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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
H file extensionN/AC/C++ Header Format
H++ file extensionN/AUnusual C++ Header
H-263 file extensionN/AH.263 Encoded Video
H263 file extensionN/AH.263 Encoded Video
H0 file extensionMAGIXMovie Edit Pro Waveform Information Format
H00 file extensionARM Holdings plcARM EPROM HEX
H01 file extensionARM Holdings plcARM EPROM HEX
H04 file extensionGeneral Electric CompanyGE FIX32 Historical
H08 file extensionGeneral Electric CompanyGE FIX32 Historical
H10 file extensionH&R BlockAt Home Canada 2010 Tax Return Format
H11 file extensionH&R Block CanadaAt Home 2011 Tax Return Format
H12 file extensionH&R Block CanadaAt Home 2012 Tax Return Format
H1C file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista File Related To Assistance Platform (AP) Help
H1D file extensionN/AMicrosoft Windows
H1F file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help
H1H file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Merged Hierarchy Help
H1K file extensionMicrosoft CorporationKeyword Index - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
H1Q file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Merged Query Index Format
H1S file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Format
H1T file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
H1V file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTask Metadata - Microsoft Windows Assistance Platform Client Help Related
H1W file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Keyword Index
H260 file extensionN/AVideo Recording
H261 file extensionN/AH.261 Video Format
H263 file extensionN/AH.263 Video Format
H264 file extensionN/AH.264 Video Format
H2DRUMKIT file extensionHydrogen TeamHydrogen Drum Kit
H2O file extensionLiquid EntertainmentBattle Realms Game Data Format
H2P file extensionUrs HeckmannZebra Preset
H2SONG file extensionHydrogen TeamHydrogen Drum Notes
H2W file extensionN/AH2testw
H3B file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD300 Bundle
H3C file extensionThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might And Magic 3 Campaign
H3D file extensionAltair Engineering, Inc.Altair HyperView 3D Model
H3E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD300 Preset
H3M file extensionNew World ComputingHeroes Of Might And Magic 3 Map Format
H4B file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD400 Bundle
H4E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD400 Preset
H4M file extensionCapcom Co., Ltd.Resident Evil Zero Game
H4R file extensionNew World ComputingHeroes Of Might And Magic 4 Data Format
H5 file extensionN/AHierarchical Data Format Version 5
H5E file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD500 Preset
H5S file extensionLine 6, Inc.POD HD500 Set
H86 file extensionARM Holdings plcCP/M
HA file extensionN/AHA Compressed Archive
HAK file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Engine
HAL file extensionHansaWorldHansaWorld Enterprise HAL Code Format
HAM file extensionN/ADescent 2 Resource Format
HAML file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdHTML Abstraction Markup Language
HANDLEBARS file extensionN/AHandlebars Template
HANG file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Terminal
HAP file extensionHamarsoftHAP Compressed File Archive
HAR file extensionRick MeyersE-Sword Harmony Resource
HARDDISK file extensionN/ABoxer For Mac Harddisk
HARX file extensionRick MeyersE-sword Harmony
HAS file extensionN/AHaskell Script Format
HASH file extensionGuidance Software Inc.EnCase Forensic Drive Image Hash
HAT file extensionSony CorporationFormula 1 Car Race 2001 Log Hat
HATHDL file extensionHentai@Home TeamHentai@Home Download
HAV file extensionHaenlein-SoftwareVideo Recorder Video
HAZ file extensionMicrosoft StudiosMicrosoft Flight Texture
HBC file extensionXceleon TechnologiesHyperBac Compressed Archive Format
HBC2 file extensionXceleon TechnologiesHyperBac Compressed Archive
HBE file extensionXceleon TechnologiesHyperBac Compressed/encrypted Archive
HBK file extensionMathsoftMathcad Handbook Format
HBM file extensionHibernate ProjectHibernate Script
