Graphic Files

File extensionDeveloper/ProducerFile description
!S file extensionN/AZX Spectrum Hobetta Picture Format
$C file extensionN/AZX Spectrum Hobetta Picture Format
$S file extensionN/AZX Spectrum Hobetta Picture Format
0-R file extensionN/APNG Image
001 file extensionN/AFax Data Format
00_JPG_SRZ file extensionN/AWix Compressed Picture Image
100 file extensionN/AToyota Embroidery Format
10O file extensionN/AToyota Embroidery Format
16 file extensionN/AISOLINUX Splash Screen Graphic (LSS16)
2BP file extensionN/APocket PC Bitmap Format
301 file extensionN/ABrooktrout 301 Image
360 file extension360desktop360desktop Panorama Format
3GN file extensionN/AImaging Fax Image
3PI file extensionN/AShapeGrabber Scanner
411 file extensionSonySony Mavica Digital Photo Format
4BIT file extensionN/AGoDot Picture Image
4BT file extensionN/AGoDot Picture Format
4PP file extensionCallisto CorporationPhotoParade Slideshow
695 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS GIF Image
697 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS PCX Bitmap Image
69C file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS BMP Windows Bitmap Image
73I file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI Bitmap Format
82I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
83I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
85I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
86I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
89I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
8BIM file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop Related
8BPS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Photoshop
8PBS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Macintosh Format
8XI file extensionTexas InstrumentsTI-83/84 Plus Picture Format
9PNG file extensionN/ANinePatchDrawable Image
906 file extensionN/ACalcomp Plotter
92I file extensionN/ATI Bitmap
A11 file extensionAIM.comAOL Instant Messenger Graphic
A64 file extensionN/AArtist 64
AAS file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Autodesk Animation Setup Movie Clip
ABM file extensionN/AMusic Album Format
ABT file extensionABC-ViewABC-View Manager Thumbnail
AC5 file extensionWentaiArtCut 5 Document Format
AC6 file extensionWentaiArtcut Software Graphics Design Format
ACCOUNTPICTURE-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Account Picture Format
ACH file extensionMarat FayzullinSpeccy ZX Spectrum Snapshot
ACORN file extensionFlying MeatAcorn Draw Format
ACR file extensionNational Electrical Manufacturers AssociationAmerican College Of Radiology Format
AD1 file extensionAccessData Group, LLC.Forensic Toolkit FTK Imager Image
ADC file extensionSteffen GutmannScanstudio 16 Colours Bitmap Graphics
ADIUMICON file extensionThe Adium TeamAdium Icon
ADRG file extensionGlobal Mapper Software LLCARC Digitized Raster Graphics
AEH file extensionVisual VisionIPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext
AF2 file extensioniGrafxMicrografx FlowCharter 2.0 Flowchart Format
AF3 file extensioniGrafxMicrografx FlowCharter Flowchart Format
AFX file extensionAuto FX SoftwareAuto F/X Image Format
AG file extensionIBMApplix Graphics
AGA file extensionEsriArcGIS ArcGlobe
AGD1 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand For Mac Drawing
AGEO file extensionDream AquariumDream Aquarium Fish Model
AGIF file extensionImage Tools GroupActive GIF Creator Project Format
AGP file extensionRL VisionArtGem Project Format
AI file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Illustrator Graphics Format
AI3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
AI4 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic
AI5 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic
AI6 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic
AI7 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic
AI8 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGeneric Encapsulated PostScript Graphic Format
AIC file extensionN/AAdvanced Image Coding Format
AID file extensionACD Systems International Inc.ACDSee Classic Thumbnail
AIO file extensionN/ABitmap
AIS file extensionACD SystemsACDSee Album Image Sequence Format
AL8 file extensionSWGSoft Inc.AAA Logo Project
ALBM file extensionHPPhoto Album Format
ALIAS file extensionN/AAlias Image
AMA file extensionEsriArcGIS ArcMap
AMI file extensionN/AAmica Paint
AMT file extensionN/AAVSnap Project
ANL file extensionTrend Redaktions- und Verlagsgesselschaft mbHTrain Model Simulator Track Layout
ANTMPL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Edge Animate Template
ANV file extensionN/AAirNav Image
APD file extensionACD SystemsACDSee Photo Document
APIN file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign Import/export Filter
APM file extensionAdobe SystemsAldus Placeable Metafile
APNG file extensionN/AAnimated Portable Network Graphics Format
APS file extensionAMS SoftwareGreeting Card Studio Project Format
APX file extensionAbility Plus SoftwareAbility Photopaint Image Format
AR-WMP file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Anatomical-resolution Volume Map
ARBVP1 file extensionGoogle Inc.Google Earth Shader
ARN file extensionN/AAstronomical Research Network Image Format
ARR file extensionN/AAmber Graphic Format
ART file extensionAOLVarious Graphic Formats
ART42 file extensionN/AV1.x Explorations Projects
ARTB file extensionMapdivaArtboard Vector Drawing Format
ARTWORK file extensionDrawingHandArtStudio Image Format
ARTX file extensionBeLight Software, Ltd.Art Text For Mac Graphic
ARW file extensionSonySony Digital Camera RAW Image Format
ASW file extensionACD SystemsACDSee Slideshow Wizard Format
ASY file extensionAsymptoteAsymptote Module
ATK file extensionN/AAndrew Toolkit Raster Object
AVATAR file extensionGoogleGoogle Talk Avatar Format
AVM file extensionWojciech PomianowskiMap
AVT file extensionSavy SodaSavy Soda Avatar For IPhone Avatar
AVW file extensionMayo Foundation for Medical Education and ResearchAnalyzeAVW Image
AWD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Fax Document
B&W file extensionN/ABitmap Image
B16 file extensionN/APCO Image
B2F file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS Windows Metafile
B60 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS PNG Bitmap Image
BAN file extensionSierra Entertainment, Inc.Sierra Print Artist Banner
BBX file extensionNeil FraserBrainBox Neural Network
BCN file extensionbizcardpro.comBusiness Card Design
BDG file extensionE T JonesBadge Designer 2000 Photo ID
BFL file extensionN/ABFLI Image Format
BFLI file extensionN/ABFLI Image Format
BGA file extensionN/AOS/2 Graphic Array
BGCF file extensionBelltech Systems, LLCGreeting Card Design
BIE file extensionN/AJBIG Image
BITMAP file extensionN/AX Window System Bitmap Image
BK3 file extensionN/AVirtuaGirl Graphic
BKW file extensionN/AFontEdit Image
BLKRT file extensionBlock ArtistBlock Artist Image Format
BLZ file extensionN/ABitmap Graphic Format
BM file extensionN/AX Windows System Bitmap Image
BM2 file extensionN/ASubspace/Continuum Bitmap Graphic Format
BMC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Terminal Server Client Bitmap Cache Format
BMF file extensionCorelCorel Gallery Binary Material Format
BMML file extensionBalsamiq Studios, LLCBalsamiq Mockups Graphic
BMP file extensionN/AStandard Windows Bitmap Image (also OS/2)
BMP24 file extensionN/ABitmap Graphic
BMX file extensionSiemensSiemens Mobile Phone Animation Format
BMZ file extensionN/ACompressed Bitmap Format
BNI file extensionBlizzard Entertainment, Inc.Blizzard Battle.Net Icon
BOB file extensionN/ABOB Raytracer Bitmap Image
BPP file extensionBits&CoffeeBatchPhoto Project
BPT file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Bitmap Master
BPX file extensionN/ATruevision Targa Bitmap Image
BRE file extensionN/ABreuckmann Scanner
BRK file extensionDialogicBrooktrout Fax Format
BRN file extensionN/ACube Graphics Format
BRT file extensionDAZ ProductionsBryce Textures Format
BS file extensionN/APrintfox/Pagefox Image Format
BSS file extensionCapcomResident Evil Background Images Format
BTI file extensionNintendoNintendo Texture Format
BUC file extensionN/AACDSee BUC Image
BUM file extensionN/APoser Bump Files Image Format
BVL file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 Textures
BW file extensionN/ASilicon Graphics Image
BWC file extensionBlack Hills SoftwareBeadWizard Color Palette
C3 file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.Pov-Ray For Windows 3.1 Scenes Advanced Newltpot
C4 file extensionJEDMICSJEDMICS Bitmap Image Format
C85 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS JPEG Bitmap Image
CAG file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Clip Gallery Catalog Format
CAL file extensionN/ACALS Raster Image Format
CALS file extensionN/ACALS Raster Group 1 Image Format
CAM file extensionCASIOCasio QV Digital CAMera Image Format
CAN file extensionCanonCanon Navigator Fax Format
CBM file extensionN/ABitmap Image Format
CBN file extensionCBN SystemsCBN Selector Smart Image
CCK file extensionN/ACorel Clipart
CCRF file extensionN/ACalcomp Raster Bitmap Image
CD5 file extensionJohn Paul Chacha's LabChasys Draw Image
CDC file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD DesignCenter Preview Cache Format
CDD file extensionComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw Drawing Diagram Format
CDG file extensionN/ACompact Disc Plus Picture Image Format
