Document Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
!!! file extensionN/AREADME Text Format
$$P file extensionIBMOS/2 Notes Format
$00 file extensionN/AMS-DOS Pipe Format
$02 file extensionN/AMS-DOS Pipe Format
$04 file extensionN/AMS-DOS Pipe Format
$05 file extensionN/AMS-DOS Pipe Format
$O1 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS Pipe Format
$OL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS-DOS Pipe Format
12DA file extension12d Solutions Pty Ltd.2d Ascii
1SP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft OneNote Mobile Document
2 file extensionThe Open GroupUnformatted Manual Page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
3 file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Unformatted Manual Page
3D6 file extensionRick MurrayAcorn RISC OS StrongHelp
3DZ file extensionDzSoft Ltd.Easy 3D Creator Project Format
4 file extensionN/AUnformatted Manual Page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
4UI file extensionEaSynth SolutionForeUI Plot Format
4W7 file extension4D, Inc.4D Write Document
4WT file extension4D, Inc.4D Write Template
602 file extensionSoftware602, Inc.T602 Document
7 file extensionFree Software Foundation, Inc.Screen Log
A7P file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
A7R file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware Packaged File Without Runtime
AB65 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Document
ABICOLLAB file extensionThe AbiSource CommunityAbiWord Collaborative File Descriptor
ABW file extensionAbiSourceAbiWord Document Format
ACCDP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access 2007/2010 Project
ACRYPT file extensionTension SoftwareAutoCrypt Encrypted Document
ACT file extensionN/AFoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram Format
ACTIVITYDIAGRAM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Activity Diagram
ADIUMHTMLLOG file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium HTML Log
ADIUMLOG file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium Log
ADL file extensionBOC Information Technologies Consulting AGADONIS Models And Model Groups Export
ADOS file extensionADOS CorporationCompound Document
ADW file extensionDr. K. SrinivasanTamil Transliterater/font Converter
AEH file extensionN/AArchos Ebook
AFP file extensionN/AAdvanced Function Presentation Data Format
AGLDEI file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe GoLive Template
AGLSL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe GoLive Site
AHF file extensionN/AApplet Headline Factory Document
AIM file extensionParagon Decision TechnologyAIMMS ASCII Model Format
ALB3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Document
ALB4 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker For Mac Document
ALB5 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 5 Document
ALD5 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Pagemaker 6 For Mac
ALT3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Template
ALT5 file extensionN/AAdobe Pagemaker 5 For Mac Document
ALT6 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 6
AMSM file extensionAtomPark Software Inc.Atomic Mail Sender Project
AMST file extensionAtomPark Software Inc.Atomic Mail Sender Template
ANDROID file extensionN/AReadme
ANL file extensionAivosto OyProject Analyzer Saved Analysis
ANS file extensionN/AANSI Text File (ANSI Art)
ANSR file extensionDTLink LLCAnswerTool Answer Document
APNX file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Index Format
APO file extensionAbacre LimitedAbacre Paperless Office
APRJ file extensionZecos SoftwareApacheConf Project
APT file extensionN/AAlmost Plain Text Format
APW file extensionAspen Technology, Inc.Aspen Plus Document
ASC file extensionAutodeskAutodesk ASCII Export Format
ASE file extensionAutodeskAlice Scene Export Format
ASSOC file extensionSpearit Software, Inc.Associate This Association Database
ATY file extension3D-ScapeAssociation Type Placeholder
AV file extensionFinal Draft, Inc.Final Draft AV Document
AVA file extensionAvaaBookAvaaBook EBook
AVERY file extensionAvery DennisonAvery Design & Print Online Label Format
AWA file extensionActiveWord Systems, Inc.ActiveWords
AWH file extensionActiveWord Systems, Inc.ActiveWorlds Browser Help
AWP file extensionAbility Plus SoftwareAbility Write Document Template Format
AWT file extensionAbiSourceAbiWord Template Document Format
AWW file extensionAbility Plus SoftwareAbility Write Document Format
AWWP file extensionN/AMicrosoft Works For Mac Document
AXR file extensionSystems AXIS Ltd.AXIS Diplomat Report
AZW3 file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle EBook Format
AZW4 file extensionAmazonAmazon Kindle Print Replica Ebook Format
B26 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS Style Sheet
B27 file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro For RISC OS Document
B4U file extensionTuukka SalonenVisual ReadMe
BA1 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Media Center Report Log
BAD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Badmail Format
BAMBOOPAPER file extensionWacom Company, LimitedBamboo Document
BBS file extensionN/ABulletin Board System Text Format
BBXT file extensionBare Bones SoftwareBBEdit
BC5 file extensionN/AImpression Document
BCF file extensionBelltech SystemsBusiness Card Designer Pro Business Card Design Format
BCP file extensionCAM DevelopmentBusiness Card Design Format
BCR file extensionPVT AGMap&guide Station List
BDB2 file extensionarvato AGSkillpipe Course
BDP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Diagnostic Message
BDR file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange Non-delivery Report Body Format
BEA file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Song
BEAN file extensionBeanBean Document Format
BEK file extensionN/AShanda Bambook E-book
BEL file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Layout
BEP file extensionThe Beamer ProjectBeamer Playlist
BFL file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYBook EBook
BGV file extensionBonanza ABBonanzaGraf Financial Presentation
BIB file extensionN/ABibTeX Document Format
BIBTEX file extensionSublime HQ Pty LtdBibTeX Document
BINA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 5 For Mac Document
BIZ file extensionBroderbundPrint Shop Business Card Format
BIZDOCUMENT file extensionActuate CorporationActuate BusinessReport Studio Document
BLI file extensionThomsonThomson Speedtouch Series WLAN Router Firmware Format
BLM file extensionN/AEurolink Comma Separated Value
BMM file extensionFX SolutionsFX AccuCharts My Market Watch Document
BNA file extensionSafe WorksBarna Word Processor Document
BOBO file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks
BOC file extensionE-PressE-Press EasyWord Big Document Format
BOOK file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FrameMaker Book Format
BPF file extensionInfor Global SolutionsBaan ERP Document
BPMC file extensionBizagiBizagi Process Modeler
BPNUEB file extensionHamed MosadeqPayame Noor University (PNU) E-book Format
BRH file extensionSheshadrivasu ChandrasekharanBaraha
BRO file extensionBroderbundCreataCard Booklet/brochure Project Format
BTD file extensionBiztreeBusiness-in-a-Box Document Format
BTW file extensionSeagull ScientificBarTender Barcode Label Format
BTX file extensionOren PatashnikBibTeX Document
BURN file extensionN/ABurn For Mac OS X Document
BURNTHEME file extensionSourceForge.netBurn For Mac OS X Theme Document
BZABW file extensionAbiSourceAbiWord Bzip2 Compressed Document Format
CAL file extensionBroderbundCalendar Format
CASCII file extensionN/ACACTVS Chemical ASCII Format
CBC file extensionCalibreComic Book Collection
CBF file extensionTailwag SoftwareCalendar Builder Saved Calendar Format
CBMV file extensionBeaver Valley SoftwareComic Book Millennium Collection
CBW file extensionComicRacks TeamComicRack Webcomics
CCC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Internet Chat Conversation Log
CD2 file extensionAveryClickN Design 3D CD Label Format
CDK file extensionN/ACalamus SL Document
CDS file extensionCambridgeSoft CorporationChemDraw Stationery Document
CDT6 file extensionN/ACorelDRAW 6 For Mac Template
CEDPRJ file extensionAshampooAshampoo CoverEditor Cover Project Format
