Configuration Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
$MSF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Configuration Format
256 file extensionInterplayDescent 2 Colour Palette Format
3 file extensionOracle CorporationSolaris Device Configuration Assistant Boot Diskette
3DG file extensionRomanLab Co. Ltd.3D Grapher Plot Description
3FX file extensionCorel CorporationCorel Chart 3D Effect
4CM file extensionPitrinec SoftwareClickyMouse Macro Set
4MT file extensionPitrinec SoftwareMacroToolbar Set
4TW file extensionPitrinec SoftwareMacro Toolworks Macro Set
5XS file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD500X Set
8BPF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop For Mac Preference
8ST file extension8start8start Launcher Settings Format
A2DESKTOP file extensionGladiators SoftwareAston Desktop Desktop Skin
A2M file extensionTallStickAdLib Tracker 2 Format
A2MENU file extensionGladiators SoftwareAston Desktop Start Menu Skin
A2PANEL file extensionGladiators SoftwareAston Desktop Panel Skin
A2THEME file extensionGladiators SoftwareAston 2 Theme Format
A3G file extensionPho.toPhoto! 3D Gallery
A3X file extensionFMC Technologies, Inc.AccuLoad Settings
AAP file extensionHeikki YlinenApollo Advanced Playlist
AAS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Assignment Script
AAT file extensionGraphisoftArchiCAD Attribute Transfer
AAW file extensionLavasoftLavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Settings
ABS file extensionFileStreamTurboZIP Auto Compress Script
ABX file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Mail Address Book
ACB file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Color Book Format
ACBL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Color Book Format
ACCFL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Field Template
ACF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Custom Filter
ACO file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Color Palette And Swatches Format
ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Security Settings Format
ACRODATA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Data Format
ACS2 file extensionAIMP DevTeamAIMP Media Player Skin
ACS3 file extensionAIMP DevTeamAIMP Skin Package
ACT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop/Illustrator Color Table
ACTIONS file extensionImpressumPhotoline 4 Defaults
ACTIONSCRIPTPROPERTIES file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flex Settings
ACV file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Colour Curves Format
ACW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Accessibility Wizard Format
ADBA file extensionRaytheon CompanyAIMSS Author Project Configuration
ADIUMLISTLAYOUT file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium List Layout
ADIUMLISTTHEME file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium List Theme
ADIUMMENUBARICONS file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium Menu Bar Icon
ADIUMSOUNDSET file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium Sound Set
ADJUSTMENTPRESETS file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Aperture Preset
ADL file extensionSymantec CorporationQEMM MicroChannel Adapter Description Library
ADO file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Duotone Format
ADPP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Device Central Package Profile
AE0 file extensionNetBSD Foundation, Inc.NetBSD Ethernet Configuration
AEA file extensionAe ApplicationsAe Timer Alarm Document Format
AFPP file extensionN/AMac Apple Share
AFW file extensioniGrafx, LCC.Micrografx FlowCharter Work Area
AGL file extensionDomain Systems, Inc.ChangeCAST AGL
AGPREFS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Preferences
AGTEMPLATE file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Preset
AGV file extensionEsriArcGlobe Video Metadata
AHL file extensioneMuleEMule Metadata Format
AHS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Halftone Screens Format
AHU file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Hue Saturation Lightness Format
AIA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Illustrator Action Format
AIT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Illustrator Template Format
AIU file extensionCaphyonAdvanced Installer Updates Configuration Format
ALIASES file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW IP Adresses Map
ALLOW file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux Access
ALTQ file extensionN/AQuickView Settings
ALV file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Levels Format
ALX file extensionResearch In MotionBlackBerry Application Loader Format
AMP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings Format
AMS file extensionN/AAdobe Monitor Setup Format
ANTISPAM5 file extensionIntegoPersonal AntiSpam Settings Format
ANV file extensionBirch Grove Software, Inc.ActivTrak Net View
ANYDVDHD file extensionSlySoftAnyDVD Registration Key
AOIS file extensionZaplotsCFS Console Add-on Installer Settings Format
AOM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Output Settings Format
APC file extensionIBMLotus Printer Driver Characters
API file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Plugin Format
APPLETVIEWER file extensionOracle CorporationJava Appletviewer
APPLICATION file extensionMicrosoftClickOnce Deployment Manifest Format
APPREF-MS file extensionMicrosoftApplication Reference Format
APREF-MS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationApplication Reference
APXT file extensionApperson Education ProductsDataLink Setting
ARG file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Profile Export Format
ARL file extensionAOLAOL Organizer Format
ARP file extensionElcomsoftAdvanced RAR Password Recovery Preference Format
ARS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Render Settings Format
ARV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft AutoRoute User Information
ASE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Swatch Exchange Format
ASEF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Swatch Exchange
ASGP file extensionHewlett-Packard CompanyHP-UX NIS Maps Configuration
ASL file extensionN/AAdobe Photoshop Layer Style Format
ASN file extensionIGN Entertainment, Inc.GameSpy Arcade Skin
AST file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Colour Separation Table
ASU file extensionSumTotal Systems, Inc.ToolBook Package Definition
ASV file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Selective Colour Format
ASWCS file extensionAVAST SoftwareAvast! Antivirus Skin
ASWS file extensionAVAST SoftwareAvast! Antivirus Skin
ATC file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Catalog Format
ATF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Transfer Function Format
ATH file extensionDellAlphacam Lathe Thread Format
ATHEME file extensionAmazing-Clock.comAmazing Clock Theme
ATLG file extensionFlashPeak Inc.SlimBrowser Auto Login
ATN file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Actions Settings Format
ATZ file extensionGladiators SoftwareAston Compiled Theme
AUDIBLEPREFS file extensionAudible, Inc.Audible Preference
AUI file extensionAGE SOLUTIONSAGE3D UI Editor Color Table
AUS file extensionAgnitum Ltd.Outpost Firewall Pro Configuration
AUTOCONF file extensionThe Open GroupAutoconfiguration
AUTOREG file extensionN/AMozilla Application Suite Auto Registration Clue
AUX file extensionN/ATeX/LaTeX Auxiliary References Format
AVASTCONFIG file extensionAVAST Software a.s.Avast Configuration
AVE file extensionAvid TechnologyAvid User Format
AVS file extensionNullsoftStardent AVS X Bitmap Image Format
AWCAV file extensionActiveWorldsActiveWorlds Browser User Avatar Format
AWE file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Bookmark XML
AWL file extensionLavasoftAd-Aware Language
AWS file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Work Space Format
AXP file extensionCanneverbeCDBurnerXP Audio Compilation Format
AXT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Replace Color Range Format
AXV file extensionN/AAnnodex Digital Media Format
AZD file, Inc.Amazon Software Download
BAG file extensionAOL Inc.AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) Buddy List
BASECONFIG file extensionApple, Inc.AirPort Utility Setting
BASH_LOGIN file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
BASH_LOGOUT file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
BASIN file extensionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-HMS Basin Model Settings
BAU file extensionSun Configuration Format
BBTL file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit Tool Palette
BBW file extensionPG Music Inc.Band-in-a-Box Nterface
BCMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Business Contact Manager Customization Format
BCP file extensionNeuralTekBlackMagic Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Custom Palette Format
BCS file extensionBolandBoland Calibration Settings Format
BCW file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Workspace
BDB2 file extensionBrainmaster Technologies, Inc.BrainMaster Settings
BEX file extensionSUGIMOTO TomohikoKashmir 3D Transparent Color Definition
BFD file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux BFD Rules Configuration
BFMV file extensionMartjin BuijsBfMeshView Workspace
BFT file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Backup Transaction Definition
BGI file extensionMicrosoftBGInfo Configuration Format
BI file extensionBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive Addon Signature
BITCFG file extensionPassMark Software Pty LtdPassmark Configuration
BITPIM file extensionBitPimBitPim Configuration Format
BKS file extensionMicrosoftNTBackup Settings Format
BLL file extensionN/ABorland Delphi Localization Information
BLOB file extensionValveSteam Client Registry Format
BLT file extensionAOLAIM AOL Instant Messenger Saved Buddy List
BLW file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Black And White Presets Format
BMM file extensionIsao MaruokaTacmi Pixia Palette
BOCHSRC file extensionThe Bochs ProjectBochs Configuration
BOOT file extensionFlexera SoftwareInstallShield Format