CDMM file extensionComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw MINDMAP Document
CDMT file extensionComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
CDMTZ file extensionComputer Systems OdessaCompressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template
CDMZ file extensionComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw MINDMAP Compressed Document Format
CDR file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Vector Or Bitmap Format
CDR3 file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW 3 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
CDR4 file extensionN/ACorelDRAW 4 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
CDR5 file extensionN/ACorelDRAW 5 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
CDR6 file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW 6 For Mac Vector Or Bitmap Image
CDRW file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW For Mac
CDRZIP file extensionN/ADICOM Compressed Image
CDT file extensionComputer Systems OdessaConceptDraw PRO Template
CDU file extensionN/ACDU Paint Image Format
CDX file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Compressed Drawing Format
CE file extensionDigital VisionDigital Vision ComputerEyes IFF Bitmap Format
CEA file extensionDAZ 3D Inc.DAZ 3D Carrara Pro Export
CFF2 file extensionEastman Kodak CompanyKodak Pandora Exported
CFP file extensionAnswers 2000 LimitedBitmap Native Format For CoverFactory
CFT file extensionN/ACFast Graphics
CG4 file extensionN/ACALS Group IV Bitmap Graphics
CGM file extensionN/AComputer Graphics Metafile
CH1 file extensionIBMIBM Freelance Graphics Chart
CID file extensionInstitut StraumannCoDiagnostiX User Defined Implant
CIL file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office Clip Gallery Download Package
CIM file extensionCIMEX CorporationCimPack Design Drawing
CIMG file extensionCImgCImg Image Format
CIN file extensionKodakKodak Cineon Image Format
CIT file extensionIntergraphIntergraph Scanned Image
CLARIFY file extensionBlue Mango Learning SystemsBlue Mango Clarify Document Format
CLGX file extensionGalleria SoftwareCollage Maker Collage
CLO file extensionN/ACloe Ray-Tracer Image
CLOE file extensionN/ACloe Ray-Tracer Image
CLOUD file extensionN/AGOM Atos Scanner
CMU file extensionN/ACMU Window Manager Bitmap Image
CMV file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW CorelMove Animation
CMX file extensionCorelCorel Presentation Exchange Format
CNV file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Drawing Format
COLZ file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Collage Moodboard Format
CP8 file extensionN/ACP8 256 Gray Scale Image
CPBITMAP file extensionAppleApple IPhone Bitmap Wallpaper Format
CPC file extensionCartesian ProductsCartesian Perceptual Compression Compressed Image
CPD file extensionRGB LightCompression PhotoDefiner Image Format
CPG file extensionSmith MicroManga Studio Drawing
CPS file extensionCorelCorel Photo House Image Format
CPT file extensionCorelCorel PHOTO-PAINT Bitmap Format
CPTM file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Captivate Theme
CPX file extensionCorelCorelDRAW Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing Format
CR2 file extensionCanonCanon Digital Camera RAW Image Format Version 2.0
CRG file extensioninvers SoftwareCalamus Picture Image
CRW file extensionCanonCanon Digital Camera RAW Image Format
CS1 file extensionN/ASinar CaptureShop
CS4 file extensionSinarSinar CaptureShop 4-shot Image
CS8 file extensionThe Open GroupUnix Graphics Format
CSF file extensionInformative GraphicsContent Secure Format
CSY file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Symbol Library Format
CT file extensionScitexSciTex Continuous Tone Bitmap Image (32bit CMYK)
CTN file extensionCADTERNS Custom Clothing IncCadterns Sloper Format
CUBE file extensionN/AAntaeus
CURSOR file extensionN/ASun Cursor
CUT file extensionN/ADr. Halo Bitmap Format
CUV file extensionOriginLab CorporationOrigin Sample Curve
CV5 file extensionACD SystemsCanvas 5 Drawing Format
CVG file extensioninversCalamus Vector Image File Format
CVI file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Vector Image Format
CVP file extensionN/APortrait Image Format
CVS file extensionACD SystemsCVS And VMS Sound Files (continous Variable Slope)
CVX file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Drawing Format
CWGR file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Drawing
CWPT file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Painting Drawing
CWR file extensionWrapcandy.comWrapcandy Candy Wrapper
CWT file extensionClarisWorksClarisWorks Texture Format
CXF file extensionHeightMap.orgCoordinates Export Format
D3S file extensionN/ANikon Image Format
D3X file extensionN/ANikon Image Format
DAH file extensionIndigo Rose CorporationAutoPlay Media Studio Splash Image
DC2 file extensionKodakKodak DC25 Digital Camera Format
DC5 file extensionDATACAD LLC.DataCAD Drawing Format
DCM file extensionNEMADicom Medicine Image File Format
DCR file extensionKodakKodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format
DCS file extensionQuarkQuarkXPress Desktop Color Separation Format
DCX file extensionZSoftZsoft PC Publishers Paintbrush Image Format
DDA file extensionN/ATNTmips Import
DDRW file extensionAppleApple ClarisDraw Draw Format
DDS file extensionMicrosoftDirectDraw Surface Format
DED file extensionRolandDr. Engrave Document Format
DESIGN file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Expression Design Drawing Format
DGF file extensionTajima GroupTajima Embroidery Design Thumbnail
DGM file extensionIBMLotus Freelance Diagram
DGR file extensionAvanquest SoftwarePhoneTools Internal Graphic Format
DGT file extensionN/ADigital Gallery Format
DHS file extensionHyperionicsHyperSnap Drawing
DIA file extensionDiaDIA Drawing Format
DIB file extensionN/ADevice-Independent Bitmap Graphic
DICM file extensionN/AMedicine Image
DICOM file extensionNEMADICOM Image Format
DIP file extensionN/AWindows Bitmap Format
DJ file extensionN/ADjVu File Bitmap Graphics
DJV file extensionLizardTechDjVu Image Format
DJVU file extensionLizardTechDjVu Image Format
DJX file extensionDundjinni Enterprises, Inc.Dundjinni Art
DKB file extensionPersistence of Vision Raytracer Pty. Ltd.DKBTrace Raytraced Graphics
DM3 file extensionGatanGatan Digital Micrograph Format
DMI file extensionBYONDDreamMaker Format
DNG file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Digital Negative Format
DOO file extensionN/AAtari Doodle Image
DPP file extensionSerifSerif DrawPlus Drawing Format
DPR file extensionBentley SystemsBentley Digital InterPlot Format
DPX file extensionKodakDigital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap Format
DRAW file extensionN/AAcorn Vector Draw
DRAWING file extensionMapdivaArtboard Drawing Format
DRAWIT file extensionBohemian CodingDrawIt Drawing
DRT file extensionMicrografx, Inc.Micrografix Windows Draw Template
DRW file extensionN/AVector Drawing Format
DRW2 file extensionN/ACanvas 3.5 Drawing
DRW5 file extensionACD Systems International Inc.Canvas 5 Drawing
DRZ file extensionN/ADraz Paint Image Format
DSF file extensionCorelDesigner Format
DSR file extensionCorel CorporationMicrografx Designer Graphic
DT2 file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Live Messenger Avatar Format
DTC file extensionWerescCADE Graphic
DTL file extensionN/APinnacle Studio 400 TitleDeko
DTW file extensionMorgan WirelessMy Better Desktop Wallpaper Format
DVL file extensionDalimDalim Virtual Library Format
DW2 file extensionIMSI/Design, LLC.DesignCAD Drawing
DWH file extensionBentley Systems, IncorporatedWaterGems Drawing
DXB file extensionAutodeskAutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format
DXML file extensionDigital Optics LimitedV++ Graphics Image
DXPACK file extensionStardock CorporationDesktopX Object
DXT1 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationS2TC Compressed Surface
DXT5 file extensionN/AS2TC Compressed Surface File (texture)
DZI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationPhotoSynth Deep Zoom Image
ECD file extensionMemorex Products, Inc.LabelMaker CD/DVD Label
ECW file extensionERDASEnhanced Compressed Wavelet Image Format
EGC file extensionEximiousSoftGIF Creator Project Format
EGGP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe After Effects Project
EGON file extensionUlric ErikssonEgon Animator Graphics
EI file extensionN/AElectric Image Image Format
EIF file extensionN/AEroiica Graphic
EL1 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Album
EL2 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Stickers
EL4 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Calendar
EL5 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Layout
EL6 file extensionN/AEasy-PhotoPrint EX Photo Print
EL7 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Premium Contents
EL8 file extensionCanon Inc.Easy-PhotoPrint EX Disc Label/cover
EMF file extensionMicrosoftEnhanced Windows Metafile Picture
EMO file extensionMicrosoft CorporationEmoticon
EMZ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
EOF file extensionBALARAD, s.r.o.Embird Outline Format
EP file extensionEvolusPencil Project Document Format
EPA file extensionN/AAward Bios Logo Image Format
EPDF file extensionN/AEncapsulated Portable Document Format
EPP file extensionCanonEasy-PhotoPrint Image Files