CH3 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics V3.0 Chart/image Format
CHARSET file extensionN/ACharacter Set Format
CHART file extensionTurkeyManFeedback Chart Format
CHE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.CHwinEHE Project
CHO file extensionN/ACUHP Output
CHP file extensionCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Chapter Document
CIPO file extensionCartesian Products, Inc.Cartesian Products Compressed Internet Document
CL2ARC file extensionPlasqComic Life 2 Document Archive Format
CL2DOC file extensionPlasqComic Life 2 Document Format
CL2LYT file extensionPlasqComic Life 2 Layout Format
CL2TPL file extensionPlasqComic Life 2 Template Format
CLBX file extensionBrian Pipa and PipaSoftMP3 Automagic CD Cover Creator Label
CLD file extensionCanonCanon CD-Label Print Label Layout Format
CLI file extensionIlgam ZulkorneevQIP Invisible List
CLT file extensionClarity LegalClarity Legal Transcript Format
CMR file extensionFoundation CMACoach Saved Results
CMTX file extensionCrystalMaker Software Ltd.CrystalMaker For Mac Molecular Drawing
CNDX file extensionAveryAvery DesignPro For Mac Label Format
CNM file extensionLexisNexisNoteMap Outline Format
CNQ file extensionBloomerang Software, Inc.WebShop Platinum Project
COD file extensionRising Sun SolutionsAtlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document Format
COMICDOC file extensionPlasqComic Life Document Format
CONVERTERX file extensionSIMX CorporationSiMX TextConverter Project
COO file extensionAutodesk, Inc.AutoCAD Bounding Coordinates Cookie
COV file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Cover Page Editor Fax Cover Page Format
CPDT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Captivate Design Template
CPE file extensionMicrosoftWin95 Cover Page Editor Fax Cover Sheet Format
CPH file extensionCorelCorel Print House Printing Project Format
CPY file extensionNuance CommunicationsECopy Desktop Scanned Document Format
CRP file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Corel Presents Run-time Presentation
CRTR file extensionMultiAdMultiAd Creator Pro Document Format
CRWL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Crawl Format
CSD file extensionDream To RealityCompact Shared Document
CSE file extensionmacropool GmbHWeb Research Document Package
CSK file extensionStory MindStoryWeaver Template
CTD file extensionNativeWinds LLCTomahawk Gold Compressed Tomahawk Document
CTE file extensionStefan HagelClassical Text Editor Document
CTK file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.TeKton3D Project
CVW file extensionCaseWareCaseView Document Format
CW file extensionNCH SoftwareCardWorks Template Format
CW3 file extensionN/AClaris Works Document
CWKS file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks
CWS file extensionAppleClarisWorks Template Format
CWWP file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Document
CXL file extensionjepib / Alchim31ConsoXL Project
CYI file extensionHot NeuronClustify Input Format
DA file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.DAwin Project
DAG file extensionBlue Leaf SoftwareDagra Document
DBI file extensionEtymon Systems, Inc.Isearch Database Information
DBP file extensionImpulseLogic IncSigniIQ Data Broker Project
DCA file extensionIBMDisplayWrite Document
DCX file extensionACCPACCAS Fax Image Format
DE file extensionN/AGerman Language Translation
DFE file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS Comma Separated Value
DFL file extensionN/AOLE2 Doc
DFV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS Office Word Print Format Template
DGPD file extensionRockWare, Inc.DeltaGraph Document
DGR file extensionRockWare, Inc.DeltaGraph Document
DGRH file extensionRockWare, Inc.DeltaGraph For Mac
DGS file extensionTESTES Dagesh Pro Document Format
DHE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Workshop Dialog Box Help Editor Document
DHW file extensionACE CAD Enterprise Co., Ltd.ACECAD Digimemo Memo
DICT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Virtual PC Dictionary
DIZ file extensionN/ADescription In ZIP Format
DK@P file extensionN/ADocMaker Standalone Document
DKZ file extensionN/AZIP Description Text
DMTEMPLATE file extensione3 SoftwareDirect Mail E-mail Template Format
DNE file extensionN/ANetica Bayesian Network Text Format
DNT file extensionRockwell Automation, Inc.RSNetWorx Project
DOC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 97 To 2003 Document Format
DOC# file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word Document
DOCM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document Format
DOCX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 2007/2010 Open XML Document Format
DOCXML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word XML Document
DOCZ file extensionHancomThinkFree Online Note Document
DOK file extensionN/AASCII Text
DOR file extensionDigitaDigita Organiser
DOT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 97 To 2003 Document Template Format
DOTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 2007/ 2010 Open XML Macro-enabled Document Template Format
DOTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Word 2007 Or Word 2010 XML Document Template Format
DOX file extensionSoftword SystemsMultiMate Document Format
DP file extensionN/AText
DPD file extensionDavid PillingOvation Pro Document
DPE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.DPwinEHE Project
DPO file extensionDECAdryDECAdry Express Business Cards Business Card
DRD file extensionAllen & HeathAllen & Heath PL Designer Document
DRMX file extensionDrumlin SecurityDrumlin Fully Secured PDF Document Format
DRMZ file extensionDrumlin SecurityDrumlin Secured PDF Format
DRT file extensionEmpirisoft CorporationDirectRT Styles
DSML file extensionN/ADirectory Services Markup Language (DSML) Identity Feed
DSV file extensionDeSmuMEDeSmuME Saved Game Format
DTP file extensionPosterPage Express Desktop Publishing Document
DTX file extensionN/ADocumented LaTeX Source Format
DVB file extensionN/ADVBLine Document
DVI file extensionN/ATeX Text Document (TeX Device Independent File Format)
DWDOC file extensionDrawWell TechnologiesDrawWell Document Format
DX file extensionN/ADEC WPS/DX Text Format
DXSTUDIO file extensionWorldweaverDX Studio Document
EASMX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationXPS Document
EB file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.EBwin Project
EBH file extensionRobert Bentley, Inc.EBahn Desktop Automotive Repair Information
EBKPROJ file extensionJulian SmartECub Project
EBO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Reader EBook Format
EBX file extensionN/AElectronic Book Exchange EBook
ECG file extensionNeozap.comECG Electrocardiography
EDDX file extensionEDrawSoftEdraw Project
EDN file extensionAdobe SystemsAcrobat Document Format
EDOC file extensionN/AElectronically Certified Document
EDRWX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft XPS Drawing Document Format
EDT file extensionEDrawSoftEDraw Max Template
EFAX file extensionN/AEverex EFax Fax Document
EHP file extensionSoftware Steward, LLCHelp Steward Project
EIA file extensionN/AExcellon
ELX file extensionElixir Technologies CorporationDesignPro Tools Form
EMAIL file extensionN/AOutlook Express Email Message Format
EML file extensionMicrosoftEmail Message Format
EMLX file extensionAppleApple Mail Email Message
EMULECOLLECTION file extensioneMuleEMule Collection Data Format
ENB file extensionN/AENotebook Notebook
ENC file extensionArtistScopeCopySafe PDF Encrypted Format
ENYD file extensionN/AEnvoy Document
EPP file extensionN/AEditPad Pro Project Format
EPRTX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Related
EPT file extensionN/AAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format With TIFF Preview
EPUB file extensionIDPFOpen Publication Structure EBook Format
ERR file extensionN/AError Log Format
ETF file extensionMakeMusicEnigma Transportable Format
ETNG file extensionRM EducationRM Easiteach Next Generation Document
ETNT file extensionRM EducationRM Easiteach Next Generation Template
ETS file extensionEnthuwareEnthuware Test Studio Document
ETX file extensionN/ASetext Structure Enhanced Text Format
EUC file extensionN/AUNIX Japanese Text (Kanji) Format
EWL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Encarta Document