BOOTSTRAP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Bootstrap
BRG file extensionBentley SystemsBentley ProjectWise Configuration Format
BRPX file extensionRick MeyersE-sword Bible Reading Plan
BS7 file extensionWindows 7 Boot UpdaterWindows 7 Boot Updater Boot Animation Format
BSI file organizationBSPlayer Configuration
BSL file organizationBSPlayer Configuration
BT3 file extensionMomSoftControl Runner Button Configuration
BTSEARCH file extensionBitTorrentBitTorrent Search Engine Specification Format
BTSKIN file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.µTorrent Skin
BUJ file extensionJ. Rathlev, IEAP, Kiel UniversityPersonal Backup Saved Task
BXRC file extensionThe Bochs ProjectConfiguration
BXX file extensionBitmanagement SoftwareBlaxxunContact Format
C2R file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media Center Click-to-record Format
CAKEWALKWINDOWLAYOUT file extensionN/ACakewalk Window Layout
CAMP file extensionMicrosoftWCS CAMP
CANNEDSEARCH file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder Predefined Search
CAOS file extensionAbbot SystemsCanOpener Preference
CASE file extensionBohemian CodingSlipCover For Mac Template Format
CATPREFERENCES file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Preferences
CATSETTINGS file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA Settings
CCB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic Animated Button Configuration
CCM file extensionClickTeamMultimedia Fusion Custom Menu
CDT file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Template Format
CDT_ file extensionN/ACorelDRAW For Mac Template
CEI file extensionSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
CERTAUTHORITYCONFIG file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Certificate Assistant Configuration
CEX file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export Format
CF file extensionN/ASendmail Configuration Format
CFG file extensionN/AConfiguration Files
CGR file extensionAct-3DQuest3D Visualisation Scene Format
CH file extensionIBMOS/2 Configuration
CHA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Channel Mixture Format
CHF file extensionSymantec CorporationPcAnywhere Remote Control
CHL file extensionLeadtek ResearchLeadtek WinFast PVR2 Channel List Format
CHX file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Standards Check Format
CIK file extensionN/ACorel Graphics 10 Custom Dual Tone
CJSTYLES file extensionCodejock SoftwareSkin Builder Project
CKS file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows CE Image Info
CLG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows System Image Manager Catalogue Format
CLR file extensionCryptLoadCryptLoad Router Information Format
CLV file extensionIlgam ZulkorneevQIP Visible List
CLY file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Custom Layout
CM file extensionN/ACable Modem Configuration Format
CMB file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree For Windows Button Bar
CMMTHEME file extensionMacPawCleanMyMac Theme Format
CNF file extensionN/ANetwork Configuration Format
CNN file extensionN/AADO-network Connection Configuration
CNTK file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Express Contact
CNTL file extensionDesktop AeronauticsGoCart Control
COLOR file extensionW3CAmaya Config
COLOURSCHEME file extensionJ&ASoftJ&ASoft Speedy Browser Color Scheme Settings
COLR file extensionGreg Landweber and Arlo RoseKaleidoscope Scheme
CONF file extensionN/AConfiguration Information Format
CONFLUENCE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Mylyn WikiText Confluence
CONT file extensionPanasonic CorporationPanasonic Camcorder Extra
CONTROLS file extensionOpenBVEOpenBVE Keyboard Settings Format
COPRESET file extensionPhase OneCapture One Preset Format
COS file extensionPhase OneCreatures Source Code Format
COSTYLE file extensionPhase OneCapture One Style Format
CPF file extensionMicrosoftCab Provisioning Format
CPX file extensionOracleOracle Application Development Framework ADF Binding Context Format
CSAPLAN file extensionIBMSPSS Analysis Plan Format
CSF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Color Settings Format
CSK file extensionCopernic Inc.Copernic 2001 Skin
CSKIN file extensionCD Art DisplayCD Art Display Skin Format
CSMANIFEST file extensionICQ LLCICQ 6 Settings
CSPLAN file extensionIBMSPSS Sampling Plan Format
CST file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Custom Set Format
CSW file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Setup Information
CSZ file extensionCoreCodec, Inc.The Core Media Player Skin
CTA file extensionVenstar Inc.ColorTouch Assistant Settings
CTB file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Colour-dependent Plot Style Table Format
CTBL file extensionBWH3D Slicer Colors Module
CTBODYFITTING file extensionReallusionCrazyTalk Animator Format
CTI file extensionBitz & Pixelz Template Info
CTR file extensionCreative Express CorporationERGO Receiver Configuration
CUI file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Customization Format
CUIX file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Custom User Interface Format
CUS file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Custom Dictionary Format
CUSTOMDESTINATIONS-MS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows 7 Jump List
CVA file extensionHewlett-PackardHP Compaq Diagnostics Format
CVSIGNORE file extensionN/AEclipse CVS Settings
CWC file extensionITI TranscenDataCADfix Wizard Configuration
CWF file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Workspace Format
CWX file extensionCakewalk, Inc.Sonar Track Template
CW_ file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Workspace
CXR file extensionOmron CorporationCX-Programmer Settings
CYBERDUCKLICENSE file extensionCyberduckCyberduck For Mac OS License Format
CYBERDUCKPROFILE file extensionCyberduckCyberduck Connection Profile
D5P file extensionAlexandre DevilliersDragon UnPACKer Language Pack
DADX file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Document Access Definition Extension
DAPF file extensionMicrocosm Ltd.DinkeyAdd Parameter
DBB file extensionSkypeSkype User Data Format
DBG file extensionN/ADebug Format
DBH file extensionFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Debug Preferences
DCL file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Dialog Definition Format
DCLS file extensionDassault Systèmes S.A.CATIA V4 Settings
DCP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop DNG Digital Negative Camera Profile Format
DCST file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
DDF file extensionMicrosoftDiamond Directive Format
DDR file extensionMicrocosm Ltd.DDRemote Parameter
DEFINITION file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Automator Data Type Definition
DENY file extensionN/ALinux Access
DEPLOYMENTOPTIONS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSQL Server Deployment Options
DEPLOYMENTTARGETS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSQL Server Deployment Target
DEVICEMETADATA-MS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows 7 Device Metadata Package
DFQ file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Query Definition
DFR file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Report Definition
DFW file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Cross-tab Definition
DGL file extensionGipsyMedia LtdDigiGuide Language
DGMAKER file extensionGipsyMedia LtdDigiGuide Marker
DGNLIB file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation Design Library
DICPROOF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Dictionary Proofing Format
DINFO file extensionDivXDivX Web Player Temporary Download Format
DIRECTORY file extensionKDEKDE Folder View Properties Format
DMV file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Catalog
DNP file extensionN/ADRM Digital Rights Management
DOCC file extensionTLA Systems Ltd.DragThing Color Settings
DOF file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Delphi Project Options
DOLPHINVIEW file extensionDolphinDolphin For KDE Folder View Settings Format
DOWNLOADED file extensionICQ LLCICQ 6 Hash
DOWNLOADHOST file extensionMicrosoftMSN Explorer Download View
DPS file extensionDivXDivX Player Skin
DPV file extensionSiemens PLM SoftwareSiemens NX Drafting Standard Format
DRM file extensionSteinbergCubase Drum Map Setup Format
DRMMETA file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming DRM Additional Header
DRPF file extensionN/ADinkeyRemote Parameter
DRU file extensionCadSoft Computer, Inc.EAGLE Design Rules
DSD file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Drawing Set Description Format
DSH file extensionSnoopSoftDashboard PDA Wallpaper
DSLSETUP file extensionN/ADomain Specific Language Setup
DSW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Workspace Format
DS_STORE file extensionAppleMacintosh OS X Folder Information Format
DTB file extensionDATACAD LLC.DataCAD Custom Toolbar
DTSCONFIG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SQL Server Integration Services Configuration
DUCK file extensionCyberduckCyberduck Bookmark Format
DUN file extensionMicrosoftDial-Up Network Config Format
DUP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows DUA Polling Reconfiguration
DVP file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Device Parameter
DXLS file extensionPalmer Performance EngineeringDashXL Skin Set Format
DXP file extensionCanneverbeCDBurnerXP Data Compilation Format
DXSTREAM file extensionWorldweaverDX Studio Stream
DZS file extensionSpeedBit Ltd.Download Accelerator Skin
EAGLERC file extensionCadSoft Computer, Inc.EAGLE Linux User-specific Parameter
EAP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Exposure Format
EC7 file extensionEUROSYSTEMSEuroCUT Profile
ECORE2ECORE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMF Ecore Model Mapping
ECORE2XML file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMF Ecore Model Mapping
ECU file extensionMark MansurTunerPro ECU Configurator
EDT file extensionN/AAdobe Ebook Download Settings
EEB file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar
EFT file extensionThe Goverment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionE-Form Form Template
EFTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2007 Theme Effect Format
EFXT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Theme
ELE file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Element Drawing Settings
ELM file extensionMicrosoftOffice Theme Format
EMOF file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMOF Model
EMV file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Configuration
END file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Arrow-head Definition
ENP file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Preferences Format
ENS file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Style Format
ENV file extensionE-on SoftwareVue Environment Format
ENZ file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Connection Format
EPR file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop AME Preset Format
EQF file extensionNullsoftWinamp Equalizer Settings Format
EQL file extensionN/AMathType Settings Format
EQP file extensionN/AMathType Preferences Format
ESET file extensionN/AExtensions Manager Settings
ESKIN file extensiondiekollegen.atEmperor Theme Skin
ETFF file extensionEncrypt4all SoftwareEncrypt4all Theme Format
EUM file extensionN/AWaveRider Enterprise User Monitor Configuration Format
EV1 file extensionBriggs SoftworksCalendar Commander Version 1 Event
EV2 file extensionBriggs SoftworksCalendar Commander Version 2 Event
EV3 file extensionAz-Tech SoftwareAz-Tech Everlock Options Format
EVM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista Session Configuration
EVP file extensionDeskSoftEarthview Configuration
EWC file extensionEW AvionicsEWView Configuration
EXA file extensionAquila SoftwareExamine32 Saved Search Paramaters
EXAML file extensionAquila SoftwareExamine32 Saved Search Parameters
EXAMPLE file extensionN/AExample Configuration Format
EXE4J file extensionEj-technologiesExe4j Configuration Format
EXP file extensionSonicWALLSonicWALL Preference Format
EXPORTEDUI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Import Customization
F4M file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Flash Media Manifest
FAT file extensionThe Zinf TeamZinf Theme Format
FAV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Bar-shortcut
FAVORITEMETADATA file extensionPanicTransmit For Mac Login Data Format
FBD file extensionDARTECH, Inc.DART Pro 98 User-defined Complex Restoration Filters
FBT file extensionABBYYABBYY FineReader Document Options Format
FCC file extensionNetegritySiteMinder Forms Credential Collector Format
FCHP file extensionFetch SoftworksFetch Preference
FD file extensionN/ALaTeX Font Definition Format
FDC file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Field Catalogue Format
FDOC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Settings
FDRP file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS Folder Alias
FEB file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar
FEV file extensionTernionFLAMES Environment Variable Format
FEXT file extensionApple, Inc.Extensions Manager Preferences
FFPRESET file extensionN/AFFmpeg Preset
FFS_BATCH file extensionSourceForge.netFreeFileSync Configuration
FFS_GUI file extensionSourceForge.netFreeFileSync Configuration
FFS_REAL file extensionSourceForge.netFreeFileSync Configuration
FFX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Preset Format
FGA file extensionWinAbility Software CorporationFolder Guard Attributes
FHS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Skin XML
FHX file extensionEmerson Electric Co.DeltaV Configuration
FHZ file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Robohelp ZIP Compressed Skin
FIN file extensionN/APersonal Paint Finnish Language User Interface
FLST file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
FLT file extensionE-on SoftwareFilter Format
FLT3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Filter
FM3 file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Release 3.x Spreadsheet Format
FMB file extensionCorel CorporationWordPerfect For Win File Manager Button Bar
FMCF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Type Manager Preferences
FMOD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Illustrator Flattening Module Format
FMP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Font Map
FMT file extensionN/AFoxPro Format
FNC file extensionSTG InteractiveFrogans Network Certificate
FPL file extensionN/AFlitskikker Language
FPW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationFoxPro Configuration
FRAG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Fragment
FRAMES file extensionThe IconfactoryThe Iconfactory XScope Frame Format
FRC file extensionJ R OakleyMandelbrot Explorer Colour Settings Format
FRR file extensionJ R OakleyMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings Format
FSD file extensionFacetCorpFacetWin Backup File Set
FSK file extensionDavid THOIRONFotoSketcher Parameter Preset
FSZ file extensionMystic FractalFractal Zplot Data/parameter
FT file extensionPlanit SoftwareLotus Notes Full Test Index
FTH file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Theme Format
FTP file extensionN/AFTP Configuration
FTPQUOTA file extensionProFTPDFtpquota Format
FUS file extensionTernion CorporationFLAMES User Settings
FWT file extensionFacet CorpFacetWin Configuration Format
GBH file extensionGigabarGigaBar Scheme
GCO file extensionN/AGenbox Family History Chart Options
GCP file extensionColoritto BVSpectramap Group Properties
GCRD file extensionN/AGnomeCard VCard
GCSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color Variation Package Format
GDIAGRAMSTYLE file extensionThe Omni GroupgOmniGraffle Diagram Style Format
GDN file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Graph Definition
GDT file extensionRenegade MindsGuitar & Drum Trainer Song Configuration
GEPRINT file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Pro Map Setting
GES file extensionJörg WegnerPINGO GrADS Description
GGT file extensionGeoGebra TeamGeoGebra User-defined Tool
GGZ file extensionGarena OnlineGarena Skin
GID file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Help General Index Format
GIN file extensionGeneral Engine Management SystemsGEMS Engine Control Unit Format
GITATTRIBUTES file extensionScott ChaconPro Git Attribute
GMANIFEST file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Desktop Gadget Control
GPB file extensionGenie-Soft CorporationGenie Backup Manager Configuration
GPS file extensionGRETECHGOM Player Skin Format
GQSX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Style Definitions Package Format
GRD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Image Ready Gradient Format
GRID file extensionDonationCoder.comGridMove Grid Settings
GROWLSTYLE file extensionGrowl TeamGrowl WebKit Style
GROWLTICKET file extensionGrowlGrowl Notification Format
GRS file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Skin
GRU file extensionFXpansion™ Audio UK Ltd.Geist Preset
GTKRC file extensionThe GTK+ ProjectGTK+ Skin Format
GTP file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGNOME Theme Package Format
GUL file extensionSamsung GroupJungUm Global Viewer Korean Language
GVIMRC file extensiongVimGVim Settings Format
GWS file extensionIntergraphGeoMedia Geoworkspace Format
GXT file extensionRockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto 2 Game Format
GXW file extensionGRASS Development TeamGRASS GIS Workspace Layout Definition
H3E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD300 Preset
H4E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD400 Preset
H5E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD500 Preset
H5S file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD500 Set
HCFG file extensionHoDoKu TeamHoDokK Configuration
HDT file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop HDR Toning Preset Format
HELPCFG file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe AIR Help Configuration
HFC file extensionH-JTAG teamH-JTAG Configuration
HFMX file extensionN/AHFM.NET Configuration
HID file extensionSony EricssonSony Ericsson Configuration Archive Format
HIL file extensionN/AHi HelpIndex Language
HME file extensionMicrosoftSmartphone Theme Format
HMSKIN file extensionEC Software GmbHHelp & Manual Help File Skin
HNF file extensionN/AHNF Split & Merge Channels
HPR file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedRoboHelp Settings
HT file extensionHilgraeveHyperTerminal Session Format
HTGROUP file extensionApache Software FoundationApache Server User Group
HTN file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Print Style
HTPL file extensionIBMIBM Rational Application Developer WebContent Theme
HVD file extensionThibaun DijanHoverDesk Theme
HWT file extensionN/AHuawei Ascend P6 Emotion UI Theme
HXW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Attribute Definition
IAF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Exported Account And Email Setting Format
IBL file extensionPyxia DevelopmentIBasic Component Language
ICA file extensionCitrixCitrix Independent Computer Architecture Format
ICC file extensionN/AInternational Color Consortium Profile File Format
ICD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows OpenGL Installable Client Driver Format
ICM file extensionN/AWindows Image Color Matching Format
ICONPACKAGE file extensionStardockIconPackager Theme Format
ICP file extensionN/AUnix IContact Parameter
ICTE file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac Internet Configuration
ICURSORFX file extensionGioFXICursor Effect Format
ICW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard
IDF file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows 95 MIDI Instrument Definition Format
IDG file extensionaaton s.a.Majax Settings
IDPP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
IFB file extensionOracle CorporationOracle Siebel Interface Configuration
IFT file extensionN/ACanon Settings
IGR file extensionAct-3DQuest3D Channel Group Layout Format
IHW file extensionIN-HEHIN-HEH Timeline Workspace Format
IIP file extensionMercury International TechnologyThinAnywhere Configuration Format
