Digital Video Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
032 file extensionSoftel LimitedSwift Open Caption
261 file extensionN/AH.261 Encoded Video
264 file extensionN/AH.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Format
3G2 file extensionN/A3GPP2 Multimedia Format
3GP file extensionThird Generation Partnership ProjectMultimedia Files For Wireless Networks
3GP2 file extensionN/A3GPP2 Multimedia Format
3GPP file extensionN/A3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project Movie
3GPP2 file extension3GPP2Multimedia Files For Wireless Networks
3GP_128X96 file extensionN/A3GP Video
3MM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker Video Format
3P2 file extensionThird Generation Partnership Project3GPP Multimedia File Format
60D file extensionN/ACCTV Video Clip Format
787 file extensionAVTECHAVTECH CCTV Video Format
890 file extensionCavenaCavena Subtitles Format
AAF file extensionAvid TechnologyAdvanced Authoring Format Multimedia Format
AEC file extensionMAXONCinema 4D Adobe After Effects Import Composition Format
AEP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Project Format
AEPX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects XML Project Format
AET file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Template Format
AETX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe After Effects Format
AJP file extensionN/AAJP Player Video Format
ALE file extensionAvid TechnologyAvid Log File Format
AM file extensionAnarkAnark Studio Media Format
AM2 file extensionIndigo Rose CorporationAutoPlay Menu Studio Ver.2 Data
AMC file extensionN/AAnt Movie Catalog Format
AMV file extensionN/AAMV Video File Format
AMX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Motion Exchange Format
ANIM file extensionAmigaAmiga Animation Format
AQT file extensionN/AAQTitle Subtitles Format
ARCUT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Prelude Rough Cut Format
ARF file extensionWebEx CommunicatonsWebEx Advanced Recording Format
ASDVDCRTPROJ file extensionAimersoft StudioAimersoft DVD Creator Project
ASF file extensionMicrosoftAdvanced Systems (streaming) Format
ASX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Advanced Streaming Redirector Format
AVB file extensionAvidAvid Binary Image Format
AVCHD file extensionSony, PanasonicHigh Definition Video Format
AVD file extensionMAGIXMAGIX Movie Edit Pro Video Data Format
AVF file extensionN/AVideo Information
AVI file extensionMicrosoftAudio Video Interleave Movie Format
AVP file extensionAvid TechnologyAvid Project Format
AVS file extensionAviSynthAvisynth Script Format
AVV file extensionAvid TechnologyAvid Media Composer Volume Bin Format
AWLIVE file extensionPY SoftwareActive WebCam Live Capture Format
AXM file extensionAXMEDISAxmedis Object
BADONGO file extensionBadongo.comBadongo Information Service
BBV file extensionPPLive Inc.PPLive
BDM file extensionSonyAVHCD Video Information Or Index Format
BDMV file extensionBlu-ray Disc AssociationBlu-ray Information Format
BDT2 file extensionBEEDOCSBEEDOCS Timeline 3D Timeline Document Format
BDT3 file extensionBEEDOCSBEEDOCS Timeline 3D Timeline Document Format
BDTP file extensionN/ABaiduPlayer Media
BIK file extensionN/ABINK Video Format
BIN file extensionN/ACD/DVD Binary Image Format
BIX file extensionKodicomVideo Format
BMK file extensionCyberLinkPowerDVD MovieMark Bookmark Format
BNP file extensionSonySony HD Camera System Format
BOX file extensionN/AKodicom Video Format
BS4 file extensionBeamYourScreenMikogo Session Video Recording Format
BSF file extensionN/AAVC Blu-ray Video Format
BTS file extensionCreative Technology Ltd.Creative Digital Blaster Digital VCR
BUB file extensionN/APhotobubble
BVR file extensionPerspective SoftwareBlue Iris Video Format
BYU file extensionBYUMovie.BYU Geometry Format
CAMPROJ file extensionTechSmithCamtasia Studio Project Format
CAMREC file extensionTechSmithCamtasia Studio Recorder Format
CAMTHTR file extensionTechSmith CorporationCamtasia Studio Theater
CAMV file extensionTechSmithCamtasia Screencast Video Format
CED file extensionN/AJVC Corrupted Video Format
CINE file extensionVision ResearchVision Research Phantom Cine Camera Video Format
CIP file extensionCavenaCavena Subtitles Format
CLPI file extensionBlu-ray Disc AssociationBlu-Ray Clip AV Stream Format