EZ file extensionAndrew ConsortiumEZ Word Word Processor Document
FADEIN file extensionGCC Productions Inc.Fade In Screenwrite Document
FB2 file extensionFictionBookFictionBook EBook Format
FBD file extensionFlowBizFlowBiz Workflow Designer Procedure Document
FBL file extensionTranscenDataCADfix Log Format
FBOK file extensionN/AAdobe FrameMaker Book
FCDT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FormsCentral Form Template Format
FCF file extensionFinal DraftFinal Draft Document Format
FD2 file extensionEpsonEpson EasyPrint PictureMate Borders Format
FDF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Acrobat Portable Document Input Form
FDR file extensionN/AFinal Draft Document Format
FDS file extensionFinal DraftFinal Draft Secure Document Format
FDT file extensionFinal DraftFinal Draft Script Attributes Format
FDW file extensionNELFOFEBDOK Document
FDX file extensionFinal DraftFinal Draft XML Document Format
FDXT file extensionFinal DraftFinal Draft 8 Template Format
FES file extension3D-ScapeFileless Occurrence Placeholder
FFDATA file extensionABBYYABBYY Eform
FFT file extensionIBMFinal Form Text Format
FGC file extensionNova Development CorporationGreeting Card Factory Greeting Card
FIN file extensionN/ASapir Torah Text
FIRE file extensionCofeeCupFireStarter Project Format
FIRST file extensionN/AFormatted Text
FLB file extensionFileMakerFileMaker Pro Label Format
FLW file extensionIBMFreelance Flowchart
FLY file extensionDigiflyerDigiflyer E-mail Document
FM file extensionAdobe SystemsFrameMaker Document Format
FMAP file extensionRootsMagic, Inc.Family Atlas Pulbished Family Map
FMD file extensionN/AMotionArtist Document
FMP3 file extensionFileMaker, Inc.FileMaker Pro For Mac Document
FMR file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Project
FNX file extensionLavarow TeamFenix Key
FODT file extensionOracleOpenDocument Flat XML Document Format
FPAGE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft XPS Document Page
FPC file extensionAspire Technologies, Inc.QuoteWerks Report Template
FPT file extensionN/AFoxPro Table Memo
FR file extensionN/AFrench Language Translation
FR3 file extensionFast ReportsFastReport Form Format
FRF file extensionFast ReportsFreeReports Template Format
FRT file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Additional Report Description Format
FSA file extensionN/AFASTA DNA And Protein Sequence Alignment
FSD file extensionN/ACOCO AmsterCHEM Flowsheet Document
FTMT file Inc.Family Tree Maker Chart Template
FTPL file extensionSimfatic SolutionsSimfatic Forms Template
FTR file extensionFTR PTY LTD.Ccourt Record Sound
FULL file extensionRed Hat, Inc.Cygwin Variable Log
FWDN file extensionMSS Software & ServicesFWriter Document
FX2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Office Template
FXC file extensionN/ADIMDATA FilePackager Configuration Format
FXD file extensionSymantec CorporationWinFax Sent Document
FXM file extensionSymantecWinFax Document
GA3 file extensionVernier Software & TechnologyGraphical Analysis Document
GCA3 file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCA4 file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GCA4BASE file extensionSteve Jackson GamesGURPS Character Assistant
GDA file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Manual Page Guide
GDC file extensionICONICS, Inc.Iconics GraphWorx32
GDOC file extensionGoogleLink To Google Docs Web Application Document
GDT file extensionSmartWare CorporationSmartWare Text Graph
GEM file extensionCorelVentura Publisher Document
GER file extensionN/AGerman Text/html Info
GFC file extensionPatton&PattonPatton&Patton Flow Charting 4 Flowchart
GIF2 file extensionNetObjects Inc.Netobjects Fusion Styles Lines
GIO file extensionN/AAdagio Score Language Score Format
GMP file extensionChristopher J. MadsenGUEmap Document
GMX file extensionInfacta Ltd.GroupMail Message
GOFIN file extensionGOFIN sp. z o.o.Druki Gofin Document
GPH file extensionIBMLotus 1-2-3 Graph
GPL file extensionN/AGNU Public Licence Text
GPN file extensionN/AGlidePlan Map Document Format
GSA file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove Working Space Archive Or Template
GSD file extensionPROFIBUS & PROFINET InternationalGeneric Station Description Format
GTHR file extensionMicrosoftGather Log Format
GTX file extensionNicholas Van DykGX Text Word Pad
GUIDE file extensionCloanto Italia srlAmigaGuide Hypertext
GV file extensionAT&TGraphviz DOT Language Format
GWB file extensionVSN InternationalGenStat Book
HBK file extensionMathsoftMathcad Handbook Format
HCR file extensionBroderbundHalf-fold Card Format
HDC file extensionSimpli Software Inc.HD Tach Benchmark
HFD file extensionHotDocsHotDocs Form Document Format
HFT file extensionHotDocsHaftiX Cross-stitch Pattern
HHP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft HTML Help Project
HHS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft HTML Help Workshop Sample
HHT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Help And Support Center HHT Format
HLF file extensionEugene RoshaFAR Manager Help
HM2 file extensionEC Software GmbHHelp & Manual Help File Project
HMK file extensionHallmarkHallmark Card Studio Card Format
HNC file extensionN/ANoteCenter Note
HND file extensionIBE SoftwareHelpNDoc Project
HPD file extensionHotDocsHotDocs PDF Document Format
HPO file extensionPaul F. KunzHippoDraw Canvas Document
HPT file extensionHotDocsHotDocs PDF Template Format
HS file extensionSun MicrosystemsJava HelpSet Format
HTML0 file extensionN/ABook Designer E-book Format
HTMLS file extensionN/AHyperText Markup Language Document With Server-side Include
HTMLZ file extensionN/AZipped HTML Format
HTXT file extensionHanvonHanvon WISEreader E-book Format
HTZ4 file extensionBersoftHyperMaker Publication Format
HTZ5 file extensionBersoftHyperMaker Document Format
HWL file extensionSimtec LimitedHttpWatch Http Watch Log
HWP file extensionHancomHangul Document Format
HXV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Help Virtual Topic Definition
HZ file extensionN/AChinese (Hanzi) Text
IC file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.ASwin Project
ICAP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
ICML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
ICST file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InCopy Document Preset
IDAP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
IDD file extensionN/AAdobe InDesign For Mac Document
IDML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Markup Format
IDMS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
IDPK file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
IDX file extensionN/AMicrosoft Outlook Express Mailbox Index Format
IEM file extensionIBMInformix Error Message
IFD file extensionFly SoftwareAdobe Output Designer Form (Jet Form Design Form)
IGV file extensionBroad InstituteIntegrative Genomics Viewer
IGY file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel Web Query
IIL file extensionN/ACleanSweep Installation Log
IKS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft InkSeine Document
ILA file extensionDATEVLohnViewer Document
ILDOC file extensionBroadVisionBroadVision QuickSilver Document Format
ILL file extensionN/AIllust Logic Puzzle
IMAPMBOX file extensionN/AApple Mail Format
IMS file extensionVirtual Mechanics Inc.SiteSpinner Project
IMSCC file extensionInstructureCanvas Exported Course
IMSP file extensioniMagic SoftwareSurvey Designer Survey
IMTX file extensionThinkBuzanIMindMap Template
IMV file extensionPixela CorporationImageMixerVCD Project
INCD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
INCT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InCopy Template Format
INCX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
IND file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Graphics Document Format
INDB file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Book Format
INDD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Document Format
INDL file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Object Library Format
INDN file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Indesign For Mac
INDP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Package Format
INDS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Format