IIT file extensionClickteamInstall Creator Settings Format
IKF file extensionPCS SystemtechnikINTUS Keyboard Settings Format
IKMP file extensionIK Multimedia Production srlSampleTank Preset
IMESX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office IME Search Provider Definition
IMMODULES file extensionN/AGTK+ Module Format
IMO file extensionSoundGraph, Inc.IMON Manager Settings
IMS file extensionPerion Network Ltd.IncrediMail Graphic Skin
INF file extensionN/AWindows Installation Script Format
INI file extensionN/AText Configuration Format
INI-DIST file extensionThe PHP GroupPHP INI
INI-RECOMMENDED file extensionThe PHP GroupPHP INI
INI2 file extensionN/AText Configuration
INMS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Menu Set Format
INSS file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Setup Assistant ISP Info Document
IN_ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrocoft Setup Information
IOK file extensionVisokioOmniscope Configuration
IPCC file extensionAppleApple IOS Carrier Update Format
IPTHEME file extensionStardockIconPackager Theme Format
IPZ file extensionICQ LLCICQ Plus Skin
IRAFHOSTS file extensionNOAOIRAF User
IRL file extensionIBMIBM WebSphere ILOG JRules Rule Language
IROS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Save For Web Settings Format
IRS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Optimized Setting Format
ISP file extensionMicrosoftInternet Service Provider Settings Format
ISS file extensionFlexera SoftwareISS Picture Image Format
ITT file extensionJoost VerburgIconTweaker Theme Format
IWT file extensionSunnysoft s.r.o.Sunnysoft InterWrite Full Keyboard Skin
IX file extensiondtSearchDtSearch Index Format
IXI file extensionixi softwareIxiQuarks Preferences
IXW file extensionERDAS, Inc.ERDAS IMAGINE Toolbar Setting
JAI file extensionJThink LtdJaikoz Settings
JARDESC file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse JAR Settings
JBT file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS
JCF file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Configuration
JCSK file extensionJetAudio Inc.JetCast Skin
JDF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Job Definition Format
JFF file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Ini
JGF file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Ini
JGP file extensionJolly Giant Software Inc.QWS3270 PLUS Session Parameter
JISP file extensionN/ATkabber Emoticon Set
JKM file extensionFreedom ScientificJAWS Ini Configuration Format
JMD file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Pro Image Map Settings
JOBS file extensionAvery LeeVirtualDub Job
JOY file extensionCrytekCryENGINE Facial Editor Joystick Settings Format
JPL file extensionQuest Software, Inc.JProbe Settings
JPP file extensionN/AJigsaw Puzzle Player Puzzle Definition
JSC file extensionN/AJavaScript Config
JSF file extensionProject64Project64 Joystick Settings Format
JSI file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Personalized Settings
JSR file extensionN/AJob Safety Report Definition
JTG file extensionARM Holdings plcJoint Test Action Group Configuration
JTPL file extensionIBMRational Application Developer WebContent Theme Template
JWS file extensionOracleJava Workspace Settings Format
KBM file extensionManuel Op de CoulScala Keyboard Mapping
KCF file extensionKiSS TeamKiSS Configuration
KCI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio .NET DB Project Indexing Settings
KDR file extensionThermo Fisher Scientific Inc.Kinetica Installation
KDS file extensionKD PlayerKD Player Skin Format
KEY file extensionN/AKeyboard Definition Format
KEYBOARD file extensionW3CAmaya Configuration
KEYCHAIN file extensionAppleApple Keychain Password Format
KFL file extensionVincent PetersKwalitan Filter
KGS file extensionPhilipp KonerdingKogeo Toolbar
KLC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Keyboard Layout Creator Keyboard
KRC file extensionKra-Tronic CorpMouse And Key Recorder Recorded Settings
KVT file extensionKVIrc.netKVIrc Theme
KVW file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Workspace
KWS file extensionKeyWallet GbR.KeyWallet Skin
KYB file extensionN/AKeyboard Layout Format
KYS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Keyboard Shortcut Format
L4D file extensionMAXON ComputerCinema 4D Layout Settings Format
LANG file extensionSkypeSkype Language Settings Format
LAUNCH file extensionZend Technologies Ltd.Zend Studio Debugger Configuration
LAY file extensionRhinRhino 3D Layer Text Format
LAYOUT file extensionCode BlocksCode::Blocks Workspace Layout Format
LBU file extensionCurry K. SoftwareCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings Format
LCC file extensionPhase OneCapture One PRO Format
LD file extensiondeltaComm Development, Inc.Telix Long Distance Codes
LD4 file extensionThe World Management Pte Ltd.ACCPAC Plus Menu
LED file extensionN/ASony AIBO AIBO LED File Format
LENS file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Stitcher Camera Profile
LFE file extensionLaserficheLFClient Document
LFO file extensionCamel AudioCamel Audio Alchemy Preset Format
LGT file extensionLet's Go!Lets Go! Theme Format
LIC file extensionN/ALicense Format
LILY file extensionThe PCSX2 TeamPCSX2 LilyPad Configuration Format
LIR file extensionApplied DigitalADI Ocelot Settings
LKG file extensionHewlett-Packard CompanyHP-UX Configuration
LLC file extensionLaplink SoftwareLapLink Saved Connection
LLP file extensionTimeSoftLotto Logic 2002 Lottery Configuration
LNS file extensionAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Anti-Virus Language
LNST file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
LOADERS file extensionN/AGTK+ Loaders Format
LOB file extensionIBMIBM DB2 LOBFILE
LOGIKCS file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Logic Key Commands
LOOK file extensionAdobe SystemsSpeedGrade Look Format
LOP file extensionValuSoftMasterCook Layout Format
LP4 file extensionUIC Phoenxsoftware36-Image Converter Encrypted Language Pack
LRSMCOL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Settings Format
LRTEMPLATE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Lightroom Preset Settings Format
LSV file extensionLight-O-RamaLight-O-Rama Sequence Editor Visual Preference
LTS file extensionMicrosoft StudiosLinks Email Tourney
LVA file extensionLogitechLogitech Video Effects Avatar Format
LVF file extensionLogitechLogitech Video Effects Avatar And Face Accessory
LVLPS file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Local Project Settings
LWPP file extensionSquidMelonLive Wallpaper For Mac Desktop Theme
LXCP file extensionLCARS x32LCARS X32 For Windows Color Profile Format
LXSOPT file extensionLiquid TechnologiesLiquid XML Studio Project Settings Format
LYT file extensionvanBasco SoftwareVanBacscos Karaoke Player Skin Format
M2D file extensionN/AHTC Manila 2D For Windows Mobile Skin
M2DCT file extensionN/AHTC Manila 2D For Windows Mobile Skin
M2F file extensionMaxthon International LimitedMaxthon Filter Package
M2S file extensionMaxthonMaxthon Skin Installation Package
M2U file extensionMaxthon International LimitedMaxthon Layout
M3URL file extensionN/ASMIL MP3 Playlist
MA3 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Macro
MAGIC file extensionSourceForge.netMagic Mail Monitor Configuration
MAILHOST file extensionMicrosoftE-mail Server Preferences Format
MAKE file extensionDrush MakeMakefile
MAL file extensionMadAppLauncherMadAppLauncher Settings Format
MANIFEST-DESKTOP file extensionCanonical Ltd.Ubuntu Desktop CD Manifest
MASK file extensionAdobe SystemsSpeedGrade Color Mask Format
MATERIAL file extensionN/ARigs Of Rods Texture Reference Format
MBP1 file, Inc.Kindle Touch Annotation
MCC file extensionParametric Technology CorporationMathcad Configuration
MCL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Media Center Application Shortcut Format
MCV file extensionN/AManyCam Effect
MCW file extensionHex2BitMonitor Calibration Wizard Format
MCXML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office 2013 XML Settings
MDP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual C++ Visual J++ MAK File (old Project Workspace)
MDPF file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Modem Preferences
MDRC file extensioninoage GmbHMADRIX DMX Remote Configuration
MDV file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Modem Definition
MECH file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/MECHANICA Settings
MEW file extensionMulti Edit Software Incorporated.MultiEdit Configuration
MFALIST file extensionAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Photo Commander Slideshow List
MGK file extensionImageMagick StudiosImageMagick Settings Format
MGM file extensionN/AMGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File Format
MGTHEME file extensionMariner SoftwareMacGourmet Theme Format
MILLPST file extensionBobCAD-CAM Inc.BobCAD Post Processor Data
MKP file extensionN/ACinestar Remote Control Configuration
MKS file extensionAdvanced Computer Innovations, Inc.MagicKey SmartType Settings
MKT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual FoxPro Configuration
MKY file extensionAdvanced Computer Innovations, Inc.MagicKey Configuration
MLF file extensionN/APackage Download Profile
MLK file extensionValuSoftSierra MasterCook Look Format
MLN file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Multiline Definition
MM1 file extensionActiveXperts Software B.V.ActiveXperts MMS Toolkit Settings
MM3 file extensionCW Technical ServicesMortgage Minder Saved Mortgage Configuration
MM4 file extensionCW Technical ServicesMortgage Minder Saved Mortgage Configuration
MMDC file extensionVentis MediaMediaMonkey Mobile Device Settings Format
MMG file extensionMoritz BunkusMKVToolNix Muxing Settings
MMK file extensionProf. RNDr. Jiri Kolafa, CSc.MACSIMUS Define
MMP file extensionNokiaSymbian SDK Project Specification Format
MMPF file extensionFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Preference
MMRC file extensioninoage GmbHMADRIX MIDI Remote Configuration
MMZ file extensionN/AMusicMatch Theme
MNS file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Interface Settings Format
