Encoded&Encrypted Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
$EFS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationEncrypted EFS Format
A2R file extensionMyPlanetSoft.comKittyXplorer Encrypted Archive
ADOC file extensionN/AAuthentica Secure Office Encoded Word Document
AEE file extensionASUSTeK Computer Inc.ASUS Data Security Manager Encoded
AES file extensionPacketizerAES Crypt Encrypted Format
AEXPK file extensionPGP CorporationPGP Armored Extracted Public Key
AFP file extensionAndrosaSoftFileProtector Encrypted Format
AFS3 file extensionOsborn SoftwareAFS 3 Basic Encrypted
AGILEKEYCHAIN file extensionAgileBits Inc.1Password Data
APV file extensionDexadine, Inc.Acerose Password
APW file extensionRomanLab Co. Ltd.Password
ARM file extensionSilicon Realms ToolworksSoftwarePassport Protection System
ASC file extensionPGPPGP Armored Format
AUTH file extensionShopSite, Inc.ShopSite Store Authorization
AVN file extensionaltaVENTEAltaVENTE Application User Notes
AZF file extensionAirZipSecure Format
AZS file extensionAirZipSecure Format
B2A file extensionN/ABinary To ASCII (BTOA) Encoded Format
BEXPK file extensionPGP CorporationPGP Binary Extracted Public Key
BFA file extensionN/ABlowfish-encrypted Format
BFE file extensionJohnny ShelleyBcrypt - BlowFish File Encryption
BHX file extensionN/ABinHex Compressed File ASCII Archive
BIN file extensionN/AMacbinary II Encoded Format
BIOEXCESS file extensionEgis Technology Inc.MyWinLocker Protected
BMPENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Encrypted BMP
BNC file extensionBojanov SoftwareBojanov Encryptor Encrypted
BPK file extensionNeroNero SecurDisc Public Key Format
BPW file extensionBitserBitser Password Format
BSK file extensionNeroNero SecurDisc Private Key Format
BTOA file extensionN/ABinary-to-ASCII File Format
BVD file extensionBitdefenderBitDefender Vault Format
C2V file extensionWellSight Systems Inc.WellSight Systems License Information
CAE file extensionSourceForge.netCaditor Encrypted Document
CCF file extensionCryptLoadCryptLoad Container Format
CEF file extensionCenturionSoftCenturionMail Format
CFD file extensionRanquel TechnologiesCryptoForge Document
CFE file extensionRanquel TechnologiesCryptoForge Encrypted
CGP file extensionCodeGazerPixelCryptor Encrypted Format
CHI file extensionSourceForge.netTOMBO Encrypted
CHML file extensionKrasbit TechnologiesChameleon Encrypted Format
CLX file extensionCeeloxCeelox SecureMail Encrypted Document
CNG file extensionVassil ArabadjievCryptoNG Encrypted Format
CPIO file extensionN/AUnix CPIO Archive Format
CPT file extensionPeter SelingerCCRYPT Encrypted Format
CRYPT file extensionWhatsApp Inc.WhatsApp Messenger Encrypted Message Database Backup
CRYPTED file extensionAshampooAshampoo WinOptimizer Encrypted Format
CRYPTOMITE file extensionBAxBEx SoftwareCryptoMite Encrypted Archive
CRYPTRA file extensionBMB SoftwareCryptra Encrypted Format
CSJ file extensionBlackBerry (Research In Motion Limited)RIM CSJ Registration
DC4 file extensionViaThinkSoftViaThinkSoft (De)Coder Format
DCD file extensionCOSECTDisCryptor Encrypted Database Format
DCF file extensionCOSECTDisCryptor Encrypted Archive
DCO file extensionCOSECTDisCryptor Encrypted Archive
DCV file extensionSecurStarDriveCrypt Encrypted Volume
DIM file extensionN/ADirect Internet Message Encapsulation DIME Format
DIME file extensionN/ADirect Internet Message Encapsulation Format
DLC file extensionN/AJDownloader Download Link Container
DOCENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Word DOC
DOCXENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Word DOCX
DOTMENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Word DOTM
DOTXENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Word DOTX
DWX file extensionN/ACADLock Locked AutoCAD Drawing
E4A file extensionEncrypt4allEncrypt4all Archive Format
ECR file extensionEmail Connection (Pty) Ltd.Ecrypt Encrypted
EE file extensionBaltsoft SoftwareEncrypt Easy Encrypted
EEA file extensionScanlon AssociatesEncrypted E-mail Attachment
EFF file extensioneFileFoldersEFileFolders
EFL file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Encrypted Format
EFR file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Private Key Format
EFU file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Public Key Format
EGISENC file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted
EGISENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encryped
EGS file extensionEsriGIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape
EID file extensionFaena.comFaena MyID Encrypted
EMBP file extensionAmazon.com, Inc.Mobipocket EBook Encrypted Auxiliary
EMC file extensionStriataStriata Reader Encrypted Document Format
ENC file extensionN/AUuencode Encoded Format
ENCIPHERED file extensionN/AMalware (ransomware) Encoded