INDT file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Template Format
INFOPATHXML file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft InfoPath Form Format
INRS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign For Mac
INSX file extensionSaqqara Technology Ltd.InScribe XML Document
INUSE file extensionN/AText Configuration File (in Use)
INX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe InDesign Interchange File Format
IQP file extensionITEM Software, Inc.ITEM QRAS Project
ISALE file extensionequinux USA, Inc.ISale Auction
ISALETEMPLATE file extensionequinux USA, Inc.ISale Template
ISD file extensionFlexera SoftwareInstallShield Dialog Format
ITMZ file extensionCraig ScottIThoughtsHD Mind-map Document
IWP file extensionIncomediaWebsite X5 Project
IWPRJ file extensionIncomediaWebsite X5 Project
IWZIP file extensionIncomediaWebsite X5 Project
JARVIS file extensionJarvis Acting CompanyJarvis Subscriber Format
JEB file extensionN/APENSIM Output
JIS file extensionN/AJapanese Industry Standard Text Format
JOE file extensionCyril Hicks.joe Editor Document Format
JP1 file extensionN/AJapanese (Romaji) Text Format
JRF file extensioniSYSTEM AG.WinIDEA Workspace
JRTF file extensionJAmes OSJAmes OS Rich Text Format
JTD file extensionJustsystemsIchitaro Document
JTDC file extensionJustsystemsIchitaro Compressed Document
JTP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Journal Template Format
JTT file extensionJustsystemsIchitaro Document Template
JTX file extensionMicrosoftXPS Document Format
JW file extensionN/AMicrosoft WordPad
KAHL file extensionN/AThink Pascal KAHL Text
KCH file extensionArk AnglesKChess Notation
KDD file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Authorware RTF Objects Editor Knowledge Display
KES file extensionKurzweil Educational SystemsKurzweil 3000 Document Format
KEYNOTE file extensionApple, Inc.IWork Keynote 06 Presentation
KF8 file extensionN/AAmazon Kindle Format 8
KJV file extensionCostas StergiouTheWord Bible Software King James Version Bible
KLG file extensionN/ALog Format
KNT file extensionKeyNoteTranglos KeyNote Note Format
KON file extensionN/AYahoo! Widget XML Format
KPT file extensionN/AKPresenter Template
KWD file extensionKDEKWord Document Format
KWP file extensionKamban SoftwareKamban Document
LAB file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Label Definition Format
LATEX file extensionN/ALatex Text Document Format
LAX file extensionAnetAnetHelpTool JavaHelp Viewer
LAYOUTDESIGNER file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Layout Designer Template
LB file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.LBwin Project
LBL file extensiondataBased IntelligenceDBASE Label Format
LBT file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Additional Label Description Format
LBXCOL file extensionN/ALibronix DLS Resource Collection
LBXOEB file extensionLogos Research Systems, Inc.Libronix DLS Resource
LCH file extensionN/AIBM Works For OS/2 Chart
LET file extensionAmericanGreetings.comCreatacard Letterhead Project
LINUX file extensionVarious Linux developersLinux
LIT file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Reader EBook Format
LMA file extensionHot Lava SoftwareLearning Mobile Author (LMA) Project
LNT file extensionLaegoLaego Note Taker Format
LOG file extensionN/ALog Format
LO_ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft System Management Server Renamed Old Log
LP2 file extensionC-DACILEAP Word Processor Document Format
LPDF file extensionAppleMac OS X Localized PDF (Portable Document Format) Format
LRP file extensionIBMIBM Works For OS/2 Report
LST file extensionN/AList Text Format
LTM file extensionIBMIBM Lotus Forms Form
LTT file extensionN/AHP Library And Tape Tools Log
LTX file extensionN/ALaTeX Document
LUE file extensionSymantecNorton LiveUpdate Log Format
LUF file extensionLipikarLipikar Uniform Format
LVD file extensionAvery Dennison CorporationLabelPro Design Document
LWC file extensionMillennia CorporationLegacy Charting Chart
LWD file extensionN/ALotusWorks Text Document
LWP file extensionIBMLotus Word Pro Document Format
LXFML file extensionLEGOLEGO Digital Designer XML Format
LYX file extensionLyXLyX Document Format
M13 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Media Viewer
M14 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Media Viewer
MACA file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Document
MAN file extensionN/AUnix Text Manual Format
MARC file extensionMarcEdit DevelopmentMAchine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) Document
MARS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Mars Format
MART file extensionMartViewMartview Ebook Format
MAX file extensionNuance CommunicationsOmniPage Scanned Document
MBBK file extensionManaBook SoftwareManaBook Book Kit Format
MBOX file extensionN/AMail Mailbox Format
MCBN file extensionN/AMicrosoft Excel 4 For Mac Chart
MCMAC file extensionMariner Software, Inc.MacGourmet MasterCook Document
MCSP file Craft Studio Project Format
MCSX file Craft Studio Professional Format
MD5TXT file extensionN/AMessage Digest 5 Hash Format
MDHTML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access HTML
MDI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Document Imaging File Format
MDK file extensionAd Astra Information Systems, LLCAstra Schedule Schedule
MDLE file extensionN/AMotion Description Language Extended
MDTEXT file extensionJohn GruberMarkdown Markup Language
MDTXT file extensionJohn GruberMarkdown Markup Language
MDWN file extensionJohn GruberMarkdown Markup Language
ME file extensionN/AReadme Text Format
MELL file extensionRedleXRedleX Mellel Document Format
MELLEL file extensionRedleXRedleX Mellel Document Format
MFO file extensionNeatoMediaface Online CD Label Software Project Format
MFP file extensionNeatoMediaFACE CD Label Software Format
MFT file extensionNeatoMediaface Project Template Format
MGA file extensionManga ReaderManga Comics Document Format
MHE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.MHwinEHE Project
MHP file extensionN/AMailshift Internet Mail Document
MIF file extensionAdobe SystemsMapInfo Interchange Format
MIN file extensionN/AMinute Maker Format
MIRADI file extensionBenetech InitiativeMiradi Project
MJBOOKTEMPLATE file extensionMariner Software, Inc.MacJournal Book Template
MKD file extensionJohn GruberMarkdown Markup Language
MKDN file extensionJohn GruberMarkdown Markup Language
MLA file extensionWorshipCenter SoftwareWorshipCenter Pro Document
MMAS file extensionMindjetMindManager Theme
MMD file extensionSoftedge SystemsDocsAlive Multimedia Document
MML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FrameMaker Format
MMPR file extensionFreescale Semiconductor, Inc.CodeWarrior Project
MMSW file extensionWrite Brothers, Inc.Movie Magic Screenwriter Document
MNT file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Additional Menu Description Format
MPPX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Project Project
MPP_ file extensionN/AMicrosoft Project For Mac Plan
MPWD file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Pro
MPWR file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Pro
MSG file extensionMicrosoftSaved Email Message
MSWD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word For Mac Document
MTXT file extensionMOPEKS OrganisationMOPEKS Problem
MUG file extensionHanesbrands Inc.Hanes T-ShirtMaker Document
MVG file extensionImageMagick Studio LLCImageMagick Proprietary Vector Graphics Format
MVT file extensionSebenzaUltimate Wish Lists Template
MVW file extensionMcAfee, Inc.Saber LAN Log
MW file extensionAppleMacWrite Text Document
MWD file extensionMariner SoftwareMariner Write Document Format
MWII file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite II Text Document
MWP file extensionIBMLotus Word Pro 97 Smartmaster Format
MWPD file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Pro Document
MWPP file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Pro Document
MWPR file extensionApple, Inc.MacWrite Pro
MWT file extensionThomson ReutersMetaStock Stock Analysis Template
MX2 file extensionValuSoftMasterCook Recipe
NCLK file extensionN/AHTML Formatted Text
NDOC file extensionNHNNaver Word
NDP file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project