MNU file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Menu Format
MODE1V3 file extensionApple, Inc.Xcode Project Settings
MOF file extensionDesktop Management Task ForceSystems Management Server Managed Object Format
MPDCONF file extensionThe MPD TeamMusic Player Daemon Settings Format
MPDS file extensioninoage GmbHMADRIX Plexus Settings
MPW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Project Workspace Format
MS2 file extensioninoage GmbHMADRIX Setup
MSF file extensionMiranda IMMiranda IM Skin Settings Format
MSKIN file extensionMaxthon International LimitedMaxthon Skin
MSKN file extensionVentis MediaMediaMonkey Skin Format
MSM file extensionMicrosoftWindows Installer Merge Module
MSN file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Network Related Format
MST file extensionCorelCorel Presentations Master Template Format
MSW file extensionCorelPainter Color Mixer Swatches Format
MSZ file extensionVentis Media, Inc.MediaMonkey Skin
MTF file extensionN/AMotorola Theme Format
MXCS file extensionJ R OakleyMandelbrot Explorer Colour Scheme Format
MXFR file extensionJ R OakleyMandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Format
MXS file extensionCorelPainter Color Mixer Pad Format
MXSKIN file extensionMaxthon InternationalMaxthon Skin Format
MYCOLORS file extensionStardockStardock MyColors Theme Format
NAPR file extensionSig SoftwareNameCleaner Preference
NCA file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Capture Color Adjustment
NCFG file extensionESRIArcGIS Explorer Configuration Format
NCP file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Camera Photo Settings
ND file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Network Data Format
NDC file extensionIBMIBM Personal Communications Settings Format
NE0 file extensionNetBSD Foundation, Inc.NetBSD Config
NETSH file extensionMicrosoft CorporationNetsh File Extension
NFG file extensionDJI Interprises, LLCNewsBin Configuration
NHB file extensionAnders PeterssonNo Hands Backup Backup Description
NHN file extensionijji Games LLCIjji REACTOR Html Launch
NIA file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Capture Image Adjustment
NIT file extensionEsriArcView INFO Table Definitions
NJI file extensionNeroNero BackItUp Job Format
NJT file extensionNero AGNero BackItUp Job Template
NKP file extensionNative InstrumentsKontakt Saved Presets
NLANG3 file extensionAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Internet Accelerator Language
NLPD file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQLite Data Synchronization Profile
NLPEQ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQLite Export Query Result Profile
NLPEV file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat Export View Result Profile
NLPI file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQLite Import Wizard Profile
NLPT file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQLite Data Transfer Profile
NNR file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Capture Noise Reduction
NOINDEX file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Spotlight Index
NOPD file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Data Synchronization Profile
NOPEM file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Export Materialized View Profile
NOPEQ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Export Query Result Profile
NOPEV file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Export View Result Profile
NOPI file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Import Wizard Profile
NOPT file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For Oracle Data Transfer Profile
NOR file extensionN/ANorwegian Localization
NPD file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL Data Synchronize Profile
NPE file extensionNVIDIA CorporationNVIDIA Ntune Overclock System Performance Manager Profile Settings
NPEQ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL Export Query Result Profile
NPEV file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL Export View Result Profile
NPFX file extensionSymantecNorton Internet Security Settings Format
NPI file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Capture Filters
NPJ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For MySQL Batch Job
NPN file extensionACD Systems International Inc.Canvas Neon Pen
NPPD file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Data Synchronization Profile
NPPEQ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Export Query Result Profile
NPPEV file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Export View Result Profile
NPPI file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Import Wizard Profile
NPPT file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For PostgreSQL Data Transfer Profile
NSC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Media Station
NSD file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton System Doctor Sensor Configuration
NSPD file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Data Synchronization Profile
NSPEQ file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Export Query Result Profile
NSPEV file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Export View Result Profile
NSPI file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Import Wizard Profile
NSPT file extensionPremiumSoft CyberTech Ltd.Navicat For SQL Server Data Transfer Profile
NSU file extensionNVIDIA CorporationNVIDIA NTune Command System Profile Settings
NTC file extensionNikonNikon Camera Control Pro Custom Curves Format
NTS file extensionIBMLotus Notes Traveler Server Config Format
NVC file extensionNikonNikon Vignette Correction Format
NWV file extensionNuanceDragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive Format
OBI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2007/2010/2013 RSS Subscription Format
OBT file extensionOpenboxOpenbox Theme Format
OBYX file extensionObyxObyx Control
OCE file extensionOracleOpen Catalog Extension Connection Format
ODC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Database Connection Format
OEM file extensionMicrosoftOEM Install Data Format
OFFICEUI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office UI Customization
OKM file extensionGian Paolo SaliolaOkMap Map Defining
OLK14PREF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Preferences Format
OLK14RULE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook 2011 For Mac Rule
OLL file extensioninData CorporationTrialDirector Load
OMC file extensionOriginLab CorporationOrigin Customized Menu
ONETOC2 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft OneNote Table Of Contents Format
OPAL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) Language-specific Settings
OPAX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Customization Tool (OCT) Standard Settings
OPS file extensionN/AMicrosoft Office Profile Settings Format
OPT file extensionN/AOptions Format
OPTIONS file extensionSE-SOFTSE-SOFT Configuration Format
OPTS file extensionN/ALinux Configuration Options Format
OPW file extensioneSignalESignal Option
OSCD file extensionhexlerTouchOSC Interface Editor Template
OSD file extensionGPSoftwareDirectory Opus Configuration
OSDX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Search Connector Format
OSF file extensionOpera Software ASAOpera Skin
OSS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Saved Search Format
OTV file extensionQIAGENRotor-Disc OTV Kit OTV Calibration
OTZ file extensionOpenLPOpenLP Theme Format
OVPN file extensionOpenVPN TechnologiesOpenVPN Config Format
OXO file extensionJurgen A DoornikOx Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language
P2M file extensionDassault SystemesPhotoWorks Appearance Format
P3E file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop Repousse Settings Format
PANL file extensionFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Preference Panel
PAPERS file extensionCorelCorel Painter Paper Texture Format
PARM file extensionSAS Institute Inc.SAS Scalable Performance Data Server LIBNAME
PBR file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Brush
PBS file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Brush Stroke Presets
PBV file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Bevel Preset
PBZ file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Picasa Button Zip
PC3 file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD R2000 Plotter Configuration Format
PCN file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Contour Preset
PCTL file extensionKaspersky LabKaspersky Parental Control Settings Format
PDFS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Illustrator Format
PDK file extensionTekblues Ltd.PC Desktop Cleaner Configuration
PDT file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Hydrology And Pond Settings
PEN file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Enamel Presets Format
PERFMONCFG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Performance Monitor Configuration Format
PF2 file extensionCanon Inc.Canon Picture Style Editor Picture Style
PFK file extensionN/AXTreePro Programmable Function Keys
PGP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Program Parameter Format
PH file extensionAOLAOL Phone Home Settings Format
PHB file extensionArcSoftArcSoft PhotoBase Album Format
PHPEDITPROJECT file extensionWaterproof SoftwareProject From PHPEdit Solution
PHPEDITSOLUTION file extensionWaterproof SoftwarePHPEdit Project Solution
PIE file extensionCarl KennerGlove Programmable Input Emulator Format
PIO file extensionAvid TechnologyPro Tools I/O Settings Format
PIP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Personalized Settings Format
PIW file extensionPixAroundPI ProcessBook Display Definition
PJUNOXL file extensionTogu Audio LineTAL-U-NO-LX Audio Preset
PKG file extensionNokiaSymbian OS Installation Package Settings Format
PKGDEF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Shell
PL4 file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Designer Graphic Palette
PLB file extensionMSC Software CorporationMSC.Fatigue Improved Performance Patch
PLH file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Presets