EPS file extensionAdobe SystemsEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPS2 file extensionN/AAdobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript
EPS3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedEncapsulated PostScript Level 3
EPSF file extensionAdobe SystemsEncapsulated PostScript Format
EPSI file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange Format
EPSP file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Encapsulated PostScript
ERD file extensionInsoft Oy.PROSA Entity Relationship Diagram
ERF file extensionEpsonEpson Camera RAW Format
ERI file extensionN/AERI-chan (Entis Rasterized Image) Image Format
ERM file extensionInsoft Oy.Prosa Entity Relationship Diagram Model
ESPF file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedEncapsulated PostScript
EVE file extensionBarry KaulerEmbedded Vector Editor Diagram
EVF file extensionExelis Visual Information SolutionsENVI Vector
EXR file extensionIndustrial Light & MagicOpenEXR Image Format
EXY file extensionN/AEltac Embroidery Format
EYS file extensionN/ASierra Expanded Embroidery Format
EZDRAW file extensionDekorra OpticsEazyDraw Picture Format
FAC file extensionN/AFacemaker Face Format
FACE file extensionN/AUNIX FaceSaver Bitmap Image Format
FAL file extensionN/ABitmap Graphics Image Header Information Q0
FAX file extensionN/AFax File (generic Group 3 1bit Encoded Data)
FBM file extensionMichael L. MauldinFuzzy Bitmap Image Format
FF0 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS TIFF Bitmap Image
FF6 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.RISC OS Encapsulated PostScript
FF9 file extensionRISCOS Ltd.Acorn RISC OS Bitmap Image Sprite
FH10 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 10 Drawing Format
FH11 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 11 Drawing Format
FH12 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH2 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH3 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH4 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH5 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH50 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Freehand Creator Code
FH6 file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FreeHand Drawing
FH7 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 7 Drawing Format
FH8 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 8 Drawing Format
FH9 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 9 Drawing Format
FHD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand Vector Drawing Format
FI file extensionN/AFlash Image Image
FIDO file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedKodak Cineon Image Format
FIF file extensionInterwoven SystemsFractal Image Format
FIG file extensionXfigXfig Drawing
FIL file extensionSymbianSymbian Application Logo Format
FITS file extensionN/AFlexible Image Transport System Format
FIZ file extensionN/AFITS Graphics
FLW file extensionAivosto OyVisustin Editor Flow Chart
FMF file extensionData Techniques, Inc.FaxMan Jr Fax
FMJ file extensionLuxand DevelopmentFaceMorpher Project
FMS file extensionAbrosoftFantaMorph Skin
FMV file extensionN/AFrame Vector Metafile Format
FODG file Project TeamOpenDocument Flat XML Drawing
FPG file extensionN/AFenix Graphics Collection Format
FPIX file extensionN/AFlashPix Bitmap Image
FPOS file extensionPower Of SoftwarePhoto Pos Pro Image Format
FPX file extensionKodakKodak FlashPiX Bitmap Image
FRA file extensionFractint Development TeamFractint Fractal Graphic
FRAME file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe FrameMaker Interchange Format
FRE file extensionN/AMale MRI (Male Normal CT) Image Format
FRM file extensionCorelCorel Painter Frame Stack Format
FS file extensionSA InternationalFlexiSIGN Document Format
FSY file extensionN/APhotoFantasy Image Picture
FT10 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 10 Template Format
FT11 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 11 Template Format
FT7 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Freehand 7 Template Format
FT8 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 8 Template Format
FT9 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe FreeHand 9 Template Format
FTN file extensionFlowtonFlowton Diagram Format
FXG file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Flash XML Graphics Format
FXO file extensionN/AWinFax Image Format
FXTC file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe After Effects Project
FXY file extensionN/AFortron Embroidery Format
G00 file extensionKeyClannad Picture Image
G01 file extensionU.S. Army Corps of EngineersHEC-RAS Geometry Format
G3 file extensionCCITTG3 Fax Format
G3F file extensionEquisysZetafax Fax
G3N file extensionN/AImaging Fax Image
G3P file extensionCasioCasio Prizm Picture Image
G4 file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Access Image Format
GBR file extensionGIMPGIMP Brush Image Format
GCDP file extensionSoftware Depot OnlineGreeting Card Studio Project Format
GD file extensionBoutell.Com, Inc.GD Library Picture Image
GDRAW file extensionGoogleLink To Google Drawings Web Application Drawing
GEL file extensionN/AMolecular Dynamics Image
GEM file extensionGEMGEM Vector Picture Format
GFB file extensionGIFBlastGIFBlast Compressed GIF Image Format
GFIE file extensionGreenfish SoftwareGreenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic
GFX file extensionN/AGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
GGP file extensionGemcom Software International Inc.GemCom Graphic Format
GGR file extensionGIMPGIMP Gradient Format
GIF file extensionN/AGraphics Interchange File Format
GIF89A file extensionN/AGIF 89a Image
GIFF file extensionN/ACompuServe Bitmap Image(Graphics Interchange Format)
GIH file extensionGIMPGIMP Animated Brush
GIM file extensionSonySony Playstation 3 Icon Format
GKS file extensionInternational Organization for StandardizationGraphical Kernel System Fle
GL2 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
GLOX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphic Layout Definitions Package Format
GM4 file extensionN/AAutologic Bitmap Image
GMBCK file extensionYoYo GamesGame Maker Background Image Format
GMP file extensionPatrice St-GelaisGeomorph Tile Map
GMSPR file extensionYoYo GamesGameMaker Sprite Format
GNC file extensionN/AGreat Notions Embroidery
GP4 file extensionCCITTCCITT Group 4 Image Format
GPD file extensionRGB LightGraphic PhotoDefiner Image Format
GPH file extensionStataCorp LPStata Graph
GQF file extensionPedagoguery Software Inc.GrafEq Data
GQS file extensionPedagoguery Software Inc.GrafEq Data
GRAFFLE file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Drawing Format
GRG file extensionGreatProgsGreatFamily Graphic Gallery
GRO file extensionHewlett-PackardHP-48/49 Grob Graphic Image Format
GROB file extensionHewlett-PackardGraphic Object Bitmap Format
GRY file extensionN/ARaw Image (Raw GREY)
GSCX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Office Diagram
GSD file extensionGraphtecGraphTec Vector Graphic Data Format
GSTENCIL file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Stencil
GT file extensionN/AGold Thread Embroidery Format
GTEMPLATE file extensionThe Omni GroupOmniGraffle Template
GTX file extensionSpiral Graphics Inc.Genetica Seamless Texture Format
HDP file extensionMicrosoftHD Photo
HDR file extensionHDRsoftHigh Dynamic Range Image Format
HDRP file extensionOhanawareHDRtist Graphic Format
HDRU file extensionN/AApollo HRDU Image Format
HED file extensionN/AHi-Eddi Image
HF file extensionN/AHF Image Format
HG file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language
HGL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard Graphics Language Format
HGS file extensionHarvard GraphicsHarvard Graphics Graphic
HIPS file extensionN/ABitmap
HIR file extensionN/AHires C64 Image Format
HP file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HP1 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HP2 file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
HPG file extensionHewlett-PackardHP Graphics Language Plotter Format
HPGL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett Packard Graphics Language Plot Format
HPGL2 file extensionN/AHewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
HPI file extensionHemeraHemera Photo Image Format
HPL file extensionHewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard LaserJet Vector Image Format
HR file extensionTandyTRS 80 Image File Format
HRF file extensionHitachiHitachi CADCore Raster Format
HRU file extensionN/AHRU Image Format
HSI file extensionHandmade SoftwareHandmade Software Bitmap Image
HUV file extensionHusqvarna VikingHusqvarna Viking Designer Graphic
HYM file extensionN/AHymarc Scandata Scanner 3D Image Binary
I17 file extensionN/APixel PowerCollage Image
I18 file extensionN/APixel Power Collage Image Format
I3D file extensionSide EffectsHoudini Image 3D Format
IB7 file extensionN/APixel Power Collage Image Format
IBK file extensionCraftsman Book CompanyNational Construction Estimator 32 Picture
IBM file extensionN/ACommodore Amiga Graphics
IC1 file extensionAtariAtari Bitmap Image Format
IC2 file extensionAtariAtari Bitmap Image Format
IC3 file extensionAtariAtari Bitmap Image Format
IC5 file extensionWebUnion Media Ltd.Interactive Image Creator Image Project