NE1 file extensionOM2 Technology Inc.OM2 OMALI NENA Version 1 Document
NE3 file extensionOM2 Technology Inc.OM2 OMALI NENA Document
NEN file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project
NGLOSS file extensionNisus Software, Inc.Nisus Writer Pro Glossary
NJX file extensionNJStar SoftwareNJStar Document Format
NM5 file extensionNova Mind Software Pty Ltd.NovaMind Mind Map
NMBD file extensionThe Samba TeamSamba Log
NOKOGIRI file extensionNokogiri TeamNokogiri Source
NOTES file extensionGuys with TowelsMemento Note Format
NPD file extensionN/ANetrosoft Presentation Document
NPDT file extensionN/AMac Text
NPI file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Nick-O-Matic Design Factory Project
NPP file extensionNova DevelopmentArt Explosion Publisher Pro Document Format
NRP file extensione.World Technology LimitedASP.NET Report Maker Report
NTP file extensionNEATOMediaFACE CD Label
NWCP file extensionNisus Software, Inc.Nisus Writer Pro Clipboard Document
NWCTXT file extensionNoteWorthyNoteWorthy Composer Text Format
NXD file extensionTruTamil LLCNdxCards Index Card Project
NX^D file extensionApple, Inc.WriteNow 2 Document
OAD file extensionOA SISTEMISuite Notaro Document
OBX file extensionFreedom Scientific, Inc.OpenBook Document
OCDC file extensionWolfram Research, Inc.Mathematica Document
OCR file extensionNuance CommunicationsFaxGrapper FAX Transcribed Text Format
ODCCUBEFILE file extensionN/AOpenDocument 1
ODIF file extensionITU-TOpen Document Interchange Format
ODM file extensionSun OpenDocument Global Text Document Format
ODO file extensioniCUBE Network SolutionsICUBE Online Operating System Write Document Format
ODT file extensionSun MicrosystemsODF Text Document Format
ODT# file Project Locked Document
OFL file extensionOts LabsOtsTurntables Playlist
OFN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMS Office File New (Other Office Documents)
OH file extensionN/ADrillAssistant List
OHW file extensionN/AOverhoor DrillAssistant List
OJP file extensionN/A3WayPack
OLA file extensionN/AOnline Access Format
OLE file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Object Linking And Embedding
OLE2 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Binary Document Container Format
OLV file extensionOyez Legal SoftwareOyezForms Legal Document
OML file extensionLambda Research CorporationTracePro Model
OMN file extensionN/AOmnipotent Collection
OOGL file extensionGeometry Center at the University of MinnesotaGeomview Object Oriented Graphics Library
OOS file Project Spreadsheet
OOT file Project Text
OP2 file extensionNEi Software, Inc.NEi Nastran Binary Results Neutral Format
OPC file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office 97 Upgrade Control
OPD file extensionNuance CommunicationsOmniPage Document Format
OPN file extensionN/ACourt Opinion
OPW file extensionInsperity, Inc.OrgPlus For Windows Organization Chart
OPXT file extensionInsperity, Inc.OrpPlus Template
ORB file extensionN/AOriginal EBook Reader Ebook
ORT file extensionIBMRich Text Editor Document
OTT file extensionN/ Text Document Template Format
OVD file extensionDavid PillingOvation 1 Document
OVS file extensionDavid PillingOvation 1 Style Sheet
OWS file extensionBeach Software, LLCWeb Studio Project
OXPS file extensionMicrosoftWindows 8 OpenXPS Document Format
P2BP file extensionMediaparts InteractiveFlippingBook Publisher Book Project
P3X file extensionN/ADocument
P65 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker Document Format
P7S file extensionN/APKCS #7 Signature Format
PA file extensionNova DevelopmentPrint Artist Project Format
PAG file extensionTownsend AnalyticsRealTick Page
PAGES file extensionAppleIWork Pages Document Format
PAGES-TEF file extensionAppleApple Pages ICloud Document Format
PC5 file extensionRockwell Automation, Inc.Rockwell Software Logix 5 Format
PCL file extensionHPHP Vector Graphics Format
PCT file extensionApplePicture Format
PDER file extensionStep FunctionProntoDoc For Excel Conventional Document
PDF file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Portable Document Format
PDFA file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPDF/A Document
PDFE file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPDF/E Document
PDFUA file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPDF/UA Document
PDFVT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPDF/VT Document
PDFX file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPDF/X Document
PDFXML file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Mars Project XML Based PDF Document Format
PDF_ file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Acrobat Portable Document
PDF_TSID file extensionN/AAdobe PDF Document
PDG file extensionBroderbundBroderbund Print Shop Deluxe Data
PDH file extensionStep FunctionProntoDoc For Word Browser Display Document Template
PDP file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Portable Document Format
PDQ file extensionPatton&PattonFlow Charting PDQ
PDT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationInkWriter Note Taker Template
PDU file extensionN/AProtocol Data Unit Message
PDW file extensionStep FunctionProntoDoc For Word Conventional Document Template
PDWR file extensionStep FunctionProntoDoc For Word Conventional Document
PDZ file extensionStep FunctionProntoDoc For Word Structured Text Document Template
PEX file extensionThomson WestWest Publisher Portable Exhibit Format
PFF file extensionFormattaFormatta Filler Format
PFL file extensionPlotSoftPDFill Project Format
PFP file extensionSmoky City Design, LLC and John StraitPanorama Factory Project
PFS file extensionAntonio Da CruzImage Studio Picture File Format
PFSX file extensionMax Planck InstituteELAN Document
PFX file extensionN/AFirst Choice Word Processing Document
PGS file extensionGrasshopper LLCPageStream Document
PGW file extensionN/AMap Data
PHL file extensionAmazonKindle Popular Highlights Format
PJ4 file extensionDavka CorporationDavka Hebrew Document
PJ5 file extensionDavka CorporationDavka Hebrew Document
PJM file extensionadnxXPlan Project Model
PJT file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Associated Memo Format
PLK file extensionN/ACOREX Part-of-speech Tag
PLMXML file extensionN/APLM XML UGS
PLP file extensionVOWSoft, Ltd.PicaLoader Project
PM4 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker 4 Document
PM5 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker 5 Document Format
PM6 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker Document Format
PM7 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 7 Document
PM? file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker Document
PMD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PageMaker Document Format
PML file extensionPalmPalm Markup Language Format
PMLZ file extensionPalmZipped Palm Markup Language Format
PMO file extensionDavid HarrisPegasus Mail Saved Message Format
PMT file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Template
PMW file extensionN/APlanMaker 97 Spreadsheet
PMX file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Document
POBI file extensionN/AKindle Store Magazine Ebook Format
POOL file extensionLaTeX Project Development TeamTeX Messages
POTHTML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint HTML Template
PP3 file extensionObjectif Lune inc.PlanetPress Suite Form
PPG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
PPNT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Presentation
PPOT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Template
PPP file extensionSerifSerif PagePlus Publication Format
PPT3 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint For Mac Presentation
PPTA file extensionArticulate Global, Inc.Articulate Presenter Presentation Resource
PPTV file extensionN/AMicrosoft PowerPoint
PPTXML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Powerpoint XML Presentation
PPV file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Pocket PowerPoint Presentation
PPX file extensionSerifSerif PagePlus Publication Format
PR4 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Presentation
PRN file extensionN/AGenerally Printer Output Format
PRNX file extensionDeveloper Express Inc.XtraReports Report
PRR file extensionAccentSoftAccent OFFICE Password Recovery