CMMP file extensionTechSmithCamtasia MenuMaker Project
CMMTPL file extensionTechSmithCamtasia MenuMaker Template
CMPROJ file extensionTechSmithCamtasia For Mac Project Format
CMREC file extensionTechSmithCamtasia For Mac Record Format
CPI file extensionSonyAVCHD Clip Information Format
CREC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Lync 2010 Recording
CTD file extensionFoxSimpsons Cartoon Studio Export
CVC file extensionN/ACVideo Format
CX3 file extensionIDViewCMS Video Format
D2V file extensionN/ADVD2AVI Format
D3V file extensionDatelDatel Video Format
DAPROJ file extensionDivX, LLCDivX Author Project
DAT file extensionN/AVideo CD MPEG Movie MPEG1
DAV file extensionDVR365Mace DVR-1600HP Video Format
DB2MOV file extensionAstonsoft Ltd.DeepDVD Movie Authoring Project
DCE file extensionN/ADrivecam Video File Format
DCK file extensionResolumeResolume Deck Format
DDAT file extensionDivXDivX Web Player Temporary Download Format
DEMO file extensionTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirl HD Model Demo
DEMO4 file extensionN/AUT2004 Demo
DFXP file extensionN/ATimed Text Markup Language
DIF file extensionN/ADigital Interface Format
DIR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe (Macromedia) Director Format
DIVX file extensionDivXDivX Media Format
DJANIMATIONS file extensionN/ADigital Juice Animation
DLX file extensionSonySony VDU File Format Importer
DMB file extensionN/ADigital Multimedia Broadcasting Format
DMSD file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator MyDVD DVD Project Format
DMSD3D file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio MyDVD 3D Project
DMSM file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator VideoWave Movie Project Format
DMSM3D file extensionSonic SolutionsVideoWave 3D Movie Project Format
DMSS file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator VideoWave Slideshow Project Format
DMX file extensionValveSource Filmmaker Project Format
DNC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP Dancers Dancer Database Format
DOF file extensionDOSBoxDOSBox Capture Movie
DPA file extensionSerifSerif DrawPlus Animation Format
DPG file extensionMoonShellNDs-mPeG Video Format
DREAM file extensionStardockDreamMaker Animated Wallpaper Format
DRT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director Shockwave Export
DSY file extensionBestaBesta Video Format
DTV file extensionN/ADVD2AVI Mpeg2
DV file extensionN/ADigital Video Format
DV-AVI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft DV-AVI Video Format
DV4 file extensionBosch Security SystemsBosch Security Systems CCTV Video Format
DVDDATA file extensionPegasys Inc.TMPGEnc DVD Author Video
DVDMEDIA file extensionThe Little App FactoryRipIt DVD Backup Format
DVR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP Media Center Recorded Television Format
DVR-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Digital Video Recording Format
DVSD file extensionN/ADVMaster Pro Video
DVT file extensioninData CorporationDepoView Digital Video Transcript
DVX file extensionDivXDivX Movie
DXR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Director Protected Movie Format
DZM file extensionCyberLinkCyberlink DirectorZone Menu Template Format
DZP file extensionCyberLinkDirectorZone Particle Effect Format
DZT file extensionCyberLinkCyberlink DirectorZone Title Template Format
EDL file extensionN/AEdit Decision List Format
EPM file extensionDestiny Media Technologies, Inc.Destiny MPE Encoder Encrypted Portable Media
ES3 file extensionN/ACanon VIXIA HG21 High Resolution Exported Movie
ETI file extensionCommunications Research Centre CanadaETI (Ensemble Transport Interface) Stream
EVO file extensionN/AHD DVD Video Format
EYE file extensionETIEyemail ETI Camcorder Pro Video Format
F4F file extensionAdobe SystemsFlash Video Fragment
F4P file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Protected MP4 Format
F4V file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Mp4 Format
FBR file extensionBlueberryBB FlashBack Recorded Video Format
FBZ file extensionBlueberryBB FlashBack Screen Record Format
FCP file extensionAppleFinal Cut Pro Project Format
FCPROJECT file extensionAppleFinal Cut Pro X Project Format
FILM file extensionFilmkeyFilmkey Player Media
FLC file extensionAutodeskAutoDesk FLIC Format
FLEXOLIBRARY file extensionApple, Inc.Final Cut Pro Library