HBN file extensionOracle CorporationJava Hibernate
HBR file extensionMario CarbajalHaxBall Replay
HBX file extensionN/ABinHex Encoded Format
HBZ file extensionStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Macro
HCB file extensionHyperOs SystemsHyperOS Compressed Backup
HCC file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Storage Chamber Definition Format
HCE file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Hydrograph Data Format
HCF file extensionZaplotsCompact Ham Library
HCFG file extensionHoDoKu TeamHoDokK Configuration
HCG file extensionHCSoft Programación, s.l.,HClab Chart
HCI file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD IDF Data Format
HCL file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Library Format
HCOM file extensionN/ASound Tools HCOM Audio
HCP file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Project Format
HCR file extensionHydroCad Software SolutionsHydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Rainfall Definition
HCS file extensionHealth CanadaNHP ESubmission Builder Submission Package
HCT file extensionSymantec CorporationSymantec Liveupdate
HCU file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Hydrograph Units Definitions Format
HCW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationHTML Help Workshop Conversion Wizard Macro
HCX file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard ChartXL Chart Format
HD2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Hand Pose Format
HDA file extensionMatthew Bender & CompanyHotDocs Document File Format
HDB file extensionHansaWorldHansaWorld Enterprise Database Format
HDC file extensionSimpli Software Inc.HD Tach Benchmark
HDD file extensionParallelsParallels Workstation Virtual Hard Disk Format
HDE file extensionWagers & Associates, Inc.NAUPA File Encryptor Encrypted
HDF file extensionN/AHierarchical Data Format
HDF4 file extensionThe HDF GroupHDF4
HDF5 file extensionThe HDF GroupHDF5
HDI file extensionMatthew Bender & CompanyHotDocs Auto-install Format
HDK file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Registration Format
HDL file extensionN/AHotDocs Library Format
HDM file extensionOpenwaveHDML Handheld Device Markup Language Format
HDML file extensionOpenwaveHandheld Device Markup Language
HDMOV file extensionAppleApple QuickTime HD Movie Format
HDMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Heap Dump Format
HDP file extensionMicrosoftHD Photo
HDPMX file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Publisher Mapping XML Format
HDR file extensionHDRsoftHigh Dynamic Range Image Format
HDRP file extensionOhanawareHDRtist Graphic Format
HDRU file extensionN/AApollo HRDU Image Format
HDS file extensionMicrosoftWindows Digital Right Management Format
HDT file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop HDR Toning Preset Format
HDUMX file extensionHotDocsHotDocs User Mapping XML Format
HDV file extensionJVCHigh Definition Video Format
HDX file extensionAutodeskDelphi MultiHelp Index Format
HDZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Hand Pose Format
HE4 file extensionThe HDF GroupHDF4
HEA file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Fifa 2001 Data
HEARTSSAVE-MS file extensionMicrosoftHearts Saved Game Format
HEB file extensionN/ADEcomp 3D Scene Data
HED file extensionN/AHi-Eddi Image
HEF file extensionFrontRange Solutions USA Inc.HEAT Export
HELP file extensionAppleUnix Help Format
HELPCFG file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe AIR Help Configuration
HELPINDEX file extensionMariner Software, Inc.Mariner Software Narrator Index
HEP file extensionNovell, Inc.Novell NetWare Help Librarian Data
HES file extensionN/ATurboGrafx-16 Audio
HET file extensionSYNAMETIRCSWinSQL HTML Export Template
HEU file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Flash Player Cache Metadata
HEX file extensionN/AHex Dump Format
HF file extensionN/AHF Image Format
HFA file extensionERDAS, Inc.Erdas Imagine Hierarchical
HFB file extensionDavid PetersonHell Fighter Battle
HFC file extensionH-JTAG teamH-JTAG Configuration
HFD file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Form Document Format
