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File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
E file extensionEiffel SoftwareEiffelStudio Source
E00 file extensionESRIESRI Map File Export
E01 file extensionGuidance SoftwareEnCase Forensic Image Format
E02 file extensionEsriArcInfo Export
E03 file extensionEsriArcInfo Export
E04 file extensionEsriArcInfo Export
E05 file extensionEsriArcInfo Export
E06 file extensionEsriArcInfo Export
E2E file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft BizTalk RFID Log
E2GM file extensionPangea SoftwarePangea Enigmo Custom Game Format
E2P file extensionLanconelli Open SystemsPonyProg Device
E32 file extensionJordan RussellInno Setup 1.3
E3A file extensionUnited Technologies CorporationCarrier HAP Project
E3D file extensionSolidWorks CorporationInstant3D Project
E3MOD file extensionStrategy FirstEmergency 3 Mod Package
E3P file extensionZukenE3.series Part
E3S file extensionZukenE3.series Project
E3W file extensionZukenE3.WireWorks Project
E4A file extensionEncrypt4allEncrypt4all Archive Format
E4B file extensionN/AEOS Bank
E4MOD file extensionSixteen Tons EntertainmentEmergency 4 Mod
E50 file extensionUS Army Corps of EngineersMicroPAVER 5.0
E57 file extensionASTM E57 Committee on 3D Imaging SystemsLIDAR Point Cloud Data Format
E60 file extensionUS Army Corps of EngineersMicroPAVER 6.0
EA file extensionCloanto Italia srlEarAche Audio
EA3 file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.Fifa 2001 Environment Game Data
EAC file extensionEmurasoftEmEditor Auto Completion
EAC3 file extensionN/ADolby Digital Plus Audio Track
EAF file extensionN/AELAN Annotation Format
EAGLERC file extensionCadSoft Computer, Inc.EAGLE Linux User-specific Parameter
EAL file extensionBrayden Automation CorporationEnergyAccess Log
EAP file extensionN/AEnterprise Architect Project Format
EAR file extensionN/AEyemail ETI Camcoder Audio Recording Format
EAS file extensionRockwell AutomationRSLogix Symbol Format
EASM file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks EDrawing Assembly Format
EASMX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationXPS Document
EAZ file extensionESRIArcGIS Explorer Add-in Format
EB file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.EBwin Project
EBC file extensionSourceForge.netMediaBASIC Compiled Project
EBD file extensionMicrosoftWindows EBD System Format
EBF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationPocket PC WindowsCE Form
EBH file extensionRobert Bentley, Inc.EBahn Desktop Automotive Repair Information
EBI file extensionRITLabs SRLThe Bat! Messages Encrypted Backup
EBK file extensionThe Internet Marketing CenterEBook Pro E-book Format
EBKPROJ file extensionJulian SmartECub Project
EBKTML file extensionInternet Marketing CenterEBook Pro Encoded Temporary
EBL file extensionBid ExpressExpedite Bid Amendment Library
EBM file extensionAttachmateAttachmate Extra! Macro Format
EBN file extensionPhilipsPhilips GoGear Firmware Update Format
EBO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Reader EBook Format
EBP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationPocket PC Windows CE Project
EBQ file extensionN/ACITE Electronic Bill Of Quantities
EBS file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Run Version 1 Script Format
EBS2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Run Script Format
EBUILD file extensionGentooPortage EBuild Script Format
EBW file extensionEncyclopædia Britannica (UK) LimitedEncyclopaedia Britannica
EBX file extensionIBMRational Rose 98 Compiled Script
EC0 file extensionMetroCountMetroCount Traffic Data Format
EC3 file extensionEPSONEPSON Print CD Format
EC4 file extensionEPSONEPSON Print CD Document Format
EC7 file extensionEUROSYSTEMSEuroCUT Profile
EC8 file extensionN/ASimplazz 1-2-3 Accountant Export
ECBK file extensionLG ElectronicsLG PC Suite Calendar Backup
ECC file extensiondvdisasterDvdisaster Error-correction Format
ECD file extensionMemorex Products, Inc.LabelMaker CD/DVD Label
ECE file extensionEscenicOracle Application Express Dynamic Web Page Format
ECF file extensionN/AMicrosoft Outlook Add-in Format
ECFG file extensionN/AESRI XML Zipped Database
ECG file extensionNeozap.comECG Electrocardiography
ECH file extensionSourceForge.netEasyChem Save
ECI file extensionEttercap ProjectEttercap Info
ECL file extensionManagement-Ware SolutionsManagement-Ware Mass Mailing News E-campaign List Format