PLIST file extensionN/AApple Property List XML Format
PLS file extensionPico TechnologyPicoLog Settings Format
PLSX file extensionN/AXtreamer Internet Radio Playlist
PLTCFG file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation Printer Driver Configuration
PLTN file extensionApple, Inc.Appearance Manager Platinum
PMC file extensionMicrosoftWindows Performance Monitor Chart Settings Format
PMJ file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail WinPMail State Format
PMK file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Keyboard Setting
PML file extensionCACRPyre Properties Format
PMP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Plotter Model Parameters Format
PMPD file extensionPanasonic CorporationPanasonic Camcorder Extra
PMPPKG file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Preferences Package
PNC file extensionPalm, Inc.Palm OS Configuration
PNCH file extensionRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer For Mac Channel
PND file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Connection Information
PNP file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail POP3 Server Side Filter Rule
PNST file extensionRealNetworks, Inc.RealAudio Preferences
POLICY file extensionOracle CorporationJava Policy
POPUPSKIN file extensionMiranda IM ProjectMiranda Pop-up Skin Settings
POW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows XP Power Schema
PPML file extensionN/APersonalized Print Markup Language
PPW file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Picture Publisher Wizard
PQZ file extensionMystic FractalQuaSZ Palette
PR file extensionN/AEROSION 3D Precipitation Parameters
PRA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media Adobe Premiere Plug-in Profile Format
PREF file extensionN/AMacintosh Preferences Format
PRESET file extensionThe IconfactoryFlare Graphic Effect Preset
PRF file extensionMicrosoftPreferences Or Profile Format
PRFL file extensionN/ANetscale User Profile
PRFPSET file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Premiere Pro Effect Preset Format
PRODUCT file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE Product Settings
PROF file extensionN/AProfile
PROFILES file extensionW3CAmaya Configuration
PROFIMAIL file extensionLonely Cat GamesProfiMail Settings Format
PROJECTPROPERTIES file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Project Properties
PROPDESC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Property Description Format
PROPERTIES file extensionSun MicrosystemsJava Properties Format
PROPERTIESJET file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE Template
PROPS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Property Sheet Format
PROVXML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Settings
PRS file extensionTraction SoftwareBatch & Print Pro Printer Settings Format
PRSL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Style Library
PRST file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Printer Presets Format
PRX file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media Player Media Format
PS1XML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows PowerShell Display Configuration Format
PSC1 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows PowerShell Console Format
PSF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Proof Setup Format
PSPCMYKPROFILE file extensionCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Profile
PSPWORKSPACE file extensionCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Workspace
PSTPL file extensionLimesurvey ProjectLimesurvey Template Related
PSY file extensionSynthesoftPsychedelic Screen Saver Saved Settings Format
PTF file extensionSonySony PlayStation Portable Theme Format
PTP file extensionThe Sage Group plcACT! Modem Sync
PUI file extensionPeter PawlowskiFoobar2000 Panels UI Configuration
PVS file extensionParallelsParallels Configuration Format
PVX file extensionKitware, Inc.ParaView Configuration XML
PWS file extensionCorelPrint Workshop Image Format
PXB file extensionPixelmator TeamPixibox Picture Image Format
PXG file extensionPixelmator TeamPixelmator Saved Gradients Format
PYT file extensionPython Software FoundationPython Declaration
Q2D file extensionNervepreserveQuick3DCover Design Format
QAG file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton Desktop Quick Access Group
QAT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Quick Access Toolbar Info
QBD file extensionIntuit Inc.Quicken Keyboard Layout
QBP file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Printer
QDR file extensionN/AQ-Dir Configuration
QF file extensionNokiaNokia (Ovi) Maps Version Format
QHC file extensionDigia OyjQt Help Collection
QIP file extensionIlgam ZulkorneevQIP PDA Account Settings
QM4 file extensionN/AQmail Options Or Services
QRC file extensionNokiaQt Resource Collection Format
QSK file extensionQuinnwareQuintessential Player Skin
QSP file extensionPantaray ResearchQSetup Installation Suite
QSS file extensionNokiaNokia Qt Style Sheet Format
QTF file extensionRonald E. MercerQtracker Filter
QTP file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Preferences Format
QVPP file extensionQlikTech InternationalQlikView Extension Properties Page Format
QVT file extensionQlikTech InternationalQlikView Theme Format
R1W file extensionAttachmate CorporationReflection Setting
R2W file extensionAttachmate CorporationReflection Settings
RASKINPLACE file extensionRaskin SoftwareRaskin Place Settings Format
RB file extensionhfrmobileRosebud Configuration Profile
RB4 file extensionCompucraftRobotWorks Parameters Format
RBM file extensionXojo, Inc.Real Studio Menu
RBW file extensionXojo, Inc.Real Studio Window
RCF file extensionSonicWALLSonicWALL VPN Configuration Format
RCT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Resource Template Format
RDF file extensionN/AResource Description Framework RSS Feed Format
RDI file extensionBlue Mist InjectorRed Dragon ISecure Settings Format
RDO file extensionN/AXerox Rawster Document Object Format
RDP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection Settings Format
RESMONCFG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Resource Monitor Settings Format
RESOURCECONFIG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio Resource Configuration
RFQ file extensionSiber SystemsRoboForm SearchCard Format
RGD file extensionChris Cannam and D. Michael McIntyreRosegarden Device Definition
RLL file extensionMicrosoftResource Hacker Resource Library Format
RML file extensionLG ElectronicsFTG Configuration Format
RMS file extensionOracleJava Application Settings Format
RMSKIN file extensionThe Rainmeter TeamRainmeter Skin Format
RNX file extensionRealNetworksRealPlayer Audio Or Settings Format
RPB file extensionFamatechRadmin Phonebook Format
RPK file extensionRadLightRadLight Skin Format
RPR file extensionBMC Software, Inc.AppSight Console Recording Profile
RPS file extensionAutodesk3D Studio Max Render Preset Settings Format
RPV file extensionRealNetworks, Inc.RealPlayer Visualization
RRR file extensionaltaVENTERhapzodé Resource Repository
RRX file extensionIBMIBM Datacap Define
RSF file extensionAttachmate CorporationReflection Setting
RSU file extensionAttachmate CorporationReflection For IBM Updated Settings
RTK file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp Configuration
RTL file extensionYahoo, Inc.Yahoo! Instant Messenger Ringtone Settings
RTS file extensioncode4wardRoyal TS Remote Connection Format
RTSX file extensioncode4wardRoyal TS Document Settings
RULESET file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Code Analysis Ruleset Format
RVP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Scan Configuration
RWSTYLE file extensionRealmac SoftwareRapidWeaver Style Format
RXML file extensionRoxen Internet Software ABRoxen Macro Language
RXP file extensionRoxioEasy CD & DVD Creator 6 Playlist
RXS file extensionRoxioAudioCentral Roxio Markup Sound
S2ML file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentStarCraft 2 Map Localization Format
S2QH file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentStarCraft 2 Localisation Header Format
S2QL file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentStarCraft 2 Unit Localisation Format
S8L file extensionSAP AGSAP GUI
SBE file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot Excludes
SBV file extensionGoogleYouTube Captions Format
SCACFG file extensionSolutions EtceteraSuperCard Application Configuration Format
SCHEME file extensionSourceTec Software Co., LTDSothink Logo Maker Color Scheme
SCONSCRIPT file extensionN/ASCons SConscript Configuration
SCPCFG file extensionSolutions EtceteraSuperCard Project Configuration Format
SDE file extensionVentis Media, Inc.MediaMonkey Equalizer Presets
SDLPROFILE file extensionSDL plc.TRADOS Exported User Settings
SECURITYSETTINGS file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Security Settings
SED file extensionMicrosoftSelf Extracting Directive Format
SEESTYLE file extensionPanicCoda For Mac Style Sheet Format
SEM file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Set Objects
SEQU file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Sequence Format
SERVERDEF file extensionN/AServer Definition
SERVERSTYLE file extensionEsriESRI ServerStyle
SET file extensionN/AConfiguration Format
SETTINGCONTENT-MS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows 8.1 Configuration
SETTINGS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Settings Format
SFO file extensionN/ACuteFTP Search Format
SG file extensionMicrografx, Inc.SnapGraphix User
SGT file extensionIBMSSPS Chart Template Format
SHADOW file extensionNeuber SoftwareFontTwister Shadow
SHH file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Shadow Or Highlight Settings Format
SIF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows NT Setup Installation Format
SIZ file extensionOracle CorporationOracle 7 Configuration
SKI file extensionMotorolaMotorola Mobile Phone Skin Format
SKIN file extensionMicrosoftSkin Format
SKN file extensionNokiaSkin Format
SKZ file extensionSuperKarambaSuperKaramba Theme Format
SL file extensionN/AUnix Software License Format