HFMX file extensionN/AHFM.NET Configuration
HFO file extensionAvid Technology, Inc.Pinnacle Hollywood FX Object
HFP file extensionN/AXnView Filter
HFS file extensionN/AMacImage Macintosh HFS Disk Image Format
HFSS file extensionAnsoftAnsoft HFSS Project
HFT file extensionHotDocsHaftiX Cross-stitch Pattern
HFV file extensionAppleVirtual Mac Hard Drive Format
HFX file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics F/X
HG file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language
HG1 file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Hellgate: London Saved Game
HGD file extensionN/AIP Camera Video
HGH file extensionLucasArts Entertainment Company, LLCStar Wars: Tie Fighter High Score
HGL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard Graphics Language Format
HGP file extensionSlick SoftwareHighGrow Plant
HGS file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Graphic
HGT file extensionN/AShuttle Radar Topography Mission Data SRTM Format
HGZ file extensionEsriArcMap GIS
HH file extensionN/AC++ Header Format
HHC file extensionN/AHTML Help Table Of Contents Format
HHH file extensionPower CPower C Precompiled Header Format
HHK file extensionN/AMicrosoft HTML Help Index Format
HHL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Basic
HHP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft HTML Help Project
HHPACK file extensionStealthHTC Home Extension
HHS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft HTML Help Workshop Sample
HHSL file extensionEvert EtienneHockey High Score List Format
HHT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help And Support Center HHT Format
HI file extensionThe MAME TeamHigh Scores Format
HIC file extensionHicEst Instant Prototype ComputingHicEst Script
HID file extensionSony EricssonSony Ericsson Configuration Archive Format
HID2 file extensionN/AKeepSafe Encrypted
HIF file extensionN/AQuicken Online Format
HIL file extensionMediamondDeluxe Ski Jump 3 Hill
HIM file extensionGravity Interactive Inc.ROSE Online Highmaps
HIN file extensionHypercube, Inc.HyperChem HIN Chemical Modeller Input
HIP file extensionSide Effects SoftwareHoudini Project Format
HIPNC file extensionSide Effects SoftwareHoudini Apprentice Format
HIPS file extensionN/ABitmap
HIR file extensionN/AHires C64 Image Format
HIS file extensionPHDCCFindinSite Database Definition Format
HISAWSAVE file extensionHer Interactive, Inc.Nancy Drew Saved Game
HISF file extensionCSEDL_POLY History
HISTORY file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE Local History
HISU file extensionCSEDL_POLY History
HIT file extensionN/AThe Sims Sound Format
HIV file extensionMicrosoftWindows NT Registry Hive
HJT file extensionFreebyte.comTreePad Editor Format
HKC file extensionHTML-Kit.comHTML-KIT Auto Complete Short Cut
HKDB file extensionAppleApple ITunes Database Format
HKE file extensionMindware Studios, s.r.o.Painkiller Overdose Game
HKF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft.NET Framework
HKI file extensionN/AWinHKI Compressed Archive Format
HKI1 file extensionN/AWinHKI HKI1 Compressed Archive Format
HKI2 file extensionN/AWinHKI HKI2 Compressed Archive Format
HKI3 file extensionN/AWinHKI HKI3 Compressed Archive Format
HKL file extensionN/ARMCProfile Range Of Values
HKM file extensionHavokHavok Movie Format
HKS file extensionHTML-Kit.comHTML-KIT Plugin
HKX file extensionBethesda Softworks LLCSkyrim Animation
HL file extensionHeuristicLabHeuristicLab Storage Format
HL$ file extensionN/AMS-DOS Compressed Help
HL1 file extensionValve CorporationHalf-Life Saved Game
HL6 file extensionWellSight Systems Inc.Horizontal.Log 6
HLA file extensionN/AHigh Level Assembler Source
HLB file extensionN/AVAX VMS Help Library Format
HLC file extensionEuropean Southern ObservatoryESO MIDAS Help Command
HLD file extensionStructural Desktop, Inc.Structural Desktop Hold
HLF file extensionEugene RoshaFAR Manager Help
HLK file extensionRelic Entertainment Inc.Warhammer 40k Dawn Of War 2 Animation
HLN file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedMicroStation Hidden Line
HLOG file extensionVMware, Inc.VMware Workstation Log
