Disk Image (ISO) Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
000 file extensionN/AVirtual CD ISO Format
2IMG file extensionN/AXGS Apple IIGS Emulator Disk Image Format
2MG file extensionAppleXGS Apple IIGS Emulator Disk Image Format
3DK file extensionIBMIBM OS/2 Floppy Disk Image
AA file extensionN/AGeneric Multi-volume CD Image Format
ADF file extensionN/AAmiga Disk Format
ADZ file extensionN/AAmiga Emulator Compressed ADF Format
AFF file extensionBasis TechnologyAdvanced Forensics Format Disk Image
ASHDISC file extensionAshampooAshampoo Disk Image Format
ATR file extensionAtariAtari 8-bit Disk Image
AVHD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Hyper-V Differencing Disk Format
B00 file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite
B01 file extensionN/ABlindwrite Image
B02 file extensionN/ABlindwrite Image
B5I file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B5L file extensionSmart ProjectsBlindWrite Image
B5T file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B6I file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Image Format
B6T file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Table Of Contents Format
BDF file extensionN/AMIDAS BDF Disk Image Format
BDK file extensionIBMOS/2 Floppy Disk Image
BIF file extensionN/ABinary Information Format
BIN file extensionGolden Hawk TechnologyCDRWin CD Image
BWA file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite BWA Builder Physical CD Characteristics Format
BWI file extensionN/ABlindWrite CD/DVD Image Format
BWS file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindWrite Subchannel Data Format
BWT file extensionN/ABlindwrite Control Format
BWU file extensionVSO-SoftwareBlindwrite CD Copier
BWZ file extensionGilles VollantWinImage Batch Configuration
C2C file extensionVSO-SoftwareCopyToDVD Project
C2D file extensionRoxioWinOnCD Image Format
CCD file extensionN/ACloneCD Track Description Format
CD file extensionN/APhilips/Optlmages Master Tool Format
CDI file extensionPadusDiscJuggler Image Format
CDK file extensionIBMOS/2 Saved SKF Format
CDM file extensionNTINTI CD&DVD-Maker Image Format
CDR file extensionN/AApple Final Cut Pro CD Or DVD Master Image Format
CFS file extensionPismo TechnicCompact File Set File Format
CIF file extensionCorelEasy CD Creator CD Image Format
CISO file extensionN/AWii Compressed Game Image
CL5 file extensionRoxioEasy CD Creator Saved Project Format
CSO file extensionN/ACISO Compressed ISO Format
CUE file extensionN/ACue Sheet Description Format
D64 file extensionN/ACommodore Emulator Format
D88 file extensionN/AToshiba Pasopia 7 Disk Format
DAA file extensionPowerISO ComputingPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive Format
DAO file extensionN/ADisk At Once CD/DVD Image Format
DART file extensionN/AApple Mac OS X DiskImageMounter DART Image
DAX file extensionSonyCompressed CD Image Format
DBR file extensionAstonsoftDeepBurner Burn List Format
DC42 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
DCF file extensionDisk Copy FastDisk Copy Fast Disk Image Format
DDK file extensionIBMIBM OS/2 Saved SKF
DIMG file extensionN/AMac Disk Image
DISC file extensionRoxioToast Document
DISK file extensionN/ALinux Virtual Hard Disk Format
DISKCOPY42 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Disk Copy 4.2 Disk Image
DMG file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Disk Image Format
DMGPART file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X UDIF Split Disk Image Format
DMS file extensionN/ADisk Masher Image
DSK file extensionN/ADisk Image Format
DVD file extensionSlySoftElby CloneDVD Image
DVDR file extensionN/ADVD Master Image Format
E01 file extensionGuidance SoftwareEnCase Forensic Image Format
ECM file extensionNeill CorlettECM Disc Image
EDA file extensionN/AEnsoniq ASR Disk Image Format
EDE file extensionN/AEnsoniq EPS Disk Image
EDK file extensionN/AEnsoniq KT Disk Image
EDQ file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image Format
EDS file extensionN/AEnsoniq SQ80 Disk Image Format
