System Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
$03 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS Pipe Format
0 file extensionN/ALinux Shared Library Link Format
143 file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux
1PA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows
286 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
2FS file extensionPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux Snapshot Format
2GR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows VGA Graphic Drivers
32S file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWin32s
3FS file extensionPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux Save State Format
3~6 file extensionN/AWindows 3.xx System
500 file extensionNetBSD Foundation, Inc.Linux
73U file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-73 Explorer Operating System Format
8XU file extensionTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments TI-83 Plus Operating System Format
AAD file extensionN/AFreeBSD
ACCESS file extensionOracle CorporationJava Access Control
ACCT file extensionIBMIBM AIX System
ADM file extensionN/AAdministrator Policy Template Format
ADML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Administrative Language-specific XML Template Format
ADMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Administrative XML Template Format
ADV file extensionN/AAudio Driver Format
AIX file extensionIBMIBM AIX
ANI file extensionMicrosoftAnimated Cursor
ANN file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Help Annotation Format
AOS file extensionARCHOSArchos Signed Encrypted Data Format
APDISK file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Related
APPLEDOUBLE file extensionApple, Inc.Apple AppleDouble Resource
APPLE_PARTITION_MAP file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Partition Scheme
AQL file extensionN/AAOL DLL
ASEC file extensionGoogleGoogle Android Encrypted Application Package Format
ATAHD file extensionPuppy LinuxPuppy Linux ATA Hard Drive Flag Format
AUG file extensionN/ARed Hat Linux Shellvars
AUTOMATICDESTINATIONS-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Jump List Format
BASHRC file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash Shell Startup Script Configuration Format
BASH_HISTORY file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash History Format
BASH_PROFILE file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash Interactive Login Shell Format
BBFW file extensionApple, Inc.ITunes Firmware
BCD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Boot Configuration Format
BIO file extensionN/AOS/2 BIOS Format
BK2 file extensionMicrosoftWindows Indexing Service Data Format
BLF file extensionMicrosoftCLFS Base Log Format
BMK file extensionMicrosoftHelp Bookmarks
BNR file extensionNintendo Co., Ltd.Nintento Wii Homebrew
BOM file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Bill Of Materials Format
BOOTEFISIGNATURE file extensionApple, Inc.Bootefisignature Mac OS X System
BRIDGESUPPORT file extensionApple, Inc.Bridgesupport Mac OS X File Extension
BSDIFF file extensionRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin
BUD file extensionMicrosoftBinary Printer Description Format
C32 file extensionSyslinuxSyslinux COM32 Module
CAB file extensionMicrosoftWindows Cabinet Compressed Archive
CB file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Clean Boot
CDMP file extensionMicrosoftWCS CDMP
CGK file extensionIVT CorporationBlueSoleil
CGZ file extensionN/ALinux Drivers Archive Format
CHS file extensionMicrosoftWindows Chinese Noise-Word List Format
CI file extensionMicrosoftWindows Content Indexer Catalog Format
CLB file extensionMicrosoftCom+ Catalog Format
CMG file extensionN/ACramfs ROM File System Package
CNT file extensionMicrosoftHelp Contents Format
COMPONENTS file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X System
CONFIGPROFILE file extensionAppleApple Configuration Profile
CPI file extensionMicrosoftCodepage Information Format
CPL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Control Panel Format
CPQ file extensionCompaqCompaq OEM Disc Configuration Format
CRASH file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Console Report Format
CRMLOG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows CRM Log
CRP file extensionMicro-Star InternationalMSI SecureDoc Encrypted
CTFSYS file extensionN/AOS X Mach Kernel System
CUR file extensionN/AWindows Cursor Format
DAT_TUREG_OLD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Registry
DDZ file extensionN/AAdaptec Unix Driver
DESKLINK file extensionN/ADesktop Shortcut
DESKTHEMEPACK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Theme Pack Format
DEV file extensionN/AWindows Device Driver Format
DEVICEMANIFEST-MS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Device Metadata
DFU file extensionAppleApple IOS Firmware Update Format
DIAGCAB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting CAB Format
DIAGCFG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting Configuration Format
DIAGPKG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Troubleshooting Package Format
DIMAX file extensionMassoth ElectronicsDiMAX Firmware Format
DIT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Schema Format
DLL file extensionMicrosoftDynamic Link Library Format
DLX file extensionMicrosoftRenamed DLL Format
DMP file extensionMicrosoftMemory Dump, Screen Dump, Junk Files
DO7 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationDOS 7
DOH file extensionBerkeley SoftworksGeoworks GEOS Dependency Information
DOS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWIN95/ DOS 7 System
DRPM file extensionThe Fedora ProjectDelta RPM Format
DRV file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Device Driver
DSR file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Driver
DSS file extensionN/ADCC Active Designer Screensaver Format
DVD file extensionN/ADOS Device Driver
DYC file extensionXeroxXerox Printer Driver Configuration Format
EBD file extensionMicrosoftWindows EBD System Format
EDJ file extensionEnlightenment.orgEnlightenment DR 17 Background And Theme Format
EFI file extensionUEFI ForumExtensible Firmware Interface Firmware Format
EFIRES file extensionAppleEFI Image Format
ELF file extensionUnix System LaboratoriesELF Executable Format
EMERALD file extensionCompiz FusionEmerald Theme Format
EQUIV file extensionIBMIBM AIX System File.