HLP file extensionMicrosoftHelp Format
HLQ file extensionEuropean Southern ObservatoryESO MIDAS Help Qualifier
HLSL file extensionMicrosoftHigh Level Shader Language Source Code Format
HLT file extensionN/AWatcher Database Trades List
HLW file extensionN/AWin32/AMalum.EDHZ
HLX file extensionN/AATI Radeon Video Driver Format
HLZ file extensionMulti Edit Software Incorporated.MultiEdit Packed Help
HM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Help Context IDs
HM0 file extensionMAGIX AGMAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab Waveform
HM2 file extensionEC Software GmbHHelp & Manual Help File Project
HM3 file extensionN/AHelp & Manual Help File Project
HMA file extensionSonySony MiniDisc Audio Format
HMAP file extensionN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
HMAPDIR file extensionN/AMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2007 Temporary
HMAX file extensionN/ACustom 3ds Max Format
HMD file extensionGrassland, Soil & Water Research LaboratorySWAT Relative Humidity Input
HME file extensionMicrosoftSmartphone Theme Format
HMF file extensionTech Soft 3DHOOPS Metafile
HMGD file extensionN/AMicrosoft Grammar
HMHD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWord Hyphenation Format
HMI file extensionHuman Machine InterfacesHMI Audio Format
HMK file extensionHallmarkHallmark Card Studio Card Format
HML file extensionKS-SoftHostMonitor TestList Format
HMMER file extensionRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM HMMER Format
HMMR file extensionRichard Hughey - Kevin Karplus - Anders KroghSAM HMMR
HMP file extensionTeam17 SoftwareWorms Height Map Format
HMS file extensionKS-SoftHostMonitor Script Format
HMSD file extensionN/AMicrosoft Dictionary
HMSKIN file extensionEC Software GmbHHelp & Manual Help File Skin
HMT file extensionMicrosoft and PanasonicHighMAT Format
HMX file extensionN/AHelp & Manual Help File Project
HMXP file extensionEC SoftwareHelp & Manual Help File Uncompressed XML Project
HMXZ file extensionEC SoftwareHelp & Manual Help File Compressed XML Project
HMY file extensionAltuit, Inc.Hemingway Content Management System Plugin
HM~ file extensionEC Software GmbHHelp&Manual Help Project Backup
HNC file extensionN/ANoteCenter Note
HND file extensionHan KleijnHNSKY Deep Sky Database
HNF file extensionN/AHNF Split & Merge Channels
HNR file extensionN/ATeleatlas
HOB file extensionMicroproseStar Trek Birth Of The Federation Ship Graphic Data
HOD file extensionRelic Entertainment Inc.Homeworld Object Data
HOG file extensionN/ADescent Hog Format
HOGG file extensionCryptic Studios, Inc.Cryptic Studios Data
HOL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Outlook Holiday Calendar Format
HONMOD file extensionHON Modification ManagerHeroes Of Newerth Mod Format
HOP file extensionHippon SASHippon Protected
HOT file extensionElectronic ArtsThe Sims Sound Format
HOTSPOT file extensionRelic Entertainment Inc.Homeworld Cursor Informaiton
HP file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HP1 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HP2 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HP? file extensionTerry A. DavisLoseThos C+ Header
HPC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSystem Dynamic Library
HPD file extensionHotDocsHotDocs PDF Document Format
HPF file extensionN/AHigh Performance FORTRAN Format
HPFS file extensionIBMOS/2 High Performance File System
HPG file extensionHewlett-PackardHP Graphics Language Plotter Format
HPGL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett Packard Graphics Language Plot Format
HPGL2 file extensionN/AHewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
HPI file extensionHemeraHemera Photo Image Format
HPJ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Win Help Project Format
HPK file extensionN/AHPack Compressed Archive Format
HPL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard LaserJet Vector Image Format
HPLG file extensionApple, Inc.Apple ITunes Device Plugin
HPM file extensionSymantec CorporationProcomm Plus Alternate Main Menu
HPO file extensionPaul F. KunzHippoDraw Canvas Document
HPP file extensionN/AC++ Header Format