EDV file extensionN/AEnsoniq VFX-SD Disk Image
EGO file extensionHorizon DataSys Inc.Rollback Rx Drive Image
EUI file extensionN/AEnsoniq ESP Family Compacted Disk Image
EZB file extensionEZB Systems, Inc.EasyBoot Image
FCD file extensionN/AVirtual CD Backup Image Format
FDD file extensionParallelsParallels Virtual Machine Floppy Disk Drive Image
FDI file extensionN/AFloppy Disk Image
FDK file extensionIBMOS/2 SKF Diskette Image
FLG file extensionThe IsoPuzzle TeamIsoPuzzle Flag Format
FLP file extensionN/AFloppy Disk Image
G41 file extensionN/ACommodore 1541 Disk Image
GBI file extensiongBurner SystemsGBurner Disk Image Format
GCD file extensionPrassiPrassi CD Disk Image Format
GDRIVE file extensionArainia SolutionsGizmo Virtual Drive Format
GI file extensionN/AGlobal Image
GKH file extensionN/AEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Floppy Format
HDD file extensionParallelsParallels Workstation Virtual Hard Disk Format
HDS file extensionParallelsParallels Desktop Hard Disk Format
HFS file extensionN/AMacImage Macintosh HFS Disk Image Format
HFV file extensionAppleVirtual Mac Hard Drive Format
I00 file extensionDVD ShrinkSplit MDS Disk Image Format
I01 file extensionDVD ShrinkSplit Disk Image Format
I02 file extensionDVD ShrinkSplit Disk Image Format
I03 file extensionN/ASplit Disk Image
I04 file extensionFreewareSplit Disk Image
I05 file extensionN/ASplit Disk Image
I2D file extensionWyse Technology Inc.Wyse Device Management Thin Client Disk Image
IBB file extensionLightning UK!LIGHTNING UK! ImgBurn Project Format
IBP file extensionSmart ProjectsIsoBuster Managed Image Information Format
IBQ file extensionSmart ProjectsIsoBuster Managed Image Format
IFU file extensionTowodo SoftwareAll Image Image
IFZ file extensionTowodo SoftwareAll Image Compressed Image
IMA file extensionN/AGeneric Disk Image
IMAGE file extensionN/AShrinkWrap Disk Image Format
IMG file extensionAppleMacintosh Disk Image
IMGPART file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac NDIF Split Image
IMZ file extensionGilles VollantWinImage Compressed Disk Image
IPF file extensionSPSInterchangeable Preservation Format
ISO file extensionN/ACD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc ISO Binary Image Format
ISZ file extensionEZB SystemsUltraISO Compressed Disk Image Format
IXA file extensionCorelUlead Disc Image Format
JFFS2 file extensionVarious Linux developersJournalling Flash File System 2 Disk Image
K3B file extensionK3bK3b Burning Project Format
KKD file extensionKandalu Software LtdK Kitchen Burning Project
L01 file extensionGuidance SoftwareEnCase Logical Evidence Format
LCD file extensionSpace InternationalCDSpace Disk Image
LNX file extensionN/AAtari Lynx ROM Image Format
MBI file extensionMagicISOMagicISO Multi-bootable Information Format
MD0 file extensionAlcohol SoftwareAlcohol 120% Disk Image Segment Format
MD1 file extensionN/AGEAR CD Suite CD Image Format
MD2 file extensionAlcoholAlcohol 120% Disk Image Segment Format
MDF file extensionAlcohol SoftwareAlcohol 120% Disc Image File Format
MDO file extensionAlcohol SoftAlcohol 120% Split Image
MDS file extensionN/AAlcohol 120% Image File (media Descriptor File) Format
MDX file extensionDT SoftMedia Data EXtended Image Format
MINISO file extensionFengtao Software Inc.DVDFab Miniso Disk Image
MIPR file extensionLogiciels & Services DuhemMacImage Hybrid CD-ROM Project
MIR file extensionMini-Image RipperMini Image Ripper Disk Image Format
MISO file extensionLogiciels & Services DuhemMacImage ISO+ Project
MRIMG file extensionParamount Software UKMacrium Reflect Disk Image Backup
NCD file extensionNTINTI CD-Maker Disk Image
NDA file extensionNero AGNero BackItUp Drive Image
NDIF file extensionAppleApple NDIF Disk Image Format
NFI file extensionDream MultimediaDreambox Disc Image Format
NHD file extensionNero AGNero AVHCD DVD Compilation
NHF file extensionNero AGNero HFS-CD Compilation
NN file extensionNeroNero CD List Format
NR3 file extensionNero AGNero CD-ROM (MP3) Compilation
NRG file extensionNeroNero-Burning ROM CD Or DVD Image Format