ECLIPSEPRODUCT file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse Product Maker
ECM file extensionNeill CorlettECM Disc Image
ECML file extensionIntuit Inc.Quickbooks Licence
ECO file extensionNetManageECCO Database Format
ECORE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationKermeta Ecore Diagram
ECORE2ECORE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMF Ecore Model Mapping
ECORE2XML file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMF Ecore Model Mapping
ECOREDIAG file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationKermeta Ecore Diagram Information
ECP file extensionIntelitekEasyC Project Format
ECR file extensionEmail Connection (Pty) Ltd.Ecrypt Encrypted
ECS file extensionSony EricssonSony Ericsson Phone Backup Format
ECSV file extensionN/AEncapsulated Comma Separated Value
ECT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual C++ Exception Console Template
ECU file extensionMark MansurTunerPro ECU Configurator
ECW file extensionERDASEnhanced Compressed Wavelet Image Format
ECW2002PUZZLE file extensionGreen EclipseEclipseCrossword Puzzle
ECW2002WORDS file extensionGreen EclipseEclipseCrossword Word List
ECX file extensionNetManageECCO Pro Damaged Database Format
ED file extensionAndor Co., LtdEasyDraw CAD
ED2K file extensioneMule-Project.netEDonkey Download Link
EDA file extensionN/AEnsoniq ASR Disk Image Format
EDAT file extensionSonySony Playstation Portable PSP Encrypted Data Format
EDAT2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime 2 E-DataAid Data Format
EDB file extensionMicrosoftExchange Information Store Database
EDC file extensionInv SoftworksKryptel (Lite) Decoder/Encoder Format
EDDX file extensionEDrawSoftEdraw Project
EDE file extensionN/AEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
EDF file extensionDunstadEstimator Data Format
EDFX file extensionDunstad SoftwareEstimator.NET Estimate Format
EDG file extensionPacestar SoftwareEDGE Diagrammer Diagram Format
EDGE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Edge Animation Project Format
EDI file extensionN/AEDI Engine Electronic Data Interchange Format
EDJ file extensionEnlightenment.orgEnlightenment DR 17 Background And Theme Format
EDK file extensionN/AEnsoniq KT Disk Image
EDL file extensionN/AEdit Decision List Format
EDM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML) Format
EDML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Extension Data Markup Language (EDML) Document Format
EDMX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visual Studio Entity Data Model Format
EDN file extensionXilinxElectronic Design Interchange Format
EDOC file extensionN/AElectronically Certified Document
EDP file extensionNational Instruments CorporationMultisim
EDPI file extensionPrestoSoft LLCExamDiff Pro Session Fle
EDQ file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image Format
EDR file extensionBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Color Palette
EDRW file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks EDrawing Format
EDRWX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft XPS Drawing Document Format
EDS file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ80 Disk Image Format
EDT file extensionEDrawSoftEDraw Max Template
EDV file extensionN/AEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
EDW file extensionSolidWorks CorporationEDrawings SolidWorks Corp
EDX file extensionEdrawSoftEDraw Max Drawing Format
EDXZ file extensionEdrawSoftEdraw Compressed XML FIle
EDZ file extensionParametric Technology CorporationProductView Compressed Package
EE file extensionBaltsoft SoftwareEncrypt Easy Encrypted
EEA file extensionScanlon AssociatesEncrypted E-mail Attachment
EEB file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar
EEF file extensionBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Project
EEK file extensionArachneArachne Script Format
EEP file extensionN/AEEPROM Data Format
EEPF file extensionEmuOS Development TeamEmuOS Exchangeable Packet Format
EER file extensionLahey Computer Systems, Inc.Lahey Fortran Error
EES file extensionSierra Entertainment, Inc.Empire Earth Scenario
EEX file extensionOracle CorporationOracle Discoverer EUL
EF2 file extensionTonecInternet Download Manager Format
EFA file extensionN/AEnsoniq ASR Instrument Format
EFAX file extensionN/AEverex EFax Fax Document
EFD file extensionParallels Holdings Ltd.Parallels Desktop Related
EFE file extensionN/AEnsoniq EPS Instrument Format
EFF file extensioneFileFoldersEFileFolders