HPR file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedRoboHelp Settings
HPRJ file extensionproDAD Inc.Heroglyph Project
HPROF file extensionN/AJava Heap Dump
HPS file extensionFrictional GamesHPL2 Script
HPT file extensionHotDocsHotDocs PDF Template Format
HPX file extensionMetaVR, Inc.MetaVR 3D Model
HPZ file extensionMajor Mind SoftwareHelpinator Project
HQF file extensionCabin Logic LLC.QuiltCAD Stitch
HQR file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Little Big Adventure HQR
HQX file extensionN/AMacintosh BinHex Archive
HR file extensionTandyTRS 80 Image File Format
HR2 file extensionSmith MicroPoser Hair Format
HRC file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Softimage Model 3D
HRD file extensionMSC Software CorporationMSC Patran Device-dependent Hardcopy
HRF file extensionHitachiHitachi CADCore Raster Format
HRL file extensionEricssonErlang Source Or Script Format
HRM file extensionPolar ElectroPolar ProTrainer Pulse Rate Save
HRS file extensionWagers & Associates, Inc.Holder Reporting System
HRU file extensionN/AHRU Image Format
HRX file extensionHerolab GmbHHerolab EasyWin32
HRZ file extensionSmith MicroPoser Compressed Hair Format
HS file extensionN/ALiterate Haskell Source Code Or Script Format
HS2 file extensionResearchWareHyperRESEARCH Postering Monochrome Image Format
HSB file extensionSteinberg Media TechnologiesHALion Sampler Format
HSC file extensionAspen TechnologyAspen HYSYS Simulation Format
HSE file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Dreamweaver Snippet
HSF file extensionTech Soft 3DHOOPS Stream Format
HSH file extensionMicrosoftWindows Catalog Search Index Format
HSI file extensionHandmade SoftwareHandmade Software Bitmap Image
HSM file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.The Sims Sound
HSP file extensionN/AHSC Composer Packed By Number Six
HSQL file extensionN/AHtmSQL Html
HSR file extensionHS-SoftRezeptAssist Import Or Export
HSS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Dreamweaver Snippet
HST file extensionN/AYahooo Messenger History Format
HSTX file extensionAltair Engineering, Inc.Altair HyperStudy Package
HSV file extensionBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.Diablo: Hellfire Singleplayer Character Data
HSX file extensionHBXL Construction SoftwareHealth & Safety Xpert Project
HT file extensionHilgraeveHyperTerminal Session Format
HT1 file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Desktop Application Data
HT4 file extensionN/AHTML Version 4
HTA file extensionMicrosoftHTML Program Format
HTACCESS file extensionN/AApache Access Configuration Format
HTB file extensionAudacityAudacity Help Format
HTC file extensionMicrosoftHTML Component Format
HTD file extensionResearchWare, Inc.HyperTRANSCRIBE Project
HTG file extensionChaozz SoftwareHackTheGame Mission Pack Format
HTGROUP file extensionApache Software FoundationApache Server User Group
HTI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows WinHelp Related
HTK file extensionN/AHidden Markov Model Toolkit Speech Recognition
HTM file extensionN/AHTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page Format
HTML file extensionN/AHTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page Format
HTML0 file extensionN/ABook Designer E-book Format
HTML5 file extensionN/AHTML5 Hypertext Markup Language Revision 5 Source
HTMLENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted HTML
HTMLS file extensionN/AHyperText Markup Language Document With Server-side Include
HTMLZ file extensionN/AZipped HTML Format
HTMS file extensionThe PHP GroupPHP HTML Document
HTN file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Print Style
HTP file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Slope Template Definition
HTPASSWD file extensionN/AApache Password Format
HTPL file extensionIBMIBM Rational Application Developer WebContent Theme
HTR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows NT Password Services Script
HTRI file extensionHeat Transfer Research, Inc.HTRI Xchanger Suite Data Input
HTT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft HyperText Template Format