PRT file extensionN/APrinter Driver Format
PS3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Level III PostScript Document
PSG file extensionN/AIBM AFP Page Segment Format
PSMD file extensionObjectif Lune inc.PrintShop Mail Document
PSN file extension3MPost-it Notes
PSR file extensionSybasePowerSoft Report Format
PSW file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Pocket Word Document Format
PT3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Template
PT4 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 4 Template
PT5 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker 5 Template
PT6 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedPageMaker 6 Document Template
PTO file extensionThe Hugin TeamHugin Project
PTX file extensionThomson WestPageMaker Template Format
PUB file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Publisher Document Format
PUBF file extensionN/AAdobe PageMaker 2
PUBHTML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Publisher HTML Document
PUBMHTML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Publisher Archived HTML Document
PVE file extensionGobe SoftwareGoBeProductive Document
PVJ file extensionK-FlowProofVision Job Ticket Format
PVM file extensionOSTAPhoto Video Manifest Format
PVW file extensionExtensis a division of Celartem, Inc.Portfolio Saved View
PWDP file extensionTan Thor JenPassword Pad Document
PWDPL file extensionTan Thor JenPassword Pad Lite Document
PWI file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Mobile Personal Note Format
PWT file extensionMicrosoftPocket Word Template Format
PXT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Pocket Excel Template
PZFX file extensionGraphPad Software, Inc.GraphPad Prism XML Project
PZT file extensionGraphPad Software, Inc.GraphPad Prism Template
Q3C file extensionNervepreserveQuick3DCover Project Format
QBL file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Business Lawyer Document
QCD file extensionQuark, Inc.QuarkXpress Article
QCT file extensionQuark, Inc.QuarkXpress Article Template
QDF file extensionTEKLYNXLabel Matrix Label Design
QDL file extensionN/AQDL Source Code Format
QFL file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Family Lawyer Document
QHCP file extensionDigia OyjQt Help Collection Project
QHP file extensionDigia OyjQt Help Project
QHT file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime HTML
QHTM file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickTime HTML
QMK file extensionYanCEyWareYanCEyDesktop Bookmark Format
QPT file extensionQuarkQuarkXPress Project Template Format
QRF file extensionPJ ApplicationsQR Form
QRT file extensionPJ ApplicationsQR Designer Form Project
QUD file extensionQuark, Inc.QuarkXpress Auxiliary Dictionary
QUIZTEMPLATE file extensionArticulate Global, Inc.Articulate Studio Quizmaker
QWT file extensionQuark, Inc.QuarkXpress Web Document Template
QXB file extensionQuarkQuarkXpress Multiple Document Publication Book File Format
QXD file extensionQuarkQuarkXPress Document Format
QXP file extensionQuarkQuarkXpress Project Format
QXT file extensionQuarkQuarkXPress Template Format
R0F file extensionRingCentral, Inc.RingCentral Fax Document
R3T file extensionRealNetworks, Inc.RealNetworks RealText
RAD file extensionN/ARadar ViewPoint Radar Data Format
RAP file extensionEpoq Group LimitedRapidocs Document
RB4 file extensionSarm SoftwareResume Builder Data Format
RCP file extensionPacific SoftwareRich Chart Builder Project
RD file extensionN/AR Document
REA file extensionN/AReadme Text
RELS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Open Office XML Relationships Format
RESP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Report Log
REST file extensionN/AReStructuredText
RF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FrameMaker Document
RFD file extensionRecogniform TechnologiesRecogniFORM Form Definition Format
RFT file extensionIBMRevisable Form Text Document
RIS file extensionResearch Information SystemsResearch Information Systems Citation Format
RLF file extensionESRIArcGIS Report Layout Format
RMR file extensionIndividual SoftwareResumeMaker Format
RO file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.ROwin Project
ROFF file extensionN/AUnformatted Manual Page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
RPC file extensionThe Sage Group plcACT! Report
RPN file extensionThe Sage Group plcACT! 2.0 Report
RPTR file extensionRafflePrinter.comRafflePrinter Document Format
RPTX file extensionSpiceworks Inc.Spiceworks Report
RRPA file extensionOracle CorporationOracle Reports Remote Printing Utility PDF Report
RSF file extensionNEi Software, Inc.NEi Nastran Results Summary
RSM file extensionWinWayWinWay Deluxe Resume Format
RST file extensionN/AReStructuredText Format
RT file extensionRealNetworksRealText Subtitle Format
RTAB file extensionN/ARandy Tab Guitar Tablature
RTD file extensionN/ARagtime Examples Render Format
RTF file extensionN/ARich Text Format Document
RTFD file extensionN/ARich Text With Graphic Document Format
RTL file extensionN/AText
RUN file extensionRunscannerRunscanner Save Format
RVC file extensionMicroImages, Inc.TNTmips Windows Version Project
RVF file extensionSergey TkachenkoRichView Document
RZK file extensionRed ZionFile Crypt Password Format
RZN file extensionRed ZionRed Zion E-book Notes Format
S2K file extensionN/ASubtitle
S6BN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWord 6 For Mac Template
S8BN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWord 98 For Mac Template
SA5 file extensionDeLormeStreet Atlas Document
SAF file extensionN/ASafeText Format
SAFETEXT file extensionN/AEncrypted Text
SAM file extensionSamnaAmi Pro Document Format
SAVE file extensionNanoNano Temporary Saved Format
SBK file extensionNova DevelopmentScrapbook Factory Format
SBRZ file extensionN/ASky Ebook Reader E-book
SBV file extensionSuperbase DevelopersSuperbase Form Definition Format
SBZ file extensionArcSoft, Inc.ShowBiz Project
SCC file extensionScenaristScenarist Closed Caption Format
SCRIV file extensionLiterature & LatteLiterature & Latte Scrivener Document Format
SCRIVX file extensionLiterature & LatteLiterature & Latte Scrivener Document Format
SCT file extensionN/AFoxPro Additional (FPT) Screen Description Format
SCW file extensionN/AMovie Magic Screenwriter Document Format
SDBN file extensionN/AMicrosoft Word 4/5 For Mac Template
SDM file extensionN/AStarOffice Mail Format
SDNF file extensionN/ASteel Detailing Neutral Format
SDOC file extensionDriver-TC groupSatra Khmer Document
SDT file extensionSmartDraw.comSmartDraw Template Format
SDW file extensionN/ Text Document Format
SE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.SEwin Project
SEEK file extensionFabio SoaresWord List Expert Seek List
SEM file extensionOracle CorporationSealed E-mail
SGF file extensionOracle CorporationStarOffice Document With Graphics
SGL file extensionN/ Master Document
SGM file extensionN/AStandard Generalized Markup Language IETF Document Format
SH3 file extensionN/AHarvard Graphics 3.0 Presentation
SHEET file extensionThe Dia DevelopersDia Sheet
SIG file extensionN/AMicrosoft Office OneNote Signature Format
SJD file extensionNova DevelopmentScrapbook Factory Deluxe Saved Journal Format
SKCARD file extensionBorlandStarfish Sidekick Card Format
SKS file extensionEltima Software GmbH.Show.kit Template
SKT file extensionJammin SoftwareWinSketch Pro Diagram
SLA file extensionScribusScribus Document Format
SLAGZ file extensionScribusScribus Compressed Document
SLD3 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 3/4 For Mac Slide
SLD8 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 98 For Mac Slide
SLDM file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Macro-enabled Open XML Slide
SLDS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 2 For Mac Slide
SLDX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML Slide
SLS file extensionN/AImage Playlist Format
SMH file extensionOracle CorporationSealed MHT Document
SMS file extensionN/ASony Ericsson Exported SMS Format
SNB file extensionN/AShanda Bambook EBook
SNF file extensionImaginova Corp.Starry Night Document
SNP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Access Report Shapshot Format
SNW file extensionProf. Friedrich LeischSweave Source