EOC file extension2BrightSparksEncryptOnClick Encrypted
EZK file extensionEasyKrypt LLC.EasyKrypt Encrypted
FGP file extensionWinAbility Software CorporationFolder Guard Passwords
FLKW file extensionNewSoftwares Inc.Folder Lock Encrypted
FPENC file extensionFileProtectFileProtect Encrypted Format
FSM file extensionBasta ComputingSplitty Master Split Format
FSS file extensionBasta ComputingSplitty Data Split Format
FVE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows BitLocker Full Volume Encryption
GIFENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted GIF
GTE file extensionGigaTrustGigaTrust Protected
GXK file extensionGalaxkeyGalaxkey File Manager Encrypted Format
HBX file extensionN/ABinHex Encoded Format
HDE file extensionWagers & Associates, Inc.NAUPA File Encryptor Encrypted
HEX file extensionBinHexHex Dump Format
HID2 file extensionN/AKeepSafe Encrypted
HOP file extensionHippon SASHippon Protected
HQX file extensionN/AMacintosh BinHex Archive
HTMLENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted HTML
HTPASSWD file extensionN/AApache Password Format
IBE file extensionIBECrypto TeamIBECrypto Encrypted
ICP file extensionIdentity Compass InternationalIdentity Compass Encrypted Profile
IVEX file extensionWorldvizWorldviz Vizard Encrypted
JAC file extensionKai KretschmannJaStaCry Encrypted Format
JCRYPT file extensionJMastersJCRYPT Encrypted Format
JPEGENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted JPEG
JPGENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted JPG
JPGX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted JPG Bitmap Image
JPI file extensionElfin Sp. z o.o.Jupiter Encrypted XML
JRL file extensionTAN$TAAFL Software CompanyTop Secret Crypto Gold Top Secret Journal
JSN file extensionJetSoft Co.Shield Now Shield
K2P file extensionInv Softworks LLC.Kryptel Encrypted
KDE file extensionKaspersky LabsKaspersky KryptoStorage Encrypted Format
KLQ file extensionKasperskyKaspersky Anti-Virus Quarantine Format
KSD file extensionN/AKeepSafe Encrypted
LASTLOGIN file extensionN/AMinecraft User Settings Format
LCN file extensionTrymedia Systems, Inc.License Format
LF file extensionSoftwareKeySoftwareKey License
LGB file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Little Green Box
LOCK3 file extensionBlackBerry (Research In Motion Limited)BlackBerry Encrypted 3GP
LOK file extensionN/AFileWrangler Encrypted Archive
LVIVT file extensionLvivtotoroLvivtotoro Game Format
LXV file extensionLexar Media, Inc.Lexar Secure II Encrypted Archive
MACS file extensioninoage GmbHMADRIX Encrypted Script
MCK file extensionNewSoftwares.net, Inc.Macro Keys Encrypted Macro
MCRP file extensionBermin SoftwareMobyExplorer Encrypted Format
MEO file extensionNCH SoftwareMEO Encrypted Format
MFS file extensionEnderUNIXMetFS Encrypted FUSE Based Formatsystem Format
MHTENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted HTM
MHTMLENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted MHTML
MIM file extensionInternet Engineering Task ForceMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions Format
MIME file extensionThe Internet Engineering Task ForceMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File Format Format (RFC822)
MJD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition Format
MKEY file extensionCompeGPS TEAM S.L.CompeGPS Land Registration Key
MKEYB file extensionCompeGPS TEAM S.L.CompeGPS Land Registration Key
MME file extensionN/AMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Format
MNC file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Compiled Menu Format
MONO file extensionSourceForge.netMonolith Munged Encoded
MSE file extensionAutodesk3D Studio Max Encrypted MAXScript Format
NIP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft DRM (Digital Right Management)
OPEF file extensionSoftex IncorporatedOmniPass Encrypted Folder
P7E file extensionN/ASecureSoft Encrypted
P7X file extensionMicrosoft CorporationApplication Digital Certificate
P7Z file extensionN/AS/MIME Compressed Message
PACK file extensionOraclePack200 Packed Jar Format
PCXM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSQL Server Encrypted Forms Backup
PDC file extensionLockLizardLizard Safeguard Secure PDF Format
PDFENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted PDF
PKCS12 file extensionN/APersonal Information Exchange
PKEY file extensionElcor SoftwarePowerKey Encrypted Format
PKK file extensionSimon TathamPuTTYgen Private Key
PKR file extensionPGP CorporationPretty Good Privacy Public Keyring
POTMENX file extensionN/AEgis Encrypted PowerPoint POTM
PP7M file extensionEntrustEntrust Entelligence Security Provider Password-encrypted
PPENC file extensionAshampoo GmbH & Co. KGAshampoo Magical Security Encrypted
PPSXENX file extensionN/AEgis Encrypted PowerPoint PPSX