FLH file extensionN/AFLIC Animation Format
FLI file extensionAutodeskAutodesk Animator FLIC Animation Old Format
FLIC file extensionN/AAutodesk Animator Animation
FLI_ file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Animator FLIC Animation Old Format
FLM file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Film Roll
FLUX file extensionFluxTime LimitedFluxTime Studio Clip
FLV file extensionAdobe SystemsFlash Video Format
FLVAT file extensionN/ADownloaded Flash Video
FLX file extensionN/AFLIC Animation
FM2 file extensionFCEUX project teamFCEUX Movie
FMC file extensionSmith Micro Software, Inc.MotionArtist Animated Clip
FPB file extensionTernion CorporationFLAMES Playback Recorder
FR file extensionN/AFinalburn Alpha Movie Capture
FTC file extensionFluxTimeFluxTime Clip Format
G64 file extensionN/ASecurity Camera Video
GFP file extensionGreenForce-PlayerGreenForce-Player Audio Or Video Format
GIR file extensionRETROBASE.NETGens Plus! Movie
GL file extensionN/AGraphical System For Presentation Animation Format
GMM file extensionN/AGlobal Mobile Media
GOM file extensionGRETECHGOpenMol Model Format
GRASP file extensionN/AGraphical System For Presentation Animation Format
GTS file extensionCaptiveWorksCaptiveWorks PVR Video Recording Format
GVI file extensionGoogleGoogle Video Format
GVP file extensionGoogleGoogle Video Player Google Video Pointer Playlist Format
H-263 file extensionN/AH.263 Encoded Video
H263 file extensionN/AH.263 Encoded Video
H260 file extensionN/AVideo Recording
H261 file extensionN/AH.261 Video Format
H263 file extensionN/AH.263 Video Format
H264 file extensionN/AH.264 Video Format
HAV file extensionHaenlein-SoftwareVideo Recorder Video
HDMOV file extensionAppleApple QuickTime HD Movie Format
HDV file extensionJVCHigh Definition Video Format
HGD file extensionN/AIP Camera Video
HKM file extensionHavokHavok Movie Format
HTD file extensionResearchWare, Inc.HyperTRANSCRIBE Project
HUP file extensionHaihaisoftHaihaisoft DRM-X Protected Video
IFO file extensionN/ADVD Movie Information File Format
IFV file extensionN/AIndeo Video Format
IIS file extensionPanasonic CorporationPHOTOfunSTUDIO HD Video
ILM file extensionDigital WorkshopOpus Creator Multimedia
IMOVIEEVENT file extensionApple, Inc.IMovie Library
IMOVIEPROJ file extensionAppleApple IMovie Project Format
IMOVIEPROJECT file extensionAppleApple IMovie Project Format
IRCP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe SpeedGrade Project Format
IRF file extensioniVIEW TechnologyIVIEW DVR H.264 Video Format
ISMC file extensionMicrosoftSmooth Streaming Client Manifest Format
ISMCLIP file extensionBoinx SoftwareIStopMotion Animation Clip
ISMV file extensionMicrosoftSmooth Streaming Fragmented MPEG-4 Video Format
IVA file extensionN/ASurveillance Video Format
IVF file extensionIntelIndeo Video Format
IVM file extensionN/AInteractive Visual Media Video Format
IVR file extensionRealNetworksRealPlayer Internet Video Recording Format
IVS file extensionN/AInternet Streaming Video
IVU file extensionImmerVisionImmerVision XML User Interface
IZZ file extensionTroikaTronixIsadora Media Control Project Format
IZZY file extensionTroikaTronixIsadora Project Format
JMF file extensionOracle CorporationJava Media Framework
JMV file extensionJabsoftJnes Record Format
JSS file extensionJACOsubJACOSub Subtitle Format
JTS file extensionCyberlinkJVC Cyberlink AVCHD Video Format
JTV file extensionJ. RiverJRiver Media Center Recorded TV Format
JVT file extensionJRiver, Inc.JRiver Recorded Video
K3G file extensionThird Generation Partnership Project3GP Mobile Phone Video Format
KDENLIVE file extensionKdenliveKdenlive Project Format
KMV file extensionN/AMobile DJ Video Format
KTN file extensionKTooNKTooN Animation Format
L32 file extensionSoftel LimitedSwift Line 21 Caption
LREC file extensionInter-TelInter-Tel Web Conference Recording Format
LRV file extensionGoProLow Resolution Video Format
LSF file extensionN/AAdvanced Streaming Format
LSX file extensionMicrosoftAdvanced Streaming Redirector Format
M-JPEG file extensionN/AM-JPEG
M15 file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupApple QuickTime Format
M1PG file extensionMedia 100IFinish Video Format
M1S file extensionN/AMPEG-1 System Stream
M1V file extensionN/AMoving Pictures Experts Group Video (MPEG-1 IPB)
M21 file extensionN/AMPEG-21 Video Format