SOAP file extensionN/ASimple Object Access Protocol Message (SOAP) Message
SOUNDSCRIPT file extensionN/ARigs Of Rods Sound Script Description
SP file extensionBuchanan ComputingSignPlot Output Format
SP4 file extension20-20 Technologies20-20 CAP Studio Worksheet
SPN file extensionN/ASpanish Readme
SS4 file extensionMODRATECSigScribe4 Design
SSA file extensionN/ASubStation Alpha Subtitle Format
SSIW file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
SSKD file extensionSquidge SoftwareOn Schedule Schedule
SSX file extensionGeneral Electric CompanyVersaPro Smart Store Document
ST1 file extensionConverge HorizonsDigiTitle Master Subtitle
STORY file extensionStoryist SoftwareStoryist Document
STQ file extensionStatSoft, Inc.StatSoft Statistica Text
STRINGS file extensionAppleText Strings Format
STW file extensionN/ Text Document Template
STY file extensionN/ALaTeX Style Format
SU file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.SUwin Project
SUB file extensionN/ADivX Movie Subtitle File Format
SUBLIME-PROJECT file extensionJon SkinnerSublime Text Project Format
SUBLIME-WORKSPACE file extensionJon SkinnerSublime Text Workspace Settings Format
SWE file extensionKnitting Software, Inc.Sweater Wizard Knitting Pattern
SWS file extensionN/ASWiSh Studio
SXG file Master Document Format
SXML file extensionN/ASealed XML Document
SXW file extensionSun Writer Document Format
T2T file extensionSourceForge.netTxt2tags Text Document
T65 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe PageMaker Template
TAB file extensionN/ATAB Separated Format
TABULA-DOC file extensionSoftlineTabula Document
TAH file extensionMicro Focus International plcTurbo Assembler Help
TAXFORM file extensionIntuit Inc.QuickBooks Draft
TBX file extensionSDL plc.Trados Glossary
TCE file extensionN/ATLE File Format
TCH file extensionMicro Focus International plcBorland C++ Help
TCR file extensionPsion TeklogixPsion Series 3 EBook Format
TDF file extensionProject PlutoProject Pluto Guide Text Definition Format
TDOC file extensionSoftlineTabula Document
TEMPLATE file extensionAppleTemplate Format
TEX file extensionN/ATeX/LaTeX Text Document Format
TEXI file extensionLaTeX Project Development TeamTEX
TEXTCLIPPING file extensionAppleMac OS X Text Clipping Format
TEXTILE file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText Document
THP file extensionN/ATurboTax Text String Format
THR file extensionIntegrated Research LimitedPROGNOSIS Threshold Document
TLB file extensionN/AVAX Text Library
TLE file extensionN/ATLE File Format
TLT file extensionWeb.comTrellix Web Design
TM file extensionGNUTeXmacs Document
TMD file extensionSoftMaker SoftwareTextMaker Document Format
TML file extensionXpress Software Inc.Advanced ID Creator Template
TMPRTF file extensionLexisNexisTimeMap Portable
TMV file extensionSoftMaker SoftwareTextMaker Document Template Format
TMVT file extensionLexisNexisTimeMap Template
TMX file extensionN/ATranslation Memory EXchange Format
TOTALSLAYOUT file extensionKedisoftTotals Invoice Layout Format
TP3 file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Template Format
TPC file extension3D-ScapeTopic Connection Placeholder
TPH file extensionEmbarcadero Technologies, Inc.Turbo Pascal Help
TPO file extensionRockwell Automation, Inc.Arena Template
TPT file extensionTruKnox TechnologiesTru-Designer Presentation Template
TR file extensionTomeRaiderTomeRaider EBook Format
TR2 file extensionYadabyte WebsitesTomeRaider EBook
TR5 file extensionTower SoftwareTRIM Reference
TRACWIKI file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText
TSX file extensionGalactix SoftwareTeam Sports Scheduling System XML Project
TTBL file extensionqianqian.comTTPlayer Play List
TTPL file extensionqianqian.comTTPLayer Play List
TV4 file extensionTimeValue SoftwareTValue Project
TVC file extensionIBMIBM Lotus 1-2-3 Table
TVJ file extensionbasICColorTrueView Job Ticket
TWDX file extensionSimTechMindMapper Document
TWIKI file extensionThe Eclipse FoundationEclipse IDE WikiText
TWP file extensionDevista B.V.Teamwork Planner Project
TX8 file extensionN/A8-bit DOS ASCII Text
TX? file extensionTerry A. DavisLoseThos Text
TXE file extensionN/AEnriched Text
TXH file extensionBram MoolenaarLight Markup Language Text
TXM file extensionCFP Software LimitedCFPwinMan Document
TXT file extensionN/ASimple Text Format
TXTZ file extensionN/AEBook
U3I file extensionN/AU3 Application Information Format
UK file extensionN/AEnglish (British) Language Translation
ULYS file extensionThe SoulmenUlysses Project
UMD file extensionjumd teamUMD Mobile Ebook
UNAUTH file extensionNetegritySiteMinder Unauthorized Message Format
UNX file extensionN/AUnix Text Format
UOF file extensionN/AUniform Office Format
UOT file extensionN/AUnified Office Format Text Format
UPDF file extensionSoftware995UltraPdf Publication
US file extensionN/AEnglish Language Translation
USG file extensionPC-Doctor, Inc.PC-Doctor For Windows
UTF8 file extensionN/AUnicode UTF-8 Encoded Text
UXF file extensionUMLet TeamUMLet UML EXchange Format
VAI file extensionDTWSoftwarePhotoDub Album Voice And Image
VBK file extensionVital Source TechnologiesVitalSource Bookshelf VitalBook Format EBook
VCAL file extensionApple, Inc.Apple ICal Document
VCARD file extensionApple, Inc.VCard
VCG file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft SharePoint WorkSpace Groove VCard Contact
VCT file extensionN/AVisual FoxPro Class Library Format
VDOC file extensionFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Document
VDT file extensionDavid SchwartzViral Document Toolkit
VET file extensionFlagship Industries, Inc.Ventrilo Event Text
VFC file extensionVenta AssociationVentaFax Cover Page Format
VHDL file extensionAlteraQuartus II VHDL Design
VKP file extensionN/ASony Ericsson Firmware Patch
VL file extensionN/AVisual Labels Project
VMM file extensionMind Technologies AS.Visual Mind Document
VMR file extensionVeeam SoftwareVeeam Monitor Report
VNT file extensionSony EricssonSony Ericsson Mobile Phone Note Format
VOPREFS file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac OS X VoiceOver Document
VP file extensionCorelVentura Publisher Publication Format
VTS file extensionIntel CorporationIntel VTune Program Performance Monitor Project
VUP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Visual Studio Visual C++ Utility Project
VW file extensionLifetree SoftwareVolkswriter Text Format
VW3 file extensionN/AVolkswriter 3 Text
W51 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect 5.1 Document
W60 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect 6.0 Document
W61 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect 6.1 Document
W6BN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 6 For Mac Document
W6W file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 6 Document
W8BN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 98 For Mac Document
W8TN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Word 98 For Mac Template
WBK file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Workbook Document Format
WCF file extensionN/AWebEx Saved Chat Session Format
WCL file extensionALT- Advanced Logic TechnologyWellCAD Log
WD0 file extensionMicroVision Development, Inc.WordExpress Document
WD1 file extensionMicroVision Development, Inc.WordExpress Document
WD2 file extensionMicroVision Development, Inc.WordExpress Document
WDBN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft World For Mac Document
WDCD file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWord 5 For Mac Custom Dictionary
WDM file extensionN/AMS Visual Interdev98 Templates Web Project Items
WDOC file extensionCrick Software Ltd.WriteOnline Document
WEBDOC file extensionBox.netBox Service Document Format
WEBTEMPLATE file extensionAppleApple IWeb Template Format
WEBTHEME file extensionAppleApple IWeb Theme Format
WEBZ file extensionWeb Books PublishingWeb Format Compressed EBook Format
WGZ file extensionNokiaS60 Web Runtime Widget Package Format
WHT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft NetMeeting White Board Document
WIS file extensionFlexera Software, Inc.InstallShield Install Help
WIZHTML file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access HTML Template
WKB file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document
WKF file extensionKeyFocus Ltd.KF Web Server Default Control
