Internet Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
509 file extensionN/AInternet Security Certificate
A4P file extensionAvanquest SoftwareA4Desk Pro Project Format
A5WCMP file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Web Publishing
ABD file extensionRITLabs SRLThe Bat! Mail Processing System
ADR file extensionN/AOpera Bookmarks Format
AEX file extensionAlpha SoftwareGreetings Card Format
AGS file extensionBigProf softwareAppGini Saved Style Sheet
AHTM file extensionN/AHTML
ALX file extensionMicrosoftInternet Script Language Defines 2-D Layout ActiveX Layout Format
AN file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Edge Animate Project Format
AP file extensionFifth Generation SystemsFifth Generation Systems Active Page Format
AQF file extensionLiquid Development, LLPAquifer-Generated Web Page
ARGO file extensionTigris.orgArgoUML Project
ARO file extensionTomahawk TechnologiesSteelArrow Script Format
ASA file extensionN/AActive Server Configuration Format
ASAX file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Application Optional Source Format
ASCX file extensionMicrosoftActive Server Pages Web User Control Format
ASHX file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Web Handler Format
ASIS file extensionApache Software FoundationApache As Is
ASMX file extensionMicrosoftActive Server Plus Web Services Source Format
ASP file extensionMicrosoftActive Server Page Script Page
ASPX file extensionMicrosoftActive Server Page Extended ASP.NET Script Format
ASR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash ActionScript Remote Format
ATA file extensionJulian SpencerAntenna Project
ATOM file extensionN/AAtom Web Feed Format
ATT file extensionN/AWeb Form Data Format
AWM file extensionLikno SoftwareLikno AllWebMenus Format
AXD file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Web Handler Format
AXL file extensionN/AXML Project
BBE file extensionMindGenius Ltd.MindGenius Brainbloom
BCX file extensionSysteamBeam Report Standard Definition
BIKEY file extensionBohemia InteractiveBohemia Interactive Key
BIMD file extensionAutomated Architecture, Inc.Blue Ink Meta-data Export
BINARYCOOKIES file extensionApple, Inc.Safari Browser Cookies Package
BML file extensionN/ABean Markup Language Format
BOE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Express Backup
BOK file extensioneBayProStores Dynamic Web Format
BOOKEXPORT file extensionBlurbBooksmart Export Format
BROWSER file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Browser Definition Format
BSON file extension10genBSON Binary JSON
BTAPP file extensionBitTorrentUTorrent Application Format
BTT file extensionICQ LLCICQ Find Users
BTX file extensionInmagic, Inc.InMagic Database Term/word Index
BWP file extensionFluffy Smoke EntertainmentBuRg3r Web Page
CAPS file extensionGoldGingko SoftwareCaptureSaver
CDF file extensionN/AChannel Definition Format
CER file extensionN/AInternet Security Certificate
CERT file extensionAOL Inc.Netscape Certificate Index
CFM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe ColdFusion Template Format
CFML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe ColdFusion Markup Language Format
CHA file extensionN/AOnline Chat Configuration Format
CHAT file extensionN/AOnline Chat Configuration Format
CHM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Compiled HTML Help Format
CHTML file extensionN/ACompact HTML Document
CMS file extensionN/AContent Management System Web Page Format
CODASITE file extensionPanicCoda For Mac Web Project Format
COMPRESSED file extensionWordCompressWordCompress Compacted Web Format
CON file extensionRadGsConcept Application Server Source Code Format
COOK file extensionN/ANetscape For Mac Cookie
CQL file extensionSiHiDa and balduzXDCC Catcher Queue List
CRDOWNLOAD file extensionGoogleGoogle Chrome Incomplete Download Format
CRL file extensionN/ACertificate Revocation List
CRT file extensionN/AInternet Security Certificate
CSCPKT file extensionColasoftSample Packet
CSHTML file extensionMicrosoftASP.Net Web Page
CSP file extensionRadGsRadGs Concept Application Server Web Page Format
CSR file extensionN/ACertificate Signing Request Format
CSS file extensionN/ACascading Style Sheets Format
CSS1 file extensionN/ACascading Style Sheet
DAP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Data Access Page Format
DBM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe ColdFusion Template Format
DBMG file extensionAOL Inc.Netscale Navigator History
DBNX file extensionAOL Inc.Netscape For Mac Host
DCR file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Director Shockwave Media Format
DER file extensionN/ADER Encoded Internet Security Certificate Format
DHTML file extensionN/ADynamic HTML Format
DISCO file extensionMicrosoftDISCO Discovery Document
DISCOMAP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft DISCO Discovery Output Format
DML file extensionDynascript TechnologiesDynaScript Markup Language Format
DO file extensionN/AJava Servlet Format
DOCHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word HTML Document Format
DOCMHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word MIME HTML Document Format
DOTHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word HTML Document Template Format
DOWNLOAD file extensionN/AChrome Partial Download Format
DWT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Dreamweaver Template Format
ECE file extensionEscenicOracle Application Express Dynamic Web Page Format
ED2K file extensioneMule-Project.netEDonkey Download Link
EDGE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Edge Animation Project Format
EPA file extensionPicture Gear LLC.EPhotoAlbum Album
ESPROJ file extensionMacRabbitMacRabbit Espresso Project Format
EWP file extensionEwisoftECommerce Website Builder Project Format
EZM file extensionE-PRESS Corp.EasyOffice Mail
FCGI file extensionFastCGIFastCGI Script Format
FEED-MS file extensionN/AMicrosoft Rss Feed Store
FEEDSDB-MS file extensionN/AMicrosoft RSS Feeds Store
FMP file extensionDreamingsoft123 Flash Menu Project Format
FWEB file extensionIBMFortran WEB
FWP file extensionMicrosoftFrontpage Web Packages
GETRIGHT file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Unfinished Download
GMP file extensionInfacta Ltd.Group Mail
GNE file extensionLudicorpFlickr PHP Format
GRX file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight File List
GSCRIPT file extensionGoogle Inc.Link To Google Scripts Web Application Script
GSP file extensionIpswitchIMail Server Returned Mail
HANDLEBARS file extensionN/AHandlebars Template
HATHDL file extensionHentai@Home TeamHentai@Home Download
HDM file extensionOpenwaveHDML Handheld Device Markup Language Format
HDML file extensionOpenwaveHandheld Device Markup Language
HSQL file extensionN/AHtmSQL Html
HTACCESS file extensionN/AApache Access Configuration Format
HTC file extensionMicrosoftHTML Component Format
HTD file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe ExtendScript HTML
HTM file extensionN/AHTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page Format
HTML file extensionN/AHTML Hypertext Markup Language Web Page Format
HTML5 file extensionN/AHTML5 Hypertext Markup Language Revision 5 Source
HTMS file extensionThe PHP GroupPHP HTML Document
HTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft FrontPage Database Results
HXS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help Compiled Storage Format
HYPE file extensionTumultHype Web Project Format
IDC file extensionMicrosoftInternet Database Connector Document Format
IE3 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationInternet Explorer 3
IHTML file extensionN/AInline HyperText Markup Language
ILHT file extensionApple, Inc.Safari Internet Location
IMAP file extensionIcewarp Ltd.Merak Mail Server Internet Message Access Protocol
IMH file extensionPerion Network Ltd.IncrediMail Contacts Export
IMPORTED file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.UTorrent Torrent
IQY file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Excel Internet Query Format
ITMS file extensionAppleApple ITunes Store URL Format
ITPC file extensionAppleApple ITunes Podcast Subscription Format
IVP file extensionOracle CorporationPanorama
IWDGT file extensionAppleApple IWeb Widget Format
IZS file extensionEvrsoft1st Page 2000 JavaScript Example
J2SI file extensionEpic Games, Inc.Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Internet Server Link
JCCFG3 file extensionTrend Media Corporation LimitedFlashGet Incomplete Download
JCD file extensionTrend Media Corporation LimitedFlashGet Saved
JCZ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Liquid Motion Animation Format
JHTML file extensionN/AATG Dynamo Server Page (Java HTML)
JNLP file extensionN/AJava Network Launching Protocol Format
JS file extensionN/AJavaScript Format
JSP file extensionOracleJAVA Server Page Format
JSPA file extensionN/AJava Servlet Alias Format
JSPX file extensionN/AXML Java Server Page
JSS file extensionJSSJAWS Script Source Format
JST file extensionOracleJava Server Page
JWS file extensionBEA SystemsOracle WebLogic Server Java Web Services Format
LASSO file extensionLassoSoftLasso Database Driven Web Page
LAVS file extensionN/ALiquid Audio Secured Download
LBC file extensionCurry K. SoftwareCloaked Affiliate Link Builder Saved Link Format
LDI file extensionN/ALDIF Address Book Interchange Format
LDMT file extensionLikno Software Inc.Likno Drop-Down Menu Trees
LESS file extensionAlexis SellierLESS Style Sheet Format
LWAC file extensionLikno Software Inc.Likno Web Accordion Builder
LWBM file extensionLikno Software Inc.Likno Web Button Maker
LWTT file extensionLikno Software Inc.Likno Web Tooltips Builder
MAFF file extensionMozillaMozilla Archive Format
MAILDB file extensionN/AMSN Mail
MAILSTATIONERY file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mail
MAP file extensionN/AServer Side Image Map Format
MAPX file extensionMapjects DevelopmentMapjects GRYD Webserver Format
MASTER file extensionMicrosoftASP Master Page Format