ICA file extensionN/AIBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Graphics Format
ICB file extensionAvid TechnologyTruevision Targa Format
ICN file extensionN/AIcon Format
ICOA file extensionN/AIBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Bitmap Graphics
ICON file extensionN/AIcon Image Format
ICPR file extensionAha-SoftIconUtils Project Format
IDEA file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Ideas Vector Drawing Format
IDRC file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe InDesign Resource
IF9 file extensionN/APixel Power Collage Image
IG file extensionFacebook, Inc.Instagram JPEG Picture Image
IGE file extensionERDAS, Inc.Erdas Imagine Large Raster Spill
IGI file extensionGlare Technologies LimitedIndigo Renderer Picture Image
IGO file extensionFacebook, Inc.Instagram JPEG Picture Image
IGT file extensioniGrafxIGrafx Document Template
IGX file extensioniGrafxIGrafX FlowCharter Flow Chart Or Process Model Format
IIMG file extensionN/AInterleaf Image Format
ILBM file extensionElectronic ArtsInterleaved Bitmap Format
IM file extensionSun Microsystems, Inc.SunOS Grey Scale Bitmap
IM24 file extensionN/ABitmap Graphic
IM32 file extensionSun Microsystems, Inc.Sun 32bit Raster
IM5 file extensionN/AVisilog Image
IM7 file extensionLaVisionDaVis Graphics
IM8 file extensionSun Microsystems, Inc.Sun Raster Graphic
IMD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft VisioModeler Format
IMG file extensionNovellGEM Image
IMH file extensionNOAOIRAF Image Format Header
IMJ file extensionPegasus Image CorporationPegasus Image Corp Format Bitmap Graphics Format
IMX file extensionLaVisionDaVis Image
INB file extensionN/AMotorola MMS
INFO file extensionCanonZoomBrowser Image Index Format
INGR file extensionIntergraph CorporationIntergraph Raster File Format
INK file extensionPantoneCorelDRAW Pantone Reference Fills Format
INT file extensionSilicon GraphicsSGI Integer Image
INTAGLIO file extensionPurgatory DesignIntaglio Drawing
IOCA file extensionN/AIBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Bitmap Graphics
IPC file extensionIncrediToolsIncrediFlash Tools Image
IPH file extensionN/AInterPaint (Hires) Image Format
IPICK file extensioniPick SportsIPick Football Picture Image Format
IPX file extensionMinds-Eye-ViewIpix Spherical Panorama Format
IRAF file extensionNOAOIRAF
IRIS file extensionN/ASilicon Irix Graphics Raw Format
IS2 file extensionGRAYESS Inc.IRT Cronista Infrared Image
ISQ file extensionSCANCO MedicalMicroCT Image
ITC2 file extensionAppleApple ITunes Cover Flow Data Format
ITG file extensionIntergraph CorporationIntergraph Format Bitmap Graphics
ITHMB file extensionAppleApple IPhone, IPad, IPod Thumbnail Image Format
IVB file extensionN/ATruevision Targa Format Bitmap Graphics
IVP file extensionN/ATruevision Targa Bitmap Image
IVR file extensionRealSpaceVirtual Reality World (iSeeMedia Image World)
IVUE file extensionHSC SoftwareLive Picture Image Format
IW4 file extensionN/ADjVu Image Format
IW44 file extensionN/ADjVu Image Format
IWC file extensionN/AWaveLet Format Image Format
IWI file extensionActivisionInfinity Ward Texture Format
J2C file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG2000 Image Format
J2K file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG2000 Code Stream Image
J6I file extensionN/ARicoh Digital Camera Image
JAN file extensionJanome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.Janome Digitizer Embroidery Object
JAS file extensionN/ACorel PaintShop Photo Pro Bitmap Graphics Format
JB2 file extensionJoint Bi-level Image GroupJBIG2 Image Format
JBF file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Image Browser Format
JBG file extensionN/AImage JBIG 1-bit Raster
JBIG file extensionJoint Bi-level Image GroupJBIG Raster Image Graphics
JBIG2 file extensionJoint Bi-level Image GroupJBIG2
JBMP file extensionJAmes OSJAmes OS Bitmap Image
JBR file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Brushes Format
JFI file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG File Interchange Format
JFIF file extensionN/AJPEG Interchange Format
JFX file extensionN/AJ2 Fax
JIA file extensionJVCDigital Photo Navigator Album
JIF file extensionN/AJPEG Interchange Format
JIFF file extensionN/AJPG Bitmap Image
JJ file extensionN/ADoodle C64 Compressed Image Format
JLS file extensionN/AJPEG-LS Image Format
JNG file extensionN/AJPEG Network Graphic Format
JP2 file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG 2000 Image Format (ISO 15444-1) Format
JP3 file extensionElectric QuiltElectric Quilt
JPC file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG2000 Code Stream Image Format
JPD file extensionRGBLightJoint PhotoDefiner Image Format
JPE file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG Bitmap Image Format
JPEG file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG Bitmap Image Format
JPEG_160X120 file extensionN/A160 X 120 Pixels JPEG Image
JPEG_170X220 file extensionN/A170 X 220 Pixels JPEG Image
JPF file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG 2000 Extended Image Format (ISO 15444-2) Format
JPG file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG Bitmap Image Format
JPG2 file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG 2000 Image Format (ISO 15444-1) Format
JPG_108X192 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_128X128 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_128X160 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_128X96 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_160X120 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_160X128 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_170X128 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_170X220 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_220X176 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_240X320 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Picture
JPG_320X240 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_320X320 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_480X320 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_512X512 file extensionGoogle Inc.Android Picture
JPG_56X42 file extensionN/AAndroid Picture
JPG_T file extensionN/AJPEG Image
JPM file extensionN/AJPEG 2000 Multi-layer Image Format (ISO 15444-6)
JPS file extensionN/AStereospic JPEG Format
JPX file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupJPEG 2000 Extended Image Format (ISO 15444-2) Format
JSL file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Shapes
JWL file extensionRoxioRoxio Jewel Case Format
JXR file extensionMicrosoftJPEG XR Image
KDC file extensionKodakKodak DC120 Digital Camera RAW Image Format
KDI file extensionKD PlayerKD Player Skin Image Format
KDK file extensionKodakKodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF Format
KFX file extensionKofaxKofax Group 4 Bitmap Graphics Format
KIC file extensionKodakKodak Compressed Image Format
KOA file extensionN/AKoala Paint C64
KODAK file extensionN/AKodak Photo CD Format
KPG file extensionMetacreations
KPS file extensionN/AIBM KIPS Bitmap Image Graphics
KQP file extensionN/AKonica Camera Photo
KRAW file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Kernel-RAW Image Format
KZM file extensionKARIZMAKarizma Designer Album
KZX file extensionSolid Iris TechnologiesKerkythea Material
LBM file extensionElectronic ArtsDeluxe Paint Bitmap Image
LDA file extensionN/ALaserData Image Format
LEI file extensionN/ALeica SP1 Image Session
LFA file extensionPerion Network Ltd.IncrediMail Default Animation
LFF file extensionN/ALucasFilm Format Image Format
LJP file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupLossless JPEG Bitmap Image Format
LMK file extensionSourceTec SoftwareSothink Logo Maker Logo Format
LRG file extensionN/AMacromedia XRes Multi-resolution Bitmap
LSM file extensionCarl Zeiss AGZiess LSM Model
LWA file extensionLightWork Design Ltd.LightWorks Archive (LWA) Material Scene
LWF file extensionN/ALuraWave Format Image Format
LWI file extensionN/ALight Work Image Image Format
LWK file extensionSiemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.Siemens NX Software Graphics
LXL file extensionLuxology LLC.Luxology Modo Single-layer Mesh Presets
MAC file extensionAppleMacPaint Bitmap Image
MACP file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Macintosh MacPaint Bitmap Image
MAT file extensionE-on SoftwareVue Material Format
MAX file extensionNuance CommunicationsPaperPort Scanned Format
MBFAVS file extensionN/AStardent AVS X Bitmap Image
MBFS file extensionN/AStardent AVS X Bitmap Image
MBFX file extensionN/AAVS X Image
MBM file extensionN/AEPOC Multi-bitmap Format
MCS file extensionMathsoftMathCAD Raster Picture Image Format
MCT file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMSN Messenger Packaged Wink
MDR file extensionNo Magic, Inc.MagicDraw UML Project
MEF file extensionMamiyaMamiya ZD MEF Image Format
MET file extensionIBMPresentation Manager Metafile
MGCB file extensionMGCSoftMGCSoft Equation Illustrator Project Format
MGMF file extensionMindGeniusMindGenius Mind Map
MGMT file extensionMindGeniusMindGenius 2-3 Template
MGMX file extensionMindGeniusMindGenius Map Format
MGR file extensionN/AMGR Bitmap Image
MGS file extensionMGCSoftMGCSoft Vector Shapes Format
MGTX file extensionMindGeniusMindGenius XML Template Format
MHP file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft Picture It!