EFG file extensionGambit ProjectGambit Extensive Game Format
EFI file extensionUEFI ForumExtensible Firmware Interface Firmware Format
EFIRES file extensionAppleEFI Image Format
EFK file extensionN/AEnsoniq KT Instrument Format
EFL file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Encrypted Format
EFP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Server Form Message Template Format
EFQ file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Instrument Format
EFR file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Private Key Format
EFS file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ80 Format
EFSLIB file extensioneSignalESignal EFS Function Library
EFT file extensionCay HorstmannChiWriter High Resolution Screen Font
EFTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office 2007 Theme Effect Format
EFU file extensionXenoSystemsEncryptafile Public Key Format
EFV file extensionN/AEnsoniq VFX-SD Instrument Format
EFW file extensionComputer AssociatesRenamed Zip Or Executable Format
EFX file extensionj2 Global CommunicationsEverex EFax Fax Document Format
EFXT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Theme
EG file extensionWasayImage It Backup Disk Image
EGB file extensionHeaton Research, Inc.Encog Binary Format
EGC file extensionEximiousSoftGIF Creator Project Format
EGG file extensionCarnegie MellonPanda3D Transform Definition Format
EGG-INFO file extensionN/APython Egg
EGGP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe After Effects Project
EGISENC file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encrypted
EGISENX file extensionEgis Technology Inc.Egis Encryped
EGLIB file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Edge Animate Symbol Library
EGM file extensionPangeaPangea Enigmo Custom Game Format
EGO file extensionHorizon DataSys Inc.Rollback Rx Drive Image
EGON file extensionUlric ErikssonEgon Animator Graphics
EGP file extensionEdlineEasy Grade Pro Gradebook Format
EGS file extensionEsriGIS Software Encrypted Grid Shape
EGT file extensionN/AEagleGet Incomplete Download
EHAM file extensionZaplotsHAM Programmer Toolkit ExtraHAM Executable Format
EHP file extensionSoftware Steward, LLCHelp Steward Project
EI file extensionN/AElectric Image Image Format
EIA file extensionN/AExcellon
EIC file extensionNitro Games Ltd.East Indian Company Save Game
EID file extensionIBMIBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
EIF file extensionN/AEroiica Graphic
EIL file extensionN/AEagle Library Intermediate
EIO file extensionDesignBuilder Software LtdDesignBuilder EnergyPlus Model Summary Configuration Output
EIP file extensionPhase OneEnhanced Image Package Format
EIT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Encarta Database Update
EIX file extensionYmir EntertainmentMetin2 Game Data Package Format
EJS file extensionBitovi ConsultingEmbedded JavaScript Template
EKB file extensionZak Morris Company, Inc.VisualTablet Data
EKM file extensionSymbol DynamicsEXP Macro
EKS file extensionMetapraxisMetapraxis Empower Data
EKV file extensionValve CorporationLeft 4 Dead
EL file extensionThe GNU ProjectEmacs Lisp Programming Language Source Code
EL1 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Album
EL2 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Stickers
EL4 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar
EL5 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Layout
EL6 file extensionN/AEasy-PhotoPrint EX Photo Print
EL7 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Premium Contents
EL8 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Disc Label/cover
ELASTIK file extensionUeberschall GmbHElastik Engine Sound Bank
ELC file extensionThe GNU ProjectEmacs Compiled Lisp Format
ELD file extensionNEPLANNEPLAN-DOS Import Or Export
ELE file extensionZEMAX Development CorporationZEMAX Element Drawing Settings
ELF file extensionUnix System LaboratoriesELF Executable Format
ELF9 file extensionEsriESRI Floating License
ELI file extensionNovarm LimitedDipTrace
ELIST file extensiondiekollegen.atEmperor Media Player Playlist
ELK file extensionAltium Limited.Altium Designer Linker Error Message
ELL file extensionN/AATI Radeon Driver
ELM file extensionMicrosoftOffice Theme Format
ELO file extensionN/AELO Data
ELT file extensionNEPLANNEPLAN Topology
ELU file extensionid Software LLCQuake 3 Arena Model Shell
ELV file extensionN/AAces High Map Data
ELX file extensionElixir Technologies CorporationDesignPro Tools Form
