsprit Image Format
VPD file extensionMikuMikuDanceMikuMikuDance Vocaloid Pose Data Format
VRL file extensionN/AVRML Virtual World Format
VSH file extensionOpenGLVertex Shader Format
VTA file extensionN/AValve Face Flex
VTF file extensionVision Numeric3DESIGN CAD Format
VTFX file extensionCeetron ASCeetron VTFX Format
VTX file extensionSteve GlanvilleAnim8or 3D Model Format
VUE file extensionE-on SoftwareVue Scene Format
VVD file extensionKonica MinoltaMinolta 3D Scanner Element Format
VVT file extensionCAST Group of Companies Inc.Vivien Template
VWX file extensionNemetschekVectorWorks Design Format
VXO file extensionN/ATri Stripper 3D Model
W2D file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Design (Drawing) Web Format 2D
W3D file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Shockwave 3D Scene Export Format
WEBOOGL file extensionThe Geometry CenterWeb Object Oriented Graphics Library
WF4 file extensionParametric Technology CorporationCreo Parametric Symbol
WFT file extensionRockstar GamesGTA 4 Car Model Format
WKF file extensionVero SoftwareVISI CAD Work
WRL file extensionN/AVRML Worlds Format
WRP file extensionGeomagicGeomagic 3D Wrap Format
WRZ file extensionN/ACosmo Player VRML Worlds
X3D file extensionMAGIXX3D Format
X3DV file extensionWeb3D ConsortiumWeb3D X3D Graphics Image
X3G file extensionMakerBot Industries, LLCMakerBot MakerWare Document
XAF file extensionAutodeskXml Compatible Animation Format
XC3 file extensionCast3D project teamCast3D 3D Scene
XFA file extensionOneCNC LLCOneCncXR CAD
XGL file extensionN/AXGL 3D CAD Model
XISE file extensionXilinxXilinx ISE Project Format
XLO file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Inventor Export Journal
XMM file extensionAutodesk3ds Max XML Animation Map Format
XOF file extensionRenderMorphicsRenderMorphics Reality Lab 3D Image Format
XOV file extensionRapidform, Inc.RapidForm XOV 3D Inspection/Model
XPR file extensionParametric TechnologyPTC Pro/ENGINEER Part Format
XRF file extensionCal3DCal3D XML Materials Format
XRL file extensionRapidform, Inc.Rapidform XOR/XOS 3D Scan Data CAD
XSF file extensionCal3DCal3D XML Skeleton Format
XSI file extensionAutodeskSOFTIMAGE|XSI 3D Model
XTC file extensionMartinFischerXTrkCAD Project
XV0 file extensionLattice TechnologyLattice XVL Structure Format
XV2 file extensionLattice Technology, Inc.V-XVL Geometry
XV3 file extensionLattice TechnologyP-XVL Geometry Format
XVL file extensionLattice Technology, Inc.EXtensible Virtual World Description Language Document
X_B file extensionSiemens PLM SoftwareParasolid Document Format
X_T file extensionSiemens PLM SoftwareParasolid File Format
YAK file extensionBlue Heron KayaksKayakFoundry 3D Design
YAODL file extensionSilicon GraphicsPowerflip 3D Image Format
YDL file extensionSilicon GraphicsPowerflip YAODL 3D Image Format
Z3D file extensionZanozaZModeler 3D Graphics Format
ZGL file extensionN/AXGL Compressed Document
ZOF file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Object Format
ZSOL file extensionN/AM & S Steel Corp. Model
ZT file extensionAutodeskMental Ray Image Depth Format
ZTL file extensionPixologic, Inc.ZBrush ZTool Native
_PD file extensionParametric Technology CorporationCADDS

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