MIC file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Image Composer Image Format
MIFF file extensionImageMagick Studio LLCMagick Image
MIL file extensionN/AMicro Illustrator Uncompressed Image
MIP file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Pro Multiple Image Print Format
MIX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PhotoDraw Image
ML3 file extensionKIDASA Software, Inc.Milestones Project
ML5 file extensionN/AMilestones Project
MLD file extensionAvanquest Publishing USA, Inc.MyLabel Designer Deluxe Label
MLF file extensionN/AAutodesk Mapguide Layer
MMAT file extensionMindjetMindManager Template Format
MMD file extensionAutodesk, Inc.Cumulate Draw Editable MMD Format
MNG file extensionN/AMultiple Network Graphics
MNR file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Compiled Menu Format
MOCHA file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects
MODUS file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Modus
MOKEY file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Mokey
MONET file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Monet
MONO file extensionN/ABi-level Bitmap
MOS file extensionLeaf ImagingMamiya Digital Camera RAW Image Format
MOTOR file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Motor
MOXEL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Mocha For Adobe After Effects Moxel
MP file extensionN/AMetaPost Macro Format
MPF file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Design Gallery Format
MPH file extensionImpressumPhotoline4 Morphing
MPNT file extensionApple, Inc.MacPaint Image Format
MPO file extensionCIPACIPA Multi-Picture Format
MRAW file extensionPhotron USA, Inc.Photron Camera RAW Image
MRB file extensionMicrosoftC++ Multiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic Format
MRF file extensionN/AMarks Russel Image Format
MRW file extensionMinoltaMinolta Dimage RAW Image Format
MRXS file extensionCarl Zeiss MicroImagingMIRAX Virtual Slide Format
MSK file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Mask Image Format
MSP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Paint Bitmap Picture
MTIFF file extensionN/AMulti-page Tiff
MVM file extensionMAGIX AGMAGIX PhotoStory On DVD Slideshow
MYL file extensionAvanquest SoftwareMyLogo Maker Image
NAP file extensionN/ANAP Metafile
NCD file extensionNeroNero CoverDesigner Image Format
NCR file extensionN/ANCR Image Image Format
NCT file extensionNeroCoverDesigner Template
NCV file extensionNikon CorporationNikon Capture Curves
NDW file extensionNemetschek AGAllplan Drawing
NEF file extensionNikonNikon Digital SLR Camera RAW Image Format
NEO file extensionAtariAtari NeoChrome Bitmap Image
NEW file extensionN/AAmeco Embroidery Format
NGG file extensionN/ANokia Group Graphics Image Format
NIFF file extensionN/ANIFF Navy Image File Format
NIL file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton Icon Library
NL file extensionSymantec CorporationNorton Desktop Icon Library
NLM file extensionNokiaNokia Logo File Image Format
NOL file extensionN/ANokia Operator Logo Image Format
NPM file extensionNokia CorporationNokia Phone Picture Message
NR-VMP file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Native Resolution Volume Map
NRW file extensionNikonNikon RAW Image Format
NT7 file extensionOrchida SoftOrchida Knitting System Pattern
NWA file extensionStardock CorporationNatural Windows Animation
OAZ file extensionN/ANetFax Manager OAZ Fax Image
OC3 file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas 3 Event Format
OC4 file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas 4 Event Format
OC5 file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas 5 Event Format
OCI file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas Image Format
OCP file extensionN/AAdvanced Art Studio Image
ODG file extensionOASISOpenDocument Drawing Format
ODI file Image Format
OGD file extensionOracle CorporationOracle Forms Graph
OIL file extensionN/AOpen Image Library Format Image Format
OKOZO file extensionOkozoOkozo Desktop Animation
OL file extensionValve CorporationValve Hammer Object Layout
OMF file extensionN/AOMF Operation, Management & Finance Database Format
ONX file extensionOnyx Computing, Inc.OnyxGrass Image
OOG file extensionPython Software FoundationPyGraph Python Graphics Interface Object Oriented Graphics
OPLC file extensionNokiaNokia Logo Format
ORA file extensionN/AMyPaint Open Raster Graphic Format
ORF file extensionOlympusOlympus Digital Camera Raw Image Format
OTA file extensionNokiaOTA Bitmap Format
OTB file extensionNokiaNokia OTA Bitmap Format
OTG file Graphics Document Template
OTI file extensionOASISOpenDocument Image Template Format
OVG file extensionBorland Software CorporationObjectVision Converted Graphic
OVP file extensionThe Overlay MakerThe Overlay Maker Package Format
OVR file extensionThe Overlay MakerOverlay Format
OZJ file extensionWebzenMu Online Graphic
P2 file extensionN/APict2 Picture Image
P64 file extensionN/APicasso 64 Image Format
PAC file extensionSTADAtari STAD Image Format
PAINT file extensionN/AApple Macintosh MacPaint Bitmap
PAL file extensionN/ADr. Halo Color Palette Format
PALM file extensionN/APalm Pixmap
PAM file extensionN/APortable Arbitrary Map
PANO file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Quicktime VR Panorama
PAP file extensionPanoramaStudioPanoramaStudio Project Format
PAT file extensionN/AAutoCAD Hatch Pattern Format
PATTERN file extensionImpressumPhotoLine 5 Default
PBM file extensionN/APortable Bitmap Format
PBMV file extensionN/APortable Bitmap
PBT file extensionN/AMicro Dynamics MARS Image Format
PBW file extensionPhotobucketPhotobucket Slideshow
PC1 file extensionDegasAtari Degas Image
PC2 file extensionDegasAtari Degas Image
PC3 file extensionDegasAtari Degas Bitmap Image
PCD file extensionKodakKodak Picture CD Multiresolution Image
PCDS file extensionN/AMulti-resolution Bitmap Graphics - Kodak Photo-CD Format
PCJ file extensionIBMIBM LinkWay Graphics
PCS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft PowerPoint Picture Storage Format
PCX file extensionZSoftPaintbrush Bitmap Image
PD file extensionSA InternationalFlexiSIGN 5 Plotter Document Format
PDD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PhotoDeluxe Document Format
PDN file extensionRick BrewsterPaint.NET Image Format
PDV file extensionKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Graphic
PE4 file extensionUleadUlead Image Archive
PEF file extensionPentaxPentax Digital Camera Raw Image Format
PEL file extensionN/ABaby Lock, Bernina Deco, Brother, Simplicity Embroidery Format
PFD file extensioniGrafxMicrografx Optimal Process Flow Diagram Format
PFI file extensionPhotoFiltre StudioPanorama Factory Bitmap Image Format
PFR file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Frame Format
PFV file extensionAntonio Da CruzPhotoFiltre Studio Data Format
PG file extensionN/AImage PrintFox / PageFox
PGAL file extensionVicManMy Pictures 3D Album Gallery
PGC file extensionN/APortfolio Graphics Compressed Image Format
PGF file extensionETH ZurichProgressive Graphics Format
PGM file extensionN/APortable Graymap File Format
PGS file extensionBlanchard Systems IncorporatedDALiM LiTHO Vector Page
PI1 file extensionDegasAtari Degas Bitmap Image
PI2 file extensionDegasPortrait Innovations High Resolution Image Format
PI3 file extensionDegasAtari Degas Image
PI4 file extensionAtariAtari Degas Image Format
PI5 file extensionAtariAtari Degas Image Format
PI6 file extensionAtariAtari Degas Image Format
PIC file extensionN/APicture Format