ELZ file extensionCPTCrossword Power Tools Crossword Library
EM file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Encore Menu Template Format
EM2 file extensionN/AEmax II Bank
EM4 file extensionAutomotive Engine ManagementAEM Stinger Engine Management Computer
EM8 file extensionAutomotive Engine ManagementAEM 8860 Engine Management Computer
EM9 file extensionAutomotive Engine ManagementAEM 8860 Engine Management Computer
EMAIL file extensionN/AOutlook Express Email Message Format
EMAKEFILE file extensionN/AErlang Make
EMAKERFILE file extensionN/AErlang Make
EMAT file extensionN/AANSYS Element Matrix
EMB file extensionWilcomOrchida Embroidery System Embroidery Pattern Format
EMBP file, Inc.Mobipocket EBook Encrypted Auxiliary
EMC file extensionStriataStriata Reader Encrypted Document Format
EMD file extensionN/AChessBase Table Base Format
EMD1 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple GarageBand
EMELODY file extensionN/AEMelody Ericsson Mobile Ring Tone
EMERALD file extensionCompiz FusionEmerald Theme Format
EMF file extensionMicrosoftEnhanced Windows Metafile Picture
EMI file extensionBlitWise Productions LLCPocket Tanks Emitter
EMIX file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mail Mailbox Message
EML file extensionMicrosoftEmail Message Format
EMLX file extensionAppleApple Mail Email Message
EMLXPART file extensionN/AApple Mail Attachment Format
EMN file extensionParametric Technology CorporationPro/ENGINEER
EMO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationEmoticon
EMOF file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse EMOF Model
EMP file extensioneMusic.comEMusic File Format
EMRG file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Merge 1.x Data Format
EMRG2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Merge 2.0 Data Format
EMS file extensioneMachineShop.comEMachineShop CAD Design
EMSG file extensionKJB Software developmentSendSafe E-message
EMT file extensionGeoVisu Development TeamEmtac Trine Datalog
EMULECOLLECTION file extensioneMuleEMule Collection Data Format
EMV file extensionNational Instruments CorporationLabVIEW Configuration
EMW file extensionCapcom Co., Ltd.Resident Evil Model
EMX file extensioneMusic.comEMusic Download Format
EMY file extensionSony EricssonEMelody Ericsson Mobile Ring Tone
EMZ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
EN$ file extensionSteinberg Media Technologies GmbHSteinberg Cubase Compressed
EN2 file extensionArticulate Global, Inc.Articulate Engage Compressed
ENB file extensionN/AENotebook Notebook
ENC file extensionN/AUuencode Encoded Format
ENC2 file extensionSamsung GroupSamsung Galaxy Firmware Update
ENCIPHERED file extensionN/AMalware (ransomware) Encoded
END file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Arrow-head Definition
ENEX file extensionEvernoteEvernote Exported XML Format
ENF file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Filter Format
ENG file extensionN/AChess Engine
ENH file extensionSchool of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, University of WashingtonCRiSP Harvest
ENL file extensionThomson ReutersEndnote Library Format
ENLX file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Archived Library Format
ENML file extensionEvernoteEvernote For Google Android Note Format
ENP file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Preferences Format
ENPACK file extensionGuidance Software Inc.EnCase Package
ENQ file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Saved Search Format
ENREF file extensionEvernote CorporationEverNote Food
ENS file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Style Format
ENT file extensionN/AExternal Entity
ENTITLEMENTS file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Sandbox Format
ENV file extensionN/AAdobe Acrobat Dictionary Format
ENW file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Citation Format
ENX file extensionIBMIBM Rational XDE
ENYD file extensionN/AEnvoy Document
ENZ file extensionThomson ReutersEndNote Connection Format
EOC file extension2BrightSparksEncryptOnClick Encrypted
EOF file extensionBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Outline Format
EON file extensionEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
EOO file extensionN/AArcInfo Workstation Export
EOP file extensionEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
EOT file extensionN/AEmbedded OpenType Font Format
EOX file extensionEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