NRI file extensionNeroNero CD-ROM (ISO) Compilation Format
NRV file extensionNero AGNero Video-CD Compilation
P01 file extensionN/AGEAR Image Format
P2G file extensionCyberLinkCyberLink Power2Go Project Format
P2I file extensionCyberLinkPower2Go Image Format
PARTIMG file extensionN/APartimage Disk Image Format
PDI file extensionN/AInstant Copy Disk Image Format
PGD file extensionSymantecPretty Good Privacy PGPdisk Image Format
PGX file extensionHopedot TechnologiesHopedot VOS Data Format
PQI file extensionSymantecPowerQuest Drive Image Format
PVM file extensionParallelsParallels Desktop Virtual Machine Format
PXI file extensionPlextorPlexTools Disk Image Format
RATDVD file extensionACE GmbHRatDVD Commpressed DVD Movie
RCL file extensionRoxioEasy CD And DVD Creator Project Format
RDF file extensionCyberlinkCyberLink PowerProducer Disk Image Format
RMG file extensionN/ARimage Image
RQI file extensionR-Quest Technologies, LLCTrueNet R-Quest Disc Image
SCO file extensionFarStone TechnologyGame Score Format
SDI file extensionMicrosoftSystem Deployment Image Format
SDSK file extensionPC DynamicsSafeHouse Private Storage Volume Format
SIMG file extensionN/ASynclavier Disk Image Format
SMI file extensionAppleMac Self-mounting Disk Image Format
SOPT file extensionN/ASynclavier Optical Disk Image Format
SPARSEBUNDLE file extensionAppleApple Mac OS X Time Machine Dynamic Image Format
SPARSEIMAGE file extensionAppleApple MAC OS X Sparse Disk Image Format
SPARSIMAGE file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Image
SQFS file extensionN/ASquashFS Bootable Format
ST file extensionN/AAtari Disk Image Format
SWM file extensionMicrosoftWindows Imaging Format Split Archive Format
T64 file extensionN/ACommodore 64 Emulator Tape Format
TAO file extensionN/ATrack At Once CD/DVD Image
TAP file extensionN/ACommodore 64 Cassette Tape Image
TC file extensionN/ATrueCrypt Disk Volume Format
TD0 file extensionN/ATeledisk Disk Image
TIB file extensionAcronisAcronis TrueImage Backup Disk Image Format
TOAST file extensionRoxioRoxio Toast Disk Image Format
TOC file extensionBraseroTable Of Contents Format
TZX file extensionN/AZX Spectrum Tape Image Poke Format
UBIFS file extensionN/ALinux UBIFS Image
UDF file extensionOptical Storage Technology AssociationUniversal Disk Format
UFS file extensionThe FreeBSD ProjectFreeBSD PC-BSD Unix File System Format
UIBAK file extensionEZB SystemsUltraISO Backup Disk Image
UIF file extensionMagicISOMagicISO Universal Image Format
VAPORCD file extensionN/ANorum Vapor CD
VC4 file extensionH+HVirtual CD Track Description Format
VC6 file extensionH+H SoftwareVisual C++ Make Format
VC8 file extensionH+H SoftwareVirtual CD 8 Disc Image
VCD file extensionH+HVirtualDrive CD Image Format
VCO file extensionH+H SoftwareVirtual CD Collection Format
VDI file extensionOracleVirtualBox Disk Image Format
VFD file extensionMicrosoftVirtual PC Virtual Floppy Disk Image Format
VHD file extensionMicrosoftVirtual Hard Disk Format
VHDX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk Format
VMDK file extensionVMwareVMware Virtual Disk Format
VMWAREVM file extensionSmith MicroVMware Fusion Virtual Machine
VOLARCHIVE file extensionSubRosaSoft.comCopyCatX Volume Format
WIA file extensionN/ANintendo Wii ISO Archive
WII file extensionN/ANintendo WII Raw Disk Image Format
WIL file extensionGilles VollantWinImage Data Format
WIM file extensionMicrosoftWindows Imaging Format Archive Format
WINCLONE file extensionTwocanoes SoftwareWinclone Disk Image Format
WMT file extensionWinMount InternationalWinMount Format
X64 file extensionN/ACommodore 64 Emulator Disk Image
XA file extensionN/AGEAR Image Format
XDF file extensionIBMExtended Disk Format Image
XDI file extensionWinArchiver ComputingWinArchiver Compressed ISO Image Format
XISO file extensionxisoXbox ISO
XMD file extensionDisc4YouGameJack Virtual CD Or DVD Image Format
XMF file extensionDisc4YouGameJack Disc Image Format
XVA file extensionCitrixCitrix Xen Virtual Appliance Format
ZRI file extensionN/ABBC/RISC OS ROM Image

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