HTW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows
HTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft FrontPage Database Results
HTXT file extensionHanvonHanvon WISEreader E-book Format
HTZ4 file extensionBersoftHyperMaker Publication Format
HTZ5 file extensionBersoftHyperMaker Document Format
HUD file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Dictionary
HUH file extensionHydroCAD Software SolutionsHydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions Format
HUL file extensionAcclaim Games Inc.Re-Volt Collision Data
HULL file extensionValve CorporationHalf-Life Map Collision Hull
HUN file extensionN/APersonal Paint Hungarian Language User Interface
HUP file extensionHaihaisoftHaihaisoft DRM-X Protected Video
HUS file extensionVikingHusqvarna Embroidery Format
HUV file extensionHusqvarna VikingHusqvarna Viking Designer Graphic
HV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Mobile Hive
HVA file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Command And Conquer Tiberian Sun Voxel Animation Control
HVC file extensionHotDocsASCII Format
HVD file extensionThibaun DijanHoverDesk Theme
HVIF file extensionHaiku, Inc.Haiku Vector Icon Format
HVL file extensionN/ACommodore Amiga HivelyTracker Audio Module
HVPL file extensionAppleApple ITunes Visual Plugin Format
HWD file extensionHedgewars ProjectHedgewars Game Replay Format
HWL file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Shared Writing Tools 9.0
HWMAP file extensionHedgewars ProjectHedgewars Drawn Map Format
HWOF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office For Mac Help
HWP file extensionHancomHangul Document Format
HWS file extensionHedgewars ProjectHedgewars Saved Game Format
HWT file extensionN/AHuawei Ascend P6 Emotion UI Theme
HWX file extensionRockwell Automation, Inc.RSNetWorx Registration
HX file extensionHaxe.orgHaxe Source Code
HXA file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Attribute Definition Format
HXC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Collection Definition Format
HXD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Validator
HXE file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help 2 Sample Definition Format
HXF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Include
HXH file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Merged Hierarchy
HXI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Compiled Storage
HXK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help 2 Keyword Index Format
HXL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Registered Namespace List
HXM file extensionN/ADescent 2 Resource Modification Format
HXML file extensionHaxe.orgHaXe Make
HXN file extensionDAZ ProductionsHexagon Model Format
HXP file extensionHaxe.orgHaXe Project
HXPROJ file extensionFlashDevelop.orgFlashDevelop Flash Project
HXR file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Data
HXS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Compiled Storage Format
HXT file extensionMicrosoftHelp Table Of Contents Format
HXV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Virtual Topic Definition
HXW file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Attribute Definition
HXX file extensionN/AC++ Header Format
HY1 file extensionCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithm
HY2 file extensionCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Hyphenation Algorithms
HYC file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Data
HYD file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary
HYDRA file extensionAdobe SystemsHydra Image Filter Program Format
HYM file extensionN/AHymarc Scandata Scanner 3D Image Binary
HYP file extensionN/AHyper Compressed File Archive
HYPE file extensionTumultHype Web Project Format
HYQ file extensionSINTEFCARE-S InfoWorks Hydrograph
HYV file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareTeam Manager Meet Event Format
HZ file extensionN/AChinese (Hanzi) Text
HZD file extensionHalliburtonSeisWorks
H_ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Winhelp Compressed
H__ file extensionN/AC++ Header

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