EOZ file extensionEON Reality, Inc.EON Studio
EP file extensionEvolusPencil Project Document Format
EPA file extensionN/AAward Bios Logo Image Format
EPB file extensionWebWorksEPublisher
EPC file extensionBBCDoctor Who Game Data Format
EPD file extensionSourceForge.netChessDB Extended Position Description
EPDF file extensionN/AEncapsulated Portable Document Format
EPF file extensionPlanit SoftwareEdgeCAM Part Data Format
EPH file extensionTrimble Navigation LimitedGPS Pathfinder Office Ephemeris
EPHTML file extensionN/AEnhanced Perl-parsed HTML
EPI file extensionGreen EclipseEclipsePackager2000 Compressed Format
EPIM file extensionAstonsoft Ltd.EssentialPIM Data
EPJ file extensionOracle CorporationJAVA-clients
EPK file extensionYmir EntertainmentMetin2 Game Data Package Format
EPK2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime 2.0 Package Format
EPM file extensionDestiny Media Technologies, Inc.Destiny MPE Encoder Encrypted Portable Media
EPME file extensionN/ARenamed HJSplit Split WinRAR Archive
EPP file extensionCanonEasy-PhotoPrint Image Files
EPR file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop AME Preset Format
EPRJ file extensionElnec s.r.o.Pg4uw Project
EPRT file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks EDrawing Part
EPRTX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Related
EPS file extensionAdobe SystemsEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPS2 file extensionN/AAdobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
EPS3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedEncapsulated PostScript Level 3
EPSF file extensionAdobe SystemsEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPSI file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format
EPSP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Encapsulated PostScript
EPT file extensionN/AAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format With TIFF Preview
EPUB file extensionIDPFOpen Publication Structure EBook Format
EPW file extensionU.S. Department of EnergyEnergyPlus Weather Data Format
EPX file extensionInformatix Software InternationalPiranesi 3D Model
EQB file extensioneSignalESignal Quote Board
EQD file extensionCattlesoft, Inc.EquineMax Data
EQF file extensionNullsoftWinamp Equalizer Settings Format
EQL file extensionN/AMathType Settings Format
EQN file extensionN/AGAL Equation Format
EQP file extensionN/AMathType Preferences Format
EQT file extensionReliaSoft CorporationReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
EQU file extensionAstroDigital.NetAstroDigital.Net Equipment
EQUIV file extensionIBMIBM AIX System File.
EQX file extensionPAV TechnologiesEQuinoX Project
ER1 file extensionComputer AssociatesAllFusion ERWin Data Format
ERAGESOUNDSET file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Entourage Sound
ERB file extensionSierraEvil Genius Resource Format
ERBSQL file extensionRuby communityRuby SQL
ERC file extensionLiving Pages Research GmbH.Ercato Engine
ERD file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationActive Media Eclipse Resource Database
ERF file extensionBioWareBioWare Aurora Engine Encapsulated Resource Format
ERI file extensionN/AERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image) Image Format
ERIK file extensionDeLormeXmap
ERL file extensionEricssonErlang Source Or Script Format
ERM file extensionInsoft Oy.Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Model
ERO file extensionSVIC INDIA e-Learning CompanyELibrary Reader Object
ERP file extensionFuture GamesAlter Ego Game Format
ERR file extensionN/AError Log Format
ERS file extensionERDASER Mapper Data Format
ERSX file extensionEraserEraser Task List Format
ERT file extensionThe 3DO CompanyHeroes Of Might And Magic 3 Script
ERUBIS file extensionkuwata-labErubis Script
ERV file extensionERDAS, Inc.ER Mapper ASCII Header
ERX file extensionN/AER Data Model
ER_ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Winhelp Compressed
ES file extensionThe Sage GroupSageCRM Script Format
ES2 file extensionPsychology Software ToolsE-Prime E-Studio Experiment Format
ES3 file extensionN/ACanon VIXIA HG21 High Resolution Exported Movie
ESB file extensionSeason WorkshopEs-Builder Database Format
ESCAPEROSECLIFFISLANDSAVEDGAME file extensionSpinTop GamesEscape Rose Cliff Island Saved Game
ESCO file extensionNokia CorporationNokia Lumia Windows Phone 7 Firmware
ESCOPY file extensionES APP GroupES File Explorer Temporary