WKT file extensionGarmin Ltd.Garmin Training Schedule
WLF file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Dr. Watson Log
WLP file Label Designer Format
WLS file extensionSoftware602, Inc.602Tab Document
WMGA file extensionManga ReaderWeb Manga Comics Document Format
WMK file extensionSourceForge.netWebMake Documentation Source
WOLF file extensionN/AWOLF Document
WORD file extensionN/AMacWrite Document
WP file extensionCorelWordPerfect Document Format
WP4 file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect 4 Format
WP42 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 4 For Mac Document
WP5 file extensionCorelWordPerfect 5 Document Format
WP50 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 5 For Mac Document
WP6 file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect 6 For Mac Document Format
WP7 file extensionCorelWordPerfect 7 Document Format
WP? file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Document
WPA file extensionN/AACT! Word Processor Document Format
WPC2 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 2/3 For Mac Document
WPD file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Document Format
WPD0 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 1 For Mac Document
WPD1 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 1 For Mac Document
WPD2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect 2 For Mac Document
WPD3 file extensionN/ACorel WordPerfect 3 For Mac Document
WPL file extensionN/ADEC WPS Plus Text Document
WPOSTX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Windows Live Writer Post
WPR file extensionWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP 7 Project
WPS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Works Document Format
WPT file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Document Template Format
WPW file extensionCorelWP Works Word Processor Format
WRD file extensionN/ACOREX Manually Verified Word Segmentation
WRI file extensionMicrosoftWindows Write Document Format
WRLK file extensionmacropool GmbHWeb Research Document Link
WS1 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows 1 Document
WS2 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar Document
WS3 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows 3 Document
WS4 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows 4 Document
WS5 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows 5 Document
WS6 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows 6 Document
WS7 file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar For Windows Document
WSA file extensionLink-Assistant.comWebSite Auditor Project Settings Save
WSD file extensionMicropro InternationalWordStar 2000 Document
WSH file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Scripting Host Format
WSQ file extensionFlavio González VázquezWinEsquema Flowchart
WSR file extensionFirstStop WebSearch, LLCFirstTop WebSearch Search Result
WST file extensionMichael PetrieWordStar Text
WT0 file extensionMicroVision Development, Inc.WordExpress Template
WTBN file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWord For Mac Template
WTL file extensionMicrosoft CorporationWindows Test Log
WTP file extensionSatish KumarWink Template
WTS file extensionSerif Europe Ltd.WebPlus Template
WTX file extensionN/AWinTune Export Text Document Format
WWCX file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InCopy Document
WWF file extensionWWF InternationalWWF Rant Pakk Sound Format
WWH file extensionWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP Workspace
WWK file extensionWind Energy Division at Risø DTU, DenmarkWAsP 7 Workspace
WWS file extensionWidgit SoftwareWriting With Symbols Document
WWT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Works Template
WXMX file extensionAndrej VodopivecWxMaxima Document
WXP file extensionSymbol DynamicsEXP For Windows Document
WZN file extensionAvniTech SolutionsWhizFolders Document
X20 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XTree Gold For Dos Help
X40 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XtreeGold Dos Help
X50 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XTreeGold Dos Help
X60 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree Gold For Dos Help
X70 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XTree Gold For Dos Help
X80 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree Gold DOS Help
X90 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XTree Gold For Dos Help
XA0 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree Gold Dos Help
XAV file extensionFinal Draft, Inc.Final Draft AV Document
XB0 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree Gold DOS Help
XBDOC file extensionXiosisXiosis Scribe Document
XBPLATE file extensionXiosisXiosis Scribe Template
XBRL file extensionN/AExtensible Business Reporting Language
XC0 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)Xtree Gold Dos Help
XCT file extensionN/AXVI32 Conversion
XD0 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XtreeGold Dos Help
XDL file extensionN/AMS SQL Server XML Schema Format
XDOC file extensionN/AQuarkXPress 3.0 Document
XDW file extensionFuji XeroxDocuWorks Document Format
XE0 file extensionJeffrey C Johnson (XTree Company)XtreeGold Dos Help
XFF file extensionMartin HaluzaXFRX Database Output
XIF file extensionNuance CommunicationsScanSoft Pagis Format
XLC3 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 3 For Mac Chart
XLC4 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 4 For Mac Chart
XLC_ file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 2 For Mac Chart
XMLS file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Excel 2003 XML
XMMAS file extensionMindjetMindManager XML Theme
XMMAT file extensionMindjetMindManager XML Template
XMS file extensionOpenText CorporationViewCafé XML Markup Session
XMT file extensionXMind Ltd.XMind Workbook Template
XPF file extensionOreans TechnologiesXProtector Project
XPR3 file extensionN/AQuarkXpress 3.0 Mac
XPRJ file extensionDatawatch CorporationMonarch XML Project
XPS file extensionMicrosoftXML Paper Specification Format
XSR file extensionFabTrol SystemsFabTrol MRP
XVG file extensionGrace Development TeamGrace Document
XWP file extensionN/AXMLwriter Project
XY file extensionXyQuestXyWrite Document
XY3 file extensionN/AXYWrite III Document
XYP file extensionN/AXY Write III Plus Document
XYW file extensionN/AXYWrite For Windows 3x/4.0 Document
XZFX file extensionZipLogixZipLogix ZipForm Format
YAR file extensionHitachiStarBoard Document
YBHTM file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYBook HTML
YBK file extensionYanCEyWareYanCEyWare EBook Format
YBRAR file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYbook Ebook
YBRTF file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYbook Ebook
YBTXT file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYbook Ebook
YML file extensionN/AYAML Document
YWP file extensionSpacejock SoftwareYWriter 2 Project
ZABW file extensionAbiSourceG-Zipped AbiWord Document Format
ZAD file extensionPredrag BrodanacZadGen Document
ZAE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.ZAwinEHE Project
ZANEBUG file extensionAdapdev Technologies, LLCZanebug
ZARGO file extensionN/AArgoUML Model
ZAVE file extensionN/AQuarkXpress IPad Document
ZBP file extensionDynaVox Mayer-JohnsonBoardmaker Board Package
ZCE file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.ZCwinEHE Project
ZDL file extensionAvery DennisonDesignPro Label Design Format
ZDP file extensionAvery DennisonDesignPro Label Design Format
ZED file extensionZX-ModulesZX-Edit Document Block
ZFX file extensionZipLogixZipForm Transaction Format
ZHP file extensionSwiftView, Inc.SwiftView ICS Command
ZIB file extensionZX-ModulesZX-Editor Graphic Library
ZN file extensionProcedimientos-Uno, S.L.ZNwinEHE Project
ZNO file extensionZinioZinio Reader Magazine Format
ZOI file extensionSafari Video NetworksEZediaMX And EZedia Player Unlocked Presentation Document
ZRN file extensionACOS PM GmbHACOS PLUS 1 Project
ZRTF file extensionNisus Software, Inc.Nisus Writer Pro Compressed RTF
ZW file extensionN/AChinese Text Format
ZXE file extensionZX-ModulesZX-Editor Second Edition Format
_ME file extensionN/ARead Me

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