ESN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows XP System32
ETL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Trace Log Format
EVT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 2000 And XP Event Log Format
EVTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Event Log Format
EXT2 file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux Second Extended System
FFA file extensionMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Status Format
FFL file extensionMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Document List Format
FFO file extensionMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Document Properties Cache Format
FFX file extensionMicrosoftFind Fast Indexer Index Format
FOLDER file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Explorer Folder
FOTA file extensionGoogleFirmware Over-the-Air Format
FPBF file extensionAppleMac OS X Finder Burnable Backup Archive
FSEVENTSD file extensionApple, Inc.MAC OS X
FSTAB file extensionN/AFile System Table
FTG file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Help Format
FTS file extensionN/AWindows Help Index Format
FWL file extensionCursorArts CompanyFileWrangler EXE Library
GMMP file extensionMicrosoftWCS GMMP Gamut Mapping Profile
GRL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Update Status Format
GROUP file extensionMicrosoftWindows Mail Group Format
GRP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Program Group Format
GZP file extensionJoshua HabermanGazelle System Page
H1C file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista File Related To Assistance Platform (AP) Help
H1F file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help
H1K file extensionMicrosoft CorporationKeyword Index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
H1S file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Format
H1T file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
H1V file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTask Metadata - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
HDMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Heap Dump Format
HELP file extensionAppleUnix Help Format
HHC file extensionN/AHTML Help Table Of Contents Format
HHK file extensionN/AMicrosoft HTML Help Index Format
HIV file extensionMicrosoftWindows NT Registry Hive
HLP file extensionMicrosoftHelp Format
HPC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSystem Dynamic Library
HPFS file extensionIBMOS/2 High Performance File System
HPJ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Win Help Project Format
HSH file extensionMicrosoftWindows Catalog Search Index Format
HTT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft HyperText Template Format
HTW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows
HV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Hive
HXI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Compiled Storage
IA64 file extensionHewlett-Packard CompanyHP-UX
ICL file extensionMicrosoftIcon Library Format
ICNS file extensionAppleApple Icon Graphic Format
ICO file extensionN/AIcon Format
IDENTIFIER file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Zone Identifier
IDX file extensionN/AIndex Format
IDX_DLL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office IDX_DLL
IFW file extensionPCS SystemtechnikINTUS Firmware Format
IME file extensionMicrosoftGlobal Input Method Editor
IMG3 file extensionAppleApple IOS Img3 Encrypted Or Signed Container Format
INA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS
INF_LOC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Installation Format
INS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft IIS Internet Communications Settings Format
INSTALL_BACKUP file extensionAVG Technologies (Grisoft)AVG Shell Extension Module
INTERNETCONNECT file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X System Preferences Internet Connect Document Format
ION file extensionN/ADescription Format
IOPLIST file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Ioplist Format
IPOD file extensionRockboxRockbox Executable Application
IRIX6 file extensionSilicon Graphics, Inc.Irix 6
ISWP file extensionApple, Inc.Apple ITunes IOS Firmware Update
ITEMDATA-MS file extensionMicrosoftWindows 8 Start Screen Item Data Format
ITS file extensionMicrosoftInternet Document Format
IUS file extensionShanghai InfoTM MicroelectronicsInfoTMIC Android Update Format
JFS file extensionN/ALinux/Unix Journaling System
JLB file extensionN/APAC Mate BX Keyboard Driver
JOB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Task Scheduler Task Object Format
JOURNAL_INFO_BLOCK file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS Xsystem
JPN file extensionMicrosoftWindows Japanese Noise-Word List Format
K48 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
KBD file extensionN/AKeyboard Script File Layout
KEXT file extensionN/AApple Mac OS X Kernel Extension Format
KEY file extensionN/ALicence Or Encrypted Security Format
KMD file extensionN/AClicker Module Output