M2A file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Audio
M2P file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupMPEG-2 Stream File Format
M2T file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Transport Stream Format
M2TS file extensionSonyMPEG-2 Stream (Blu-Ray)
M2V file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Packetized Elementary Stream
M4E file extensionN/AMPEG-4 Video Format
M4F file extensionSony CorporationSony Network Camera MPEG-4 Video
M4U file extensionN/AMPEG-4 Playlist Format
M4V file extensionAppleMPEG-4 Video File Format
M75 file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupApple QuickTime Player Format
MANI file extensionMine-imatorMine-imator Project Format
MBV file extensionVictor Company of Japan, Ltd.JVC Everio MediaBrowser Movie
META file extensionRealNetworksRealPlayer Metafile
MGV file extensionSonySony PSP Video Format
MJ2 file extensionN/AJPEG 2000 Motion Sequence Format (ISO 15444-3) Format
MJP file extensionLGVTech MJP Video Format
MJP2 file extensionN/AJPEG 2000 Motion Sequence Format (ISO 15444-3)
MJPG file extensionN/AMotion JPEG Video Format
MK3D file extensionMatroskaMatroska MKV 3D Stereoscopic Video Format
MKS file extensionVideoLAN Project TeamMatroska Subtitles Stream
MKV file extensionMatroskaMatroska Video-audio Multimedia Format
MKV3D file extensionN/AMatroska 3D Video Format
ML20 file extensionN/AMercury Messenger For Mac Video
MMV file extensionSonyMicroMV Movie Format
MNV file extensionSonySony PlayStation Movie Format
MOB file extensionMediaCorpMOBTV Video Format
MOD file extensionJVCHard Disk Camera Movie MPEG-2 Program Stream Format
MODD file extensionSonySony Video Analysis Format
MOFF file extensionSonySony AVCHD Index Format
MOI file extensionN/AMOI Video Format
MOO file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Movie Clip
MOOV file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Movie Format
MOV file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Digital Movie Format
MOVIE file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Movie Format
MP21 file extensionN/AMPEG-21 Multimedia Format
MP2V file extensionN/AMPEG Video Format
MP4 file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupMPEG-4 Video File Format
MP4INFOVID file extensionN/AParrot AR Drone And Gyro Flyer Video
MP4V file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupMPEG-4 Video Format
MPE file extensionN/AMPEG Movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
MPEG file extensionN/AMPEG Movie
MPEG1 file extensionN/AMultiplexed MPEG-1/2 Format
MPEG2 file extensionN/AMultiplexed MPEG-1/2
MPEG4 file extensionN/AMPEG-4 Video Format
MPF file extensionMainConceptMainActor Project Format
MPG file extensionN/AMPEG 1 Video File Format
MPG2 file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Video Format
MPG4 file extensionN/AMPEG-4 Video
MPGINDEX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe MPEG Index Format
MPGV file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Video
MPL file extensionSonyAVCHD Playlist Format
MPLS file extensionBlu-ray Disc AssociationBlu-ray Movie Playlist Information Format
MPSUB file extensionMPlayerSubtitle Format
MPV file extensionMoving Picture Experts GroupMPEG 1 Video Format
MPV2 file extensionN/AMPEG II Video Format
MQV file extensionSonySony Movie Player File Format
MSDVD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows DVD Maker Format
MSH file extensionN/AAdobe Visual Communicator Project Format
MSWMM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Movie Maker Project Format
MTS file extensionN/AAVCHD MPEG-2 Transport Stream Format
MTS1 file extensionN/AMPEG-2 Transport Stream
MTV file extensionN/AMTV Video Format
MV1 file extensionN/AVideo
MV4 file extensionN/AApple QuickTime Video
MV85 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director For Mac Movie
MV93 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director For Mac Movie
MV95 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Director For Mac Movie
MVB file extensionN/AMultimedia Viewer Book Format
MVC file extensionN/ Movie Collector Data Format
MVD file extensionMAGIXMovie Edit Pro Video Format
MVE file extensionBioWareInterplay Video Format
MVEX file extensionmuveeMuvee AutoProducer Unicode Document Format
MVF file extensionCodeBaby Corp.Production Studio Video