SLDCLR file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Colour Palette
SLDREG file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Settings
SLT file extensionMozillaMozilla Firefox/Thunderbird User Profile Folder Format
SLZ file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe RoboHelp Screen Layout
SMPRF file extensioniolo technologies, LLC.System Mechanic Microsoft Windows Startup Profile
SMR file extensionÜberwareSmedge2 Job Settings
SMT file extensionSamsungSamsung Mobile Phone Theme Format
SMX file extensionNicholas DeckerSysMetrix Skin
SNAGSTYLES file extensionTechSmith CorporationSnagIt Style
SNC file extensionThe Sage Group plcACT! E-mail/folder Synchronization
SNX file extensionPi InnovoPiSnoop Workspace Format
SOL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Shared Object Format
SOUNDSTUDIOPRESET file extensionFelt Tip Inc.Sound Studio Preset
SPDESIGNCONFIG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer Configuration
SPDESIGNSKIN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer Skin
SPF file extensionSling MediaSlingPlayer Saved Favourites Format
SPFX file extensionSorenson MediaSqueeze Preset Format
SPJ file extensionIBMSPSS Production Job Format
SPY file extensionN/ASEO SpyGlass Project
SRF file extensionSteinberg Media TechnologiesSteinberg Cubase Resource Format
SRP file extensionN/ACheckpoint Exported VPN Client Information
SRS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Server Request Setting Format
SRU file extensionSybase Inc.PowerBuilder User Object
SRV file extensionN/AFBB Initialization
SSB file extensionSmartSync SoftwareSmartSync Pro Program Setting
SSCS file extensionSaropaSaropa Smart Copy Script
SSIS file extensionSynoptics LtdProReveal Settings Format
SSL file extensionNicolaudieSunlight ScanLibrary Format
SSL2 file extensionNicolaudieSunlite Suite 2 ScanLibrary Settings Format
SSS file extensionStardockWindowBlinds Substyle Format
SSZ file extensionVIT Software, LLC.Spider Player Skin
STARTUPINFO file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime 2.0 Startup Info Format
STB file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD R2000 Plot Style Table
STE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Dreamweaver Backup Site Settings Format
STF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft ACME Setup Table Format
STFX file extensionIK Multimedia Production srlSampleTank Settings
STIP file extensionIK Multimedia Production srlSampleTank Instrument Preset
STORYISTTHEME file extensionStoryist SoftwareStoryist Application Theme Format
STRM file extensionPlex Media Center TeamPlex Media Server Settings
STRUCT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Structure
STYLE file extensionGoogleSketchUp Style Format
STYLES file extensionValve CorporationSteam Client GUI Resource
SUBLIME-BUILD file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Build
SUBLIME-COMPLETIONS file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Completions
SUBLIME-KEYMAP file extensionN/ASublime Text Keymap
SUBLIME-MENU file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Menu
SUBLIME-MOUSEMAP file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSubliem Text Mousemap
SUBLIME-SESSION file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Session
SUBLIME-SETTINGS file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Settings
SUBLIME-THEME file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdSublime Text Theme
SUITE file extensionStardock CorporationStardock WinStyles Suite
SURFPLACE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Money User Profile
SVB file extensionStatSoft, Inc.Statistica Macro
SVN file extensionN/APersonal Paint Slovenian Language User Interface
SVP file extensionAtomix ProductionsVirtual DJ Visualization Effects
SW2 file extensionSoftwrapSoftwrap License Format
SWB file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Macro
SWE file extensionN/APersonal Paint Swedish Language User Interface
SWIDTAG file extensionN/ASoftware Identification Tag
SZ file extensionNullsoftWinamp Skin Format
T3D file extensionTicTacTiTicTacTi Advertisement Definition Format
T4 file extensionTerrAlignTerrAlign Alignment Configuration
TABULA-BUTTONS file extensionSoftlineTabula Button Library
TABULA-DOCSTYLE file extensionSoftlineTabula Document Settings
TAM file extensionTameDOSTame Program Settings
TBB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Toolbar Button
TBE file extensionN/ATMPGEnc List
TBR file extensionJustSystems Corp.SoftQuad XMetaL Configuration
TD2 file extensionBorland Software CorporationBorland Turbo Debugger For Win32 Configuration
TDF file extension321 StudiosTotal Annihilation Features Format
TERMINAL file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Terminal Settings Format
TEXTMATE_INIT file extensionGNU ProjectUnix Shell Script (bash)
TGB file extensionTheGreenBowIPSec VPN Client VPN Configuration
TGP file extensionyougridsThumbGen Profile
THE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Plus! Pack Desktop Theme
THEM file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Desktop Theme
THEME file extensionComodo GroupComodo Theme Format
THEMEPACK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Theme Pack Format
THME file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Theme Format
THMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2007/2010 Theme Format
TI0 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI1 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TI2 file extensionSoftlineTabula Binary Settings And Initialization
TINF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Theme Info
TLL file extensionLG ElectronicsLG TV Link-Loader Configuration Format
TLO file extensionIBMSPSS User Table Lookup Format
TMPREFERENCES file extensionMacroMates Ltd.TextMate Preference
TMTHEME file extensionMacroMatesTextMate Theme Format
TOS file extensionN/AThe Only Sheet Setting
TPARK file extensionGeekSpiffThemePark Project Format
TPL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Tool Preset Format
TPP file extensionNational Geographic MapsTOPO! Preferences
TR2 file extensionN/ABorland Turbo Debugger Session-state Settings
TRX file extensionSDLPASSOLO Translation Format
TSI file extensionNative InstrumentsTraktor Pro MIDI Map Format
TSK file extensionN/APocket PC Skin
TSM file extensionBeckhoff AutomationTwinCAT System Manager Configuration Format
TST file extensionSergey SerkovTagScanner Text Transform Script Format
TSW file extensionNational Instruments CorporationNI TestStand Workspace
TSZ file extensionCerulean StudiosTrillian Skin Format
TTS file extensionSumTotal SystemsToolBook Translation System Format
TUI file extensionNational Instruments CorporationNI LabWindows User Interface
TV file extensionCorel CorporationCorel Paradox Table View Settings
TVF file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBASE Table View Settings
TVIXIE file extensionN/ATViXiE Effects
TWC file extensionTurbosoftTTWin Configuration Format
TWS file extensionHelios Software SolutionsTextPad Workspace
TWW file extensionZANDAR CorporationTagwrite Template
TXM file extensionN/ATrakAx Mixer Configuration Data
TXP file extensionWinShareSoftTweaking Toolbox XP Import/export Setting
TXR file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDraw Custom
TYPEIT4ME file extensionEttore SoftwareTypeIt4Me Clippings Format
TZI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows CE Time Zone Information
UAE file extensionN/AWinUAE Configuration
UAV file extensionOpenPilot FoundationOpenPilot UAV Settings
UBR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationIIS WCAT Configuration
UCP file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Communications Profile
UCSETTINGS file extensionAnthony R. DalyUniversal Converter Settings
UCT file extensionUC MobileUC Browser Theme Format
UCX file extensionIronCADIronCAD Settings
UDCX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Universal Data Connection Format
UEW file extensionIDM Computer Solutions, Inc.UltraEdit Wordfile
UIN file extensionICQ LLCICQ 2001 Saved ICQ Contact Information
UIS file extensionStardockWindowBlinds Personality Format
UNS file extensionNobeltec, Inc.Visual Navigation Suite Export Or Import Settings
UNUSED file extensionImpressumPhotoline 4 Defaults
UPF file extensionBentley SystemsMicroStation User Preference Format
UPL file extensionTeldas GmbHINet-Server Request
UPP file extensionArtifex SoftwareGhostscript Uniprint Unified Printer Parameter
URF file extensionMatinsoft Inc.AppFace Skin
URS file extensionControlDraw Ltd.ControlDraw User Requirement Specifier
USC file extensionAnalogue Process Control ServicesUSC Module Definition
USER file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Project User Options Format
USERPROFILE file extensionSymantecNorton Antivirus User Profile Format
UTI file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot - Search & Destroy Includes
UTS file extensionSafer-Networking Ltd.Spybot - Search & Destroy Include
UTZ file extensionUIQ TechnologyUIQ Theme Package
UUS file extensionBobaFettUltra Utility Skin
UVW file extensionAutodesk, Inc.3D Studio MAX UVW Coordinates
VBOX file extensionOracleVirtualBox Settings Format
VBX6SETTINGS file extensionIntegoVirusBarrier X6 Settings Format
VCG file extensionGeorg SanderVisualization Of Compiler Graphs (VCG) Graphic Specification
VCPREF file extensionSymantecSymantec Shared Format
VCPROPS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio 2008 Property Sheet
VCW file extensionMicrosoftEMbedded Visual C++ Workspace Format
VDIC file extensionLastBit Corp.Password Recovery Dictionary
VE2 file extensionCyberLink Corp.Cyberlink PowerDVD Settings
VEGASWINDOWLAYOUT file extensionSonySony Vegas Window Settings Format
VFO file extensionSilicon Graphics, Inc.Silicon Graphics Onyx2 Video Format Combiner
VGP file extensionIncendo TechnologyVectir Profile Group
VIM file extensionN/AVim Script Format
VIMRC file extensionN/AVim Runtime Configuration Format
VIN file extensionN/AAWR Project Settings
VKM file extensionVICEVICE Keyboard Setting
VLT file extensionVideoLANVLC Player Skin Format
VMAC file extensionVMwareVMware Configuration Format