KO file extensionN/ALinux Kernel Module Format
KOR file extensionMicrosoftKorean Localization Language Format
KS file extensionN/AKickstart Format
KSS file extensionKDE e.VKDE Screen Saver
LE file extensionApple, Inc.Le Mac OS X
LFS file extensionSamsungSamsung Test Picture Image Format
LGS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Application Log
LIBRARY-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 7 Library Description Format
LLS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows System
LN file extensionIBMUNIX Lint
LNK file extensionMicrosoftWindows Shortcut Format
LOCALIZED file extensionApple, Inc.MAC OS X
LOCKFILE file extensionAppleMac OS X Lion Property List XML Lock Format
LOG1 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Registry Hive Log Format
LOG2 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Registry Hive Log 2 Format
LPD file extensionNational InstrumentsLookout Protocol Driver Format
LS_ file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Ls Directory
MANIFEST file extensionN/AWindows Visual Styles Format
MAPIMAIL file extensionN/AWindows Send To Mail Recipient Format
MBR file extensionN/AMaster Boot Record Format
MDIMPORTER file extensionApple, Inc.Spotlight Importer Setting
MDMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Minidump Format
MEM file extensionParallelsParallels Virtual Machine Memory Dump Format
METADATA_NEVER_INDEX file extensionAppleSpotlight Never Index Format
MI4 file extensionNVIDIANVidia PortalPlayer Firmware Update Format
MKEXT file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Mach Kernel Extension Memory Cache
MLC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Language Interface Pack Format
MOBILECONFIG file extensionAppleApple IPhone Mobile Configuration Profile
MOJITO file extensionLime Wire LLC.Limewire Kademlia
MONITORPANEL file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Display Panel Extension
MPS_ file extensionJoshua JuranMPW Shell
MSC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Management Console Control Format
MSDM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows
MSP file extensionMicrosoftWindows Installer Patch Format
MSSTYLE file extensionN/AWindows XP Unsigned Style
MSSTYLES file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Resources Themes Luna Format
MUI file extensionMicrosoftMultiLanguage Windows Resource Format
MUIMANIFEST file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Multilingual User Interface
MUI_CCCD5AE0 file extensionMicrosoftHid User Library
MUM file extensionMicrosoftWindows Vista Update Package Format
MYDOCS file extensionN/ASend To Format
N81 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
N90 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple IOS Kernel Cache
N90AP file extensionApple, Inc.IPhone Jailbreak Firmware
NB0 file extensionN/AMicrosoft Device Emulator Operating System Image Format
NBH file extensionN/AHTC ROM Update Utility ROM Image Format
NETWORKCONNECT file extensionAppleApple Network Connect Document
NFO file extensionMicrosoftInformation Readme Text Format
NLS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft National Language Support Format
NOS file extensionN/AJDOS System
NOT_TERMINATED file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Audit Log
NOVS file extensionNovell, Inc.Novell NetWare Control Center
NT file extensionMicrosoftWindows NT Command Script Format
NTFS file extensionN/ANTFS Partition Format
NU4 file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton Utilities DLL Root
OS2 file extensionIBMOs2 System
OV1 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationOverlay
OV3 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationOverlay
OV4 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationOverlay
OV5 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationOverlay
P5X file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows System
P7B file extensionN/APKCS #7 Certificates Format
PANIC file extensionN/AKernel Panic Format
PAYLOAD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile
PCI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationPCI Miniport
PCK file extensionMicrosoftProgram Package Format
PDR file extensionN/AWindows Port Device Driver Format
PFX file extensionN/ACertificate Format
PID file extensionCreativeCreative Driver Format
PK2 file extensionJoymaxSilkroad Online Game Data Format
PNF file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Precompiled Setup Information Format
POL file extensionN/AWindows Policy Format
PPD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker PostScript Printer Description Format
PR2 file extensiondataBased Intelligence, Inc.DBase IV Printer Driver
PREFPANE file extensionN/AMac OS X System Preference Pane
PRF file extensionN/APreferences Or Profile Format
PRINTEREXPORT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Print Migration Format
PROFILE file extensionThe GNU ProjectBash Shell Profile Format
PROVISIONPROFILE file extensionAppleIOS Provision Profile
PRT file extensionN/APrinter Driver Format