MVP file extensionMAGIXMovie Edit Pro Video Project Format
MVV file extensionN/AAVS Media Player MPEG Video
MVW file extensionMomentum Technologies GroupM-View Stream
MVY file extensionMAGIXMAGIX Video Easy Project Format
MXF file extensionSMPTEMaterial Exchange Format
MXV file extensionMAGIXMAGIX Movie Edit Pro Video Format
MYS file extensionVineyard TechnologiesVineyard Captured Video Format
NCOR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Encore Project Format
NMM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker Video
NPV file extensionNexilogicPixbend Player Pixbend Media
NSV file extensionNullsoftNullsoft Winamp Video Format
NUT file extensionN/ANUT Open Container Format
NUV file extensionN/AMythTV NuppelVideo Video Format
NVAVI file extensionNero AGSplit AVI Audio Video Interchange Format
NVC file extensionNeroNero Vision Express Project Format
OGM file extensionXiph.OrgOgg Vorbis Media Format
OGV file extensionXiph.OrgOgg Vorbis Video Format
OGX file extensionXiph.OrgOgg Vorbis Multiplex Profile
OLPROJ file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe OnLocation
ORV file extensionOracomOracom Video Format
OSP file extensionJonathan ThomasOpenShot Project Format
OTRKEY file extensionOnlineTvRecorder.comOTRKEY Encoded Video Format
P2 file extensionPanasonic CorporationPanasonic P2 Video
PAR file extensionDedicated MicrosDedicated Micros DVR Recording Format
PDS file extensionCyberLinkCyberlink PowerDirector Project Format
PGI file extensionN/AVideo Recording Format
PHOTOSHOW file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio PhotoShow Project
PIV file extensionPivotPivot Stickfigure Animator Animation Format
PJS file extensionPhoenix Japanimation SocietyPhoenix Japanimation Society Subtitle Format
PLAYLIST file extensionCyberLinkPowerDVD PlayList Format
PLPROJ file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Prelude Project
PMF file extensionSonySony PlayStation PSP Movie Format
PMV file extensionActivisionReturn To Zork Video Format
PPJ file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Project Format
PREL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Premiere Elements Project Format
PRO file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Export Format
PRO4DVD file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter DVD Document Format
PRO5DVD file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter DVD Document Format
PROQC file extensionRenewed VisionProPresenter Quartz Composition Format
PRPROJ file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Premiere Pro Project Format
PRTL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Premiere Title Format
PSH file extensionPhotodexProShow Show Format
PSSD file extensionSonic SolutionsRoxio Creator PhotoSuite Slide Show Format
PVA file extensionTechnoTrendPVA Video Format
PVR file extensionWintal InternationalWintal PVR Video Format
PXV file extensionNexilogicPixbend Media Format
QT file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Movie Clip
QTC file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Support
QTCH file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Cached Format
QTINDEX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe QTIndex Format
QTL file extensionAppleYUV SECAM Or PAL Image
QTM file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Movie Format
QTVR file extensionApple, Inc.QuickTime VR
QTZ file extensionAppleQuaSZ Texture Format
R3D file extensionREDREDCODE Multimedia Format
RCPROJECT file extensionAppleIMovie Project Format
RDB file extensionN/AWavelet Image Recording Format
RDG file extensionTechSmith CorporationMorae Recorded Video
RDT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Captivate RoboDemo Template
REC file extensionTopfieldRecorded Format
RF file extensionN/ARealFlash Clip
RM file extensionRealNetworksRealMedia Format
RMD file extensionRealNetworksRealPlayer Media Format
RMP file extensionRealNetworksRealAudio Audio Format
RMS file extensionRealNetworksRealMedia Secure Media File Format
RMV file extensionRadical EntertainmentThe Simpsons Hit & Run Video Format
RMVB file extensionRealNetworksRealMedia Variable Bitrate Format
ROQ file extensionId SoftwareId Software Game Video
RP file extensionN/ARealPix Image Format
RSX file extensionREDRED Metadata XML Format