PICIO file extensionN/APIXAR Picture
PICNC file extensionSide Effects SoftwareHoudini 3D Compositing Image Format
PICON file extensionN/APersonal Icon
PICS file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Mac PICT Drawing Sequence
PICT file extensionAppleBitmap Graphics File Format
PICT1 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple QuickDraw Picture
PICT2 file extensionApple, Inc.Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT Bitmap Graphics Format
PICTCLIPPING file extensionApplePicture Clipping Format
PICTOR file extensionN/APCPaint Image
PIX file extensionBRL-CADBRL-CAD Raw Image Format
PIXADEX file extensionThe IconfactoryCandyBar Pixadex Icon Format
PIXAR file extensionN/APIXAR Image
PJG file extensionMatthias StirnerPackJPG Lossless JPEG Compression
PJPEG file extensionN/AJPEG Image
PJPG file extensionN/AProgressive JPEG Image
PL file extensionBRL-CADUnix Color Plot Format
PLB file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere 6 Bin
PLD file extensionImpressumPhotoLine Image Document
PLO file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter
PLOT file extensionThe Open GroupVector Graphics
PLT file extensionN/AHP Graphics Language Plotter Format
PLZ file extensionIBMLotus Freelance Presentation
PM file extensionIBMUnix XV Graphic Format
PM3 file extensionN/AAdobe PageMaker 3 Document Format
PMB file extensionN/APolar Uplink Tool Bitmap
PMG file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Pagemaker Group Format
PN3 file extensionN/AHarvard Printer Driver
PNG file extensionN/APortable Network Graphic Format
PNG8 file extensionN/A8bit Portable Network Graphics
PNGT file extensionN/AApple Macintosh Paint Image
PNI file extensionPopspringPopnoggin Image Format
PNM file extensionN/APortable Anymap Bitmap Graphic Format
PNT file extensionN/AApple MacPaint Format Graphic Format
PNTG file extensionAppleApple Macintosh MacPaint Bitmap Graphics
POBJ file extensionPower Of SoftwarePhoto Pos Pro Vector Object Format
POP file extensionSamsungSamsung Popcon Animation Format
POV file extensionPersistence of Vision RaytracerPersistence Of Vision Raytracer Graphic Format
PP4 file extensionCorelMicrografix Picture Publisher Bitmap Graphics Format
PP5 file extensionCorelMicrografx Picture Publisher 5 Bitmap Format
PPF file extensionCorelMicrografx Picture Publisher Format
PPI file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft PowerPoint Graphics
PPM file extensionN/APortable Pixelmap Graphic
PPMA file extensionSourceForge.netPortable Pixmap Image ASCII Graphics
PR file extensionN/ASun Icon
PRL file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Rough Leather Preset
PRW file extensionAbventArtlantis Shader Preview Format
PS file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe PostScript Format
PSB file extensionN/AAdobe Photoshop Large Document Format
PSC file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Sculpture Presets
PSD file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Graphics Format
PSDX file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Touch Graphics Format
PSE file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Elements Project Format
PSEG file extensionN/AIBM Printer Page Segment Bitmap
PSF file extensionArcSoftArcSoft PhotoStudio File Image Format
PSID file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Postscript Image Data Format
PSP file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Image Format
PSPBRUSH file extensionCorelPaint Shop Pro Brush Format
PSPFRAME file extensionCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Frame
PSPIMAGE file extensionCorelCorel Paint Shop Pro Image Format
PSPTUBE file extensionCorel CorporationPaintShop Pro Tube
PSQ file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedAdobe Premiere Storyboards
PTG file extensionAmbient DesignArtRage Project Format
PTI file extensionPunch! SoftwarePunch! Professional Home Design Texture Info
PTIF file extensionN/APyramid Encoded TIFF Bitmap Graphics
PTX file extensionCorelCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Texture Preset Format
PVR file extensionImagination TechnologiesSega Dreamcast VR Texture Format
PVT file extensionPeter BonePivot Stickfigure Animator
PWP file extensionSeattle FilmWorksSeattle FilmWorks / PhotoWorks Image Format
PWS file extensionValuSoftPrint Workshop Image Format
PWW file extensionMaple Hill SoftwarePatternland Weave Simulator
PX file extensionPixelPixel Image Format
PXD file extensionAutodeskPixlr Layered Image Format
PXICON file extensionPanicCandyBar Icons Package Format
PXM file extensionPixelmator TeamPixelmator Graphic Format
PXN file extensionN/APictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Image
PXR file extensionPixarPixar Picture Format
PXS file extensionN/APegs Picture Image
PZA file extensionSonic SolutionsMGI Photosuite Album Format
PZP file extensionSonic SolutionsMGI Photosuite Project Image Format
PZS file extensionSonic SolutionsMGI PhotoSuite Slide Show Format
Q0 file extensionN/AJapanese Q0 Bitmap Image
Q5Q file extensionN/ASuperBladePro Preset
QAD file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Office Thumbnail
QDV file extensionN/ARandom Dot QDV Bitmap Image
QIF file extensionAppleQuickTime Image Format
QLI file extensionGammil, Inc.Statler Stitcher
QMG file extensionSamsungSamsung Theme Picture Image File - Qmage File Format
QMP file extensionNaviter d.o.o.SeeYou Raster Map
QRT file extensionN/AQrt Ray-Tracer Ray-traced Bitmap Image
QST file extensionIBMAmi Pro Quickstart Tutorial Image
QTI file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Image Format
QTIF file extensionAppleApple QuickTime Image Format
QTK file extensionN/AApple QuickTake Picture Image
RAF file extensionFujiFuji CCD-RAW Graphic Format
RAS file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun Raster Bitmap Format
RAST file extensionN/ASun Raster Bitmap Image
RAW file extensionN/ADigital Camera Photo RAW Image Format
RCU file extensionRealWorld GraphicsRealWorld Layered Cursor Image
RD3 file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW CorelDream 3D
RD3F file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW CorelDream 3D
RDL file extensionBentley SystemsBentley MicroStation Redline Format
RDW file extensionwww.MediaChance.comReal-DRAW Project
RF file extensionSun Microsystems, Inc.Sun Bitmap Image
RGB file extensionSGISGI RGB Bitmap Format
RGBA file extensionN/ASilicon Graphics Image File Format
RGBE file extensionN/ARadiance Map
RGH file extensionN/AZZ RouGH Image
RIC file extensionThe LEGO GroupLego NXT Image Format
RID file extensionBronzeWare Inc.GerbMagic Raster Image
RIF file extensionCorelCorel Painter Raster Image Format
RIFF file extensionCorelPainter Raster Image
RIX file extensionRIX SoftworksColoRIX Bitmap Image
RKW file extensionRockWare, Inc.RockWorks Graphics
RL2 file extensionN/ANokia ST (Star Torrent) Mobile Phones Series Picture Image
RL4 file extensionN/ADevice-independent Bitmap
RLA file extensionN/AAlias/Wavefront Bitmap Image
RLB file extensionN/AAlias/Wavefront Bitmap Image
RLC file extensionEsriArcView Image
RLE file extensionN/ARun Length Encoded Bitmap
RLI file extensionRealWorld GraphicsRealWorld Graphics Layered Image
RNA file extensionLogotron Ltd.Revelation Natural Art Document
RNL file extensionN/AGTX Runlength Encoded Bitmap Graphics
RPBM file extensionN/APortable Bitmap Image
RPF file extensionN/A3ds Max Rich Pixel Format
RPGM file extensionN/APortable Greyscale Image
RPNM file extensionN/APortable Image Image