META4 file extensionN/AMetalink 4.0
METALINK file extensionN/AMetalink 3.0
MHT file extensionN/AMime HTML (MHTML) Format
MHTM file extensionN/AMime HTML (MHTML)
MHTML file extensionN/AMime MHTML Format
MIB file extensionN/AManagement Information Base
MLM file extensionNovell, Inc.Novell GroupWise Saved Email Message
MMDF file extensionN/AMulti-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility Mailbox Format
MOSS file extensionAOL Inc.Netscape Navigator For Mac HTML
MOZ file extensionN/ANetscape Temporary Cache Format
MOZEML file extensionMozilla CorporationMozilla Thunderbird Mail Message
MSIE file extensionN/AMicrosoft Internet Explorer For Mac HTML
MSPX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft XML-based Web Page
MTML file extensionN/AMeaningful Text Markup Language
MUSE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Muse Project Format
MVC file extensionMiva MerchantSony Digital Mavica Photo Image Format
MVR file extensionIBMIBM HotMedia Multimedia Format
MWE file extensionOracle CorporationOpenArchitectureWare Workflow
MXDL file extensionMaxthon International LimitedMaxthon Incomplete Download
NEWSLOC file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X Finder News Internet Location
NOD file extensionNetObjectsNetObjects Fusion Nodes Format
NOF file extensionNetObjects Inc.NetObject Fusion 5.0
NXG file extensionNetopiaESite Builder NXG Web Page Format
NZB file extensionNewzBin.comNewzbin Download Pointer Format
OAM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Edge Overlay Format
OBML file extensionOpera SoftwareOpera Mini Saved Web Page Format
OBML15 file extensionOpera Software ASAOpera Mini 5.1 Saved Web Page
OGNC file extensionN/ADynamic Web Page Format
OPML file extensionN/AOPML Outline Processor Markup Language File Format
OTH file extensionN/ OpenDocument HTML Text Template
OUTLOOK97 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Outlook Custom Mail
P12 file extensionN/APFX File (Personal Information Exchange)
P7 file extensionN/APKCS #7 Digital Certificate Format
P7C file extensionN/APKCS #7 Certificate Format
PAC file extensionNetscapeProxy Automatic Configuration Format
PAG file extensionLMSoftLmsoft Hypermedia Page
PAGE file extensionHybridServerPages GroupHybridJava Web Page Format
PBX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationOutlook Express Message Folder
PEM file extensionN/APrivacy Enhanced Mail Security Certificate Format
PHP file extensionN/APHP Script Or Page
PHP3 file extensionN/APHP Version 3 Script Format
PHP4 file extensionN/AHTML Page With PHP (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHP5 file extensionN/APHP Script Version 5 (HyperText PreProcessor)
PHT file extensionN/APartial Hypertext
PHTM file extensionN/APHP Web Page Format
PHTML file extensionN/APHP Web Page
PIH file extensionN/AKarrigell Python HTML
PM1 file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Secondary Address Book Index
PMI file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Message Folder Index
PMX file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Outgoing Message
PPTHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML Presentation Format
PPTMHTML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint MIME HTML Presentation Format
PRF file extensionW3CPICS Rules Format
PSP file extensionOraclePL/SQL Server Page Format
PTW file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Publish To Web Settings Format
PUB file extensionN/APGP Public Key Format
PUBKR file extensionPGP CorporationPretty Good Privacy Public Key Ring Data
QBO file extensionIntuitQuickBooks Online Bank Statement Format
QF file extensionQomposeQompose HTML Template Format
QQQ file extensionTotalFix teamTotalFix Fixed AVI
QRM file extensionQworumQworum Message Format
RHTML file extensionN/ARuby HTML Web Page Format
RJS file extensionN/ARuby JavaScript Source Code Format
RNK file extensionMicrosoft CorporationDial-up Shortcut
RSS file extensionN/AReally Simple Syndication - RSS File Format
RW3 file extensionRealmac SoftwareRapidWeaver Site Design Format
RWP file extensionRealmac SoftwareRapidWeaver Web Package Format
RWSW file extensionRealmac SoftwareRapidWeaver Website Saved Project
RWTHEME file extensionRealmac SoftwareRapidWeaver Theme Format
SAVEDDECK file extensionNokiaNokia Saved Web Page Format
SDB file extensionSocialDecksSocialDecks Blog Format
SEAM file extensionJBossSeam Framework Java Servlet Format
SECUREDOWNLOAD file extensionApple, Inc.Safari Download
SEX file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five Set Index
SHT file extensionN/AHTML Server Side Include Format
SHTM file extensionN/AHTML Server Side Include Format
SHTML file extensionN/AHTML Server Side Include Format
SITE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe GoLive Site Specific Format
SITEMAP file extensionMicrosoftASP .NET Site Map
SITES file extensionAppleApple IWeb Domain Format
SITES2 file extensionAppleApple IWeb Domain Format