RTS file extensionRealNetworksRealAudio RTSL Document
RTSL file extensionN/ARealAudio RTSL Document
RTSP file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Real-time Streaming Protocol
RUM file extensionRAD Game ToolsBink Video Subtitle Format
RV file extensionRealNetworksRealVideo Video Format
RV9 file extensionRealNetworks, Inc.RealVideo Movie
RVID file extensionAmbrosia SoftwareSnapz Pro X Video Format
RVL file extensionmuveeMuvee Project
SAN file extensionLucasArts Entertainment Company, LLCLucasArts Smush Animation Format
SBK file extensionSWiSHzone.comSWiSH Backup Format
SBSC file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Soundbooth Score Document
SBST file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Soundbooth Score Template
SBT file extensionURUWorksSBT Subtitle Format
SCM file extensionSmartGuyzStarCraft Campaign Map Format
SCN file extensionPinnacle SystemsPinnacle Studio Scene Format
SCREENFLOW file extensionTelestreamScreenFlow Document
SDR2 file extensionN/AH.264 MICRO DVR Camera Movie
SDV file extensionPinnaclePinnacle Studio DV Video Editing Project
SEC file extensionGuinXellSony PlayStation PSP GuinXell SecPlayer Video Format
SEDPRJ file extensionAshampooAshampoo Slideshow Studio Project Format
SEQ file extensionNorPixNorpix StreamPix Sequence Format
SFVIDCAP file extensionSonySony Vegas Video Capture Format
SIV file extensionSilicon ImagingSilicon Imaging Video Format
SKY file extensionN/AActiveSky Movie Clips For Palm OS
SMI file extensionN/AMicrosoft SAMI Subtitles Format
SMIL file extensionSYMM Working GroupSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language Format
SMK file extensionRAD Game ToolsRAD Video Tools Smacker Compressed Video
SML file extensionSYMM Working GroupSMIL Slideshow Presentation
SMV file extensionSmith MicroVideoLink Saved Mail Video
SNAGPROJ file extensionTechSmithSnagIt Project Format
SPL file extensionN/AMacromedia FutureSplash Animator Document Format
SRT file extensionN/ASubRip Video Subtitle Format
SSIF file extensionN/ABlu-ray Stereoscopic Interleaved Movie
SSM file extensionN/ARealAudio Standard Streaming Metafile
ST4 file extensionPinnacle Systems, Inc.Pinnacle Studio 400 Project
STR file extensionSonySONY PlayStation Movie Stream Format
STRG file extensionAAT Holding sp. z o.o.E-Viewer Recorded Video Copy Backup
STX file extensionPinnaclePinnacle Studio Project Format
SVI file extensionSamsungSamsung Video Format
SWF file extensionAdobe SystemsShockWave Flash, Animated Vector Format For The Internet
SWI file extensionSWiSHzone.comSWiSH Format
SWT file extensionAdobe SystemsSwift Generator Template Format
TDA3MT file extensionDivXDivX Author Template Format
TDT2 file extensionPanasonic CorporationPanasonic HD Video Camera Movie
TDX file extensionD-TEGD-TEG CCTV Video Information Format
TGV file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Electronic Arts Video
THEATER file extensionApple, Inc.IMovie Theater Library
TIVO file extensionTiVoTiVo Video Format
TIX file extensionDivXDivX Video Download Activation Format
TMF file extensionN/ATM Player
TMI file extensionThin Multimedia, Inc.Thin Client Media-3 Encoded Video
TOD file extensionJVCJVC Everio Video Capture Format
TP file extensionSnapStream MediaBeyond TV Transport Stream Format
TP0 file extensionSquared 5Mascom PVR Video Format
TPD file extensionCyberlinkJVC Cyberlink TOD Video Format
TPR file extensionPEGASYSTMPEG Enc Video Conversion Project Format
TREC file extensionTechSmith CorporationCamtasia Studio Recorded Session
TRIDEFMOVIE file extensionN/ATriDef Movie
TRP file extensionN/AMPEG-2 HD Video Format
TS file extensionN/AMPEG-TV Recorded Format
TS4 file extensionN/ARecorded Multimedia
TTXT file extensionISO/IECMPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles Format
TVOD file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime Movie Or JPEG Picture
TVS file extensionTeamViewerTeamViewer Session Format
TX3G file extensionN/AMPEG-4
URC file extensionCA TechnologiesUnicenter Remote Control
USM file extensionN/AUSM Game Video Format
UVCAB file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Films
UVNTS file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Notes
UVS file extensionUVsoftiumUVScreenCamera Segments
UVSEG file extensionN/AUVScreenCamera Segments
VBC file extensionNetralia Pty Ltd.Netralia VodBurner Video