VMBA file extensionVMwareVMware Configuration Format
VMC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Settings Format
VMCX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Virtual PC Virtual Machine Shell Information Format
VMOPTIONS file extensionej-technologies GmbHInstall4j VM Parameters
VMPL file extensionVMwareWMvare Policy Format
VMTM file extensionVMwareVMware Team Configuration Format
VMX file extensionVMwareVMware Configuration Format
VMXF file extensionVMwareVMware Team Virtual Machine Configuration Format
VNC file extensionN/AVNC Configuration Format
VNI file extensionDellDell Webcam Central Application Configuration Format
VPH file extensionOptikVerve LabsVirtual Pascal Help Format
VPN file extensionQbikWinGate VPN Configuration
VPR file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Preset
VPS file extensionH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Copy Template
VQC file extensionH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Quick Copy Format
VRE file extensionASG GMBH & CO. KGASG Remote Desktop Settings
VRP file extensionIncendo TechnologyVectir Profile Template
VSC file extensionMcAfee, Inc.McAffee VirusScan Configuration
VSCT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Command Table Configuration
VSIXLANGPACK file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Localised VSIX Package
VSK file extensionPocketMindPocketMusic Skin
VSPC file extensionMicro Research Institute, Inc.3D-Album Settings
VSPOLICYDEF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio Policy
VSPROPS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Project Property Sheet Format
VSSETTINGS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Settings Format
VSTDIR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Project Type Settings
VSTPRESET file extensionSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHCubase Preset
VSU file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisio Custom User Interface
VSW file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visio Workspace Format
VTG file extensionSlickEditSlickEdit Workspace
VUE file extensionN/AFoxPro View Settings Format
VWP file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Visualization Setting
VXP file extensionSynapsa ProductionsVisiTrax Playlist
WB4 file extensionStardock CorporationWindowBlinds Default Skin
WBX file, Inc.Webshots
WC file extensionGhisler Software GmbHTotal Commander File Tree Info
WCPL file extensionMaximumSoft Corp.Webcopier Project Settings
WCX file extensionMicrosoftRemoteApp And Desktop Connections Configuration Format
WCZ file extensionSoftshape DevelopmentChameleon Clock Wallpaper Format
WEBALLOWBLOCKLIST file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista Parental Control Settings
WEBSETTINGS file extensionN/AJEE2 Web Project Settings
WED file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.JAWS Configuration
WFC file extensionMicrosoftWindows Wireless Network Settings Format
WFW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Firewall Policy Export
WFX file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe User Keyboard Shortcut Settings
WIMP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Icon Palette
WLM file extensionHewlett-Packard CompanyHP-UX Workload Manager Configuration
WME file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Media Encoder Session Profile
WMS file extensionN/AWindows Media Player Skins
WMZ file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media Player Compressed Skins Format
WORK file extensionBibble LabsBibble Work Queue Format
WORKSPACE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Applications Workspace Setting
WOS file extensionNobleTech Limited.Words Of Worship Output Settings
WPJ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works Wizard
WPP file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect Color Palette Format
WPS file extensionSDL
WPZ file extensionNullsoft, Inc.WinAmp SkinZip
WS3 file extensionRobert McNeel & AssociatesRhino 3D Toolbar Collection
WSA file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Animation Shop Workspace
WSET file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Settings
WSK file extensionAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGWhisset Media Player Skin
WSS file extensionPhilippe VaugouinWeb Screen Saver Configuration
WSSTYLES file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Vista Sidebar Style
WST file extensionWinstepNextSTART Theme
WSW file extensionWinStep Software TechnologiesWorkShelf Theme
WTI file extensionN/AWebTranslateIt Configuration
WVXML file extensionAdrian WrightAudioPlayer XML Playlist
WWB file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Button Bar
WWK file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Keyboard Layout
WWP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works Wizards
WWS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works Wizards
WYP file extensionwyDayWyBuild Definitions
WYS file extensionwyDayWyBuild Server
WZCONFIG file extensionCorelWinZip E-mail Configuration Format
X4K file extensionOptimal PerformanceXML4King Configuration Format
XCCONFIG file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Xcode Configuration Settings
XCH file extensionLink-Assistant.comLinkAssistant Project Settings
XCI file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Reader Font Mapping
XCSCHEME file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Xcode Scheme
XCU file Extension Control Format
XDC file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Printer Description
XDFL file extensionXDFLengine TeamXDFL Configuration
XDOCLET file extensionRed Hat, Inc.JBoss XDoclet Reference
XDR file extensionMicrosoftXML Data Reduced Format
XEM file extensionN/AX-Genics EManager Metered Units
XEP file extensionN/AEManager File Packing Definition
XES file extensionN/AX-Genics EManager Skins Definition
XET file extensionN/AX-Genics EManager Process Definition
XEV file extensionN/AX-Genics EManager Auto-update Format
XFP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint Extending Form Library Properties
XGLL file extensionAFMG Technologies GmbHEASE SpeakerLab Text
XGS file extensionMicrosoftXACT Global Settings Format
XILINC file extensionSourceForge.netXilize Defintion
XILIZE file extensionSourceForge.netXilize Configuration
XIP file extensionN/AXbox Dashboard
XLB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Toolbars Format
XLB4 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 4 For Mac Toolbars
XLB5 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 5 For Mac Toolbars
XLB8 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 98 For Mac Toolbars
XLBN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 1 For Mac Toolbars
XLPF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel For Mac Setting
XMC file extensionLingoes ProjectLingoes Configuration
XMPSKIN file extensionUn4seen DevelopmentsXMPlay Skin
XOJO_BINARY_MENU file extensionXojo, Inc.Xojo Binary Menu
XOJO_BINARY_WINDOW file extensionXojo, Inc.Xojo Binary Window
XOJO_MENU file extensionXojo, Inc.Xojo Menu
XOJO_WINDOW file extensionXojo, Inc.Xojo Window
XOJO_XML_MENU file extensionXojo, Inc.Xojo XML Menu
XOJO_XML_WINDOW file extensionN/AXojo XML Window
XPADDERCONTROLLER file extensionXpadderXpadder Controller Layout Format
XPADDERPROFILE file extensionN/AXpadder Settings
XPL file extensionLcdStudioLcdStudio Configuration Playlist
XPL2 file extensionSkyline Software Systems Inc.TerraExplorerPro LOD Parameter
XPX file extensionXP Software Inc.RAFTS-XP Macro
XRX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationExpression Encoder Media Profile Settings
XST file extensionIBMIBM WebSphere Query Template Format
XTD file extensionN/AXML Type Definition
XTERME file extensionWinStep Software TechnologiesWinstep Extreme Theme
XTP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes Format
XTREME file extensionWinstep Software TechnologiesWinstep Xtreme Theme Pack Format
XUI file extensionMicrosoftXbox 360 Skin Format
XUR file extensionMicrosoftXbox 360 Compiled Skin Format
XVM file extensionVMwareVMware Console Configuration Format
XWK file extensionIntelCrosstalk Keyboard Mapping Format
YBC file extensionSUSESUSE Linux Enterprise Server Display Settings
YCP file extensionSUSESUSE Linux Enterprise Server Display Settings
YEL file extensionN/AYellow Color Separation
YPF file extensionDavid BinetteYahELite Configuration
ZAP file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Software Installation Settings Format
ZC file extensionEric Isaacson SoftwareZipkey Configuration
ZCFG file extensionWrensoftZoom Search Engine Configuration
ZDTC file extensionN/AAdobe After Effects Language Settings
ZMX file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Lens
ZON file extensionVerityCollection Building Custom Zone Format
ZPF file extensionAutoDesSysForm•Z Preferences Format
ZPI file extensionNuance CommunicationsNuance PDF Converter Index Format
ZPRF file extensionTom BrownZipIt Preference
ZSC file extensionZend Technologies Ltd.Zend Studio Server Settings
ZSK file extensionN/AZoner Media Explorer Skin
ZTM file extensionZTreeZTreeWin Macro
ZUP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Business Solutions Navision Configuration
ZVT file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop Zoomify Preset Format
ZZB file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Configurable Toolbar
ZZC file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Connection Details
ZZD file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Wizard Defaults
ZZE file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Emulation Details
ZZF file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView File Transfer Configuration
ZZK file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Keyboard Mapping
ZZP file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Configurable Pop-up Menu
ZZT file extensionFutureSoft, Inc.FutureSoft MultiView Terminal Configuration
_PLAYMUSICID file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Google Play Music Id

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