ESD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Electronic Software Download Encrypted Software Format
ESE file extensionEncrypt4all SoftwareMillions Email Generator Syntax Settings Format
ESE2 file extensionGrass Valley USA, LLC.Edius Seek Information
ESET file extensionN/AExtensions Manager Settings
ESF file extensionIBMIBM VisualAge Generator External Source
ESG file extensionPangeaPangea Enigmo Saved Game Format
ESI file extensiontom7.orgEscape Level Index
ESK file extensioneSignalESignal Scan
ESKIN file extensiondiekollegen.atEmperor Theme Skin
ESL file extensionIntersystem Concepts, Inc.Everest Authoring System Screen Library
ESM file extensionBethesda SoftworksElder Scrolls Master Format
ESN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows XP System32
ESO file extensionDesignBuilder Software LtdDesignBuilder EnergyPlus Output
ESP file extensionBethesda SoftworksGamebryo Game Engine Plug-in Format
ESPF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedEncapsulated PostScript
ESPROJ file extensionMacRabbitMacRabbit Espresso Project Format
ESPS file extensionN/AESPS Audio Format
ESQ file extensionVSM GroupEmbroidery Sequence Format
ESS file extensionN/AEasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet Format
EST file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Streets & Trips Trip Format
EST_UAX file extensionEpic GamesSpanish Unreal Audio Package
ESU file extensionElectronic Solutions Ulm GmbH & Co. KGLokSound Electronic Sound Format
ESV file extensionMorningstarPrincipia Stock Research Document
ESX file extensionXactware SolutionsXactimate Format
ET file extensionResearch MachinesEasiteach Lesson Format
ETA file extensionGoogleKeyhole EarthViewer Placemark Or Overlay Format
ETB2 file extensionNetopia, Inc., a Motorola CompanyTimbuktu Pro Resource
ETC file extensionDeskSoftEarthTime
ETD file extensionAdobe SystemsAcrobat EBook Reader EBX Transfer Data Format
ETEX file extensionEpsilonSoftETutor Questions
ETF file extensionMakeMusicEnigma Transportable Format
ETFF file extensionEncrypt4all SoftwareEncrypt4all Theme Format
ETH file extensionQualis ResearchEthnograph Data
ETI file extensionCommunications Research Centre CanadaETI (Ensemble Transport Interface) Stream
ETK file extensionOrgadata AGOrgadata LogiKal
ETL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Trace Log Format
ETNG file extensionRM EducationRM Easiteach Next Generation Document
ETNT file extensionRM EducationRM Easiteach Next Generation Template
ETO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Policy Cache
ETP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationVisual Studio .NET
ETQ file extensioneSignalESignal Time And Quotes
ETS file extensionEnthuwareEnthuware Test Studio Document
ETT file extensionKingsoftKingsoft Spreadsheet Format
ETW file extensionEnter TechMagicSing Audio
ETX file extensionN/ASetext Structure Enhanced Text Format
ETZ file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedRAM Elements Model
EUC file extensionN/AUNIX Japanese Text (Kanji) Format
EUF file extensionMicrosoftPrivate Character Editor Format
EUHL file extensionQUALCOMM IncorporatedEudora For Mac Help
EUI file extensionN/AEnsoniq ESP Family Compacted Disk Image
EUM file extensionN/AWaveRider Enterprise User Monitor Configuration Format
EUR file extensionCapcom Co., Ltd.Monster Hunter Freedom Unite EU Region Save Game
EV file extensionN/AEchoview Format
EV1 file extensionBriggs SoftworksCalendar Commander Version 1 Event
EV2 file extensionBriggs SoftworksCalendar Commander Version 2 Event
EV3 file extensionHY-TEK Sports SoftwareHY-TEK Sports Team Manager Meet Event Format
EV3P file extensionLEGO GroupLEGO MINDSTORMS Program
EV3S file extensionN/ALEGO MINDSTORMS Shared
EVC file extensionDeskSoftEarthview
EVCS file extensionXILS labsXILS 3 Audio Sample Bank
EVD file extensionRockstar Games, Inc.Grand Theft Auto IV Vehicle Extended Data
EVE file extensionBarry KaulerEmbedded Vector Editor Diagram
EVENT file extensionCorelCorel Catalog Format
EVF file extensionExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Vector
EVL file extensionMyriax Software Pty Ltd.EchoView Exported Line
EVM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Vista Session Configuration
EVN file extensionRetrosheetRetrosheet Event
EVO file extensionN/AHD DVD Video Format
EVP file extensionDeskSoftEarthview Configuration
EVR file extensionQualcommEnhanced Variable Rate Audio Format