PPTENX file extensionN/AEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPT
PPTXENX file extensionN/AEgis Encrypted Powerpoint PPTX
PRVKR file extensionPGP CorporationPretty Good Privacy Private Keyring
PSW6 file extensionAceBITPassword Depot 6 Format
PUF file extensionBriggs SoftworksPuffer Encrypted Format
QZE file extensionLeung Yat Chun JosephQZip Encrypted
RAE file extensionSchlichtherle IT ServicesTrueZIP Encrypted ZIP Archive
RAES file extensionSchlichtherle IT ServicesTrueZIP Encrypted ZIP Archive
RARENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted RAR
RBB file extensionTAN$TAAFL Software CompanyTop Secret Crypto Gold Random Bits Bin
RPZ file extensionSAP AGCrystal Reports ZIP Compressed And Encrypted Report
RSDF file extensionRapidShareRapidShare Download Settings Format
RZK file extensionRed ZionRed Zion Key Format
RZX file extensionRed ZionFile Crypt Encrypted Format
S1J file extensionN/ASealed
SAA file extensionInformation Security Corp.SecretAgent Encrypted Archive
SAFE file extensionNumeroLogic Systems, LLC.ECypher Cryptographic Container
SDE file extensionSteganos Software GmbHSteganos Disk Encryption
SDO file extensionSignere.noSignere.no Signed Document
SDOC file extensionOracleMicrosoft Word Sealed Document Format
SEF file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Digital Signature Format
SGZ file extensionSigza Authentication SystemsSigza’s SigzaLock Encrypted Format
SHY file extensionDr. BootzShyFile Encrypted Format
SIGN file extensionFree Software Foundation, Inc.GNU Privacy Guard
SIGNED file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Safari
SJPG file extensionOracle CorporationSealed JPG
SKA file extensionPGP CorporationPretty Good Privacy (PGP) Secret Keyring
SMBP file extensionAmazon.com, Inc.Mobipocket EBook Secured Auxiliary
SME file extensionSmartsoftSmartEncryptor Encrypted Archive
SMHT file extensionOracle CorporationSealed MHT Archive
SNK file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Strong Name Key Format
SPD file extensionOracleSealed Acrobat Document
SPDF file extensionOracleSealed PDF Document Format
SPN file extensionOracle CorporationSealed PNG Graphic
SPPT file extensionOracle CorporationSealed Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
STXT file extensionOracle CorporationSealed Text Document
SUF file extensionPeter SelingerCcrypt Encrypted Format
SVZ file extensionActual Code Ltd.Savez
SWITCH file extensionEgress Software TechnologiesEgress Switch Package Format
SXL file extensionN/ASealed Excel Worksheet
TXTENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted TXT
TZP file extensionSchlichtherle IT ServicesTrueZIP Ecnrypted JAR Java
UEA file extensionAuthenTecProtector Suite QL Format
UEED file extensionUconomix TechnologiesUconomix Encryption Engine Encrypted Directory
UENC file extensionIDM Computer Solutions, Inc.UltraEdit Encrypted Text
UHH file extensionEurotherm UKEurotherm Hydra History Encrypted
UU file extensionN/AUuencoded (compressed) File Archive (ascii)
UUD file extensionN/AUUDecoded Format
UUE file extensionN/AUUEncoded Format
V2C file extensionWellSight Systems Inc.WellSight Systems HASP SRM License Information
VDATA file extensionSquid ToothVaulty Hide Picture Image Format
VF3 file extensionVaultletSoft Inc.Vaultlet Suite Encrypted
VLT file extensionWinVaultWinVault File Archive
VMDF file extensionEgis Technology Inc.MyWinLocker Encrypted Virtual Drive
VME file extensionMEGANET CorporationVirtual Matrix Encryption
VP file extensionAccelleraVerilog Encrypted Source Code Format
VSF file extensionVoltage Security, Inc.Voltage SecureFile Encrypted
WMG file extensionWinMagic Inc.SecureDoc Encrypted Hard Drive Control
WPE file extensionCorelWordPerfect Entrust Document
WZA file extensionSPIEncryption Wizard Archive
XCON file extensionAnkit MalhotraConceal Encrypted Data
XDC file extensionTOTALCMD.NETTotal Commander With DarkCrypt IV Plug-in Encrypted
XFI file extensionxICE.NETXICE Desktop Encrypted
XLAMENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Excel XLAM
XLSENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Excel XLS
XLSXENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted Excel XLSX
XXE file extensionN/AXXEncoded Format
Y8PD file extensionSpotmau CorporationPassword Finder Yahoo! Mail / Yahoo! Messenger Exported Password
YENC file extensionN/AYEnc Encoded Archive
YNC file extensionN/AYEnc Encoded Format
ZBB file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Black Box
ZIPENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted ZIP
ZPS file extensionZebra Digital AssetsZebra Portable Safe Format
ZXN file extensionA1Yippee.netPhotoEncrypt Encrypted Photo
___FPE file extensionZQS SoftwareFolder Password Expert Protected Folder

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