SPC file extensionN/APKCS #7 Certificate Format
SPDESIGNOPEN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer
SPDESIGNSITEMAP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationSharePoint Designer Site Map
SRF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Server Response Format
SRX file extensionN/ASPARQL Query Results XML Format Result
SSAGE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationInbound Internet Email Message
SSH file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Internet Explorer Style Sheet
SSP file extensionScalateScala Server Page
STL file extensionMicrosoftCertificate Trust List
STM file extensionN/AHTML Server Side Include Format
STML file extensionN/AHTML Server Side Include Format
STP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft SharePoint Services Template
SUCK file extensionSiteSuckerSiteSucker Website Format
SVC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio ASP.NET WCF Web Service Format
SVR file extensionN/ACompressed Virtual World
SWF2 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedFlash
SWFL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedShockwave Flash
SWZ file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash Player Signed RSL Format
TBB file extensionRITLabs SRLThe Bat! E-mail Hives
TNF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TVPI file extensionDecisionmarkTitanTV Television Listing Format
TVVI file extensionDecisionmarkTitanTV Television Listing Format
UCF file extensionCisco SystemsWebEx Universal Communications Format
UHTML file extensionUC MobileUC Browser Saved Webpage
UPL file extensionStar Finanz GmbHStarMoney Agent Download
URL file extensionN/AInternet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
URLS file extensionHeadlight Software, Inc.GetRight Internet Shortcuts List
URL_ file extensionN/AInternet Shortcut - URL - Uniform Resource Locator
VBD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Basic ActiveX Document Format
VBHTML file extensionMicrosoftASP.NET Razor Web Page
VDW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Web Drawing Format
VLP file extensionValadeoLiveSite Project
VNU file extensionCoffeeCup Software, Inc.CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer Project
VRGE08CONTACT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Contact
VRGE08EVENT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Event
VRGE08GROUP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Group
VRGE08MESSAGE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Message
VRGE08NOTE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage 2008 Note
VRML file extensionN/AVirtual Reality Modeling Language Format
VSDISCO file extensionMicrosoftDISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
WBS file extensionMicroVision Development, Inc.WebExpress Website
WBXML file extensionOpen Mobile AllianceWAP Binary XML Format
WDGT file extensionN/AOpera Browser Widget
WEBARCHIVE file extensionAppleApple Safari Web Archive Format
WEBARCHIVEXML file extensionGoogleAndroid 3.1 Browser Saved Website Format
WEBBOOKMARK file extensionAppleApple Safari Bookmark Format
WEBHISTORY file extensionAppleApple Safari History Item Format
WEBINTENTS file extensionN/AWebintents
WEBLOC file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Finder Internet URL
WEBPUBLISHHISTORY file extensionAlpha Software, Inc.Alpha Five
WEBSITE file extensionMicrosoftInternet Explorer 9 Pinned Site Shortcut Format
WEBTEST file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Web Test
WGP file extensionWebHatWeb Gallery Project Format
WGT file extensionOpera SoftwareOpera Widgets Format
WHTT file extensionXavier RocheWinHTTrack Project
WIDGET file extensionHybridServerPages GroupHybridJava Widget Format
WML file extensionN/AWireless Markup Language Document (WAP)
WOA file extensionAppleWebObjects Script Format
WPP file extensionSerifSerif WebPlus Format
WRF file extensionCisco SystemsWebEx Recording Format
WSDL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Web Service Description Language Format
WTK file extensionInstitute for Geotechnical Engineering IGTWinTalk URL Address
WWT file extensionPC SOFTWinDev Page Template
XBEL file extensionPython XML SIGXBEL Bookmarks Format
XBL file extensionMozillaExtensible Binding Language Format
XFDL file extensionUWIXFDL Format
XHTM file extensionN/AExtensible HTML Format
XHTML file extensionN/AExtensible HTML Format
XSS file extensionOracleXML Style Sheet
XTML file extensionAltairis, s. r. o.XML4web Virtual HTML Document
XUL file extensionMozillaFirefox XML User Interface Language Format
XWS file extensionMAGIXXara Webstyle Format
YAWS file extensionN/AYaws Source
ZBD file extensionN/AZebedee Encrypted
ZED file extensionBitTorrent, Inc.BitTorrent Metainfo
ZFO file extensionN/AXSL-FO Online Form
ZHTML file extensionWinferno SoftwareSecure IE Zipped HTML Format
ZUL file extensionPotixZK User Interface Format
ZVZ file extensionN/AMalware Format

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