PS2 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Search Catalog Index Format
PWL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Password Format
PXE file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux, Unix Network Bootable
QFILTER file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X ColorSync Filter
QKY file extensionN/ALinux Quirky Kernel Format
QTS file extensionApple, Inc.QuickTime System
QUICKTIMECOMPONENTS file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X System
QVM file extensionQQ Virtual Machine Format
RC1 file extensionSamsungSamsung S5230 Firmware Format
RC2 file extensionSamsungSamsung Mobile Device Firmware Format
RCO file extensionSonySony PlayStation Portable PSP Resource Format
RDZ file extensionMMIX MandrivaMandrake Linux Install
REG file extensionMicrosoftWindows Registry Data Format
REGTRANS-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Vista And Windows 7 Registry Format
RFW file extensionFuzhou Rockchip ElectronicsRockchip Firmware Format
RGU file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Registry Entry
RIO file extensionIBMIBM AIX System
RISCOS file extensionRISCOS Ltd.Acorn RISC OS
RMT file extensionN/ALinksys Router Firmware Format
RS file extensionMicrosoftWindows Rating System Format
RSQ file extensionIBMIBM 4690 Operating System​
RUF file extensionSamsungSamsung DVD And Blu-ray Player Firmware Format
RWM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Imaging Resource Only
RX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS 7
SAVEDSEARCH file extensionAppleSpotlight Saved Search
SAVER file extensionAppleMac OS X Screen Saver
SBN file extensionCisco SystemsCisco IP Phone Firmware Format
SCAP file extensionN/AEFI Firmware Format
SCF file extensionN/AWindows Explorer Shell Command Format
SCHEMAS file extensionThe GNOME ProjectGConf Schema Definition Format
SCR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Screensaver Format
SDB file extensionMicrosoft
SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Search Connector Description Format
SEARCHINDEXCACHE file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Cache
SERVICE file extensionN/AMac OS X Service Application
SF0 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Sytem Check
SFCACHE file extensionMicrosoftReadyBoost Cache Format
SHA file extensionThe Open GroupUnix SHAR Archive
SHD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Shadow Spooler Format
SHLB file extensionApple, Inc.Shlb Mac OS X System
SHSH file extensionAppleApple IPhone ECID SHSH Format
SO0 file extensionN/AUnix Shared Library Format
SPREPORTER file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X System Profiler Reporter
SQM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Service Quality Monitoring Format
STR file extensionN/AScreensaver Format
SUPPORTED file extensionApple, Inc.MAC OS X
SWP file extensionN/ASwap Format
SYS file extensionMicrosoftSystem Format
TDZ file extensionDroboDrobo Firmware Update Format
THA file extensionMicrosoftWindows Thai Noise-Words List Format
THEME file extensionMicrosoftWindows Desktop Theme Format
TNR file extensionTrimble Navigation LimitedGPS Pathfinder ProXR/XRS Firmware
TRX_DLL file extensionMicrosoftWindows Startup Format
UAQ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Action Queue
UCE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows XP System32 Format
VCN file extensionVacon PlcNCDrive Vacon NX System Software
VET file extensionCA TechnologiesVET Antivirus System
VGA file extensionN/AVGA Display Driver
VGD file extensionN/AGeneric CADD VGA Driver
VRS file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Video Resource Device Driver
VTD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Custom Virtual Device Driver
VXD file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows Virtual Device Driver
VX_ file extensionMicrosoftCompressed Virtual Device Driver Format
WDF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Driver Foundation Format
WDGT file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Dashboard Widget
WEBPNP file extensionMicrosoftWeb Point And Print Format
WER file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Application Error Report
WPH file extensionN/APhoenix BIOS Format
WPX file extensionN/AAdobe Printer Description For Postscript Printing Format
WRS file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver
WSS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Sound System
XMO file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Movie Driver
XMS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft EXtended Memory Specification
XRM-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Security Certificate
ZEX file extensionZOOM CorporationZOOM MRS-802 System
ZONEIDENTIFIER file extensionMicrosoftWindows Zone Identifier Format
_DL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationDynamic Link Library DLL File Form
_VTI_BIN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint

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