EVRC file extensionN/AEnhanced Variable Rate Codec Audio
EVS file extensionNicolaudieEasy Stand Alone
EVT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 2000 And XP Event Log Format
EVTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 Event Log Format
EVX file extensionCaltechEVO Record
EVY file extensionN/ACorel Envoy Document Format
EVZ file extensionCaltechEVO Compressed Record
EWB file extensionNational InstrumentsNI Multisim Electronics Workbench Format
EWC file extensionEW AvionicsEWView Configuration
EWC2 file extensionGrass Valley USA, LLC.EDIUS WaveForm Cache
EWD file extensionDDXEasyWOOD Format
EWD3 file extensionFlexera Software, Inc.InstallShield
EWI file extensionSounds Online (East West Communications, Inc.)Play Instrument
EWL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Encarta Document
EWM file extensionEW AvionicsEWView Geographic Data
EWP file extensionEwisoftECommerce Website Builder Project Format
EWS file extensionSoftouch DevelopmentEasyWorship Schedule Format
EWSMBOX file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mail
EWT file extensionEW AvionicsEWView Trace Data
EWW file extensionERDAS, Inc.ER Mapper World Data
EX file extensionRapid Deployment SoftwareEuphoria Source Code
EX3 file extensionN/AHarvard Graphics Device Driver
EX4 file extensionMetaQuotesMetaTrader Program Format
EXA file extensionAquila SoftwareExamine32 Saved Search Paramaters
EXAML file extensionAquila SoftwareExamine32 Saved Search Parameters
EXAMPLE file extensionN/AExample Configuration Format
EXB file extensionCAXACaxa CAD Drawing
EXC file extensionLionhead StudiosBlack & White Zone Format
EXD file extensionMicrosoftControl Information Cache Format
EXE file extensionMicrosoftProgram Executable Format
EXE1 file extensionN/ARenamed Executable Format
EXE4J file extensionEj-technologiesExe4j Configuration Format
EXF file extensionStuffwareExchangeable Image File Format
EXG file extensionLKSoftWare GmbHJSDAI Express-G Schema
EXH file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.NHL Game Exhibition Roster
EXIF file extensionN/AExchangeable Image Format
EXJ file extensionOracle CorporationJava
EXL file extensionSysToolsExport Lister Format
EXM file extensionBoson HoldingsBoson Exam Format
EXOPC file extensionExoPCExoPC Application Format
EXP file extensionN/ACATIA Export Format
EXPORTEDFAVORITES file extensionPanicTransmit For Mac Exported Logins Format
EXPORTEDUI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Import Customization
EXPRESSIONMAP file extensionSteinberg Media TechnologiesCubase Expression Map Format
EXR file extensionIndustrial Light & MagicOpenEXR Image Format
EXS file extensionSpiderweb SoftwareBlades Of Exile Scenario Format
EXSD file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE Extension Point Schema
EXT file extensionSymantecNorton Commander Extension Format
EXT2 file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux Second Extended System
EXTRA file extensionGoogleMozilla Firefox Crash Report Format
EXTREP file extensionSage ProjectSAGE External Representation
EXU file extensionRapid Deployment SoftwareEuphoria For Linux Source Code
EXV file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Extension Script
EXW file extensionRapid Deployment SoftwareEuphoria Windows Source Code Format
EXX file extensionIBMIBM LinkWay Intermediate Format
EXY file extensionN/AEltac Embroidery Format
EX_ file extensionMicrosoftCompressed EXE Format
EYB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Encarta Encyclopedia Yearbook Update Format
EYE file extensionETIEyemail ETI Camcorder Pro Video Format
EYS file extensionN/ASierra Expanded Embroidery Format
EZ file extensionAndrew ConsortiumEZ Word Word Processor Document
EZB file extensionEZB Systems, Inc.EasyBoot Image
EZC file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Ecscad Components Backup Format
EZDRAW file extensionDekorra OpticsEazyDraw Picture Format
EZE file extensionN/AErZorScript Source
EZK file extensionEasyKrypt LLC.EasyKrypt Encrypted
EZLOG file extensionSkypeSkype Extras Manager Log Format
EZM file extensionE-PRESS Corp.EasyOffice Mail
EZP file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Ecscad Project Backup Format
EZS file extensionN/AEZ-R Stats For Windows Batch Submit Format
EZT file extensionN/AWorm.Win32.AutoRun.ezt Format
EZW file extensionReagency SystemsEasyOFFER Real Estate Form Format
E_E file extensionN/ARenamed EXE Format

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