RPPM file extensionN/APortable Image Image Format
RRD4J file extensionN/ARRD4J Graph
RRI file extensionRealWorld GraphicsRealWorld Icon Editor Picture Image Format
RS file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun Raster Bitmap Image Format
RSB file extensionUbisoft EntertainmentRed Storm Bitmap Format
RSR file extensionSmith MicroPoser Model Preview Format
RTL file extensionN/AHP Raster Transfer Language Bitmap Image
RTPI file extensionN/A3rdTech Scanner
RVS file extensionRasterVect SoftwareRasterVect Raster And Vector Graphics
RW2 file extensionPanasonicPanasonic Lumix RAW Image Format
RX3 file extensionElectronic Arts, Inc.FIFA 11 Texture
S2MV file extensionBlizzard EntertainmentStarcraft 2 Map Preview Image
S57 file extensionN/AInternational Hydrographic Organization Vector Image
SAB2 file extensionN/ANVision 3D Scanner
SAI file extensionSYSTEMAX Software DevelopmentPaintTool SAI Image
SAR file extensionCommodore Business MachinesSaracen Paint Image Format
SBL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedShockwave Flash Object
SC? file extensionN/AColoRix Bitmap Image
SCG file extensionRIX SoftworksColoRIX Bitmap Image Format
SCI file extensionColoRIXColoRIX Graphics Image
SCP file extensionRIX SoftworksColoRIX Bitmap Image
SCT file extensionScitexScitex CT Bitmap Image Format
SCU file extensionRIX SoftworksColoRIX Bitmap Image
SCV file extensionScanVecScanVec CASmate Sign Format
SDA file extensionOracleStarOffice Drawing Format
SDKMESH file extensionMicrosoft CorporationMicrosoft DirectX Vertex Mesh
SDPX file extensionN/AKodak Cineon Image Format
SDR file extensionSmartDraw.comSmartDraw Drawing Format
SEGY file extensionN/ASEG-Y Geophysical Data
SEP file extensionN/AChemSep Separation Case Format
SEV file extensionZX-ModulesSevenUp Picture
SFC file extensionMoticMotic Images Plus Image Format
SFF file extensionN/AStructured Fax Format Image Format
SFW file extensionSeattle FilmWorksSeattle Film Works Graphics Format
SGI file extensionSilicon GraphicsSilicon Graphics RGB Bitmap Image
SGV file extensionOracle CorporationStarOffice StarDraw 2.0 Picture Image
SGX file extensionSymbiosiS ProductionSymbOS SGX Bitmap
SHA file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Shader
SHG file extensionMicrosoftSegmented Hypergraphics Bitmap Format
SHO file extensionShow Pro SoftwareShow Pro Show Flow
SID file extensionLizardTechLizardTech MrSID Image File Format
SIG file extensionBroderbundSignature Format
SIM file extensionN/AAurora Image Format
SIR file extensionN/ABitmap
SJ1 file extensionN/ASEGA SJ-1 DIGIO Image
SK1 file extensionsK1 ProjectSK1 Vector Drawing Format
SK2 file extensionAdvanced Chemistry DevelopmentACD/ChemSketch Drawing Format
SKETCH file extensionBohemian CodingSketch Drawing
SKITCH file extensionSkitchSkitch Graphics Format
SKK file extensionIntergraph CorporationSmartSketch Drawing
SKM file extensionTrimbleSketchUp Materials Format
SKYPEEMOTICONSET file extensionSkypeSkype Emoticon Set Format
SLD file extensionAutodeskAutodesk AutoCAD Slide Format
SLDDRT file extensionDassault SystemesSolidWorks General Table Template Format
SLDDWG file extensionSolidWorks CorporationSolidWorks Drawing 2D Vector Graphics
SLIDESAVER file extensionApple, Inc.Mac OS X Screensaver
SLO file extensionPixarRenderMan Compiled
SMH file extensionN/AOpton Scanner
SMP file extensionXionics Document TechnologiesXionics SMP Image
SMPF file extensionPoseMotionSprite Monkey Project
SNAP file extensionRealmac Software LimitedLittleSnaper Snap
SOB file Impress Bimap Styles Format
SOI file extensionN/AMENSI (Trimble) 3D Laser Enhanced 3D Scanner
SPA file extensionMikuMikuDanceMikuMikuDance Picture Bitmap Format
SPC file extensionAtariAtari Compressed Spectrum Bitmap Format
SPE file extensionRoper ScientificWinSpec CCD Capture Format
SPH file extensionMikuMikuDanceRibbons Sphere Format
SPIFF file extensionJoint Photographic Experts GroupSPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPJ file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft ICE Panorama Project
SPP file extensionSerifSerif PhotoPlus Format
SPR file extensionValveHalf-Life Sprite Format
SPU file extensionAtariAtari Spectrum Bitmap Image Format
SR file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun Raster Bitmap Graphics Format
SR2 file extensionSonySony Digital Camera RAW Image Format
SRF file extensionSonySony Digital Camera RAW Image Format
STATES file extensionStardock CorporationIconX Preset
STD file extensionSun Drawing Template Format
STE file extensionSamsungSamsung IPOLIS Picture Format
STN file extensionLizardTech, Inc.Genuine Fractals Photoshop Extension
STN= file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedGenuine Fractals STING
SUL file extensionN/AGfa Raytrace Image
SUMO file extensionSnap GroupSumo Paint Image Format
SUN file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun Raster Bitmap Image Format
SUNIFF file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
SUP file extensionN/ASubtitle Bitmap Format
SURF file extensionN/ASurf 3D Scanner
SVA file extensionSharpSharp Manga Browser Comic Format
SVF file extensionSoftSourceSimple Vector Format
SVG file extensionAdobe SystemsXML Based Vector Graphics Format
SVGZ file extensionAdobe SystemsCompressed SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Format
SVM file Project StarView Metafile
SWGR file extensionApple, Inc.ClarisWorks Version 3/4 Drawing
SWL file extensionAdobe Systems IncorporatedMacromedia Flash Format [Alternate]
SXD file extensionOracleOpenOffice/StarOffice Drawing
SYNU file extensionN/ASynthetic Universe Image Format
T1 file extensionN/AMale MRI Image Format
T2B file extensionBookeenCyBook Thumbnail Image Format
TAAC file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
TARGA file extensionN/ATruevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TB0 file extensionAdobe SystemsAdobe Photoshop Format Browser Thumbnail Cache Format
TBN file extensionXBMCXBMC Folder Thumnail Format
TCA file extensionIota Software Ltd.The Complete Animator Animation
TDI file extensionN/AExplore (TDI) & Maya Image File (IFF Format)
TDIM file extensionN/ADigital F/X Image Format
TDP file extensionSerif Europe Ltd.Sherif DrawPlus Thumbnail
TDR file extensionTop SoftwareTop Draw Vector Graphic
TEE file extensionN/ATeeChart Office Graphics
TEI file extensionImage SystemsTrackEye Image Sequence
TER file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW CorelFLOW Line Terminatorfile
TEX file extensionN/AGame Texure Format
TFC file extensionEpic GamesUnreal Engine 3 Texture Cache Format
TFF file extensionN/AIDOLON Tagged
TG4 file extensionBentley SystemsTG4 Image Format
TGA file extensionAvid TechnologyTruevision TarGA Bitmap Image
TGD file extensionPlanetside SoftwareTerragen World
THB file extensionN/AKinuPix Skin
THL file extensionCyberLink Corp.PowerProducer Background Image Icon
THM file extensionN/AThumbnail Bitmap Image Format
THN file extensionN/AGraphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THNL file extensionAlchemy MindworksGraphics Workshop For Windows Thumbnail
THR file extensionThredworksThred Embroidery Outline
THUMB file extensionJAlbumJAlbum Thumbnail Format
TIF file extensionN/AAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIFF file extensionAdobe SystemsAldus Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) Bitmap Image
TIL file extensionN/AButtonz & Tilez Texture Image Format
TILE file extensionN/AEclipse Image
TJP file extensionUC BerkeleyTiled JPEG Format
TLC file extensionLaughingbird SoftwareThe Logo Creator Format