VC1 file extensionMicrosoftVC-1 Video Format
VCPF file extensionSonic SolutionsVideoConvert Project Format
VCR file extensionATI TechnologiesATI Personal Video Recorder Video Format
VCV file extensionViewCave InternationalViewCave Video Format
VDO file extensionN/AVDOLive Script Video Image
VDR file extensionAvery LeeVirtualDub Frame Server File Format
VEG file extensionSonySonic Foundry Vegas Video Project Format
VEM file extensionMeta MediaMM Video E-mail Format
VEP file extensionOnline Media TechnologiesAdvanced Visualization Studio Project Format
VEP4 file extensionOnline Media Technologies Ltd.AVS Video Editor Project
VF file extensionSonyVegas Movie Studio Project Format
VFO file extensionVideoLAN Project TeamVOB 5 Video
VFT file extensionCorelCorel VideoStudio Filter Format
VFW file extensionN/AVideo For Windows
VFZ file extensionCreative TechnologyCreative Live! Webcam Video Effects Format
VGHD file extensionTotem EntertainmentVirtuaGirlHD Model Videoclip
VGZ file extensionChateau Technical CorpVideo Game Music Compressed Format
VID file extensionN/AVideo Format
VIDEO file extensionDsNETATube Catcher Video Format
VIEWLET file extensionN/AQarbon Viewlet
VIV file extensionN/ARealNetworks VivoActive ActiveX Control Format
VIVO file extensionN/ARealNetworks VivoActive Movies And Audio
VLAB file extensionN/AVisionLab Studio Project Format
VMM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft 3D Movie Maker Video
VOB file extensionN/ADVD Video Object Format
VP3 file extensionOn2 TechnologiesOn2 Streaming Video Format
VP6 file extensionOn2 TechnologiesVP6 Encoded Video Format
VP7 file extensionOn2 TechnologiesTrueMotion VP7 Video Format
VPG file extensionNCH Software Pty LtdVideoPad Video
VPJ file extensionNCH SoftwareVideoPad Video Editor Project Format
VPRJ file extensionDRD Systems, Inc.VideoReDo Project
VRO file extensionN/AVideo Recordable Format
VS2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel VideoStudio 2
VS4 file extensionAVTECHAVTECH Video Format
VSE file extensionAVTECHAVTECH CCTV Video
VSP file extensionCorelCorel VideoStudio Pro Project Format
W32 file extensionSysmediaWinCAPs Subtitle Format
WCP file extensionCorelWinDVD Creator Project Format
WEBM file extensionGoogleMatroska WebM Video Format
WLMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Live Movie Maker Video Project Format
WM file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media Audio Or Video Format
WM3 file extensionMSC Software CorporationVisualNastran Movie
WMD file extensionN/AWindows Media Player Download Package
WMMP file extensionMicrosoftWindows Movie Maker Project Format
WMV file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media Video Format
WMV3 file extensionN/AVideo
WMX file extensionN/AWindows Media Redirector
WP3 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Photo Story Project Format
WPL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media Player Playlist Format
WSA file extensionSonicleWebSynth Media
WSV file extensionSonicleWebSynth Media
WTV file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media Center Recorded Television Format
WVX file extensionN/AWindows Media Video Redirector Format
XAVC file extensionN/ASony XAVC Video Format
XEJ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Expression Encoder Job Format
XEL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Expression Encoder 3.0 Live Jobs Format
XESC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture Format
XFL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Exchange Format
XLMV file extensionThunder Network TechnologiesThunder Mall Video Format
XMV file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Xbox Video Format
XTODVD file extensionVSO-SoftwareConvertXtoDVD Project
XVID file extensionXvidXviD Codec
XWMV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Media
Y4M file extensionN/AYUV4MPEG2 Video Format
YOG file extensionOuterraOuterra Recorded Video Format
YUV file extensionN/AYUV Video Format
ZEG file extensionN/AZeroG Subtitles Format
ZM1 file extensionZSNESZSNES Movie #1 Format
ZM2 file extensionZSNESZSNES Movie #2 Format
ZM3 file extensionZSNESZSNES Movie #3 Format
ZMV file extensionZSNESZSNES Movie Format
ZRB file extensionRAD Game Tools, Inc.Smacker Compressed Video

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