TM2 file extensionN/APlaystation 2 TIM2 Bitmap Format
TN file extensionLGLG Encoded JPG Image Format
TN1 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN2 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN3 file extensionAtariTiny Bitmap Image Format
TN? file extensionPierre-Emmanuel GougeletTiNY 2D Graphic
TNE file extensionSmith MicroManga Studio Tone Format
TNG file extensionSJ NAMO, INC.Namo WebCanvas Vector Graphic
TNL file extensionN/AThumbnail Image Format
TNY file extensionAtariTiNY Bitmap Image
TPI file extensionAT&TTrueVision Bitmap Image
TPIC file extensionN/ATrueVision TARGA Image
TPL file extensionACD SystemsCanvas Template Format
TPSDB file extensionBrøderbund Software, Inc.Print Shop Project
TR5 file extensionOnyx Computing, Inc.OnyxTree Professional Format
TRIF file extensionTiling Task GroupTRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format Bitmap Format
TUD file extensionCerious Software, Inc.ThumbsPlus Graphics
TVG file extensionToon Boom Animation Inc.Toon Boom Vector Graphics
TXL file extensionN/AGenesis3D Texture
TXO file extensionCarnegie Mellon UniversityPanda3D Texture Object
U file extensionN/ASubsampled Raw YUV Bitmap Image
U00 file extensionN/AEmbroidery Format
U01 file extensionBarudanBarudan Embroidery
UCD file extensionInsoft Oy.Prosa Diagram
UDI file extensionCorel CorporationCorelDRAW Draw Script Textures Bitmap
UDP file extensionCorel CorporationCorel VideoStudio Scene Information
UES file extensionCorel CorporationUlead Photo Explorer Slide Show
UEZ file extensionUlead SystemsUlead COOL 3D Graphics
UFO file extensionUleadUlead PhotoImpact Object Format
UFP file extensionCorel CorporationUlead Photo Project
UFR file extensionFrederik SlijkermanUltra Fractal Format
UGR file extensionMark TownsendApophysis Gradient
UID-ZPS file extensionZONER, Inc.Zoner Photo Studio Picture Autobackup
URQ file extensionEurotherm UKReview QuickChart Chart
URT file extensionN/AUtah Run-Length Encoded Bitmap Image Format
USERTILE-MS file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows 8 Release Preview User Tile Format
UXY file extensionBarudanBarudan Embroidery Outline
UYVY file extensionN/AYUV 16-bit Image Format
V file extensionN/ASubsampled Raw YUV Bitmap Image
V11P file extensionN/AACDSee Photo Disc
V3M file extensionVector Art 3D, Inc.Vector Art 3D Machinist Format
VBC file extensionTailwag SoftwareVisual Business Cards
VBR file extensionGIMPGIMP Parametric Brush Format
VCLIP file extensionFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Clipart
VDA file extensionN/ATruevision Targa Bitmap Image
VEC file extensionOMRONCX-Designer Shape Format
VEE file extensionAgilent TechnologiesHP VEE Project
VFF file extensionSun MicrosystemsSun TAAC Bitmap Image Format
VFL file extensionEncore, Software Inc.PrintMaster Gold ClipArt
VGL file extensionVolume Graphics GmbHVGStudio Project
VGR file extensionCorel CorporationVentura Publisher Bitmap
VIC file extensionN/AVicar Graphics Format
VICAR file extensionN/AVICAR Graphics
VIEW file extensionN/AGOM Atos Scanner
VIF file extensionN/AKhoros Visualization Bitmap Image
VIFF file extensionAccuSoft PegasusKhoros Visualization Bitmap Image
VISMAT file extensionN/ARhino V-Ray Material
VIT file extensionN/AVITec Scanner Raster Format
VLM file extensionAshlar IncorporatedAshlar-Vellum Drawing
VLOGO file extensionFuture Corporation LtdVinylMaster Logo
VML file extensionMicrosoftVector Markup Language Format
VMR file extensionRainer GoebelBrainVoyager QX Anatomical 3D Data Set
VNA file extensionJVCVideo Capture Album Format
VPB file extensionN/AQuantel VPB Image Format
VPE file extensionAdobe SystemsPhotoshop Extended Vanishing Point Format
VRPHOTO file extensionThomas MoellerVR Photo Picture Image Format
VSD file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Diagram Document Format
VSDM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Macro-enabled Drawing Format
VSDX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Drawing Format
VSS file extensionN/AMicrosoft Visio Smartshapes Format
VST file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio Flowchart Format
VSTM file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Macro-enabled Template Format
VSTX file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Visio 2013 Template Format
VTK file extensionKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Legacy
VTP file extensionKitware, Inc.Visualization Toolkit Polygonal Data
VWF file extensionFurukawa Infomation Technology, Inc.CADvance Drawing Format
WAP file extensionN/AWireless Bitmap (level 0) Image Format
WB1 file extensionAG InteractiveWebShots Image Format
WBC file extensionAG InteractiveWebshots Collection Image Format
WBD file extensionAG InteractiveWebshots Graphic Format
WBM file extensionN/AWireless Bitmap Image Format
WBMP file extensionN/AWireless Bitmap Image Format
WBP file, Inc.Webshots Image
WBZ file extensionAG InteractiveWebshots Image Format
WD file extensionCorel CorporationCorel PaintShop Photo Pro Image
WDP file extensionMicrosoftWindows Media HD Photo
WEB file extensionMAGIXXara Web Document Format
WEBP file extensionGoogleWebP Image
WI file extensionN/AWavelet Compressed Image Format
WIC file extensionN/AJ Wavelet Image Codec Image Format
WLM file extensionN/ACompW Image Format
WMF file extensionMicrosoftWindows Metafile Format
WMP file extensionMicrosoftMicrosoft Windows Media HD Photo Format
WPB file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas 1.1 Image
WPE file extensionPortalgraphicsOpenCanvas Record Format
WPG file extensionCorelCorel WordPerfect Graphic Format
WPG2 file extensionCorel CorporationCorel WordPerfect Image
WVL file extensionN/AWavelet Bitmap Format
WXS file extensionFulFord Software SolutionsEasy Cross Stitch Design
X-PNG file extensionBoris EyrichPortable (Public) Network Graphic Bitmap
X10 file extensionX.Org FoundationX Window Bitmap Dump
X11 file extensionX.Org FoundationX Window System Bitmap Image
X3F file extensionSIGMASigma Camera RAW Picture Format
XAR file extensionMAGIXXara Vector Drawing Format
XBM file extensionN/AX Windows System Bitmap Image
XBX file extensionMicrosoft CorporationXbox Icon Or Picture
XCF file extensionGIMPGIMP XCF Bitmap Image Format
XIM file extensionN/AX11 Xim Toolkit Bitmap
XJT file extensionThe GIMP TeamCompressed GIMP Image
XMIND file extensionXMindXMind Workbook Format
XMMAP file extensionMindjetMindManager XML Map Format
XP0 file extensionN/ASecretPhotos Puzzle Graphic Image
XPM file extensionN/AX11 Pixmap Graphic
XPNG file extensionN/APortable (Public) Network Graphic Bitmap
XV file extensionN/AKhoros Visualization Bitmap Image
XWD file extensionN/AX Window Window Screen Dump Or Bitmap
XYZE file extensionN/ARadiance Map
XYZI file extensionN/A3rdTech Scanner
XYZRGB file extensionN/A3rdTech XYZ RGB Graphic
Y file extensionN/ASubsampled RAW YUV Bitmap Image Format
YAL file extensionArts and LettersArts & Letters Clipart Library Format
YPC file extensionN/AWhyPic Picture
YSP file extensionBYOBBYOB Sprite Format
YUV file extensionN/AYUV 16Bits Image Format
ZBM file extensionJean-loup Gailly and Mark AdlerZlib Compressed Bitmap
ZBR file extensionZONER, Inc.Zoner Zebra Metafile
ZGM file extensionZenographicsZenoGraphics Graphics Image Format
ZIF file extensionZoomoramaZooming Interface Format
ZMF file extensionZONER, Inc.Zoner Metafile
ZSK file extensionN/AZSK USA Embroidery Format
ZVI file extensionCarl Zeiss AGCarl Zeiss AxioVision Saved Microscope Image
[B] file extensionN/AAmiga Paint Image

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